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    Character » Francine Frye appears in 86 issues.

    An ex-girlfriend of the original Electro, Max Dillon, whom accidently killed her. She was later cloned by the Jackal and became the new Electro.

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    Not much is known about Francine Frye's history except that she had an extensive criminal past and was obssesed with super-criminals. As such, she dated a large number of them throughout the years. She was also a former lover of Max Dillon, better known as Electro.


    Francine Frye was created by Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos and first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man Volume 3 issue 2 (2014). She first appeared as Electro in Amazing Spider-Man Volume 4, issues 16 and 17.

    Major Story Arcs


    Francine Frye first appeared on the scene when she was contacted by her old lover, Max Dillon, whom was also known as the criminal Electro. He told her that he was no longer in control of his powers and he asked for help. However, during their conversation, Electro's powers acted up again and he accidentally fried and killed Francine with his powers

    Revival and becoming the new Electro

    It was later revealed that Francine had been cloned by the evil doctor Miles Warren, better known as the Jackal. It was not much later that Francine was rejoined by Max Dillon, Electro, whom was also her killer. It was planned for Max to recieve his powers back once more. But when the procedure to regain his powers started, nothing happened to him. That was until Max walked up to Francine. Max released electricity towards her. She became a sponge and took all the electricity in Max's body, but eventually wanted more, started kissing him and drained Max him dry, frying and killing him. Francine requested the Jackal if he could also revive Max, but Jackal has made no promises so far. She then took over the identity of Electro. Her first act was killing the hero known as the Prowler.

    Sinister War

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    When Electro thought she could do better going solo, she attacked a Broadway show. Unfortunately, she was dosed with water from actress, Mary Jane Watson. While being taken away by Kingpin's cops, their SWAT van was attacked by Beetle and her new Sinister Syndicate. Electro was convinced to join when Beetle revealed Boomerang was their first target. Electro wanted revenge ever since Boomerang screwed her over during a heist he led.

    While discussing the membership of a possible seventh member, Ana Kravinoff, the Syndicate is approached by Kindred and sent to a graveyard, where Spider-Man is already fighting off two other supervillain groups. There, Kindred announces they were all hellbound villains who could earn a spot as Kindred's assistant, avoiding torture in the afterlife, if they killed Spider-Man. Spider-Man tries to get away while they all fight each other for the chance, but he fails. Eventually, Doc Ock uses a piece of Black Ant's helmet to knock everyone, including the Syndicate, out through the ear centipedes Kindred was using to control them

    Devil's Reign

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    After Kingpin outlaws superheroes in New York, Frye is deputized to his Thunderbolt Units, the only sanctioned superhero team in the city. Besides keeping the peace, Frye and the Thunderbolts main mission was searching New York City for The Purple Children so that Kingpin could increase the amount of Purple Man power he was harnessing.

    She and her team were able to capture all but one of the Purple Children, which was enough for Kingpin to undo the psychic blind spot that was stopping Fisk from remembering Daredevil's true identity. Once he had the information again, he abandoned all his plans for revenge, but first cause a riot distraction by mesmerizing the Thunderbolts, including Frye, into attacking the citizens.

    She was eventually captured and imprisoned after Luke Cage beat Fisk in the election for Mayor. She attempted to escape with her fellow Thunderbolts, but Cage's new Thunderbolts, led by Hawkeye, recaptured her.

    Carnage Reigns

    As part of a prisoner release program, Francine joined a anti-superhuman task force called the Cape Killers under Agent Gao. They are called into action when Cletus Kasady uses the Extrembiote, a combination of a symbiote dragon and the extremis virus, to turn New Yorkers into his puppets. They find themselves allied with Spider-Man (Morales) and the new Red Goblin (Normie Osborn), who can absorb symbiotes.

    Unfortunately, their combined might was not enough for Cletus. Francine tried to absorb more power from Miles' venom stings, but Cletus still managed to stab her, taking her out of the fight.

    Powers & Abilities

    Electrokinesis: Francine has similar powers to the original Electro. She can generate electrostatic energy and project electric blasts.

    • Ride the Lightning: She is able to "ride" atmospheric electrical energy giving the appearance of flight.

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