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There's quite a few different layers to Wonder Woman. On the surface, it seems obvious who she is. She's an Amazon from Themyscira who journeyed to "man's world" and became a hero. With the way comic continuity works and because the character debuted back in 1941, it's not surprising we've seen variations on her origin. During the New 52 reboot, we discovered the truth about her birth. Just recently, we discovered there was even more to the story that was unknown. This Rebirth issue lays out what has happened before and allows Wonder Woman to question what we thought we knew to be true.

It's easy for comic readers to roll their eyes and be a little jaded when a new "twist" is revealed. Greg Rucka does something a little different in this situation. Because of the differences and lies Wonder Woman has been subjected to, it gives an explanation for why we've had variations to her origin. With Diana trying to look back and break through the lies and truths, it justifies the changes that may have occurred over the years with different writers and editorial teams. There is a bit of set up here, but it's laying the groundwork for what this series will be about and where it's going. Even if you've been reading Wonder Woman comics for years, you just might find a tidbit or two you hadn't thought about before. The illusion of the life Wonder Woman has been living has been shattered and she's ready to get to the bottom of it all.

We have some really nice artwork here with Matthew Clark's pencils and Sean Parsons' inks in the main part and Liam Sharp at the end. Unfortunately there is a difference between the two that is noticeable. You can justify the change because of where it takes place in the story, but it's still something that momentarily pulls you out of the book. The color by Jeremy Colwell and Laura Martin is top notch.

If you've ever been curious about who Wonder Woman is and where you could start reading her stories, this is a great place to begin. Like the other Rebirth titles, this issues serves to accommodate new and returning readers. There is a little something for everyone. The way Rucka has Wonder Woman question everything she thought she knew lays down some great groundwork for where this book can go. We have some really nice artwork but the difference in styles is a little distracting. There's no need to wonder if you should be reading Wonder Woman. Jump on board and get ready to find out where her journey will take us all.

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Great issue and awesome handling of all the contradicting stuff surrounding Diana's life. I'm excited to dive into both of the upcoming storylines.

Also, it was mentioned both in the Aquaman review and this one that it's noticable when the artist changes and that might be a little off-putting. In my opinion it's next to impossible to put any two artists together on a single issue and not recognize when the art shift from one to the other no matter how similar the styles. Especially if one has been reading comics for a little while now and pays attention to the art. In both of these cases, though, it worked extremely well, in my opinion.

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I really loved this issue. My second favorite of this week's Rebirth wave. Rucka's writing is just awesome, and glides by as you keep turning page after page and boom! it ends. The only downside I saw in this issue is that I have to wait until the next one.

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"I have been made a fool...No wonder the story keeps changing"

Best meta moment of the year.

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I thought it was actually pretty clever the way they transitioned between artists. It fit the beat of the story and actually was a "oh wow" moment for me. Maybe that's just me being overly excited that we have WW back!

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I loved this issue and I'm really looking forward to see what Rucka has planned. With her muddled history and origins, this is an excellent way to finally straighten it out a bit. Now we can only hope that however it plays out that it actually sticks going forward.

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Better than what MJS tried doing with her origin.

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I thought this was pretty average at best.

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Yeah , WW was my least favorite for this week's rebirth titles .

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Not impressed. I will move forward without reading this title.

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Writing was a little odd to me

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I've been hearing good things about this issue, so I might have to pick it up, especially after seeing this:

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No no no...you're doing it all wrong, DC...you're supposed to have a reflection of someone charging at WW shown in the sword!

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So they're continuing with the Zeus child thing, and the Amazon's being total *****'s?

Well guess I'm passing on this.

Since I want to read the real Wonder Woman, and not this nonsense they made in N52 onward's.

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I'm looking forward to this run but I felt this issue dragged on. It's a great jumping on point for new readers but it felt very redundant with Diana questioning everything in her life.

This was my least favorite of the Rebirth titles I have read so far.

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@dark_stranger: How does how she was born change who she is?

And also how did they ruin the amazons?

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I loved this! Beautiful splash page!. I noticed the shift in art, but I like that they did it in a cool way because the story changes there too. Really excited for the next issue.

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It was alright, great setup but it didn't do much for me.

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I like how they started the first issue with Diana in conflict about her past, a smart and fresh way. But it was way too much contradiction without explanation, I'm confused now.

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If I never, ever, picked up a N52 title, would Rebirth be a good place to start reading DC?

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@divinedebater: Yes Rebirth is a good place to start reading DC. That said, it might help you understand some things better if you check out some New 52 stuff like "Darkseid War", "The Final Days of Superman" or "Superman Lois and Clark".