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Marvel Entertainment is excited to announce the exclusive agreement with The Legendary Star-Lord writer, Sam Humphries.

One of Wizard’s “Five Writers to Watch in 2011”, Humphries’ work on independent and creator-owned comics such as Our Love is Real initially caught Marvel’s attention for his unique style, wit, and creativity. Humphries creator-owned work eventually led to his first work at Marvel on the limited series John Carter: The Gods of Mars and laterUltimate Comics: Ultimates.

Reflecting on how he got started at Marvel, Humphries said “"In 2011, I self-published a comic called Our Love Is Real which, because of its unconventional subject matter, quickly became infamous. Then-Senior Editor Stephen Wacker brought it to the attention of Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso, who gave me a call pretty much out of the blue. He said, 'Are you ready to get into the mix at Marvel?' I said, 'Before you sign me up, before we get involved -- I just want to make sure -- you have read Our Love Is Real and you know what it is about, right?!' I'm thankful they've trusted me with their books and characters ever since."

He may not have been at Marvel long, but in the span of a few years Humphries has proven himself to be a valuable asset to the Marvel Universe and become a fan-favorite writer. After his time in the Ultimate Universe, which saw Captain America become President of the United States, Humphries made the jump into the Marvel Universe proper during the company’s Marvel NOW! initiative. Under the Marvel NOW! banner, Humphries launched a new volume of the popular Uncanny X-Force seriesand the fan-favorite sci-fi epic July 2014 sees Humphries lend his pen to the highly anticipated The Legendary Star-Lord #1, a new ongoing series starring the brazen outlaw and leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Avengers A.I.

"When I first read Sam Humphries' legendarily notorious independent one-shot Our Love Is Real, I knew I was looking at a bold new voice," says Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso. "And I fully expect that bold new voice to be on full display in the solo ongoing of the cosmos' most irreverent and unlikely super-hero, 'The Legendary Star-Lord'."

When asked what’s most exciting about taking on the new series, Humphries responded “Star-Lord is a space cowboy in the classic Marvel mold -- a swaggering adventurer who strives to do the right thing. I'm excited to writeThe Legendary Star-Lord because it not only explores the cosmic realm of the Marvel Universe, but also the heart of a heroic scoundrel.”

Once again, Marvel is excited to welcome Sam Humphries’ unique blend of action and humor exclusively to The Legendary Star-Lord, the Marvel Universe and future Marvel projects.

Humphries writing can be found in the pages of the highly anticipated The Legendary Star-Lord #1. For more information, visit Marvel.com. Please also visit the writers website, samhumphries.com and find him on Twitter at@SamHumphries.

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I am optimistic and excited for a new Star-Lord series, I just wish the character had not been so retconned (like Groot). Still, even with the retcons I am enjoying Guardians and look forward to Young's Rocket series and Humphrie's Star-Lord series. Good luck Sam!

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Never got around to reading Avengers AI. Hope it all gets collected in one book. I'd like to go back and read it.

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Marvel's worst writer gets an exclusive contract. Good Lord.

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Humphries is nowhere near Marvel's worst writer. His stories are pretty good.

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@dondave: The internet is the ultimate strawman. Everything is always either the greatest thing out or the worst thing ever, nothing is ever in between.

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@longbowhunter: It's pretty great.

Awesome. BTW I took you up on your recommendation and read Superman Earth One last week. I loved it.

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Read Our Love Is Real, great story, different, but great. Look forward to more from him.

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A good writer becoming exclusive to a great company? Well, I don't see a bad thing about this news! Huzzah!

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@longbowhunter said:

@jonny_anonymous said:

@longbowhunter: It's pretty great.

Awesome. BTW I took you up on your recommendation and read Superman Earth One last week. I loved it.

Great stuff :) you gonna check out vol 2?

Definitely. For reasons I cant quite explain I love Parasite and I'm liking the mystery figure behind Krypton's destruction.

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Good for him, though I have to say I'm not a huge fan of his work. His run on the Ultimates was so.....pedestrian compared to what had come before.

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Yes! One of my very favorite writers (A.I. was my favorite ongoing series) is going to be writing more Marvel! I hope this leads to him getting more series and maybe even a follow-up to A.I.

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I haven't read anything from Humpries that I've loved or really liked so this news is a bit meh to me

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Marvel's worst writer gets an exclusive contract. Good Lord.

He isn't the worst writer by far (Claremont writes for Marvel after all...), however he isn't really good either. His stories have some good scenes, but tend to be quite boring overall. Still, always willing to give him another chance.

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I am willing to give his starlord run a chance. I didn't care for his X-force since it seemed disjointed to me. I have no problem with dropping myself in a story in progress but I just felt lost. I hope this turns out well for him though.

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Aw yeah, Sam! So glad to get this news.

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Haven't read anything from him that I liked so far, but that could change. Also... he said he doesn't like Batman in an interview and that means he has to be a bad person. Congrats for him scoring a real great job though.

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If you like needlessly complicated and incoherent writing, this is great news.

I will never forgive him for the way he derailed Hickman's Ultimates run.

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Don't know much about him other then i know i wasn't a big fan of Avengers A.I well the issue and a half i read of A.I. I plan on picking up the Star-Lord series so if that's good then yay for Humphrie?

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Sam Humphries is an amazing writer. Really looking forward to Legendary Star-Lord and with any luck he takes over Guardians of the Galaxy when Bendis eventually leaves the title.

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I want Mantis back T.T

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Congrats to him!

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I wanna say he wrote fanboys vs zombies, but I'm not 100% sure and too lazy to look it up.

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Marvel's worst writer gets an exclusive contract. Good Lord.

Seriously! Humphries is the ONLY writer I've actually really disliked!

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Grats to Sam! I really like Avengers A.I., and would be glad to see more of his work in Starlord :D

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He enjoyed the derpy photo choice.

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He will always be the person who ruined Hickman's Ultimates run.