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Posted by David_James (210 posts) 2 years, 7 months ago

Poll: Grant Morrison’s New X-Men or Chris Claremont's X-Treme X-Men (50 votes)

New X-Men 48%
X-Treme X-Men 52%

These runs went on at the same time. Which one did you think was better?

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#1 Posted by easywolf32 (197 posts) - - Show Bio

Both look kinda ugly drawn

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#3 Edited by deactivated-5a04a566e9ae3 (12864 posts) - - Show Bio

Despite all its faults New X-Men was never boring.

Reading X-Treme X-Men was an exercise in sadomasochism.

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#4 Edited by Invain (5147 posts) - - Show Bio

X-Treme was okay. It had some of my favorite character but it felt like the run was non existent. It just felt like a run that you can skip and wouldn't lose anything for doing so while New X-Men felt essential.

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#5 Posted by HowlingWolves (208 posts) - - Show Bio

X-Treme X-Men, easily.

Morrison was bad. He started out okay and became worse with every flip of the page. He just stole a bunch of ideas from the movies and did a half ass job of incorporating them into the comics. He ignored continuity and wrote many people out of character. He's overrated. Lobdell also wrote a better Emma Frost than he did. He didn't even really turn mutants into a minority group. Those story lines first unfolded in Joe Casey's Uncanny X-Men that was running beside New X-Men. Morrison just gets credit for that idea, just like he gets credit for David Hayter, Tom DeSanto, and Bryan Singer's ideas.

Claremont started out kind of mediocre, but like he always does, he became better as the run went on. The same can be said about his original X-Men run. The 70s era was kind of mediocre and it didn't pick up until John Byrne joined. His run was also hurt in the beginning because of editorial interference. He had Morrison stealing Beast from him and was forced to replace him with Gambit. With Claremont being the master of long term storytelling that he is, he was able to bounce back. His run picked up at around 12 issues in, IIRC. Not Claremont's best, but better than Morrison.

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#6 Posted by frostyfan (13 posts) - - Show Bio

Morrison is a brilliant writer, he just did no research. That was the first X-book I read, and I think it holds up (except for Xorn. Xorn is why we drink). Claremont's X-treme X-Men was not good. Also, Morrison gave us Emma Frost as a hero, so I love him no matter what.

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Yeah he is also the one to make her all plastic.

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I like Morrison's run mainly because I like Morrison. I, like other people, don't think what he did with the X-men was particularly good.

Just a thought now that I am thinking about Morrison's run....I always found it interesting that Quentin Quire and his gang were more or less modeled after Neo Nazis and Quentin Quire is now a character favored by pink haired liberals on tumblr. Talk about a dumb fan base. X-Men comics number 1!! Am I right guys??!!

Anyways, I think Claremont's run on X-Treme is sort of under appreciated. He gave new definition to characters that had been stagnant for a long time. Introduced new villains and concepts etc...

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@frostyfan said:

Morrison gave us Emma Frost as a hero, so I love him no matter what.

It was actually Scott Lobdell that made Emma Frost a good guy back in 1994 in the pages of Generation X, seven years before New X-Men. in fact I think Morrison just ripped off Generation X, the youthful almost teen drama style concept, Emma being a hero, also the introduction of new younger mutants that were more deformed or ugly, as well as the counter culture emphasis.

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#10 Posted by PyroFN (6172 posts) - - Show Bio

I’ve not read X-Treme X-Men, so I can only go with Morrison on this.

There was good, bad, and ugly pieces to his run. Ultimately, his run has become an ever permanent part of the X-Men that still affects today’s storylines, such as Jean being an omega, the secondary mutation aspects, Cassandra Nova, Emma Frost being a permanent staff member, Scott Summers descent to less of a soldier boy, the destruction of Genosha, etc.

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#11 Posted by HAWK2916 (4860 posts) - - Show Bio

Claremont with Extreme Xmen.

Morrison did alot of damage to the Xmen and his concepts ended up being half done

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#12 Posted by AsheTDust (1842 posts) - - Show Bio

I actually liked them both.

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#13 Posted by Thunderscream (2588 posts) - - Show Bio

When Psylocke was killed in the span of 2 panels in X-Treme I dropped comics entirely for a few years until she was resurrected.

Morrison wasn't my cup of tea back then, but I've grown to appreciate it more over time flipping through the compiled volumes. Just my 2 cents.

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#14 Posted by jhazzroucher (25150 posts) - - Show Bio

X-treme X-Men. Beautiful covers. Better costumes.

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#15 Posted by Koays (11251 posts) - - Show Bio

New X-Men no matter how you shake it is game changing.

We've had this debate many times over.

The school, the mutant culture, Xavier going public....even Jean's death. Morrison's run at it's very best and very worst completely changed the next 2 Eras of X-Men comics across the board.

X-treme is above average writing with average plotlines. At points it's just coasting on the fact that it has popular characters even though as the run went on it just seemed like they were all hanging around with nothing to do.

If we went issue by issue...I'd say that Morrison would have a tough time winning, but arc by arc I'd give it to him based on how his fresh take. It really does benefit him though that he had a smaller cast who he chose to give more inter personal issues, then a larger cast that was trying to wrap up stray plots and retire characters

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#16 Posted by ElPendejo (1594 posts) - - Show Bio

@koays: Is x-treme worth reading? I only read the last few issues because of Rachel

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#17 Posted by Koays (11251 posts) - - Show Bio

@elpendejo: Eh. It's a good read. So yea it's worth it.

Do you need to read it? Not unless your reading old stories and want to see some plots wrapped up.

Otherwise it's not Ultimately important just a pretty solid run that heavily focused on Storm....sometimes to the detriment of other characters.

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#18 Posted by ElPendejo (1594 posts) - - Show Bio

@koays: Guess I’m giving it a skip then. I’m fine with Storm as one of the leads but she doesn’t work for me as the main focus. Guess I’m with god spawn in that regard.

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#19 Posted by McKlayn (2675 posts) - - Show Bio

@koays: Guess I’m giving it a skip then. I’m fine with Storm as one of the leads but she doesn’t work for me as the main focus. Guess I’m with god spawn in that regard.

yea Xtreme x men has like a 5 issue arc all about Storm, but there are good character moments from others Gambit, Rogue, Bishop, Sage even Cannonball

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#20 Posted by OswaldCobblepot (106 posts) - - Show Bio

New X-Men was horrible. so I will have to choose X-Treme X-Men. that was not so good either, but it was better than New X-Men.

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#21 Posted by Wolviesnikt (192 posts) - - Show Bio

New X-men.

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