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Fran, a tall powerful warrior figure. A rabbit human like hybrid, she is of the Viera race. As such she towers over most humans, and has increased strength and agility. Extremely long lived, not much is known about Fran, other than she comes from the Viera settlement  Eruyt Village and has two sisters Jote and Mjrn. Unlike most of the Viera, Fran believes that her peoples should not be bound to the forests they inhabit and should be free to roam and explore. This itself and the fact that she has left her village makes her somewhat of an outcast among her people. Fran is often accompanied by Balthier.


The character of Fran, was created by Japanese video game designer Akihiko Yoshida, and her first appearance was in the 2006 video game Final Fantasy XII. Her first appearance in a comic was Final Fantasy XII #1 by artist Gin Amou. 

Powers and Abilities

Physically strong and robust, Fran is one of the strongest members of her group. Well trained with a variety of weapons, Fran is also often seen with a bow and arrow. Her sensitivity around Mist can cause her to launch into a berserker mode. 

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