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    Helen Francine Peters-Silver is one of the two central characters of Terry Moore's Strangers in Paradise.

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    Francine Peters meets Katchoo in highschool where the two girls, seemingly opposites, become firm friends. She struggles with her weight and is emotionally fragile compared to her tomboy friend. Raised in a religious household she has difficultly coming to terms with her love of her best friend.


    Following years as a comic strip writer Terry Moore developed a comic book series from a single drawing he made of a group of 4 friends. this one picture lead him to think who these people were and how they come to be int he same room. An idea that was too grand for a strip this required a comic book format to contain the scope of the story. One of them was the good girl-next-door character and combined with the sketch Francie was born. The result was Strangers in Paradise published by Abstract Studios.

    Character Evolution

    While Francine being such a strong archetype of the good girl next door to watch her struggle to fit into a world where people and situations are not always nice, pleasant and simple is sometimes heart breaking to watch as you put yourself into her shoes. She si the character you anchor with in this tale as its expands outwards from a deceptively simple story of childhood friends to complex love triangle to explosive espionage and deception.

    Major Story Arcs

    Francine dates several men in her younger years including Freddie Femur who more than once gives her mental breakdowns before he realizes she is the most perfect woman in the world for him. She marries a man while split from Katchoo and has a child but never gives up on her friend and the two are reunited over the terminal sickens of David.

    Awards and Honours

    Francine was ranked 86th in Comics Buyer's Guide Presents: 100 Sexiest Women in Comics


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