Francesca McCoy

    Character » Francesca McCoy appears in 14 issues.

    Daughter of Beast & Cecilia Reyes.

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    Second born child of  Hank McCoy AKA Beast and Cecilia Reyes in the world of Earth 41001 otherwise known as "X-men The End world".


    Powers and Abilities

    It is unknown what mutations she will possess if any, since two mutant parents don't guarantee a mutant child.

    Physical characteristics

    Height: 5'5
    Weight: unknown
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Brown

    Known Relatives
      Dr. Cecilia Reyes-McCoy (mother),  Dr. Henry Phillip "Hank" McCoy (father), 
      Ciaran McCoy  (Older Brother),  Miguel Alejandro McCoy   (younger brother)

    Norton McCoy (Grandfather), Edna McCoy (Grandmother), Sadie McCoy (Great grandmother), Bob (Great, great Grand uncle)

    Alejandro and Maria Reyes (grandparents deceased); Colonel Miguel Reyes(Uncle) 


    Citizenship: of Birth: unrevealed
    Marital Status: presumably single
    Occupation:  Student




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