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Earlier today we saw another look at the upcoming Supergirl show coming to CBS. Now the first look trailer starring Melissa Benoist as Kara has been released.

The show will air on Mondays on CBS. What do you think?

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That plane save was nice.

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Looks really lame. Kinda reminds of of that SNL Black Widow trailer spoof from a couple weeks back.

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Hmmmmm, maybe?

Had some good scenes. I liked the line about the Supergirl name. I guess we'll see.

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It doesn't look terrible, but it definitely has that CW-esque cheesiness. It's got network TV written all over it.

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Looks amazing.

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Yeah, it looks pretty bad tonally. Just one preview though. We are all going to, at the very least, watch the first episode anyways.

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It reminds me a lot of smallville.

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Looks better than I thought it would. I'm definitely watching the first handful of episodes.

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looks exactly like the SNL Black Widow movie parody.

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Despite being a CBS show, it still has a CW feel, and keeps in line with the "My Name is...." opening style for Arrow and Flash.

I got chills watching this so I'm definitely in.

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It has a different tone than the other shows, but I don't think its a bad thing. People constantly complain about how dark super hero shows have become so they make an upbeat show and people still complain. I'm not totally sold on it, but I'll give it a try. I am, however, not happy that the network decided to air it at the exact same time as Gotham. You would think DC would have had some sort of clause to prevent that from happening when giving out the rights.

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Looks like Jimmy wanted to be a black guy too.

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So why isn't that other guy Jimmy Olsen?

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I now care a little more than not at all.

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i loved this first look alot,especially when it cam to them bringing up her cuz.I really can't wait for the show,and will add nicely to the rest of the DC shows I watch!

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like it a lot

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This actually looking better than I expected. Lot of teenager series cliche, but it can get better. And her clothes, they should the ride of that skirt. And this is really going to be in Flash/Arrow universe?

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Looks too dark and edgy for me........

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She is actually a bit hotter than I thought she would be from seeing promo shots...

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I'm kinda in the middle on what i think about this. Will wait to see full episodes before i judge the show. But i gotta say one thing the actor playing jimmy is too damn good looking and smooth, this bother's me. And Kara seems to be pulling of the dual identity spectacularly.

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You know what? I like this. Count me in!

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doesn't look bad, but doesn't look that good either. I'll probably pass.

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looks good except all the music


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I don't know how I feel about it. But it definitely has potential to be good.

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Looks about as bad as I feared it would.

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I'll check it out. I didn't like the trailer. I wish they surprise me for once. Instead of having a awkward -she teenager girl, have a arrogant, sure of herself teen

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It looks meh

But her powers does look impressive.

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Gotta admit, my expectations were pretty low. They are now pretty high. This actually looks like it might be a better superhero show than the Flash.

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Please Silver Banshee and maybe Black Banshee. Seems pretty cool.

@d9000: I think that line would work better on Power Girl since she looks more adult than Supergirl.

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I actually really liked it.

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Looks too dark and edgy for me........

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The show im not fully convinced how much girly drama will be in it (i hope not much), but it sure has potential. plus it will be really awesome to se her fighting besides oliver and barry in the mandatory crossovers. Plus maybe a superman aparition, green lantern... DCBS is getting stronger hehe

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@the_stegman: same here, looks like fun. Someone DC really needs these days.

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Looks okay, the first half of the trailer was pretty bad, full of lazy teen drama marketed cliches but the second half looked like a decent superhero show.

James Olsen is pretty silly, There is no reason for him not to be a nerdy looking, he seems to be a less vulgar Steve Lombard not Jimmy Olsen.

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Looks pretty good! I love the shot of Superman towards the beginning. Very reminiscent of the Superman-up-in-the-air scene from the BvS trailer. I'd love if they made these connected, especially with Supergirl already being a part of the DCCU as a character (see promo comic from MoS and missing escape pod).

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I miss Character of the Month......

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Gives me a cheesier vibe than Flash but it looks like a step up from Smallville. Seems to fit the CW/DC Television-verse.

Looks better than what I thought it would look like.

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I like this

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Look awful

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I'll give it a chance.

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I'm willing to give it a chance.

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THIS LOOOOOOKS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't wait, this looks so good, so bright, so comic like and I love it. This is the kind of show we need, one that's not afraid to be what it is.

Somewhere Mark Waid is fanboying like mad :)

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I kinda already knew this wasn't gonna be for me, but now it's confirmed. Like, 100% confirmed...