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Fox was the daughter of Halcyon and Anastasia Renard. Halcyon was an extremely wealthy and brilliant man. Her mother Anastasia was actually Queen of Titania of Third Race as a result Fox has an untapped magical potential.

Fox met David Xanatos around the same time he encountered her father. Fox and David were attracted to each other from the get go but didn't act on it for years later. When Xanatos created the Pack he made Fox its leader.

The pack decided to attack the Gargoyles and it was Fox who manipulated Lexington into a trap. The pack was defeated and Fox was incarcerated

Xanatos later had the pack break out of prison with the exception of Fox who refused to participate in the breakout and wanted to serve her time. That was of course a manipulation to make Fox look good in front of the parole board and she got an early release from prison. She moved in with Xanatos and the two got engaged. Fox and Xanatos later married and she and Xanatos continued their schemes.

Fox abandoned this lifestyle after she found out she was pregnant. Fox gave birth to a boy named Alexander. After Alexander's birth her mother Anastasia revealed her true nature as Titania. Titania claimed that if the boy remained in the mortal world he would never attain his magical potential just like his mother. Titania attempted to take the child and enlisted Oberon to capture the boy and take him to Avalon. Fox, Xanatos, her Father Halcyon, Puck and the Gargoyles all attempted to stop Oberon and failed. Just as Oberon was about to take Alexander, Fox hit him with a magic blast. Goliath reasoned that if Fox used a talent that was so buried then Alexander could remain in the mortal world and be tutored by Puck. Oberon agreed but Fox was furious at her mother. Titania is a proven master manipulate and she alluded that everything had happened exactly the way she wanted, Alexander would now learn magic from Puck and Fox had just tapped into her own magic powers.

Now that the Gargoyles are once again residents of Castle Wyvern, Fox is attempting to make amends with Lexington.

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