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I just found out about this...


I know the Iceman thing was kinda random and a lot of people didn't like it but what about Kitty Pryde? Has she been Bi this whole time?


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It's more believable than Iceman being gay. But really who cares.

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There were some implications about it, but it was never really confirmed. But then again, for the longest time most bisexual characters were just hot women who "didn't like lables", so there's that...

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Lol Kitty, Rachel and Illyana....

Well Magik I believe 100%. Nevermind the implications of being abused by a male figure and Kitty being her closest most affectionate companion after the trauma....Shes sabotaged Kitty and Colossus twice and it would explain some of the animosity she shows toward him sometimes. (Though that had layers in itself.

Rachel. Yea. I believe it. You can spin off the "alternate universe parental figure" line. But it doesnt change the fact that after Jean and Scott the person she angst over being in danger is Kitty. It's just that even on a surface level with Rachel constantly looking at her parents and younger versions of the X-Men then she knew, The only relationship she seems to carry on heavily is Kitty. Despite early friendships with Magma, Rogue and others. The only down vote on that being that the only female she could be considered as showing interest in is Kitty despite being close to storm Meagan and Psylocke and she doesnt have the 20 years of not being written with anyone else to hang it on. Regardless I kinda ship them anyway.

Kitty. Sigh. See let's be real. I could make 2 or 3 different inferences that would be just as valid based on the fact that Rachel and Illyana are both victims of abuse who grew up without peers. Kitty is a privileged middleclass girl who suddenly had her life turned upside down and brought into a life where any middle class preteen would feel like they were suddenly an adult. She dismisses the New mutants for the most part and gravitates toward the X-Men with the major exceptions being three girls who have experienced major life trauma.

Is it because in a way there trauma makes them more mature like her?

Is it because she feels like somehow her "world shaking trauma" of becoming a mutant and joining the X-men is somehow equivalent to theirs?

Is it just because their trauma makes them needy a d vulnerable and Kitty feels a need to reach out to them either for selfish or totally unselfish reasons.

That said. Kitty has had more then a few options for relationships with females.

She has only expressed interest in men.

And more then a few of them at that.

Ultimately because Kitty was the most popular and relevant of the younger generation of mutants and was a 1980's Mary Sue super teen, EVERYONE who was young enough had to have a close relationship with Kitty to showcase her and to transition them into the fold.

Now all of that said to say, Claremont has made a statement that Rachel and Kitty are this super close relationship. The genesis of which is obvious for Rachel, but not as much so for Kitty. And the fact that pretty much all of these instances occur under Claremont and that even in X-Men: The End, he has ALOT of hints at Rachel and Kitty being in a relationship including a scene that could be interpreted as a lovers goodbye and Cyclops having to specifically tell her about Rachel's progress on a mission.

I could definitely believe it, but I'm as much a Kitty/Colossus fan as I am of anything else in X-Men so my bias is always gonna be there, but I do definitely like Rachel and Kitty and think that exploring Illyanas personal relationships more has alot of potential.

Xian is Xian. I can go either way

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Comic fans: "Oh my god, two women are close friends. They must be lesbians!!!"

The Courtney Ross example is viable, though, I have just always chalked that up to Chris Claremont being a weirdo since it starts out like a scene from a porno. God knows what the X-women have done in that man's imagination. Something with endless bondage I suppose.

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@cattlebattle: If Jean and Emma are of any consideration to what goes on in Chris head, the X-Women are the ones in charge and the men submit.

Still, you’re only asking what the women do in Claremont’s head? He’s probably one of the tamest in imagination. God knows what Greg Land imagines.

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@pyrofn: Well, if we are having the pervert olympics here then I would say that Greg Land! is a decent artist who just either traces or does some weird photocopying of beautiful women from magazines so he can make a deadlines a lot faster. Marvel basically pays him and is satisfied with low quality. Claremont on the other hand has managed to find a way to have nearly every female he has written to wind up mind controlled in bondage at the whim of some dude, a collection of words that I imagine if Googled, would yield results with many "adult" sites.

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~Walks in~

Sees the words Claremont, Gregland, bondage and Emma Frost being used.

~walks out~

~Wonders when "X-Men Black: Pervert Olympics" is gonna hit stands.

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@koays: Uh, this....is exactly what it looks like.

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Lol ignoring the porno.

Would that make Kitty the first openly female, jewish, bisexual, mutant President in one shot? Hmm Claremont must be coming back this year.

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Just adding my meager 2 cents.

While there have been a lot of hints that Kitty and Rachel might some day develope a deeper and sexual relationship, we just haven’t seen it go that way, yet.

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Every female character created by Claremont are varying degrees of gay.

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On some level, isn't everybody?

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Rachel Summers and Kitty Pryde, I think so.

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I doubt it.

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@batvibe12: you don't know anything about me


if gay men and women can be 100% gay,

then straight men and women can 100% straight


it goes both ways...

so its possible for a human being to be 100% straight

I never get aroused by same sex, I only get competitive.


Your opinion is your opinion,

speak for yourself.

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@batvibe12: LMFAO i'm not even waiting for your reply. THIS is funny.