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    An Italian Illustrator and Designer, "MATT" was previously a designer and concept artist for VFX Studios factory. In 2007 he began working as a cover artist with Marvel Comics. Notable pieces include Fantastic Four, Thunderbolts, War Machine, The Punisher, Marvel Zombies, Shadowland, Moon Knight, and Wolverine and currently Spider-Man 2099. He has also worked for DC Comics since 2009 working covers for Batman: Europa, Joker's Asylum and designer of promotional images for the market of home videos and DVDs.

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    Francesco "MATT" Mattina is an Italian designer and Illustrator.

    After graduating in architecture, he worked as an assistant professor of scenography for five years. He would later work as a character and scenery work professional for theatre productions and a concept artist for VFX Studios factory.

    In 2007, following recommendations from fellow artists Andrea DiVito and Lee Bermejo, he was offered a job at Marvel Comics as a cover artist. His most notable works include Fantastic Four, Thunderbolts, War Machine, The Punisher, Marvel Zombies, Shadowland, Taskmaster, Moon Knight, Nova and Wolverine. More recently, he has worked on the covers for Spider-Man 2099.

    In 2009, he signed with DC Comics where he would work on covers for Batman: Confidential, The Joker's Asylum, Batman: Europa, and Red Hood, among others. He would later collaborate with DC Comics Licensing and work as a designer of promotional images for home videos and DVDs. He designed the cover and menu for Batman/Superman: Apokolips and Green Lantern. He has also collaborated with Warner Bros Entertainment, Activision, and Radical Publishing (Ryder on the Storm, After Dark and Exile).

    He also teaches illustration, digital coloring and American comics at the International School of Comics in Turin.

    He is also the founder of Italian Job Studio with fellow comicbook artists Giuseppe Camuncoli (Amazing Spider-man), Riccardo Burdchielli (DMZ) and Stefano Caselli (Amazing Spider-man).

    He signs his work with his nickname MATT, along with the motto LIVE ROCK.


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