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    Four Color Comics (or just Four Color) is a series that ran from 1942 and ended in 1962. It is known that the series had well over 1,000 issues, but the precise number of original issues has not been determined due to skipped issues and reprints. The series finally came to an end with Issue #1354 and so at the moment the series holds the record for having the most issues published of any American comic book series, as its nearest rivals have recently been cancelled for the sake of a relaunch (with only Action Comics ever surpassing 900 issues). The series is surpassed in length by many other European comics.

    List of Unpublished Issues

    • 1217
    • 1228
    • 1277
    • 1292
    • 1314-1327
    • 1329
    • 1331
    • 1334
    • 1338-1340
    • 1342-1347
    • 1351-1353

    Unlike most comics, the title found in Four Color's indicia change nearly every issue to reflect the title found on the cover. For example, Four Color #1295, which features the television character Mister Ed, is listed in the indicia as "Mister Ed, the Talking Horse #1295," even though none of the previous issues featured Mister Ed. To avoid confusion, the titles of the comics for this series will be that found in the indicia.

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    Collected Editions


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