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After losing his parents in a car crash, Francisco is raised by his brother Juan "A hero cop".  Juan was responsible for bringing in Boris Koscov, son of Vasily Koscov, the reputed head of the Odessa Mob.  Fancisco's big brother became the victim of a drive-by shooting not long before Boris's trial.  Boris Koscov was released and moved out of Gotham. 
Francisco has since then survived on his own, fighting off random purse-nappers. 


In Batman Orphans, Fancisco is quickly recruited by an imposter Batman taking in the orphans of Gotham City to twist into his own supply of Robins.  Fancisco is taken down beneath the city and into "the bat-grotto", a structure of remaining rubble and buildings deep underground where they train.  The "Batman" wants to see if Francisco has what it takes to join his army so he drops him down with his trained recruits to fight it out.  Francisco takes down Monica, Crunch and Bookworm skillfully but gets brutally beaten by Lance, The favored to become the imposter Batmans next "Robin". 
Lance getting the drop on Francisco
Lance getting the drop on Francisco
Before Francisco's first mission, Krunch injects him forcibly with a venom made to enhance power.  They are send to deal with intruders coming there way from the underground of old Gotham.  They first battle out with bugs and men, then they face the man in charge of the invation, Roaches.  Monica impales Roaches first and Francisco blows off some steam from the venom effect lifting his rage level. 
Francisco later is stressed that  he went a little "nuts" with the "bug guy" and realizes they killed him.  Then Monica enters the room, offering to get him relaxed.  Fancisco scoots away from Monica sitting next to him on the bed.  She trys to come onto him but the bases alarm sounds off, interrupting.  Monica encourages him to come right before a "spicy" kiss.  The fake "Batman" sends them out on a second mission with a "new toy" for the road, which is later shown as a tank. 
They interrupt Merlyn and Red Talon.  The Riddler and more colliding company all come for a "FedLex" package, which Fancisco and the others are supposed to retrieve.  Krunch leaves the tank first to enter the surrounding fight, while Lance is burned by a flame-thrower moments later.  Monica tries to mow down the "badguys" outside while the Riddler gets the box.  Crunch snatches it from him though quickly and appears to be wounded greatly before his team.  Francisco praises him, telling Crunch how Batman woud be proud, but he falls into his arms apparently dead from his many injuries.  Monica and Bookworm now start fighting and Monica is quickly shot by bookworm in the gut.  Francisco bats the gun out of his hand, while shouting at him that their supposed to be the heroes.  Bookworm takes the package after shocking Francisco limp with a hidden gadget.  Francisco later steals a van with Monica (still alive and wounded)inside.  They head after Bookworm and the package. 
Bookworm takes the box back the the fake "Batman" already knowing what mysterious thing was inside.  "Batman" notes how he actually expected "the Francisco kid to do better", that's when Fancisco shows up in the Robin suit for the box.  He appears enraged from the venom and plows into "Batman" while
Francisco holding a dying Monica
Francisco holding a dying Monica
Monica gets shot a couple more times by Bookworm.  She manages to reach Bookworm and slip a knife into his throat, slowly killing him, with a kiss.  Francisco after lossing the "Batman", later finds Monica hardly alive and they kiss one last time.  Just as she dies Francisco finds Batman again.  He's even more enraged.  He attacks him, not knowing that this Batman is actually the real Batman.  They fight, but Batman says he doesn't want to hurt him.  There fight is taken up on the catwalk in the underground city base.  Francisco tells him how he wanted to be a hero so bad to honor his brother.  He goes on to explain how following him (meaning the fake Batman) sacrificed all his values.  He finally tells Batman that it's all going to end here so he can't do to anyone else what he did to him and the others.  Francisco has Batman held up, about ready to throw him off the cat-walk, but the real Robin swoops in to stop him.  Tim adventually talks Francisco out of hurling Bruce over the edge. 
Later on it is last seen that Francisco and Tim Drake are playing basket ball while Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson watch.  It is explained that Francisco could not recognize Tim as the Robin before because of the Venom effects.  


Hair Color: Black 
Eye Color: Brown 
Nationality: Mexican, but born and lives in Gotham. 
Personality: A spicy little bold temper with a sense of cofidence and moral. 

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