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If you could form your own Suicide Squad, who would you assemble for it out of DC's various anti-heroes and villains?

For me, I've been thinking perhaps a mix of villains and anti-heroes to make things interesting....

1) Redhood AKA Jason Todd

2) Starfire

3) Arsenal

4) Killer Frost

5) King Shark

6) Deadshot

Now, here's a more villainous roster, I'd pick Redhood, Ravager, King Shark, Killer Frost, Copperhead, and Blackfire. I was tempted to add Deadshot, but do ya really need him when ya have Jason Todd in his stead?

What ya think?

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Captain Boomerang, Red Hood, Killer Moth(Catmanize him), Icicle II.

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deadshot harley quinn poison ivy rick flag bronze tiger bane

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Deadshot, Deathstroke, Jason Todd, Harley Quinn, Bronze Tiger and Captain Boomerang.

Also to be honess i wouldnt keep Deathstroke for long, change him for Poison Ivy

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Harold Stein (Commander), Amanda Waller (liason), Col. Rick Flagg (field commander).

Amygdala, Double Visions/ Shantay & Shanela Williams (Impulse Vol.1 #82), Manchester Black, Deadshot, Lady Vic, Count Vertigo, Stalnoivolk, Speed McGee, Puppeteer, Conduit, Multiplex, Anarky, Nicholas Scratch, Enchantress, Silver Swan, Gray Lady, Short Cut, Reaper/Judson Caspain, Blacksmith, and Strobe.

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-Captain Cold is my Squad leader. He took the Rogues from a laughing stock to a force to be reckoned with in the DC universe. His disciplinary style and emphasis on keeping his "family" together is what makes him such a capable boss, imo.

-Bronze Tiger is essential "Squad" to me, so he'd be on board...

-second that for Deadshot. However, I feel like he'd create some conflict with my chosen team leader due to the attitude he's shown thus far in the new Suicide Squad series, but I think he is equally able to follow, given he respects his superior enough.

-Manchester Black is a great character and (brief) former Squadder that fits well to me.

-Ragdoll/King Shark: grouped together because they're the perfect tag-team (given The Parademon stays deceased)

-Nightshade: always cool to read and adds some mystic-love to the team. Black Alice could be a welcome addition in her place as well, given enough time to become more experienced with her powers and less unpredictable.

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Riddler, Capt. Boomerang, Deadshot, Deathstroke, Poison Ivy, Black Spider

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Staples(Bronze Tiger, deadshot, flag, boomerang, nightshade)

Powerhouses: Metallo, Silver Banshee, Girder, Grood, Giganta

Stratagists: Riddler, Hush, Penguin, Blacksmith, Ra's al Ghul

Ranged fighters: Captain Cold, Firefly, Heat Wave, Killer frost, Trickster

Ranged powerhouses: Dr. Light, Weather Wizard, Dr. Polaris, Magenta, Abra Kadabra

Assasins: Lady shiva, Deathstroke, Merlin, Mirror Master, Plunder

Tech builders: Toyman, Mad hatter, Mr. Freeze, Prometheus, Pied Piper

Telepaths: Psimion, Dr. Psycho, Psycho pirate, Top, Phobia

Speedsters: Reverse Flash, Baroness Blitkreig, Inertia, Lady flash, savitar

Infiltrators: Clayface, Poision Ivy, Face, Nobody, Hugo Strange

Why shouldn't the squad make use of all its resources? Members won't be restricted to one category if they can help in others. One thing I learned from from the ashes is the bigger, the better.

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The Wall (head of ops)

Bronze Tiger (field leader)

Moneyspider (tech/communication)

Clock King (tactician)

The Shade (covert ops)

Deadshot (marksman)

Shado (archer/martial arts expert)

Capt. Boomerang (wise ass)

Parasite (break glass in case of emergency)

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In no order:

1. Deadshot

2. Deathstroke

3. Arsenal

4. Black Mask

5. Red Hood (Jason Todd)

6. Heat Wave or Firefly

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1.Deadshot ( leader)



4. poison ivy

5.mirror master

6. Red Hood

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The great thing with the Suicide Squad is that they should be awesome characters that don't get their due in the books they were originally spawned from while also knowing that if they're in the Suicide Squad, logistically, it would take them out of those books. So with that in mind, I think this would be my ideal Suicide Squad:

  • Deathstroke, because he can't seem to keep his own solo title somehow.
  • Bane, because he should be more than just a villain-type.
  • Cheshire, because every team needs a bad ass woman on the roster.
  • Manchester Black, because he needs to come back in a big way.
  • King Shark, because he's kind of a staple of the Suicide Squad.
  • Ravager, because she shouldn't be subjected to these crappy Teen Titans.

I left off Harley Quinn because her new book is awesome and I wouldn't want her to only really appear in the pages of Suicide Squad (despite the fact that she's just roaming around free anyways since she shows up in the Batman books from time-to-time.) and I want to see James Gordon Jr become a proper villain, perhaps for Nightwing.

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1. Red Hood- Team Leader

2. Poison Ivy

3. Captain Cold

4. Firefly

5. Bronze Tiger

6. King Shark

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1. Slade Wilson

No Caption Provided

2. Floyd Lawton

No Caption Provided

3. Bette Sans Souci

No Caption Provided

4. David ????

No Caption Provided

5. Temple Fugate

No Caption Provided

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1. Waller

3. Deadshot

3. Captain Boomerang

4. Cheshire

5. Clock King

6. Count Vertigo

7. General Eiling

8. Nemesis

9. Manhunter(Kate)

10. Plastique

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If they're going to make the movie based on the "New 52" (Prime Earth) then Suicide Squad members (current and former) are Black Manta, Deadshot, Deathstroke, Harley Quinn, Duela Dent (Joker's Daughter), Black Spider, Captain Boomerang, Cheetah, Crowbar, El Diablo, Iceberg, James Gordon Jr., King Shark, Light, Lime, Savant, Unknown Soldier, Voltaic, Warrant and Yo-Yo.

From these list I would "wipe away" Duela Dent, reason ? Most of the people wouldn't get a story where Joker as daughter; Cheetah the make-up or the CGI would be harder enough to put in such a minor character. Crowbar ? I mean...he uses a Crowbar, and in "New 52" he even wears a shirt resembling The Punisher (MARVEL ALERT !). Then "delete" also the "Unknown Soldier", he could be a cool character, but with a name like that he seems like a unfinished character. Yo-Yo needs to be scratch, or at least reworked, can't they figure out a more racist name ? Yo-Yo ?! I would also put away "Iceberg (how many ice-characters are there ? Are they gonna use Elsa too ?!), Black Manta (I think he's quite a big villain to be in a "team"), Deathstroke (same as Black Manta), Light, Lime (meh...) ,Black Spider (really ? You have too put black in every black character ? Black Panther, Black Manta, what's next ? Black Batman ?), King Shark (for the same reason as Cheetah) and finally El Diablo (I think he simple doesn't fit with the other characters)

That said, he have Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, James Gordon Jr., Savant, Voltaic and Warrant.

And to spice up the thing I would bring up a member from New Earth, Oracle (Barbara Gordon), why ? Because James Gordon Jr. (is cousin or brother (depending if is pre-New 52 or New 52)) was one of the causes of her being paralyzed. So it would be cool to see the interaction between both. And with Oracle you could also add Nightwing (Dick Grayson) (off course not in the team, but imagine Oracle playing a role is a spy...well Dick Grayson is now a spy, Agent 37)

So there's the final sentence:

Harley Quinn.
Captain Boomerang.
James Gordon Jr.
Amanda Waller.

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I'm really liking the idea of the Outlaws apart of Suicide Squad.

Additionally I would add Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Oracle and maybe Captain Boomerang

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1. Rick Flag

2. Black Manta

3. Deadshot

4. Jason Todd

5. Bronze Tiger

6. Bane

7. Boomerang

8. Harley Quinn

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1. Reverse Flash

2. Starfire

3. Scarecrow

4. Black Canary

5. Vixen

6. Deathstroke

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1. Scarecrow

2. Itro (red lantern)

3. Malefic

4. Komodo

5. Clayface

6. Icicle II

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Harley, Poison Ivy, Deadshot, Waller, Captain Boomerang, Ravager.

Yours truly, Frosty

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Talon (Cobb), Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, Cayman and Constantine Drakon

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Waller, obviously.

Flagg Jr.





I prefer Croc to Shark as a powerhouse.

I would however never put Deathstroke on the team, unless he were to insist because daughter Ravager was already on. Deathstroke is not a character anyone would waste on suicide missions.

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Harley Quinn

Poison Ivy



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Harley Quinn

Poison Ivy


King Shark


El Diablo


Jason Todd

And I know it could never be, but it would be awesome if Deadpool could show up for a bit, I would love to see the banter with him and Harley and the rest of the Squad.

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Bronze Tiger


Lady Shiva



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  • Rick Flag
  • Deadshot
  • Bronze Tiger
  • Plastique
  • King Shark
  • Black Spider
  • KGBeast
  • Harley Quinn (temporarily. there's be an issue where Joker attacks the Squad to see her, they make up, and he has Hush remove her bomb)
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Rick Flagg Jr., Deadshot, El Diablo, Black Spider (Eric Needham), Killer Frost, Captain Boomerang (Digger Harkness), Jason Todd/Red Hood, and Manchester Black.

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Deadshot, Killer Frost, Count Vertigo, Bronze Tiger, Multiplex, Heatwave, Rampage, Constantine Drakon, Captain Boomerang & Poison Ivy.

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Harley Quinn


Angle Man

Captain Nazi

Lady Shiva

Condiment King (cannon fodder)

Dr Phosphorous




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  • Rick Flag
  • Deadshot
  • Bronze Tiger
  • Plastique
  • King Shark
  • Black Spider
  • KGBeast
  • Harley Quinn (temporarily. there's be an issue where Joker attacks the Squad to see her, they make up, and he has Hush remove her bomb)

Love this roster

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@amazingwebhead said:
  • Rick Flag
  • Deadshot
  • Bronze Tiger
  • Plastique
  • King Shark
  • Black Spider
  • KGBeast
  • Harley Quinn (temporarily. there's be an issue where Joker attacks the Squad to see her, they make up, and he has Hush remove her bomb)

Love this roster

thank you :)

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Amanda Waller (Commander)

Rick Flag (FIeld Commander)

Count Vertigo


Bronze Tiger

Black Manta


KIng Shark

Poison Ivy

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@darkdetective27: Thx.

Tried to combine the best from Ostrander's (one of the best DC runs ever) and the New 52 run.

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@comicfan11: Yeah the Ostrander run is amazing. I love it.

Its definitely a cool combination.

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  • Rick Flag
  • Deadshot
  • Hush
  • Killer Frost
  • Lady Shiva
  • King Shark
  • Harley Quinn
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1. Harley Quinn

2. Vixen

3. ClayFace

4. Zoom

5. Bronze Tiger

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Rick Flag, Deadshot, Bronze Tiger, Nightshade, Nemesis, Captain Boomerang, Enchantress.


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My Team:

In the head behind the scenes; Amanda Waller and Lincoln March

  • Deadshot (Floyd Lawton) / Red Hood (Jason Todd)
  • Firefly (Garfield Lynns) / Reverse-Flash (Daniel West)
  • Dark Archer (Thomas Merlyn) / Komodo (Simon Lacroix)
  • Bane / Talon (Felix Harmon)
  • Cheshire (Jade Nguyen) / Poison Ivy
  • Ravager (Rose Wilson) / Harley Quinn
  • Richard Dragon / Heretic

Very down-to-earth human team. If I'd add any metas it'd be Poison Ivy instead of Cheshire and Reverse-Flash (Daniel West) instead of Firefly. I'd eventually have Bane escape only to be replaced by an even worse wildcard in the form of Talon, Felix "Gotham Butcher" Harmon on bequest of March. Also Dark Archer or Komodo is either or really, but Simon would make an awesome addition. If I did have Komodo, I'd get rid of Richard Dragon and add Heretic in his place as they are to similar in the way they present themselves and act. I also really like the idea of Red Hood being the team leader but I'd start of with Deadshot in the lead and then have Jason take his place eventually. If Poison Ivy's there I'd probably also eventually add in Harley Quinn to take Ravagers place, as I'd love to have them play off of each other.

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Bronze Tiger
Manchester Black
Captain Boomerang
Rick Flag

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Atom Smasher, Bronze Tiger, Captain Cold, RickFlagg, Cheetah, and Killer Croc.