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I'm old enough to remember reading a comic in the early 70's about someone from a different colored sun getting super powers when visiting a red sun planet. Unfortunately I can't remember what color it was. Does anybody have any knowledge about this? We from yellow suns get super-powers under blue suns, I remember something about "white suns" and thinking the writer must have meant "white dwarf" - not bad for a 12 year old. If there ARE white suns and they put out even more "ultra solar rays" from pre-crisis, wouldn't we get super powers when around them?

Remember, this is pre-crisis when all it involved was ultra solar radiation, not genetics.


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Ehhh what ?

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i only know of the cloned kandorians in smallville

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Maybe Ultraman...maybe

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so,you mean different sun give superman differnet power?i think this is new 5 concept not pre-crisis

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Nope, someone visited a planet that had a red sun. Suddenly they had all of Superman's powers. It was theorized that their sun gave off even less of the "ultra solar radiation" than red suns - therefore they got superpowers when around a red sun. Back then, everything from a red sun was superpowered under a yellow - it was all due to ultra-solar radiation. An exotic energy that gave anybody powers if they were exposed to more than their atoms were used to.

I even had "world's finest #301" with the character Siphon. He said "While Star Labs were trying to figure out how many vision powers he had, I was making a breakthrough! I learned that at the subatomic level superman's powers manifested themselves as supercharged energy bonds!" And it had a picture of an atom where the electrons were connected to the nucleus's of the atoms by what looked like bolts of lightning. All this caused his powers and it was all caused by "ultra solar radiation".

If your home star gave off a certain level and you went to a sun that gave off more, all your atoms, your space ship, clothes, everything, would be supercharged. Several stories told how a simple 1970's hand grenade made under a red sun would be equal to a matter-anti matter explosion. A stick of red sun TNT was equal to a megaton bomb. All because of ultra-solar radiation. But they said in a one-off comic (maybe imaginary issue) that people from one type of sun got superpowered under a red sun.

Sorry for being so wordy - it's part of who I am .....

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I'm not sure but you might be talking about Russian Zod, I believe he was weak under a yellow sun and strong under a red sun.

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@tacos_kickass said:

I'm not sure but you might be talking about Russian Zod, I believe he was weak under a yellow sun and strong under a red sun.

Yehp, to my knowledge Polkistan Zod was the only person to get special powers under a red son.

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Imagine if Humans became Kryptonian-level if they're under a certain colour of sun.

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I thought only Russian Zod gets power under a red sun.