Franceska Mila Rose

    Character » Franceska Mila Rose appears in 12 issues.

    A female Arrancar, Mila-Rose is also a Member of Tia Halibel's three Fracción.

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    Mila Rose is a female arrancar and Fracci òn from the 3rd Espada.  She is easily angered by insults.  Mila Rose has dark skin, but unusual for a black woman she has bright green eyes.  
    Her Hollow mask consists of a three sectioned crown around her head and a thick necklace.


    • Cero  Mila rose can shot an orange colored Cero.
    • Sonido  she have a good skill in sonido  
    • High Spiritual presure:  Being a Fracción, Mila Rose has a high amount of spiritual power. 

    Resurrection form

    Mila Rose's command is "Devour'' and her resurrection is called  ''Leona" meaning Lioness.   

    In her resurrection form she looks like an armored Amazon warrior wearing two claws holding her breasts, an armored thong, and a pair of thigh-high boots.  She also gains sharp fangs, an X shaped mark on her forehead, and a long lion's mane.  She retains her sword, although it changes in size, shape, and color.

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