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First off here's just the X-Men. I didn't want to do any re-casts, such as Hugh Jackman as Wolverine or James McAvoy as Xavier

Professor X played by Ralph Fiennes (Harry Potter & The Reader) - One of the best actors out there. Would be a solid Xavier

Cyclops played by Chris Pine (Star Trek & Unstoppable) - Easy choice. Solid actor and has the look to play Cyclops.

Jean Grey played by Missy Peregrym (Stick It & Rookie Blue) - I'm a big fan of Missy. She would be a great Jean. Very underrated actress

Wolverine played by Gerard Butler (300 & Law Abiding Citizen) - Hard one to recast, but Butler has the ability to capture the essence of Wolverine. I don't think any other actor could pull off a better Berserker Rage

Storm played by Kerry Washington (Django Unchained & Lakeview Terrace) - Solid and beautiful actress. I think she would fit as storm.

Gambit played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers (August Rush & The Tudors) - Solid actor and really has the look. In terms of the accent, not to sure. But as long as he can capture the essence of Gambit, the accent can slide.

Rogue played by Ashley Greene (Twilight & The Apparition) - I think she would be a great Rogue, much better than Anna Paquin.

Iceman played by Dave Franco (21 Jump Street & Now You See Me) - I really like Dave Franco and he could really pull off Iceman's personality

Nightcrawler played by Daniel Bruhl (Inglourious Basterds & Eva) - Great actor and is German. The Makeup will fill in the Look.

Colossus played by Denis Sergovskiy (Russian Bodybuilder) - Has the body and Accent. Colossus wouldn't have much Dialogue either which would help out as Denis isn't an actor. Much better than Daniel Cudmore

Shadowcat played by Emmy Rossum (Phantom of the Opera & Beautiful Creatures) - I really like her and I think she would be a good Shadowcat.

Angel played by Garrett Hedlund (Tron Legacy & Four Brothers) - Has the perfect look to pull of Angel. He's also a great actor too

Jubilee played by Kristin Kreuk (Smallville & Street Fighter: Legend of Chun Li) - Very pretty actress and has the look to play Jubilee.

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Poor Colossus....

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Poor Colossus....

Dont you mean Poor Kitty, that big fella would hurt that poor little girl lol

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Hi guys, maybe this could be here too, one drawing I just made. Enjoy:

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I'll get back to you on this .. want to do some looking at your offerings, but I am highly skeptical. Would you be offended if we put our own cast up?

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kerry washington is played out imo. Here's my list of actos/actresses for the different roles:

Cyclops: Jake Gyllenhaal

Jean Grey: Gemma Arterton

Wolverine: Matt Cohen

Beast: Chris egan or Benjamin walker

Iceman: Kelly Blatz

Angel: Alex Pettyfer

Kitty Pryde: Emma Watson

Colossus: Alan Ritchson

Havok: Justin Hartley

Polaris: Emmy Rossum

Storm: Zoe Saldana or Christine Adams

Rogue: Rachel Taylor

Gambit: Josh Holloway

Emma Frost: Emily Vancamp

Xavier: Ralph Fiennes or Jason Isaacs

Cable: Bruce Willis

Domino: Rosario Dawson

Hope: Jane Levy

Apocalypse: Brian Thompson

Magneto: David Lyons

Juggernaut: Roland Kickinger

Mystique: Jessica Biel

Psylocke: Olivia Wilde

Rachel Summers: Elizabeth Winstead

Dani Moonstar: Julia Jones

X-23: Jamie Chung

Jubilee: Kristin Kruek