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For me it's Steve Blum. (anyway, is it just me, or does Steve Blum's Wolverine voice kind of sounds like Dave Mustaine in some songs?)

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for me its hard cause i like them all for diferent reasons.

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To be honest, never liked Steve Blums Wolverine. Hated it, in fact. The guy who voiced Wolverine in X-Men: Evolution is the voice I like best and prefer.

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Steve Blum all the way.

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Tie between Steve Blum and Cal Dodd. The voice I hear when I read Wolverine is somewhere between them.

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The true voice of Wolverine for me has always been Cal Dodd. That man gave Wolvie life in the animated toon when I was kid.

But I definitely like seeing new people try out for roles and getting a feel for character voices. I like a lot of the Wolverine voice actors, but Cal Dodd is my favorite. If I said who I'd like to see or hear voice Wolverine, I'd say give Crispin Freeman a shot. That man's Alucard from Hellsing Ultimate was just awesome and really felt like it could be turned into a Wolverine voice with a few tweaks, like less english accent. That sort of thing.

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I like the Dodd voice in the 90's tv series and Scott McNeil in X-Men: Evolution. I also like Hugh Jackman's;)