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It isn't about what you destroy; it's about what you make.

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ᗪᗩᖇK ᗩGE Oᖴ TEᑕᕼᑎOᒪOGY

It would be in the heart of the Mojave Desert where Tarvok would find refuge from the harrowing expanse of the stars. Constant battle had worn him down, made dull the relics that he managed to salvage from his desolated homeworld. The last Great Valknan War tore his people apart, leaving him the only survivor. Once Urok the Breaker stood trial in Tarvok's one-man courtroom, that would be it. But the victory would be short. Only an instant would pass and the weight would sink in around the Last Valknan.

He was alone.

In all of the cosmos, he could never find another place to call home. He buried them, using the Deus Engine to transmute the ground where the corpses lay motionless and silent.

He would spend many centuries scouring the galaxy, making a menace of himself to any would-be intergalactic conqueror and invasion force. Sometimes he would accomplish great things in the name of stopping the meaningless genocides. Yet a great many other times, he would fail, and be witness to the carnage all over again.

He was thought to have been long dead, an ancient footnote in the endless cycle of violence that bathed the stars in blood.

But his crusade to help bring a wider scope of peace to the galaxy at large has not ended.

TᕼE ᑕᗩᗰᑭ ᑭᖇOᑭEᖇ

Furnished from the remnants of Tarvok's ship, the quaint living area houses the ten-foot tall alien rather well, whereas it would be similar to a normal apartment in scale to a normal human.

There are three main areas to the camp:

One being, simply, Tarvok's sleeping quarters. It lies in one of the ship's former engine turbines, which were harvested for metal and parts. This is due to the roomy nature of the turbine, which is much larger than the actual original seating area. Cut from the piloting chair is a large couch-like arrangement that doubles as a bed. Behind it, Tarvok keeps various tools in a repurposed munitions canister.

Immediately in front of this is a campfire where Tarvok manages most of his blueprints and constructs his equipment.

Beyond all of this are storage units filled with things that Tarvok has made over the centuries, various weapons and armaments that require his activation to use but are powerful upgrades. He only trusts to give them away to those he sees a powerful vision for good within, and even then he possesses the capability to 'kill' these devices from a long distance away with the Deus Engine.

When he's gone or asleep, he also has a built-in "electric leash" system where if his tech is taken beyond a certain distance from his workshop, it becomes locked in place. This is to say, the piece of tech keeps doubling its own personal gravity well until it stops moving or when Tarvok comes to retrieve it.


  • Typical CVnU rules.
  • Open location. Tarvok doesn't make it a secret where he lives, or his mission to give advanced technology to those he trusts.
  • Even if you do plan on stealing something, it requires Tarvok's actual physical input to activate - otherwise you're just taking a shiny hunk of metal and plastic.
  • If you want a customized piece of equipment, just ask. Tarvok is open to suggestions and will actually draw blueprints on the spot for potential wielders of his technology.

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"Well, I'm here."

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Tarvok watched as his first visitor in a long time happens upon the camp. He scrounges around for some spare parts before standing to his full height of ten and a half feet and waving.

"Hey," the former scientist says warmly, wiping grease off his hands with a large patchwork towel. "Glad you could make it, the books are inside,"

Of course, 'inside' meant the large turbine that he had converted into a sort of lounging area. Behind the couch/bed were shelves of literature, each written in different languages he couldn't interpret.

"Found this one on Talphon V, where no sentient life had ever originated from. Desolate rock, is all it is. Sterile grey deserts pelted by an irradiated sun. How'd it get there in the first place?"

He held up a tome that necessitated only a finger and his thumb to lift, and he began skimming through it briefly with a projection of telepathic energy before handing it to his sorcerous companion.

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He looked through the book carefully as he flipped through the pages.

"It's content looks familiar but I don't exactly know what this is?"

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Tarvok shrugged, an honest one at that.

"All these pages are just gibberish to me. I'd be able to integrate them into the Deus Engine if I knew what it all meant, I can't code nonsense into a machine hard-wired into my own nervous system," he flicked the gauntlet on his arm.

"I think it might be from a neighboring planet, Talphon III, since it had a civilization on it - but that was millions of years ago. I managed to find what I could of their language though,"

He clicked his fingers together, and brought up a holographic list of symbols from the gauntlet. Projected from one finger, he brought it as close to eye level as he could to his visitor.

"Some correspond with the lettering, but the changes seem to indicate that the book was written more recently - as in after the Talphon system became bereft of life, long after."

To him, it all seemed pointless. But to the trained eye of a skilled sorcerer, perhaps there was more than could be seen by normal vision.

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His pupils began to glow yellow as he identified the symbols. His attention was completely on solving the message.

"It says something about a machine being created to fend off some sort of terror. That's what I could gather from the first couple of pages".

His eye stopped glowing as he handed the book back to his tall host.

"Do you have any books related to this one?"

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"A machine, huh? Interesting, the Talphon system has been wiped clean of life for millions of years," he went along the shelves, finding a second book he had found on the surface of Talphon III, amidst brittle glass forests.

"This one survived an apparent attack of some sort, considering the city it was buried in had been overtaken by shards of superheated sand. I can only assume it was a desert world like Talphon V, and the scientists were trying to colonize the system when... something happened,"

He gave the sorcerer the book without looking through it first, leaving the projection with the apparent translations up - but moving it to a more accessible location while he plied through his workshop for more amassed clues.

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His eyes began to glow again as his attention was on the pages of the book.

"It says, and I quote, 'I everything that I have worked has come to fruition, my research is now complete. I will never again be mocked for my efforts, and now that the anti-matter generator has been completed, I can continue with phase 2'.

He looked up with curiosity in his eyes, as he began to question his gratuitous host.

"Have you ever heard of something called an anti-matter generator".

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Tarvok visibly shuddered when the generator was mentioned.

"Eesh, I suppose we know what wiped them out then," he took the first book and juxtaposed the information Mister Surreal had given him, applying the knowledge where needed.

"Now it comes back to the magic. Perhaps it developed into a civil war between the two planets, parent nations against colonies. Can you decipher any of the spells?"

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He took the book as preformed a spell that allowed Tarvok to see it in his native language.

"Based on the language and the symbols, the one here is a projection spell. One that is used to permanently remove the soul of a being and put it onto the Astral-Plane".

He frowned with concern as he look back at Tarvok.

"The use of such as spell is forbidden".

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The Last Valknan's eyes darted around, observing the twisting nether of lore and spellcraft. Needless to say, it intrigued him greatly. However, the content of such dangerous spells troubled him, especially since he had been carrying it around him throughout his travels for so long.

"Magic is already something new to me, I don't think we need to involve the use of the word 'forbidden',"

He held the book in his hand, unsure of what to do. Scrolling through the pages, now familiar with the language of the arcane words involved, he could piece together what he had been unable to decipher. Context clues bled into the next, and soon he could adapt to the parent speechcraft entirely.

"There are some magnificent things in this," he said out loud, the concept of having learned a language so quickly sloughing off his piqued interest. "Avoiding dangerous magic for now, do you mind teaching me one of these simple ones? I'll build something for you in return."

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The Sorcerer folded his legs as he began to levitate.

"What would you like to learn?"

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Tarvok levitating the book towards the sorcerer with a casual show of his mental prowess. The page he had turned to involved making star-maps.

"The Deus Engine has an interactive feature where I can look at recorded sections of space, but this spell seems to allow me to almost claw my way across a projected map of the greater cosmos. It's like I'm standing there, and waving my hand would move me thousands of light-years in an instant, from what I understand."

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The magic user began to make series of hand gestures as runes began to form in mid-air.

"First, clear your mind. Flex your right hand's index finger as well as your pinky finger and rotate your wrist counter clockwise. Then, raise your left hand just beneath your right hand, and point your thumb forward, then turn your hand clockwise. Now imagine where you want to go, and imagine it moving towards you.

He raised his hand acting out what he was saying.

"Focus only on that image, and hold that thought".

He looked back at Tarvok to see his response.

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Tarvok did as he had been instructed, folding his fingers and twisting his arms in what he believed to be the correct designation. The difficult part came when he had to 'clear his mind'. Being highly interested in learning anything he could, the Last Valknan had to suppress everything all at once for a split second. He could see distant stars, closer than he could observe on his pre-existing maps, but they were nothing concrete.

He lost the contact he had and got pushed out of the trance by his own lack of concentration.

"Hm. Odd, it seemed closer to a dream than anything. I'll work on it. Now, about your payment - I have plenty of scrap here to design a few things, or I have some devices I built a while back."

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The sorcerer lowered himself down to the floor so that he could stand.

"That won't be necessary, I don't take payment in return for my services. If you would like to learn more spells, my library which will soon be open to the public. I must leave now, say this word if you would like to contact me again".

He said as he handed him a card that said "shambala', before he opened a portal and stepped through it.

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Tarvok gave the sorcerer a quaint little salute with his massive hand, before turning on the spot to return his displaced tomes to their resting places on his shelves. Leaving the confines of the turbine-made-shelter, he returned to what he was doing prior to Mister Surreal's arrival and begins cooking dinner.

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No Caption Provided

Tarvok's eyes darted in all directions.

"My friend?" he muttered, putting down the project in his hand. "I recognize your voice, the sorcerer from before. Where are you?!"

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"...I d-don't know...battle...Asgard..."

The faint voice said in response.

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Had he fallen? If he had died, then surely he would have been admitted to Valhalla, or so Tarvok thought according to the texts he had read.

"Hold on, my friend, I've just about pinpointed where you are,"

Tapping into the Deus Engine, he focused intently, moving his fingers into different positions and twisting his arms akin to the documents he studied in the library prior. With a glimpse in time, he vanished, and reappeared along the same road as his sorcerer friend. His form stretched and shrank, but at the end he arrived in the gloomy underworld.

"This must be Helheim," he muttered, noticing the shuffling masses of directionless deceased.

"Sorcerer!" he cried out, hoping he had not miscalculated too much.

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"Who. What. Is that Tarvok? Where are you."

The sorcerer inquired as he continued to float in an abyss of space-time. Fragments of alternate realities and dimensions where scattered everywhere. He was lost among the discord as he flew rapidly through the enormous shards. The last thing that he could remember before being sent to this place, was the fiery blade of Surtur collapsing on top of him. The one thing that he could was to attempt to send a message to the land of the living.

"Where are you?!"

He called out to his friend in vain.

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Tarvok heard Mister Surreal in the distance, and cursed himself for missing his mark. Sprinting, he came across a wall of solid crystal, all swathed in flame. He tried to telepathically block the fire from burning, but it was impossible.

Muspelflame, then. He was sent here by Surtr.

"Mister Surreal! If you can hear me, I'm outside your prison. Surtr, or whoever you encountered to send you here... they have done so in a crystalline structure that warps your perception of reality. I can try to break the gemstone, but you have to focus or else you risk going... somewhere else," he hesitated, unsure of what that meant.

"Do you trust me?" he raised his arms, prepared to risk the immortal burns of the Muspelflame for a man he hardly knew.

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At last. He had heard the sound of his friend once again. He thought that his efforts to return to his world were all in vain. Luckily, his teachings and access that he had granted the public to his sanctum had payed off. He could just barley see his friend amidst all of the chaos.

"Tarvok, I see you friend! I see you!"

He shouted with great joy.

"If you can still hear me, I need to to preform this spell!"

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"A spell?" Tarvok backed off a bit.

"I'll be your guiding light then, aim for my voice!"

The Last Valknan stepped away, bracing for the inevitable impact.

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The sorcerer reassured himself that there was a way to leave the horrible place.

"First, I need you to imagine that we are at your workshop. When you get close enough to me, we can continue."

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"Simple enough," he replied, thinking about his repurposed ship and the various projects he had within it. He took the second part of the statement to heart and moved towards the crystal on a physical level.

"Just tell me when, alright?"

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After calming himself down to some extent, he countinued to issue instructions.

"Now, picture me and focus on that image. Look at all of the fragements of reality and picture one of them as being a portal to your workshop. We're getting closer to one another. When we get close enough, grab me and imagine both of us standing in your workshop. Afterwards, I'll do the rest."

The sorcerer looked at his friend as he approached him. He had complete and utter faith in him. He was amazed by how noble and courageous this man was.

Even though they just recently met, Tarvok was willing to sacarfice his life in an attempt to save him. A man who doubted that he deserved to be saved.

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Grab? Then... this isn't a solid structure.

Tarvok kept the images fluctuating in his mind. The workshop, and Mister Surreal. Back and forth. The portal, and going home.

The gemstone gave him a bit of resistance at first, but his fingers started to maneuver through the crystallized rock. At least, that's what he hoped it was.

He was now elbow-deep in the structure, focusing as hard as possible.

"Can you see me?"

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"Yes, I can see you. I understand that what you're doing is difficult, and what is happening here seems to defy the laws of science, but this is the world of magic."

The sorcerer reassured his friend as they were almost within reach.

"We are currently in a realm that is constantly warping in nature. Changing, bending, breaking, we are in my own personnel limbo."

The socerer thanked the vast amount of knowledge that he had amassed over the centuries.

He was familiar with this place and just needed time to adjust to the circumstances, so that he could act accordingly.

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The Valknan scientist now had his entire arm inside of the gemstone, and he could feel the strain of being in both realms at once. Helheim, where it was relatively stable, and the prison made for his sorcerer compatriot - where reality was literally falling apart many times over. He grunted, holding back a cry of agony, as he managed to grab onto Mister Surreal's hand.

All the while he kept thinking of his workshop, trying to ignore the voices looming in the distance. Or rather... a certain singular one.

"If you're going to cast, do it now!"

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With one mighty breathe, the scocerer utterd one spell.


After those words were spoken, a gateway back to the workshop of Tarvok was created. The two flew through the demented reality as they held on to eachothers' hand for dear life. They landed rather abruptly on the floor of the workshop.

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The first thing Tarvok diligently checked would be the vital signs of his friend. The second would be the stability of his own arm and body, patting down his chest. As soon as he managed to understand that everything was where it was supposed to be, he heaved a relieved sigh.

"What in all of the cosmos sent you to a place like that?" he inquired of his mystical compatriot.

He pondered upon if this were true magic. Perhaps... it would benefit him greatly in order to learn it after all.

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The magic user slowly brought himself up to his feat. He was both physically and mentally exhausted by the entire ordeal. He looks around and gave out a sigh of relief that they had manged to get back to the workshop of Torvak. After a few moments of recuperation, he began to explain.

"I was on Asgard battling Surtur along side a few other warriors. I attempted to complete a chronokinesis spell to prevent Surtur from arranging, but then Surtur had brought his blade down upon me. Since I was in the middle of a time spell, rather then being sent to the traditional realms I was transported to some kind of rift in space-time. Luckily, you were selfless enough to come to my aid. And for that, I owe you my life."

The sorcerer bowed his head in respect and thanks before his friend. A sorcerer of his magnitude bowing before you is one of the greatest of honours that one can receive.

"If you ever need my help, I will come as soon as possible to fight by your side. Even if it means facing certain doom."

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"You fought Surtur, the King of the Fire Giants?" Tarvok reclined on the ground, using his arms to support himself.

He didn't necessarily not believe it, given what had happened today. At the same time he, too, felt something in the back of his mind. A lingering feeling of dread, of deeper effects than merely the warping reality on his arm.

"You...You're lucky to even have skin, since your magic absorbed the Muspelflame. I don't know how I reached through it without getting burned,"

He shook his head, looking around for the cooled leftovers canister.

"You hungry?"

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Sorcerer hadn't tasted food for millennia. That loop that he had just escaped kept him there for ages. But from Tarvok's point of view, it had been only a matter of minutes. His stomach was practically empty. Luckily, he had developed spells that allowed him to survive without sustenance. Though, it was no less comfortable.

"At this point, I could eat an entire town into poverty, I would definitely like to stay for dinner."

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He nodded his head and took some firewood from a stack in the converted turbine engine, starting a small blaze the traditional way with some flint and steel. Building up to a normal cooking temperature, he reached into the canister and slapped a rack of venison ribs on the customized smoker he designed from scrap metal.

"They've been soaking in various herbs, and a sauce I found in a trailer park called 'Worcestershire.' Kinda funny name, but they liked it on their meat," he shrugged.

"It should be ready in a few minutes, but I got a few questions. First of all: why in the blue blazes were you fighting Surtur to begin with? And, other than the aforementioned psychopathic elemental god hunting you now - are there any residual effects we can expect?"

He didn't want to mention the woman in his thoughts directly.

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"You see, I had sensed some strange occurrences in the nine realms. I travelled to Asgard to investigate what I had felt. I saw Surtur and a group of warriors battling him, so my natural reaction was to join them. I went into battle and you know what happened from there."

The sorcerer had a strange feeling talking about a matter that had happened life times ago, as if it were only a few minutes. But then again, he had been in countless strange cenarios like that one.

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The searing inferno of the smoking meat came to a sudden halt as Tarvok removed the ribs from their iron casing. They had been flash-cooked through superheated emissions from the firewood, spurred on by interference from the Deus Engine. What would have usually taken hours only took a few moments. He broke the cage apart, handing his sorcerer friend fully half of the meal.

He bit into his own portion, the meat falling off the bone.

"That doesn't answer my second question - we have just come back from Helheim. Surely it will not relinquish its hold on us so easily."

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The sorcerer took a small bite of his food as he kept quiet. He dreaded the fact that he had to share with his friend the information that he wished to keep to himself. He believed that he could deal with any of residual affects by himself. But he figured that he should disclose any truths that he had to tell his friend. He owed him that much.

"Well, there may be some side affects of having just left a realm of that nature. Beings that are not accustomed to traversing locations that would normally keep its inhabitants there for eternity, may experience some issues afterwards. Symptoms such as: hallucinations, loss of memory, personality alterations, precognition and and breaches in reality are the most prominent."

The socerer once again became silent as he countinued to eat small portions of his meal off the bone in his hand.

"There is also the fact that realm itself may attempt to lure you back to it. Though, that one is a rare scenario, and pratically unheard of."

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Tarvok chewed slowly, the thought of dinner now having passed away into the realm of necessity rather than enjoyment. He didn't say anything at first. The Last Valknan merely continued his vigil over the workshop, the various items he had procured over the centuries. They meant so much to him, because they were each a step forward to this point in time. Old, broken, it didn't matter. All that mattered was now, but the future had different plans. He couldn't influence its inevitable flow, no matter how much he tried.

Invasions would happen. People would perish in great genocides. Resources would be wasted in meaningless wars of attrition, and he couldn't do anything about that. His long life of momentary success and everlasting failure taught him that much.

The Deus Engine glowed ominously on his hand, the empty pockets on the knuckles now void of any sign of life. He nodded at length, understanding how he would express himself after his momentary lapse in conversation.

"Mister Surreal," he began. "I don't doubt that I have been afflicted by Helheim in some way. The moment I reached out for you in that crystalline fragment of reality-warping power, I could feel more than just my body twisting. I would have died there. My hand wasn't the one that saved you. Someone else grabbed onto my body, and helped pull you free back to this place,"

He hesitated, looking off into the distance. He wasn't sure, but he could see someone in the growing dusk, before they disappeared, belonging to his senses only.

"I would like to thank that person someday, if I can."

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He has listened patiently as his friend told him what truly had happened. The socerer now understood what had had been going on and why his friend was acting somewhat strangely. What had happened to him sounded like it was an incredibly surreal feeling, something that he was all to familiar with. He was Mister Surreal after all. He thought about the women that he Tarvok had mentioned before, he then replied to his comment.

"A women you say? This is quit the interesting topic. I believe that some time soon, we should investigate this matter further. When you have the chance, you should come by my sanctum, I have more than enough resources to help solve this case. We can find out what we are dealing with an act accordingly."

As he finished what was left of his meal, he looked up into the sky and saw that the sun was now slowly coming down. He remembered how he had for so long desired just to see the sun again. It was ironic how thousands of years can make you appreciate life. He got up and got ready to depart.

"It was nice to see you again old friend. I will do all in my power to help you with all that you would like to know."

And with that, he waved his friend goodbye, and left the are within a matter of seconds.

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Tarvok gave his friend a curt smile, and agreed with a hand raised with the thumb over his palm before putting it down shortly afterwards. He enjoyed going to the sanctum, for it provided him with information he never knew existed. People and artifacts there seemed to spring out of the walls and floor, and he never caught a glimpse of smoke or mirrors - it was all genuine.

"Of course my friend, I would be glad to," he tried to ignore any further mention of the mysterious woman he saw, the one he had apparently told his sorcerer companion about. Though he never remembered mentioning the shape or general mannerisms of the creature he felt lurking in the shadows. Perhaps an oversight on his part, but he couldn't ignore the possibility as his friend vanished into thin air.

He checked his mind for any signs of tampering, though stopped himself halfway through. He couldn't do that to his friend, a man he had saved the life of, to merely assume he had been reading his thoughts. However, the strange knowledge that he had been given by no word of mouth became increasingly worrisome by the second. Tarvok had fought with telepaths before, and he himself possessed a wide range of psychic powers. But magic eluded him.

He didn't understand it fully, or at all really.

And it scared him. It honestly did, the feeling of complete helplessness in the face of the unknown. Magic could be used in any location, by any amount of people, and in a broad spectrum of potentially life-altering ways. He opened and closed the hand belonging to the Deus Engine, thinking over how or why he should go through with the residual arcane energy tests, to see if there truly was any amount of interference in his mind.

It seemed unlikely, that it would have happened in the first place, so at the last he dismissed the thought and went back to cooking the rest of the venison. The polished skull of the deer stared at the back of his head from across the campsite.

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@lucian_lebeau, [open to anyone who just wants a cookout]

Hunting had been somewhat plentiful this evening. The mule deer gatherings near the edge of the desert were becoming plentiful, so Tarvok had plenty of game. Seasoning herbs, natural spices, and some help from the 'locals' about fifteen miles from his campsite netted him some decent sauces and dry rubs for the meat.

He already had a few racks of ribs smoking in one pit, with sausages and brisket in foil in another. Elsewhere were venison flank steaks. He had been told to boil the bones for a decent broth, which he did to help keep the brisket moist in intervals of a few minutes.

He was planning on cooking most of this for the month ahead. He had accumulated various recipes for 'sides' like baked beans, potato salad, coleslaw, and fried potatoes. All of these he attempted, which came out astonishingly similar to those he sampled in the trailer park he borrowed some ingredients from.

Tarvok didn't necessarily make himself a secret, and the heavy smell of cooking meat almost radiating from his campsite only inflated this sense of confidence.

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"Smells good." The Hyper-Sapien shouted from the edges of the camp. Announcing his presence, a tradition he had acquired during his years among the Crow Creek Nation. Dressed down from his more traditional and fully militarized attire, Lucian had instead adopted a basic black and white checkered keffiyeh scarf, which was snaked around his neck. BDU tactical cargo pants, and a white-t. His olive shaded backpack firmly hung off to the side from his broad shoulder, its contents a mystery. As was the reason, and the duration, of the Last Republican's stint in the unforgiving desert.

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He hadnt come in search of the marooned visitor. Happenstance had coincidentally placed the unlikely travelers in one another's paths.

Expressing his arms to the side, palms up, he titled his head while observing the peculiar features of the nomad, "You mind? I havent eaten for...its been awhile." Physically he didnt look as if he had missed a meal a day in his hyper-exercised life. Never the less the pinnacle of physical perfection, was hungry. Skeptical. But hungry.

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Tarvok perked up once he heard a voice, something he looked forward to most of the time. He clapped the lid back on one of the smokers and waved a massive hand towards the stranger with a hearty and booming "Hello!"

Odd, seeing a ten foot tall alien actually cooking in a human way - or even bothering to sample human recipes for himself. Yet he emerged from the apartment-sized turbine engine, long hollowed out into a place of sanctuary and rest. He had tried to maintain repairs on some equipment while the meat was cooking, so had to wipe his hands free of grease on an old towel.

"By all means, my friend. I have extra plates and utensils in that green crate," he pointed at the one the visitor would pass by first.

"Help yourself to some sausage and brisket, ribs are almost done. Tell me what you think about the 'sides', I think they're called. I was told to put a bit of brown sugar in the beans," he shrugged. "And are the fried potatoes supposed to be crispy?"

He was asking because they were just that, right on the cusp of being entirely golden brown.

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Lucian didnt speak much, initially. Instead he had turned the bulk of his focus towards the inspection of the offered feast and the overall peculiar situation. A few bites in and the Hyper-Sapien sighed with satisfaction. "Them some damn good eats. How long have you been out here like this? Where are you from?"He had a hundred questions and a hundred different arenas of preternatural prejudices flooding over his traditional stoicism.

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From the corner of his eye the LeBeau Legacy noticed what had appeared to have been an interesting assortment of storage units. But filled with what? Exotic armaments? A stock pile of extraterrestrials weapons perhaps? He needed to know. Setting his plate to the side, Lucian intrusively made his way over before requesting, "I think....yeah I think I'mma need you to go ahead and open these up..." he had no jurisdiction out here. Not in any official capacity anyway. And yet...he requested all the same.

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Tarvok chewed through his own rack of ribs slowly, savoring the new sauce his neighbors from the trailer park fifteen miles down the way made for him. Miss Peterson's cornbread sat on the makeshift table, some already gone. He nodded his head, acknowledging his visitor's questions.

"Well, I think it's been little over a year. Started off small, scrapped my ship," he pointed behind his shoulder, at the vessel that was once a majestic Valknan freighter.

"There's a trailer park about fifteen miles out that I go to for recipes and the like. They seem to just like having me around, they think I'm like one of those sideshow things or circus acts or whatever. I get to learn how to cook for free, so it's not that bad,"

The question about where he came from stung a little, and it showed in his expression as it faltered into a small bout of fluctuating grief and his normal cheerful self.

"Ehh... my home was Valkna. About 1,800 light-years away. It got destroyed by a conqueror by the name of Urok the Breaker," he didn't want to, but he opened the hand with the Deus Engine attached and summoned a video feed of the catastrophe, recorded by security drones moments before the mass-EMP wave.

Ships clogged the skies over Valkna, raining down torrents of projectiles. A dull noise in the distance, and the video feed shorted out.

"We had to siphon power for weeks until the science division I worked for could finish this baby," he tapped the Engine. "Without it, Urok would have won. I suppose a Pyrrhic victory is better than none though,"

He continued eating as the man made his way over to the supply crates across from their seating arrangement.

"You from the LVMPD?" he inquired, not out of anger but out of genuine curiosity. "That one's full of hash, if you're looking for any sort of weapons I got them in the back," he pointed his head back towards the inner workings of the converted engine turbine.

"None of them work however, it's all mostly scrap. A few of them are good, but they're locked and gravity-leashed. Not going anywhere until I say so," mopping up some sauce with a finger's-worth of cornbread he downed that and set his plate down, walking over towards where he identified the weapons as being.

"If you want one I gotta ask you a few questions first. I swore a long time ago to help people with good hearts in their chests, and to never make or allow anything like the war that consumed Valkna happen again."

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The idea of Thanos having a barbecue with Cap. America is amazing lol

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I think we have room for a Hawkeye lol