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Francisco is the son of wealthy developer Stefano Gracia. He is a student at Gotham University. Fransisco helped his father in rigging businesses and reaping the benefits. He later met Stephanie Brown in the library of Gotham University where she had overheard him and his friend Jordana talking about him doing one more job for his father.  
Trying to get more info Stephanie asked him to meet her at a nearby diner (Stephanie thinking it was a date Francisco thinking nothing of it.) While in the diner the two get attacked and Francisco is kidnapped and held hostage for his fathers debts. Stephanie, with the help of  Damian Wayne, saves him along with a battered and bruised  Batman.  
Later, Stephanie wonders if Francisco was alright (also wondering if Francisco was into her) by spying on a rooftop. There she finds Jordanna, Francisco, and a unnamed guy exchanging hugs, finishing a platonic hug with Jordanna. Francisco embraces the unnamed guy after both exchange sweet words, while Stephanie looks on dumbfounded.

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