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    Foxbat was an Inhuman and a member of the Dark Riders, a team of followers of Apocalypse.

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    The early life and origin of Foxbat remains unclear. Like other members of the Raider of the Storm he originally came from Attilan and joined the group unwillingly when Apocalypse captured half of the city.


    Foxbat was created by Whilce Portacio, Jim Lee and Chris Claremont and first appeared in X-Factor Volume 1 issue 65 (1991).

    Major Story Arcs

    Willing Member of the Dark Riders

    After the city was liberated by the X-Men and Black Bolt, he retained membership of the team as he, like the others was a deep believer in Apocalypse's social Darwinism and wanted to rid the world of those deemed unworthy. In an ironic twist, Foxbat would later be considered unfit to survive himself by his own team.


    The Raiders of the Storm now going simply as the Dark Raiders came under the leadership of Genesis, who was even more insane that any of their previous leaders. Genesis found Foxbat unworthy of living and Foxbat was chased by his own teammates who caught him and brought him back to Genesis who drained his lifeforce. Foxbat could have possibly been revived but during the conflict with Genesis' father Cable, the base where his body was exploded forever, terminating any chance of a return.


    Foxbat had powers that granted him enhanced strength, speed, and reflexes as well as the ability to see in the dark and to use his fangs and claws as weapons.


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