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    A famous soldier and the leader of the Star Fox team.

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    Fox McCloud is a red fox and the main protagonist of the Star Fox video game series and appears in the 132 page Nintendo Powers comic series which is separated into 11 acts. He was created by Shigeru Myamoto and designed by Takaya Imamura.

    Major Story Arcs

    Act 1


    The Story begins on the planet of Papetoon, where Fox McCloud and his team attack a base, which was thought to be under control by its operators. One of them called who ever attacked it desperate, correctly assuming it to be Fox McCloud himself. Meanwhile his teammate Peppy reports to Falco they've acquired food, and android pig named Herbert, as well as fuel packets. Fox instructs Slippy to deliver the food to the village locals.

    After whizzing past a tree trunk, Falco complains that the team isn't making enough money which Fox angrily replies they are the "sort of People's Appropriation Committee" ( Robin Hoods basically), and that they only raid imperial ships. Peppy reminds Falco of the most important rule: making the people with the gold pay. Later Fox reminisces about his father but is interrupted by Slippy, who announces they've received a a holo-telegram of from Director General Pepper of Corneria's planetary defense council.

    Fox soon realizes and is surprised that Pepper is promoted from Sergeant to General. In Peppers message he states that he needs the best pilots in the star system which is why he contacted Team Star Fox. He tells Fox about his newly developed Arwing built with state-of-the-art weapons. Peppers sates that if he accept the offer they will be rewarded and before the message is terminated he states that his world is under attack by the imperial lizard and wants Fox to prove that he fights for honor, decency and freedom of species." Later Fox and his team stowaway on a cargo tube in the Papetoon airport, while Slippy is in the cryo-mud baths.

    After the ship exits the Papetoon atmosphere they exit from the cargo and find themselves in the star freighters hold. Peppy hears a battle happen above them and soon realize its the imperial. In the end of the act the team is seen running upstairs to confront their enemies.

    Act 2

    Foxy Fara Phoenix
    Foxy Fara Phoenix

    In the beginning of Act 2, Team Star Fox continues fighting the imperial lizards. After most of them are defeated Falco comment that they weren't expecting " hazardous cargo" and peppy questions why the lizard were sent to a freighter. Suddenly Fox notices a woman who is held hostage. Peppy says its Fara Phoenix, the spaceship magnates daughter. Fox is about to flirt with Fara, when Slippy bursts out of the cryo-mud baths, knocking an imperial lizard in the process. Falco complains that he could've use his help earlier and Slippy offers an apology saying he was taking a bath. Meanwhile, Fara runs towards passengers who were grateful for her safety.

    A pig tells Fox Mr. Phoenix will be grateful, so Fox request first class tickets to Corneria. Later, when they arrive at Corneria, Fox and his team are seen testing out the new Arwings. General Pepper's lieutenant reports that there practice of the new Arwings is going well and achieved a rating of 115%. Fox become overconfident with his easy maneuvering of the spacecraft, then General Pepper warns him that the imperial space ships aren't his only problem. Suddenly Fox's teammates alert him of a bogy behind him, but before they shoot it down Fox tells him them to hold their fire.

    The pilot of the pilot replies "Thank you, gentlemen. That's the second time you've saved my life." The pilot is revealed to be Fara who is flying her own arwing. Fox is surprised to see her flying an arwing and Fara says she's been flying as a kid. She also identifies herself as chief test pilot and challenges Fox to a race. Peppy observes them as they go the wrong way and General Pepper's Lieutenant reports to General Pepper that two arwings are flying into imperial space.

    Act 3

    In Act 3 there is a re introduction to the six main characters of the story ( Fox, Fara, Peppy, Pepper, Falco, Slippy) on top of an image of Fox and Fara's arwings. The imperial lizards believe the two pilots have fell into their trap while going into their territory. Fox is surprised when at their appearance of an attack carrier attack carrier ship. Fara begins to attack saying" Now you'll see some real fire works", blasting the carrier ship down making it hits the snowy ground of a city in corneria. The Imperial ships comment that the "cornerian fools" have " fallen for the the bait". Fara continues onward toward the enemy ship while Fox tries to warn her of the ion missiles about to be shot at her.

    She fortunately bails out in time ( using an ejection seat) just as her ship is destroyed. Fox swoops in with his arwing to catch her. Peppy warns them that the battle attack carrier that shot down fara's ship is still continuing to pursue them. Fox attacks them with his Arwing using blasters and bombs. Falco envies when Fox gets the last shot. Peppy acknowledges how Fox is just like his father. Slippy is shocked. Fara says " "It seems I owe you, again." Star fox replies"I should have been covering your wing." [On the next page there is a text box of there adventures of after this event, talking about how Team Star Fox won countless victories on their war with the lizards and how there last stop was a planet called venom, which happened to be the imperial headquarters].

    General Pepper and Fara have a moment talking about how she isn't able to help the team because of her destroyed ship. She asks Pepper why everyone calls Fox "Junior" when suddenly a holograph of the main villain Andross breaks the glass of a window open. He warns Pepper and Fara that Fox is trying his patience. He accuses fox of"destroyed [his] Cornerian Army, wiped out [his] space defenses, and kidnapped [his] favorite android pig, Herbert".

    He says Fox will never survive his telekinetic amplifier and his image fades with a sinister laugh. A few second later Team Star Fox rushes into the room and Slippy comments that if andros is able to attack them this far, think of what he'll do to them at Venom. Falco replies they can't get to Andross without getting to Venom and Fox believes the sneakiest way to get there is through a black hole.

    Act 4

    In the beginning of act 4 there is a green text box summarizing how Fox is going to get to Andross. General Pepper and Peppy reject the idea given the Arwings ability to withstand the gravity of the black hole. Fow still stick with his plan and cites the time slip theory says they can use gravity as a four dimensional warp. General Pepper ( who calls Fox "junior") reminds Fox about what happened to his father, and Fox, irritated, tells Pepper to stop calling him junior. Fow then argues that his father piloted a much older version of the arwing with less technology and remind everyone that the arwing has a gravity diffuser and Andross will be taken by surprise. He asks "Who's with me on this?" in which no one replies and just shakes there head "no".

    Fox becomes more determined and says"No wimpy black hole is going to stop Fox McCloud!" and the begins to leave. Peppey tries to stop calling him junior, which angers Fox and makes him run out of the room. Everyone becomes worried for him. Falco say"in the academy, there was only one way to cool Fox down" and cracks his knuckles. Fox runs into the main hangar where the Arwing is being worked on by a mechanic. Fox is about to climb in when Team Star Fox approaches him. Fox asks what they want and Falco says he wants "a commander with some common sense". Still determined to beat Andross, Fox replies " we have to hit him hard and fast. You can't stop me!". Falco agrees then proceeds to punch Fox three times before his team stops him.

    Peppy says they'll put Fox in solitary confinement. Fara however is confused. Flaco explains that it has to do with Fox's obsession with Andross and tells her to ask General pepper to explain further. Later when Fara asks, about Fox's father he is surprised hasn't heard the story about him. Fox's Father, Fox McCloud Sr., was the best pilot in Corneria. After Fox Jr. was born his mother died ( presumably at his birth). Fox Sr. wanted his son to be a pilot as well. Fox Jr., living up to his father's expectations, was the best pilot in the academy, making him proud. Later Fox met Falco, a hoodlum who cleaned up his act, who joined the academy and graduated as well. Then, General Pepper goes on to talk about Andross. Andross was a "brilliant but unstable," scientist who created odd inventions.

    One of those inventions was the gravity bomb. Fox Sr. agreed to deliver it to the asteroid belt for testing, going alone, not knowing the risks. The bomb detonated when Fox Sr.'s Arwing hit critical velocity, which was Andross's plan all along. Half the asteroid belt was sucked into a black hole and Fox Sr. was unable to escape. Andross was exiled, but later returned to the lylat system to build his army of imperial lizards on the planet Venom.

    Although Fox Jr. protested the cornerian council were afraid of Andross. They also accused Fox and his freinds of being dangerous radicals. Team Star Fox fled corneria living as outlaws in papetoon. Pepper couldn't help them because he was a sergeant back then. Meanwhile, Team Star Fox is seen outside the door of Fox's solitary confinement. Falco asks if they can modify the Arwing to withstand black holes.

    Slippy theorizes they can triple the G induction coils, although it may not be possible. He says even if it worked "You'd need the best pilot in the system to fly it!". Falco says one of them will be the first to try it out. Ina distance, Fara listens to their conversation. When they leave, Fara goes to Fox's door and asks if he's okay. Fox says he wants to get out. Fara says Falco is going to modify the Arwing for the time slip. Fox says he doesn't have the skill.

    Later Fara lets Fox out of the room. They sneak around a corner where they see Team Star Fox preparing the Arwing. Slippy says he's tripled the output and Falco sitting in the cockpit says "I've got to concentrate. This isn't going to be easy." Fox appears and says "Easy enough, Falco!", scaring him off the cockpit, making him fall six feet down hitting his head. Peppy, not seeing Fox at the time says " Who did this?". Fox then reminds the team that he is the only one qualified to pilot it. Fara chimes in saying he isn't the only one qualified. She and Fox start up their Arwings, Slippy wishes them good luck. Falco wakes up and tells the team to stop them, Fara joins Fox telling him "every leader needs a team!" and they Take off.


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