Fourth Kazekage

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    He was the leader of the Sand village. He was killed by Orochimaru with his Sword of Kusanagi and was later resurrected with the Impure World Resurrection Technique to participate in the Fourth Great Ninja War. He is the father of the Fifth Kazekage and his siblings and is a user of the Gold Dust.

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    He was the leader of the Sand village and the father of Gaara, Kankuro, and Temari. Temari is the oldest and she uses a fan as a weapon and wind jutsus. Kankuro is the second oldest and he is a puppet master using puppets that carry weapons and traps. Gaara is the youngest and by far the weirdest and strongest. He sealed the Ichibi in the infant Gaara, but his wife and Gaara's mother died as a result. After this he harbored anger and resentment towards Gaara whom he perceived as nothing but a monster, and tried to have his son killed six times.

    Eventually the village entered hard times. The country's feudal lord started outreaching to other ninja villages which started to make the Sand village go broke. Orochimaru, secretly being the leader of his own village, made a dealing with him; they'd unite to bring down the Leaf village which would ultimately help them in their troubles. However Orochimaru betrayed him, killing him and his escorts and assuming his identity to complete his plan.

    Eventually he would be resurrected by Orochimaru's right hand, Kabuto, whom attained Orochimaru's powers. He'd be forced to fight in the 4th ninja world war and would be confronted by his son, Gaara. He was shocked to not only find out that Gaara was his successor as Kazekage, but also that Gaara had friends. He remembered back to when Gaara was young. Gaara was the most suitable host yet, but even he was starting to lose control. The 4th Kazekage became concerned over the village's safety and the village's loss of power without a skilled host. Back in the present, the two fought, but Gaara was able to overcome the gold's weight quicker than he thought and was able to bind all of the Kages, with the exception of Muu. The sand took the form of Gaara's mother holding them, which caused the 4th to become emotional and confess that Gaara's mother always loved him, and vowed as she died to protect him.


    He possessed the ability to alter his chakra into magnetic fields to control metallic items, same as his predecessor. He uses this to control gold dust in a similar fashion to Gaara's sand, but he also used this to neutralize the Ichibi when it broke free by using the gold to weigh down the Ichibi's sand.


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