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Bullyworg beat-down style.

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Steel armor.
Steel sword.

An Aspect that nullifies the powers/advanced technology of everyone in the area, including herself.

Proceeds to stick the pointy end in the other guy.

..that about sums up Clair. ( She's actually half-decent with her sword.)

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In suit: Arthur typical relies on projectiles to begin with as a way to hopefully end a fight within the first few seconds that it begins. Or at least in order to keep his opponent at a distance. Should they get close enough however, he will land series of punches and dirty attacks without holding back. This usually results in him trying to scrape his enemies against rough surfaces while doing punches and other hits to deal as much damage as possible.

Out of suit: While he will normally try not to get into a physical altercation without his armor, he will generally resort to analyzing and using objects in his environment to help him against combatants, much more so that in the suit. When that isn’t an option, he will use his limited knowledge of H2H combat such as boxing and kickboxing along with self defence techniques to deal a great amount of damage while incapacitating an opponent.

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I’ll post vids later on, but mostly kyokushin karate and boxing while standing. But she reaaally loves judo flipping people around.

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Offense focused. Takes advantage of his immortality by trying to enact the killing or ending strike as fast as absolutely possible even if it means getting hurt in the process. He'd rather take a couple bullets to the chest to slit several throats then spend an extra thirty minutes taking them down one by one.

Technically he's experienced in a mixed styles of combat, but when actually applied, it's a very straightforward, adapt to their defenses until they're dead, style.

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Swing a fist or whatever's nearby and hope for the best

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Light spammer

Abuses blinding technique for openers, resorts immediately to defense tactics after initiating a combo of attacks. Tests the strength of her opponent while on the defensive then adjusts her offensive style to combat that of her opponents effectively.

Her offense is rather weak unless she stops holding back, will ditch her sword and resort to her fists if cutting weapons are not doing any good.

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Pig has two methods of combat, one normally proceeding the other.

  • Stalking: Normally how he starts killing people. He utilizes an eerie amount of stealth for someone of his size, and follows his prey. These victims arguably have it the worst, considering Pig tends to get creative with the way he murders them, having time and discretion on his side. As soon as he gets his hands on a victim, he usually uses whatever is around to creatively end their life, but will resort to crushing their skull of he's spent on time.
  • Massacre: Comes into play when his presence becomes known to a large group of people, usually by his own choice. This is when his kills become quick, yet still very brutal. Starting out with his fists and superhuman strength, Pig will go on to take a victim's weapon or find something to use as an improvised weapon as he gets the blood flowing.

With both techniques, Pig uses every bit of his superhuman physiology to easily overpower normal targets, and pushes his limits to the logical extreme when killing other superhumans or other extraordinary species. What makes him such a lethal opponent in a even fight is his seemingly limitless stamina and durability. He'll take a full pistol clip to the chest just to get his hands around someone's throat, with the wounds not slowing him down in the slightest despite supposedly being a mortal man.

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Maximum force at every distance interval. Rifles at long range, revolver at mid, shotgun at close, staff/spear for melee, knife for when that fails. If he is disarmed of his knife his unarmed fighting style revolves around creating distance and retrieving his weapons. This means there are a lot of kicks, shoves, throws, and trips to delay pursuit. This is mostly due to the deterioration of his fighting knowledge created by an over-reliance on his arsenal.

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Zoe is more of a brawler. She relies more on her strength and durability than her actual martial arts training (Keysi Fighting Method, Krav Maga, Aikido and Muay Thai). Zoe also relies on her powers more than her actual fighting ability. Her strikes (while fast) are usually wide and leaves herself open. She's not much of a strategist when it comes to fighting. Her plan in a battle is "Punch harder than them" and "Knock them out before they knock you out".

If she's getting overpowered by her opponent she then falls back to the Speed Force.

If she gets paired up with someone who is physically stronger than her she would then rely more on her power than her physical strength and launch long distance attacks to keep a distance.

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Paragon often holds back her full power against most opponents for fear of accidentally killing them. So she won't resort to more advanced martial arts moves during this stage but mostly punching, grappling and using her powers. She also does this to test the waters, to see how powerful her opponent actually is. She'll often go for non-lethal strikes such blinding her opponent using her powers.

If Paragon's opponent ends up being near, equal or greater in power level, or strength, in comparison to her own then that's when the gloves come off. Keira will use her full power against them as well as using her martial arts skills to try and inflict as much damage as she can. She'll use super-speed punches, use her powers and kicks to overwhelm her opponent in an attempt to end the fight as quickly as possible.

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The Spook, when he does get into a fight, relies entirely on his inhuman stealth and the element of surprise. Whenever he takes a serious hit, knocked off balance or the fight is simply not in his favor, he will vanish and stalk his opponent. He will then wait for an opening and reengage in combat with a dirty or underhanded attack.

Very skilled with knives, The Spook uses rapid-fire stabs and swipes to wound his prey as quickly and frequently as possible. While it seems aggressive, The Spook is actually trying to bleed his enemy dry, so that they are weak and delirious. It's then he will toy with an opponent before attempting to go in for the kill.

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Alistair prefers to keep the fight short, using the initial attack to disorient and then follow-up with quick strikes to keep the pace at an uneven flow. The follow-up strikes may be small but they are designed to stack for submission. He prefers close quarter combat as all his fighting techniques are meant to get closer and closer to opponent.

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Honor Avenger's fighting style has often been called "like a wild beast". This is not exactly true. He style is fluent and aims to throw the her opponent off as much as possible. She usually avoids a set style or classical martial arts to not give any hints. She will use especially effective isolated techniques from several martial arts (like Sambo, Muay Thai and the like) to make it even more confusing though. Her style might look uncompromising but she does not simply flail around and forget any defense. She instead prefers to leave a spot open for an attack of her opponent that she then turns into a counter. Also she will turn her unique gift to turn EVERYTHING into a weapon. Forks, dividers, a length of pipe, a mailbox, a desk, a newspaper, nothing is off limits. She knows she does not have super strength so she tries to fight with as much skill and surprise as possible.

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Unarmed Combat:

A long served member of the League of Shadows, and servant of the Shaytan, Damon Ford’s use of brutal kicks and stunning jabs commits him to a long - but short - cycle of “tag, retreat, repeat.” Ford utilizes each of his kicks, punches, and counters in a way where his opponent isn’t granted breathing room, whereas Damon’s mind multitasks the battle in an attempt to shut down the fight almost immediately.

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Hand To Hand:

After a childhood of Service Thomas Richards was trained by some of the best fighters on the planet, but it wasn't until he was adopted and molded by Raysh Al Shaytan that he became a true monstrous combatant. Buy utilizing a combination of speed and power, Thomas can flow through his enemies like a hurricane, instead of relying on a single fighting style, Raysh taught his adopted son to utilize all of the styles of combat he has learned. Thomas is always ready to adapt to changing circumstances. And because every encounter is unique, if practiced moves and forms is all the he has to rely on, then there most certainly will be occasions where these will be insufficient for the task at hand. Thomas finds that the simplest and most direct method of delivering an attack or intercepting opponents is favorable. If you are overly concerned with form, you remove yourself from the present.

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Trained in the ways of the White Cardinal, Samuel relies on the swift, precise and lightning quick attack styles to close on the opponent as quickly as possible which is needed for pressure point strike. He relies more on his speed, agility and reflexes than strength. Samuel focuses on striking areas of the body that may produce significant pain with the least amount of power put into each strike. Tendons, ligaments, muscles are all targets for Samuel to use to immobilize or at least distract a person by hitting reflex to produce involuntary moments. Example would be causing the hand to release it's grip on a weapon. Even his use of the sword reflects on the way he fights unarmed. He uses the Wudang sword techniques that also focus on lightning fast movements that go from slow to fast and soft to hard in an instant. For Samuel, fighting isn't about being the strongest, but being the fastest.

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Using a mixture of speed, strength and precision Cadmus utilizes his ability to read and detect body signatures to his uttermost advantage. He takes his time studying and usually takes a few hits before he adapts to the new style. But do not be mistaken, he does this only when confronted with someone new. In a normal combat circumstance, Cadmus is insanely quick and powerful, using the versatility of his powers and his training to kill or incapacitate his enemies within moments.

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Max does not have a single fighting bone in his body, and is known to be knocked out with a single sturdy punch.

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The Immortal/Lucias Carpenter:

Endless chasing and attacks. Usually physical, but turns to using his fire when that doesn't work.

Does use skill involved, but when you can basically be all aggression because you don't have to pay attention on defense in the slightest, it's a lot easier.

Essentially just an elite pursuit predator because he'll take just about any attack and just come right back to try again until he either succeeds by chance or struggle.