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how do you think the story will go in man of steel after watching the teaser trailers, trailer 2, you are not alone trailer and trailer 3.

This is what i think and is not what actually happens (i think).

If you don't want to watch the trailers because of spoilers don't read this because most of this in the trailers.

Act 1

Krypton is destroyed by a war between the government and Zod and Jor-El sends Kal-El to earth.

Act 2

While in Smallville he has a childhood like we see in Superman and Smallville (TV show) (which is being excluded and left out and he is alienated and he saves kids in a bus and kids see him using his powers. His dad shows him the rocket/vessel. When he towards finishing school he Jonathan Kent dies (then the usual, he is sad and he reckons didn't have the power to save him or something along that line and so on).

Act 3

Then after he finishes school he tries to find out who he is and what purpose he has to do on earth (while Lois Lane is investigating him), then he finds the Fortress of Solitude and becomes superman. After being superman for a while and getting a job at the daily planet.

Act 4

Then General Zod comes to earth looking for Kal-El and the government tries to capture him so they can hand him over to Zod and then the government lets him fight Zod and superman wins, throw a couple of Easter eggs, cameos (please be other DC characters), a phone booth and hints towards the sequel and then you have man of steel.

What does everyone else think

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In Smallville, both Jonathan and Clark seem confused about what Clark should do with the powers. I am not sure why Jonathan did not just get Clark to dig for diamonds or something since everyone could use the extra cash. Don't know how Clark stumbles upon the fortress of solitude but here, Jor-El computer somehow convinces Clark to wear kryptonian spandex instead of being a bare chested superhero like Hulk. Maybe showing chest hair is a kryptonian taboo. Zod arrives on earth for some reason. Maybe Jor-el stole a rocket from Zod and Zod traced the rocket to earth. Since Zod already has an army, I am not sure why Zod wants Clark and maybe Zod has a crush on Clark or something and maybe Zod wants to hook up with Clark.

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I have a theory, which I doubt is accurate but it's pretty obvious. I'm just going to post in a spoiler block for those who don't want anything potentially spoiled

Alright so, it's pretty obvious that the plot will be relatively similar to that of Superman II or Last Son by Johns. Zod and his people invade Earth after most likely being trapped in the Phantom Zone or whatever Man of Steel establishes as a purpose that Zod survived Krypton's destruction. Based on an interview with Zack Snyder, he states that with Kal's birth, he was considered special, even on Krypton and therefore was a target, which is why Zod is screaming at Jor-El about Kal and obviously because he imprisoned him.

Furthermore, considering the pictures, the other Kryptonians are all seen wearing special protective suits. My belief is that Kal is indeed special and perhaps the only Kryptonian with superior powers and the ability to faster and better metabolize Yellow sun rays, while Zod and his crew need the suits to help them achieve similar powers as their bodies can't replicate what Kal does.

Based off that, Kal is superior (as he should be even in the comics considering he metabolized the most yellow rays) and even though he tries to reason with Zod, the latter is simply out for revenge for what Jor-El did to him and threatens everything and everyone he knows.

That's what I got so far.

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i believe that MOS will be a bit like "superman:birth right" regarding clark's relationship with his parents and his struggle to know who he is. for the rest it is evidently inspired by "superman: earth-one" for the developing of the story: the world is in balance,so he has finally to make a choice: what he wants (or is he ready) to become?..and we all know the answer!