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    A (Ay) is the elder adopted brother of Killer Bee and the Leader of the Hidden Cloud village. He has put in charge of the whole Allied Shinobi Forces during the Fourth Shinobi World War.

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    General Information

    Hair: White/Blonde (White in the manga, blonde in the anime)

    Eyes: Black

    Ninja Rank: Kage

    Village: Kumogakure


    Ay is a tall dark-skinned male shinobi. He is very muscular and has a hulking physique. He has combed back white/blonde hair, a small mustache and a beard. He is seen wearing his Kage hat and cloak regularly, but without a shirt underneath. He has a tattoo of a black Fuma shuriken on both of his shoulders. Ay wore two huge gold bangles on both his wrist until he lost part of his left arm in a fight with Sasuke Uchiha.

    He wears a a gold belt with a boar's face engraved on it around his waist.



    Ay is hot-tempered and head strong. He has very little patience and is easily aggravated. He is also somewhat stern and decisive. When he comes to a decision, he rarely changes his mind. Despite this, Ay is very caring and protective towards his younger, adopted brother, Killer Bee. He wept when he thought Akatsuki had kidnapped his little brother. When he learned his brother was not actually kidnapped, but used that opportunity to go on a vacation, Ay was extremely furious with him and swore to punish him. His philosophy is that a ninja should never compromise or bow down in front of another ninja. He also believes that a jinchuuriki is not an individual, but instead is a tool of the village they live in and its Kage and as such, have no right to make decisions for themselves. Ay has shown himself to be brutal in battle, using devastating physical attacks on his enemies without mercy. He is also never willing to give up a fight, as he would rather sacrifice a limb than lose a chance to defeat his opponent.


    Ay helped the Third Raikage re-capture the Hachibi when it's host lost control, breaking the Hachibi's left horn during the struggled. The Hachibi's next host was chosen to be Ay's kid brother Killer Bee.

    Team Raikage.
    Team Raikage.

    Upon hearing the news of Killer Bee's capture, Ay erupted and sent Killer Bee's students, Samui, Omoi, and Karui, to Konohagakure to give the Hokage an invitation to a Kage summit in the Land of Iron to discuss what to do about Akatsuki, and also to request any information they have on Akatsuki and rogue ninja Sasuke Uchiha.

    Ay sets out to the summit with his bodyguards, Shee and Darui. On his way to the summit he encounters Naruto Uzumaki, Kakashi Hatake, and Yamato; Naruto begs Ay not to kill Sasuke, but he rejects Naruto's pleas and tells him that a ninja is judged by their strength and that he shouldn't beg, and also said that Sasuke is an international criminal that needs to be stopped.

    While at the summit, arguments and finger pointing started to ensue, including the accusations that the Cloud village had been gathering power and resources and making the other villages nervous. The Kages try to decide who should lead the alliance, in which the moderator, Mifune, opted for Danzo. This turned out to be Danzo's trick and chaos was about to erupt, but Zetsu's white half pops up in the middle of the Kage meeting, telling them that Sasuke's hiding somewhere and wants them to go find him. Ay rushes Zetsu and threatens to kill him if he doesn't tell them where Sasuke is, Zetsu offers to give him a hint but Ay apparently kills him out of frustration and runs off with his bodyguards to look for Sasuke. Ay does find Sasuke, where Sasuke rushes head-on but Darui defends with "Water Encampment Wall" to force Sasuke back, then uses an electrical attack called "Wave of Inspiration" to shock him, but Sasuke's able to escape. Shee then uses a genjutsu on Sasuke, stunning him while Darui and Ay go in for the kill, but Juugo and Suigetsu save Sasuke. Unfortunately Suigetsu's cracked sword is broke in two from Ay's punch. Juugo uses his full cursed form and Ay slams him against a wall with a thunderous punch, but Juugo endures it with a shield and fires a large energy blast at him. He dodges and slams Juugo against another wall which takes him out of the fight.

    Lightning Crashes
    Lightning Crashes

    Sasuke tries to attack Ay from behind, but he knocks Sasuke's sword from his hand. Sasuke then uses "Chidori" and rushes at Ay. They charge at each other, Sasuke manages to avoid Ay's attack and hit him with "Chidori", however Ay is too durable and only Sasuke's fingertips pierce him. He then gives Sasuke a powerbomb, but Sasuke saves himself from any serious damage with his Susanoo. Sasuke then tries to use "Amaterasu", but Ay uses "Body Flicker" to avoid it and goes to attack Sasuke again, but Sasuke however uses "Amaterasu" to cover Susanoo. Ay ignores it and strikes anyway, thrusting Sasuke into the ground. Ay is about to deal the finishing blow when Gaara appears and stops him.

    Gaara tries to talk sense to Sasuke, find common ground, but Sasuke refuses to come to an understanding. While this is happening, Ay severs his arm that's burning from "Amaterasu" and is being healed by Shee. Sasuke's Susanoo starts to fully form and everyone launches projectiles, but Susanoo swings his sword and causes the building to collapse on them and flees with Karin to find Danzo. Ay and the others get out of the rubble and go back to the meeting room where Madara (Tobi) appears and tries to negotiate with them. Ay also learns that Killer Bee wasn't captured and is running around somewhere. When the Kages refused to assist Madara, he declared the Fourth ninja world war.

    After leaving the summit, Ay, Darui, and Shii notice a battle going on and Shee realizes Killer Bee's involved. They arrive to find Kisame Hoshigake attacking Killer Bee and intervene. Darui throws a kunai that breaks the sword Kisame took from Killer Bee and Killer Bee and Ay do a tag-team lariat which decapitates Kisame.

    Clashing with Naruto.
    Clashing with Naruto.

    Ay is chosen to be the leader of the ninja alliance in the battle against Madara's forces. Since it was agreed best to keep Naruto and Killer Bee out of the battle and away from Madara's grasp, he sent them to a hidden island located in the Cloud village where Killer Bee helped Naruto take control of the Kyuubi and practice with his new abilities. During the war, Ay almost left his command post to fight the Two Shining Lights himself, knowing how powerful they are, but was talked out of it by the Hokage, Tsunade. Later on, Ay and Tsunade got the word that Naruto and Killer Bee left their hiding place to fight in the war, so they went to stop them. After a small skirmish where Ay proved to be capable of fighting Naruto even in his new form, but when asked why we was more willing to kill Naruto than Killer Bee, he replied that he would kill his brother if necessary. Killer Bee intervened to stop him from hitting Naruto again. Ay said that the jinchuuriki should learn their place, but Killer Bee said that he's still a person. Ay started to remember his past with Killer Bee, how they weren't related by blood, that Killer Bee was from a prestigious clan and was chosen to be his "brother" since only brothers could be the Cloud village's A-B Combo tag-team. He also remembered their confrontation with Minato.


    Lightning Armor.
    Lightning Armor.

    Ay possesses incredible physical strength, deceptive speed, and taijutsu skills to overwhelm his opponents in battle. He is capable of using lightning jutsu. His only known jutsu is "Lightning Armor" which augments his speed and reflexes and provides protection from outward attacks, preventing Sasuke Uchiha's "Chidori" from piercing him any deeper than his fingertips.


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