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Cryo-Wolf vs. Zee Crusher

The bustling city sounds rang out in the night air. Steam rose in the cold air. Snow lay speckled across the landscape. Clouds were absent from it.

High above the city, among the rooftops, a door opened. Out walked Cryo-Wolf, one of the winners of Round one of the King of The Vine Tournament.

"Ok," he began, "Zee Crusher. Zee Crusher. Zee Crusher." Cryo said his paired opponent's name over and over, bored. He walked to the rooftops edge and glanced over.

He whistled. "Long way down." He looked back up and glanced around. "Whee is this dude?"

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From a dark alley a 10ft dragon like creature would emerge five arms on each side of its body three pairs where just arms that could be used with elements the 1 pair under where simply wing types and the last 1 pair under those where the strong ones that could but used as arms or feet as he was demonstrating as he came out the alley and his whole body came to figure as he swung that prehensile tail of his back and fourth not really knowing his opponent was in the area he would wait and while waiting sit to hear all movements in the area this was no power no it was simply concentration to help just incase he got a surprise attack

Lets see how this opponent looks like he might even taste good after a little crushing here and their.

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Cryo looked around. The wind blew his fur gently. He shoved his hands in his pockets and looked around. Where the hell is this guy? He thought. He wondered if he was being punk'd again. There was no life at all on these rooftops.

Cryo shrugged and began walking for the center of the rooftop. Maybe they'd given him the wrong address? Maybe the wrong name? Wrong guy? Cryo didn't know.

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He would then hear a noise a small breathe it was faint but he had just heard it he couldn't pinpoint the exact point but he knew where he had to shot and it was that building area

Pick aboo

He say as he stomach grew big and large as he would then pat it once and and energy blast would come out at the building as he tried to lure his foe out into the open to get a better chance

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What was that!? Cryo looked around, confused at the sound he had just heard. "Did somebody just burp!? Rude Much!?" He turned to see an energy blast heading for the building he stood on. His arms went limp and his eye twitched. "Oh...Crap."

He uickly crouched down and jumped up with all his might. The blast hit, sending debris flying in all directions. Cryo spun in mid-air, jumping from chunk of building to chunk. He finally leapt and set out a line of water, swinging onto the beams of a construction area. He leaped and swung through the construction beams to get to the top.

Cryo reared his head up and looked down at the building where he once stood. Where did that blast come from?

There! "By the Gods! Somebody call Godzilla. His girlfriend's here."

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Zee would see the opponent as he came out of this situation quite easily and with such agility only two things he has seen do something like that the snake type dragon lochness monster and werewolves though this particular one seemed to have some int as he could see it did have the saliva and and pure white eyes of death not to many have been seen samething for dragons though what a fun way to meet zee thought to himself

Get ready to get Crushed

He say as he took off to the skies and started flying towards the opponent and using one of his many hands fired fire towards his opponent while plotting

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Cryo moaned as the dragon-dude flew up into the air-towards him. "Oh. Great. He heard me. Me and my loud mouth..."

Cryo perched on top of the beam he was standing on and breathed in, getting ready to super-sonic howl. But then the dragon-dude shot fire at Cryo. "Oh just freakin' great. He shoots fire too! Oh wait. That's a good thing."

Cryo performed a vertical slicing motion with his hand, and the water vapor from the air condensed, putting out the flames. "Nice trick, but Water trumps fire."

Cryo breathed in unleashed a super-sonic howl through the night air.

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Zee would see his attack smashed by his opponent's attack then see a counter which since he was in flight left him vulnerable to this type of thing as he would then go flying back into a building through the wall his body feeling the pain of the hit his weight and extra arms made it worse as he then got up he couldn't send a current out it would never reach the foe he couldn't blast it be to obvious and probably to easy to dodge as he then though to himself to use his power of gravity to make the whole beam area heavier in gravity as he did so he would then use the power of plasma or electricity to shot it from one of his other hands at his foe

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Cryo prepared to leap to attack, claws bared, when instead his arms went limp at his sides. They were heavier than normal. Way heavier. "Dude! What kinda sick mind mojo is this!?" Then his whole body felt heavy. He tried to stand up but instead fell over the side of the beam.

He plummeted down through the criss-crossing beams, slamming into each one and ricocheting off. If this pain wasn't enough, a shot of electricty blasted him, sending him flying out of the construction area. He hit the dirt, sending dust up in every direction. He slowly picked himself up, holding his side. He could've sworn he felt a crack as he hit one of the beams. He could still feel the electricity coursing through him and he began to twitch. "As if my eye twitch wasn't enough." He grimaced and clutched his side. It hurt to talk. Cryo deducted a broken rib.

Then, a scent drifted through the air. It was like ambrosia to his senses. It smelled of hope and salvation."Got...to get....to the water!" He said as he stumbled to his feet, kicking his speed into as much of an overdrive as he could. He had to get to the water nearby. He had to.

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Cyro now out out of Zee ares or the beam area the gravity manipulation had no effect and to save some energy Zee took the effect off the are to as he would then jump out of the building one of his many hands broken didn't matter to him though as he was about to hit the ground he would merge with it turning into dirt its self as he would then start going in cyros direction while doing it although he couldn't see cyro foot steps did good enough trick as he would make huge large spikes erupt form the ground ground in cyros direction he had to make it go fast at the speed his opponent was going which Zee didn't have a good clue about but common sense said it would be bad

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Cryo ran, he ran and he ran. He needed to get to the water. It meant his very life. Cryo then screamed out in pain as he felt a sharp stab in his thigh. He looked down to see a spike rammed through it. He could barely run at his speed anymore. Trying to deal with the pain, he pulled the spike from his leg. The gaping hole it left stung worse than anything Cryo had ever felt. He surrounded his hand a little bit of water to hold him over, and he began limping as fast as he could for the water.

He knew the dragon-dude was right behind him. He was the one that probably shot that spike at him. It looked like earth. Great. So this lizard could control electricity, energy, gravity, and earth. This gave Cryo more reason to get to the water.

Yes! There it was! The harbor was in sight! The shining waves beckoned him closer. They were calling his name. Don't stop now. He thought, Don't stop! Just a little bit more!

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As it finally all added up to Zee the water from before stopping his attack him running in the biggest direction for water and getting their the fastest way possible with out taking the short cut this man was like a namor Zee didn't wanna take the chance of him getting in the water but their wasn't much he could do in this state either was he jumped out from the ground in his normal body form and he stood on only two legs his stomach would grow big again as he pressed down on it with his large hand and huge concussive blast of energy went to his foe from Zee's mouth Although the time it took to get out get up and attack worrried Zee knowing his opponent probably reached the water already as soon as he probably fired the blasts

His speed is the one thing that stops him from taking the pain thats what need to strike at first.

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The waves were closer and closer. Almost. Almost. He couldn't give up. He wouldn't give up. Finally, the waves were within inches of him. Success!

But success was short-lived. Another energy blast hit the ground at his feet, sending him flying into the air. The bladt took alot out of him. He was weary. All he wanted to do was shut his eyes. Just for a little bit. He'd open them again soon. This was just a little nap. Cryo closed his eyes, letting his body go limp.

His body hit the icy water with a huge splash. A thousand knives of ice cold were ramming themselves into every inch of his body. But he liked it. His eyes shot open. The cold freed him from his pain, the water healed his wounds. The hole in his leg completely healed. He was given a full heal, just like in the video games.

Cryo swam about in the deep water, swimming deeper and deeper, out of sight. He crouched and the bottom of the dark water, and stared up at the surface. Now he need only wait.

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So its in the water you wanna play in huh? Then in the water it shall be

Zee didn't like the thought to much some of his attack most actually would be ruined in their although he could still move pretty good but dodging with no attacking leads to nothing as he would then get on all four using the last two big arms as he would jump in the water and in a sea dragon like motion start swiming towards his opponent merging with water was something he couldn't or didn't wanna do for the fact he have it all and his body and mind spirit and all would be spread across the ocean not something he want as he though fast he would then stop and wait as he planned

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Bingo. The prey had fallen for his trap. Then, he simply evaporated into the water itself. "So, you wanna become the water now, eh, dragon-dude?" Cryo laughed, bubbles releasing from his mouth. "You can't hide from me in here. I am the Son of Poseidon, Mighty God of the Oceans! His domain is my playground!"

Cryo looked around, trying to catch any glimpse of dragon-dude. "And you're graveyard." If his enemy wanted to be the water then fine. He would be the water. Cryo began running along the sea floor bending any water he could. He thrashed the water around, sending it out of control in any hope of shaking up his enemy.

If he was the water, then maybe Cryo could use the water to bring him out into the open.

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Zee knew that it was a dangerous thing to do what he did he could have push the water away and left s small portion dry but what good would that do since he have the strain on his body as he notice his opponent was bending the water something Zee can do but usually is best at with earth which isn't close to him but close to his opponent as zee turned back to normal to get his opponents attention he he noticed that some of his stomach area was missing due to the water bending something obviously didn't stay put while his opponent made it clear it was his playground Zee would then ignore the pain and concentrating on the earth he instead only focus on sand as he made it into a hand to grab to cyro and hold him their he could make spikes come up but it would be so slow going to his enemy Zee thought he would get laughed at

This may be your home you may have the upper hand but i got a few tricks up my sleeve.

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Cryo was getting a bit cocky. The hand took him by surprise, pulling him down to the seafloor. He struggled against its grip, but then realized that he was underwater. Water turned sand into a hard construct, but it was just as easily broken by water. Or, more to the point-ice.

Cryo drew the water in towards his hands, surrounding them in blades of ice. He slashed through the sand and let it billow out into a cloud around him. He sprung up just as more spikes, like the ones from before, came bursting forth from the seafloor. In the spur of the moment, he grabbed two of them, holding them close. The sand cloud would be enough to shield him, and when all the spikes except two would emerge from the cloud, he may be able to get dragon-dude to think he died. He quickly put on the masquerade of him moaning and groaning from the spikes that shot through him. Cryo quickly stopped to show he was really dead.

He barely moved, trying to conceal himself from his attacker. Just as the smoke was about to clear, Cryo burst out from the cloud, and flung the two spikes toward his attacker. He bended the water to guide one spike around him, while the other still sailed for him. Both were aimed for his chest-one in the back, and one in the front.

"Trics are my specialty, dragon-dude."

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Zee would hear then voice and see the spikes not truly knowing what his opponent ment he would then start swimming at fast speeds to doge the spikes not knowing they were really following him till one actually hit while the other was on his tail he would swim fast and hard putting up a good chase while as the same time turning the water radioactive using one of his power thinking that if the opponent must need it he maybe may absorb it and with enough radioactivity in him the opponent would have to jump out on land but Zee would only hope he would as he would then manipulate then spike and make it go up out of the water using his own powers

I shall get you one way or another

He say while still making the water radioactive he would then make his stomach big and press down on it to make a huge energy blast come from it towards his opponent

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Cryo hated being this pompous, but he couldn't stop the words from coming out of his mouth: "How you forget, dragon-dude! I am the Sea God's son! As in, you're in my world now!" The beam hit Cryo when he had stopped talking, but the water slowed him down and comforted his injuries. "OW!" He screamed purposely at his attacker.

Before the radioactivity reached him, he began bending the water into a swirling cyclone around his attacker. The area of water he was in stayed completely normal, but the water within a 10 foot radius began spiraling uncontrollably. The spinning kept the radioactivity from spreading, and confined it to his attacker.

Cryo also formed the water so that it was spinning so quickly, nothing could be seen outside of it. It was perfect for his next attack. The spike stab in the chest looked pretty painful, and it gave him an idea. He formed razor sharp blades of ice, and shot them at various bodily positions. One shot toward his chest, the heart specifically, for various reasons. Another went to his spine, hopefully somehow paralyzing him. The way he had seen his opponent press down on his stomach to release the energy blast caused Cryo to shoot another at each of his hands. And finally, he shott one to the back of his head.

Cryo hoped at least three of these six blades might reach its target.

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Zee would look around and see that it was a good fight he thought he had what he had and obviously he didn't give it his best and this is what he thought got tricked yet again atleast if he went down he could try and bring the foe with him as he would then use his own ability over water to slow them down as they hit him and his stomach was already in a pot belly like way as his body sinked to the bottom of the water he let out one last blast at cyro right after his blast

Win you gotten to far to lose win your next match your to clever to lose.