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    Character » Frank Darling appears in 122 issues.

    Lieutenant Frank Darling, and later Captain, was the first human the Savage Dragon met. After causing Dragon to join the force at the cost of his cousin's life, he was blackmailed by the Vicious Circle until his faked death. He was later truly killed for once again enlisting Dragon.

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    The Dragon first appeared on Earth in a burning field, devoid of memory and identity. Lieutenant Frank Darling of the Chicago Police Department was the first human to find him and make contact. In spite of Dragon's unique form of amnesia, Frank invited the new superfreak to enlist in the CPD, thinking he could help them fight the Vicious Circle criminal organization. Dragon, however, didn't think he could handle the responsibility and turned down the offer. Frank instead got a job for Dragon with his cousin, Fred Darling, at his warehouse.

    Dragon was complacent with the work, but Frank was determined to convince him to join the police force. Frank arranged for members of the Vicious Circle to attack Fred's warehouse, hoping that seeing the criminal element firsthand would convince Dragon to take action and join the CPD. The ploy succesfuly convinced Dragon to enlist, but Fred had been inadvertently killed in the attack.

    The Vicious Circle used this knowledge to blackmail Frank, making the original intent of his plan impossible. He was coerced into using his position to keep Dragon away from their operations. This became a great deal harder when Jack Stewart became the new captain, after Gus Turpin had been killed by Virus. The Vicious Circle tried to put even more pressure on Frank, even attacking Mildred, his pregnant wife, and breaking her leg. Strongarm was sent to rough up Frank himself, but was stopped by Dragon.

    Frank finally confessed to Dragon about his role in Fred Darling's death, and a plan was set into motion. The shape-shifting robot Lurch posed as Frank and confronted Overlord, only to be incinerated, faking Frank's death. Apparently safe from the Vicious Circle, Frank and Mildred fled to New Orleans, where their child, Frank Jr., was born.

    Some time later, Lurch re-formed within the Vicious Circle's headquarters and attacked Overlord again, still in the appearance of Frank Darling, making the villain believe he had come back from the dead. However, Dataman was able to prove that the remains were not and had never been human.

    Skullface was sent by Overlord to find and eliminate Frank for the deception, but Frank was able to escape. He defeated Skullface with vast resourcefulness and familiarity with his surroundings, and was able to return from hiding when an arrest warrant was put out for Overlord.

    In the wake of Cyberface's dominance of the planet, Frank established a general store in Chicago, intent on helping the oppressed population.

    When Cyberface was defeated by Dragon, Frank was re-established as Captain of his old precinct. He convinced Dragon to rejoin the force as well sometime later, after a destructive battle with Solar Man, to salvage his reputation.

    The Vicious Circle, however, were greatly angered by Dragon's re-enlistment, seeing it as an act of war. The villainous organization set and detonated a bomb in the precinct, destroying it entirely. Dragon survived the blast, but found Frank's dead body in the rubble.

    It was later revealed that Frank and Mildred had been made the god-parents of Dragon's children, Angel and Malcolm, who went to live with Mildred and Frank Jr. after Dragon's death and resurrection as Emperor Kurr.


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