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The Mason fell in love with Beauty, and took her to be his bride. He flaunted her around to make men envious of him, but eventually the fear of losing her consumed him. He decided to lock her up in a tower so only he could be with her. As Beauty became increasingly depressed, she tried to call upon Death. She bit her wrists and eventually he came for her. But Death, too, fell in love with Beauty, and so before he took her, Beauty left him a child named Ginny.

Naturally, when the Mason saw what he'd done to his bride, he became full of self-hatred. He wanted to join her. He dug for her grave but he just kept on digging. Eventually he found the cavern of Death. He begged Death to return Beauty even if it meant giving up his own life. But seeing Ginny, he begged to take her instead, reminding Death that he is wed to Ginny's mother after all.

Death made a deal with the Mason. He was to go the place where the blood rivers meet, and there he'll find a woman grieving. When the woman's tears has reached the water, the river will birth a beast who will be the cause of several violent deaths, and the Mason must slay it and bring the body to Death. The Mason agreed but when he finally saw the beast, he refused to kill it for it was a child. A child whom he later called Sissy.


Fox is one of the main characters of the series; Pretty Deadly. He first appeared in it's debut issue, created by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Emma Rios.


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