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    Comic book artist, penciller, and inker.

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    Personal Life

    Frank Fosco is an artist, penciler, and inker from the Chicago, IL area. Frank's greatest inspiration is Jack Kirby from the early Fantastic Four issues. He created Ethrian in his youth with his friend Ed Flores with a clear love of Jack Kirby's epic characters.

    Frank met Stan Lee at a convention to show his portfolio and was greatly encouraged to pursue comic work professionally.


    Frank's early comic work teamed up with Gary Carlson at Megaton Comics for the anthology Megaton and they worked together later on the Image run of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Vol. 3). Together, Gary and Frank were able to complete the story with a continuation in IDW.

    Working on Megaton also connected Frank with Erik Larsen. Frank has done multiple backup stories in Savage Dragon over the years including works like Vanguard which originated in Megaton.

    Frank was able to complete a lifelong dream by penciling the Fantastic Four for Marvel, with inks by Bruce Timm, in the Fantastic Four: The World's Greatest Comics Magazine.

    Frank's DC work often teamed him with Charles "Chuck" Dixon whom Frank still works with in an ongoing webcomic, "Something Big", for Arkhaven Comics on

    Frank is still working in comics and can be seen at a variety of comic conventions in the Midwest region of the USA.


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