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"SHAZAM!" Out of the clear blue sky, lightning strikes and thunder rolls as Karah Knightall transforms into the world's mightiest mortal known the world over as WARRIOR ANGEL.

Some mistakenly think of her as some sort of goddess, but that is the furthest thing from the truth. In the past, she was known as Alethea before she gave her life to save the world. Alethea later became Karah's avatar that she can transform into simply by saying a magic word. Through Karah, Alethea lives again.

Warrior Angel is no longer a member of the Justice League Alliance since two people on the team with the same powers are not needed. She has no much in common with her new adopted mother, Helena, they even share similar powers. Besides, all the rest of the team still tend to look at her as if she's still a child. That may be true, but Warrior Angel is no ordinary ten year old. She can transform herself into an adult. Because of this, Karah is part of two worlds. The world of children and the world of adults. That is a rare gift.

Warrior Angel is not here for gifts, however. She is looking for a man with a bow, a man who has reinvented himself. A Hero. She has no idea that she is related to him. She has come seeking him, but where is he? Even her enhanced senses do not detect him. Yet.

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It had been almost a year in hiding a long hard year. Fighting with himself every single day. Through delirium sweat and blood Cassius crushed back his demons and quelled the little voices in his head. The shadows called to him but for now, he refused to listen. For nearly all his life he had wanted the powers of his family and now he shunned them. They only corrupted him, lured him into darkness and feed his flaws. He was just finding some form of peace in honing himself anew. Old Arsenal discarded in favor of something new. If only that goofy archer could see him now. The lone Knightfall thought as he looked in the mirror. A damn Kurt tribute act.

Reaching beneath the sink and picking up slender, refined but highly polished gunmetal composite bow and slinging it over his shoulder as he walked out back through the scenes of his handy work. Wiping the last of the cold water from his face and domino mask Cassius walked over to the remaining conscious individual.

"I catch you and or any of your gang in this neighborhood again. I will use my not so friendly quiver. Do we have an understanding?"

A muffled replywas uttered. Something that he assumed was the acceptance of an agreement.


Walking towards the door Cassius accessed his handiwork. His years of gunslinging clearly transferred well to the use of a bow. The odd misplaced arrow sticking out of the surrounding office but the majority of his toys the squirming criminals to walls or leaving them in a gas-induced nap. The embracing of such technology was almost as hard ar giving up the guns. Slipping out the same window he entered and out into the alley Cassius collected his biker jacket and baseball cap threw them on hurriedly and left the scene. Walking to the mouth of the alley and onto 3rd Avenue. Pausing for a second as the hairs on his neck stood to attention the air feeling heavy with energy. The energy peaking in a spark behind him. An orb or light radiating out giving him terminator flashbacks. Diving to cover behind a nearby car Cassius peered back down the alley to a figure rising from the radiating sparks as they faded as quickly as they came.

Backing up and trying to keep a keen vantage on her as she walked. His eyes locked on as he stepped back knocking over a trash can. His movement coming to an instant stop as he unslung his bow. Better safe than sorry he thought as the whispers in the shadows of his thoughts whispered back to him "Shoot"

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There, a bit further ahead. Now Warrior Angel can hear him. When the trash can is knocked over, her attention is drawn to it. A second later, she finally sees the man she is looking for. A man with a bow, determination and an arrow pointing at her. Warrior Angel casually places her right foot on 'something', her right elbow on her knee and left hand on her hip as she watches Cassius with baby blue eyes. She seems totally unconcerned about a weapon being pointed at her.

When Warrior Angel speaks, her accent seems to be slightly Greek, "Careful where you point that thing. I'm not your enemy, I'm a friend. My name is Warrior Angel and I've been looking for you."

Warrior Angel is tall with the muscles of an Amazon warrior but not overly big. She also has curves in all the right places.

Warrior Angel smiles at him, waiting for his reply and what he does next. Does he shoot the arrow? Does he make empty threats? Does he hear what she has to say?

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Cassius mind whirred as he processed the situation. This woman had the look of a seasoned fighter strong build, body armour and a blase attitude to a possitively archic but no less possibly lethal weapon pointed at her head. Though she was clearly powered, hell an arrow could be no more threatening to her than housefly. Cassius refused for now to lower his stance.

"Forgive me. The kinds of people who look for me tend to not come baring gifts. Even at this time of the year. Warrior angel wasnt it?, what can a simple archer do for you?."

Stepping from his cover and carefully walking into the alley. Aware that in a worst case scenario collaterial damage would be lessened. Playing the amazons words over again in his mind his insight picking up details he had missed before.

"Sorry, you said you where looking for me. Who are you looking for?."

He had been so careful avoidng the public eye. He dared not show his face, dyed his hair spoke to few and lived as a hermit for almost a year. How could anyone know who he truely was and why would they want to find him even if they could. Long ago was his name worth anything other than a custodial sentance.

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Warrior Angel remains where she is, not appreciating that he is refusing to lower his weapon, but understanding why he doesn't. Still, she keeps her voice nice and calm just for him, that way she doesn't appear threatening. "I'm looking for a hero. A man who can get the job done, but isn't afraid to work with others."

Then she decides it's simply best to get to the point, "The Justice League Alliance has been all over the news recently with their recent announcement of coming to the public eye. It's a team that needs people like you."

Warrior Angel smiles again, wondering what his reaction will be. Surprise, probably. It's not exactly a gift, but at least it's this rather than the alternative. No villain beat down this time. Just a woman looking to recruit him into a team that saves the world on a daily basis. Well, maybe just on Tuesdays...

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Cassius smiled at the suggestion of joining a group of heroes. His face sliding back to a neutral expression as the unfamiliarities of an exposed mouth still hadn't adjusted within his mind yet. The offer was intriguing, but how long would he be welcome once his name was known, his past was known and all the trouble that would come with it. Second passing as he contemplated a response.

The convosation rudely interupted by the sound of the hideouts door swinging open. One lone and limping man walking free from the door way his pistol drawn high.Ca.ssius's threat detection and execution of will was instinctual. Pivoting and replacing his feet to line his shot. Bow already primed holding his breath to steady his aim and letting fly at center mass. Mere second between release and impact saw the lone gunman wince on impact before illuminating and shaking violently as the tazer arrow took hold. Sending him into a wordless mouth foaming full body spasm.

"He will be fine, looks worse than it is. Was assured the voltage is non-lethal" Placing his bow back over his shoulder before adding.

"So lets walk and talk, some of this guys friends will be waking up soon. So what happens if i say yes?, lets just say i have had some previous troubles with the law."

Gesturing for the lady to take the lead with a small hand gesture and dipped head.

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Warrior Angel observes Cassius taking down a gunman and in a non-lethal way. The JLA will appreciate that since that is usually their way of dealing with enemies. The more she interviews Cassius, the more she likes him. Plus, taking down the thug comes with a rather nice bonus: Cassius is no longer pointing an arrow at her.

As Warrior Angel begins walking beside him, powerful legs easily carry her forward. "Your secret identity will remain safe, we won't ask you to reveal it. As for your troubles with the law, that can only help your image. Being a trusted member of a team such as ours, you will have the opportunity to save so many more lives and do so much more than..." She glances back at the alley they just left, "...take out thugs in dark alleyways."

She continues her sales pitch, "You can be full member and take part of our regular missions or you can be placed in reserve status where we will call you when we need you."

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The offer was intrequing ... but throught with possible dangers. Would the offer still stand should his identify really be known? How could they allow him in their midst if they are truely heroes through and through. But this women had a point. Playing hero was one thing, doing it for real is a different matter. Sticking to the small fish would never clean up the pond no matter how much work he put in. Feeling a slight hesitation in his answer but knowing the risk was worth the reward he replied with a studied responce.

"I will help you. But for now i think as a reserve member we need to get to know each other first see how things work out. Deal?"

Offering a hand before adding

"How will you get hold of me?"

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Angel takes his hand with a gentle handshake, not wishing to crush his hand by accident because of how strong she is. She constantly worries about that sort of thing. "Deal. And I was just about to ask you how I can get a hold of you. Do you have a number where I can reach you?"

She fishes out a card that says Justice League Alliance on it as well as 'Reserve Member'. She offers it to him as well as what looks like a hi-tech communicator of some kind. Likely to reach them if he wishes or to receive alerts.

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"I don't really carry a phone or anything its a distraction thing. Well that and not much point having one. Nobody really talks to me. I am kind of a loner"

The sad truth of his existence punctuated by the sader facts that in his thoughts we was even more alone. But,following his momentary inflection

Cassius accepted a card and a small tech device. Chuckling to himself as the card had no name on it just a sticker with the word archer on it.

"So i guess this is where we share names. You can call me Cassian. I dont really have a superhero name. Never been a fan seem a bit ... well pretentious. So what do i call you?"

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Perhaps a little too trusting since she's just a ten year old child in an adult body, she places her hands on her hips with a smile, "Karah...Karah Knightfall."

Not knowing Cassius is a Knightfall himself, she gives her real name. She's a Knightfall.

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Cassius wasn't sure if she brought the lie of his false identity but she seemed happy enough for now. Then she dropped a bombshell. She was a Knightfall. Perhaps this was fate.

Stuttering as he replied

" i hear that's quite a name to have"

Unable to add anything of note as his mind ran at crazy speed. How where they related? Pondering if this was some sort of comedic cosmic fate. Perhaps it was the repercussion of the loss of the magical stone that was taken from him or perhaps something to do with his powers. All of which he would have to contain and wait.

Smiling at Karah before adding

"Its a pleasure to meet you. And i look forward to your call. But if you don't mind i need to go get some rest and ice my shoulders."

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Warrior Angel nods in understanding, wondering why she was sensing confusion from him. Being an Empath has it's perks, but it's too bad she can't read his mind. "Of course. It was a pleasure to meet you."

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