Team » F.O.W.L. appears in 23 issues.

    The Fiendish (formally Foreign) Organization for/of World Larceny.

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    First Appearance: Double-0-Duck

    Launchpad is mistaken by SHUSH agents (the enemy of FOWL then called simply Duckburg Intelligence Agency or DIA for short) to be Bruno Von Beak, an agent of FOWL. When the mistake is discovered, J. Gander Hooter decides to recruit

     Dr. NoGood
    Dr. NoGood

    the mismatched crash-prone pilot to spy on the Foreign Organization of World Larceny. Bruno's contact is a woman named "Feathers Galore", who later becomes an alley against the evil agency's current leader: Dr. NoGood, who falls into a vat of bubbling green stuff (which might have been vanishing potion intended for the worlds money).

    F.O.W.L. Disposition

    When the evil corporation headed by Taurus Bulba known as Quackwerks became very powerful, S.H.U.S.H. and F.O.W.L. became obsolete. Almost everyone in the spay business joined Quackwerks. However, Steelbeak and the shadowy F.O.W.L. Command stuck with it. The high command did not want to out done so they went beyond the standard espionage tricks and looked into ancient texts. They found a being from beyond the stars they could call upon to enslave not only all of St. Canard but all the earth: Duckthulhu!

    Steelbeak didn't agree with the high command, so he called upon the person who had foiled their fowl fiendish plans in the past: Darkwing duck! They attempt to sabotage F.O.W.L. operations, but they are forced to retreat when they are attacked by a large army of F.O.W.L. Eggmen.


    In the group's original appearance (which was not in comics, but on Ducktales the tv show), the leader of FOWL is Dr. NoGood.

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    The leaders of this fiendish organization are quite mysterious. They are not seen other than in shadow.

    In DuckTales, the leaders of FOWL are finally revealed to be Bradford Buzzard and his two clones Buford and Bentley Buzzard who were Scrooge McDuck's board of directors secretly leading the organization in the shadows.


    • Steelbeak (a major member)
    • Ammonia Pine (a cleaning lady turned cleaner for FOWL)
    • Ample Grime (Ammonia's sister. she has not appeared in comics yet)
    • F.O.W.L. Eggmen (the henchmen)
    • Major Synapse (military man in charge of F.O.W.L's telopathic research. has not appeared in comics yet)
    • Hotshot (a hippie under Major Synapse. he developed fire and ice powers)
    • Flygirl (a hippie under Major Synapse. She developed the powers of flight and object manipulation)
    • Phineas Sharp (a bond-ish sort of villain. Has not appeared in comics)
    • Black Heron (co-founder of FOWL and second-in-command of the corporation)
    • The Phantom Blot (a shadowy magic hunting thief)
    • Rockerduck (a major member)
    • Jeeves (Rockerduck's loyal bodyguard and FOWL's strongest fighter)
    • Don Karnage (captain of the Sky Pirates and FOWL's ace pilot)
    • Pepper (leader of the Eggheads)

    Temporary Members

    • Launchpad (was once mistaken for Bruno Von Beak and became a double agent for S.H.U.S.H. to get information)
    • Morris Beagleman (an accountant for F.O.W.L. who switched sides and sided with S.H.U.S.H.)
    • Feathers Galore (a spy who worked in the original version of F.O.W.L. but helped Launchpad when he was a spy)
    • Femme Appeal (one of F.O.W.L. most effective agents in the feild. she turned against F.O.W.L. when Duckthulhu began to rise)
    • Grizzlikoff (he once quite his job at S.H.U.S.H. and joined F.O.W.L., but this was only a ruse to get information)
    • Taurus Bulba (when he almost died, F.O.W.L. resurrected him into a cyborg. Needless to say he was pissed and tore up their base)
    • Gandra Dee (she only joined F.O.W.L. to fund her experiments and give info to Gizmoduck about their plans and defects to help the McDuck family)

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