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    Francesca Trask, aka Fiend, is a member of the X-Terminated and daughter of Bolivar Trask.

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    Francesca Trask is the daughter of Bolivar Trask, though the relationship between Francesca and her father proved to be complicated as time past. Francesca began working at a hospital in New Apocalypse, and in her spare time acted as a member of the X-Terminated called Fiend. It was strongly hinted at that she may have had a past romance or one-night stand with her team-mate Horror Show.


    Francesca Trask was created by David Lapham and Robert De La Torre and first appeared in Point One #1 in a teaser story for the Age of Apocalypse ongoing in which she is a main character..

    Major Story Arcs

    Dark Angel Saga

    Fiend leads Rogue and Magneto to Humanity's Last Stand, the last remaining free city. She reveals that Dr. Moreau has created several clones of the Scarlet Witch with the hopes of shutting down the mutants X-Gene similar to how an alternate universe counterpart did so during House of M. In a fit of rage and disgust, Magneto destroys all but one of the clones. As Weapon Omega attacks, Fiend asks Jean Grey to take control of the surviving clone's mind to figure out how to depower mutants knowing it will cost her her powers. Jean does so but the de-powering is restricted to a small radius and unfortunately only Jean and Sabretooth are within it and subsequently lose their powers. The two former mutants and Fiend escape with Prophet and Moreau and watch as the last remaining free city is destroyed by Omega.

    Resurrection Agenda

    While investigating the abandoned lab of the mad geneticist Henry McCoy with the rest of the X-Terminated, Fiend manages to hide away inside a computer mainframe being moved to McCoy's new lab. There, Fiend discovered that McCoy and his insane compatriot, Sugar Man, were resurrecting some of the most powerful mutants of all time to serve Omega. Fiend began attacking and killed the newly resurrected mutant Abyss before being taken down by another reborn mutant called Emplate.

    Outside the lab, the rest of the X-Terminated killed their way to the front door, eventually saving Fiend and destroying the lab.


    Following the defeat of Omega and the alpha-level mutant Lady Penance taking over as leader, the human race were offered Hawaii as a save haven. Francesca and her father were in charge of organizing construction of facilities on the islands and Francesca was put in charge of a state-of-the-art medical complex on one of the islands with plans of one being put on all of the islands of Hawaii Francesca and her father's relationship seemed to have improved with her even referring to Bolivar as "dad".

    The good times weren't to last, as later Kurt Darkholme and Henry McCoy inadvertently unleashed a group of energy-consuming monsters imprisoned in the space between dimensions known as the Exterminators. As the Exterminators sought to consume most of their world, Fiend battled alongside the Lady Penance, Colossus and her followers against them and was abruptly killed in battle.

    Prophet lied to Bolivar and insisted that his daughter was still alive to ensure his mind was focused. Bolivar later sent Goodnight to find his daughter but he too died off-panel.

    Powers and Abilities

    Fiend is extremely experienced and skilled with blades and bladed weapons. She is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant and employs a variety of bladed weapons including swords, daggers and retractable blades. She also has extensive medical training.


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