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The Good

Whew! What a ride! Spider-Verse has concluded, and now it’s simply a matter of sending everyone back to their respective home dimensions. Well it would be, but for a couple of minor wrinkles. Wrinkles like the Captain Britain Corps’ dimension no longer being there. Or Superior Spider-Man connecting all the dots and realizing that he’s being sent back to his death. That second one propels the central conflict of the issue as he begins to slash at the web in a way that is both willy AND nilly while also searching for the thread of his own destiny so that he might prevent it. Dan Slott delivers a great team-up of all the 616 spiders battling against Doc Ock, and still manages to make the dialog extremely punchy and witty. There’s a Sinister Six crack that’s especially well-delivered, and the dialog never seems to slow the pace of the fight nor the core story. It also feels like a true ending, seeing the send-offs of all these characters we've come to know across this massive event rather than just setting up whatever's next in store for Peter (though OTHER setups aren't handled as well).

Giuseppe Camuncoli is to praise for that, drawing some of the most dynamic, fluid and just downright COOL-looking Spider-poses that we’ve seen all event. For an artist who’s been going hard since this whole thing started, it would’ve been easy to rest on what’s already been a satisfying, solid event, but some of the panels in this issue are the best of the series. Cam Smith and Roberto Poggi’s inks are likewise fantastic, lending a sense of density and kinetic impact to what is a surprisingly action-heavy issue and Justin Ponsor’s colors are bright and vivid while still maintaining a very palpable sense of darkness at the loss of so many heroes.

The Bad

As great as the one final action scene was, it felt perfunctory in a way, especially in the wake of what happened last issue. It felt like a fight for fight’s sake, and while it wasn’t out of character for anyone, it would’ve been nice if this issue could have used the good-byes and character denouement as its central focus rather than tossing in one final brawl.

Hopefully this will also be the last issue that campaigns so heavily for other books. There’s a fine line between trying to direct potential new readers to new titles, which can be incredibly helpful at getting the new books off the ground, and throwing so much information out that it all becomes noise or disruptive.

The Verdict

A very fun end to what has been a rather grim event. Slott even brings up a few head-scratchers left from Spider-Verse, most notably that Karn was rather quickly forgiven despite his murder of literally hundreds of people both innocent and heroic. Minor complaints pop up, but ultimately solid, satisfying endings are so rare in comics, both mainstream and otherwise, that it feels like a victory anytime there is one, and that’s what this feels like: a great ending to a better-than-average (or better than it had any right to be) event.

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"As great as the one final action scene was, it felt perfunctory in a way, especially in the wake of what happened last issue. It felt like a fight for fight’s sake"

I didn't think so. We've been waiting ever since SSM #19 for this fight and I'm glad it was against Pete. The last ditch effort for survival was definitely expected from Spock. I can't wait to see what that 100 day sleep mode thing was. I have a theory, but whatever it did, I hope it in some way means the return of Doc Ock.

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@undeadpool (though OTHER setups aren't handled as well)

I see what you did there.

Spot on review, I would have given it a 4.5 though (I know you can't, I would have rounded down too). I think it leads to a nice mystery to it though and has an interesting enough lead in to the secret wars tie in to make it worthwhile.

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Funny to see 2 versions of the same panel now..Interesting to see the differences in the art-style of Gamuncoli and Stegman..

Camuncoli's spider-emblem is way bigger than Stegmans..wow

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Super pissed at what happened with Anya. I know there's a wait and see approach, but at this point it's not looking good.

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@averywetfrog: Completely agree with you, and yes I too hope the 100 Day Sleep means Otto will return as Spider-Man in the future.

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@uggiboogie: Notice they didn't tell him what year it was.

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@undeadpool we will be fighting on the podcast again... this time, to the DEATH

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This was easily the best issue of the entire main plot. Very satisfied.

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I didn't mind the fight between Superior and Spidey, it was necessary in my opinion. I would be pretty mad if I found out I was going to my death as well..

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Ha ! Camuncoli drew Superior punching Spider-Woman twice for some reason.

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I really love the art on the cover to this issue, its purty and informative!

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I was really hoping for Superior to go out in some different way. I find his character, at the moment at least, way more fascinating than Peter's, and I want to see his story continue. Here's hoping that the moment where he tells computer Anna to go into sleep mode for 100 days pays off later on in some way. It's there for a reason.

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YES!! I was so happy when I saw the panel showing he was alive. Kaine, Superior, Miguel, and Miles are my top favorites of all the Spiders.

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Anna Maria is a plot device for the return of Doc Ock.

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But most importantly KAINE LIVES!!!!

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I wasn't a fan of this event hopefully this book gets back on track after this

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I'm going to guess that Spock backed up his consciousness using Anna Maria, but I'm curious to know that if he returns, will he come back as Superior Spider-man or somehow as Doc Ock.

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One thing got to me that's been bugging me for all of SV: Anya mentions how worlds lost Spider-Women too, but the thing is...they didn't. Not a single speaking female character was harmed throughout the event - they even went out of their way to specifically NOT have them killed anytime the opportunity for the villains came up, despite them being completely ruthless with every other spider.

Look, I'm not sitting here saying "They need to kill off more women!" But it's not equality to treat only one gender with kids' gloves.

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Better than last issue. Happy this whole ordeal is over with. Not excited about the art next issue however

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It ended well, im curious to see what happens with superior, i was happy as hell to see kaine is alive !! However we honestly don't know whether ben reilly did actually die... hopefully something comes out of this. I think a spider corps book is in order.