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After the destruction of the Nova Corps by the Annihilation Wave, the Xandarian Worldmind secretly sought out new recruits during Richard Rider's sleep hours. Fraktur, a being from the planet Kakaranthara, was among those first selected to be a new Nova Centurion. Soon after her selection, the Worldmind transmitted an emergency signal as the result of nearly being destroyed by Galactus. Fraktur joined with the four other Centurions to have been selected thus far -- Irani Rael, Qubit, Morrow and Malik Tarcel -- and tracked down the Worldmind's signal. 


Fraktur was created by Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning and Wellington Alves. She was one of a handful of new alien Nova Centurions introduced together and was created to be of the same alien race as Fin Fang Foom, only a younger member of that race from the planet Kakaranthara.

Major Story Arcs

 Actually Small For Her People
 Actually Small For Her People

Secret Invasion  

For further details: Secret Invasion
Earth proved to be the destination. Fraktur arrived with her fellow Centurions at the tail end of the Skrulls' attempted invasion. They fell right in line behind Richard Rider, the Nova Prime, in helping keep the peace after the invasion's aftermath. These efforts included dealing with a hostage situation perpetrated by the Serpent Society, during which Fraktur beat down Death Adder. She later followed the lead of Robbie Rider in apprehending Dragon Man

War of Kings  

For further details: War of Kings 
Fraktur got involved in the war between the Shi'ar and Kree empires along with the rest of the Nova Corps, under the direction of a mentally compromised Worldmind. Fraktur was unaware that the Worldmind had been using subtle techniques to control her mind and those of the other Nova Centurions. The truth of this was revealed when Rich Rider retook his role as Nova Prime and corrected Ego's influence on the Worldmind. 
Under Rider's command, the Nova Corps began pulling out of the war to prevent more inexperienced Centurions from being slaughtered. After most Centurions were successfully recalled, Rider had to leave in search of his lost brother. Fraktur was left in command of the Nova Corps with the task of extracting the rest of the forces still out there. 
 Fraktur In Training
 Fraktur In Training
In the aftermath, Rider dismantled the new Nova Corps with only a select few remaining to serve. Fraktur was among those electing to stay and was demoted down to the rank of probationer along with everyone else. This was so she and others could be trained and prepared rather than allowing rookies to be thrown into the deep end as Nova Centurions again. 

The Thanos Imperative  

For further details: the Thanos Imperative 
Fraktur and the rest of the scaled down Nova Corps had found a new home aboard the Resolute Duty, a recover Nova Corps cruiser, and a trainer in Zan Philo, a veteran Nova Centurion. 
Fraktur ended up on the front lines once again to defend the universe from the invading forces of the Cancerverse. The invasion was successfully repelled, but it was at a step price. Richard Rider was trapped in the Cancerverse and cut off seemingly forever, taking the Worldmind and Nova Force with him. Fraktur and the others were now left powerless.

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