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Life had been standing still for Andy for the last month. Or at least he thought it was a month, but he could not be sure. Being in a Coma was a tricky thing indeed. You had no sense of time or place, and his only companion for this time was Exodus. Exodus was a dark and evil parasite that Andy had come in to contact with while they tried to save Darkchild from Genesis. The being had someone spread like the plague and in to Andy. Now he was trapped in an internal struggle, a test of wills as his body lay there limp on the med bay table. His outer body hooked up to many devices to keep track of any differences, any changes in his heart rate. But there was nothing, just a slow yet steady pace.

"You know they will never let you survive. Once they find out that you are still alive they will come for you, and they will stop you. I will stop you. You will not hurt my wife, I will kill you and myself before that happens. I will keep us trapped here forever.....Oh don't look so surprised, I figured it out a long time ago. That my inner struggle is what is keeping me from awakening. That my need and my desire to be rid of you is what is keeping us trapped here in this place. Your a parasite and will be terminated like one."

Andy didn't really know if what he said was true, but it sounded good to him at the time. There was just a small cabin for them to live in, out in the middle of no where. It was odd this field seemed so familiar, but yet Andy could not place it, did not know where he knew it from. He had to find a way to awaken, he had to find a way back to his wife, to his sweet loving Lexi.

His body had been well taken care of in his coma. Lexi had made sure of that personally. She came in regularly to cut his hair, keeping it short, to shave him so he did not look like a caveman. He sat there and read to him each and every day, somehow he knew it too. Each day when the sun rose he could feel her warmth, as if it was the sun itself. Each day when the sun fell he could feel her sadness as well as the cold night air crept in. The mood looking like her sorrow filled eyes. The nights were the worse, it was when Exodus was the strongest.

Unknown to him the crisis had been evaded at the Ice mansion. The threat of Renegade Lantern was driven off, and they had successfully driven Genesis back into his deep dark corner. But it all came with a cost, and that cost this time was Andy, a cost he was willing to pay for his family. Andy wondered how his family was fairing in his absence, if they were all still there, if they were all still alive...

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Nighttime has become a troubled time for LstPaladin.  For several weeks the Son of Preen has not had a good nights rest.  Something is troubling him, something that seems just out of reach.  He doesn’t know what the source of this trouble is, but the intensity of the obscurity which surrounds him is growing stronger with each day.

Once again Paladin lies in his bed at ICE. It’s late at night; the moon’s light is almost completely hidden by the clouds in the sky.  There is no movement outside; everything is at an eerie calm.  As he sleeps Paladin drifts off in a deep sleep.  The weeks of sleep loss have finally caught up to him.  However what Paladin does not know is this night is the beginning of an experience that will mold and change him forever.

As he sleeps he begins to dream.  He sees what he thinks is his home in Asgard.  The Gods there are moving about, and everything seems as it should be.  Then the scene changes to one of horrific battle.  He sees his fellow Gods in a fierce battle for survival.  The beings that are attacking the Gods are ferocious, evil looking hideous creatures.  They have fangs and Paladin recognizes them as demons.  The Asgardians are outnumbered 20 to 1 and although the Gods are fighting as hard as they can, they are losing the battle.  Paladin watches as his loved ones, his family and friends fall one by one.

In the end all the Gods as well as their home of Asgard is completely destroyed.  The demon army rejoices as they revel in their victory.

Then suddenly the scene changes to one of a dark, mysterious place.  Paladin can hear a voice calling to him from the darkness.  Paladin begins to walk toward the source of the voice and then he can see a strange hooded figure slowly coming toward him. Paladin stops and waits as the figure comes closer, then stops just short of coming directly up to him. Paladin hears as the mysterious character speaks to him.

Paladin listened to the words but did not speak, and then the mysterious character spoke again.

With that the individual disappeared, and Paladin was left in the dark place.  Paladin also noticed he was without his armor, and weapons, including the mighty hammer.  As he turned and looked into the darkness, Paladin could sense he was not alone.

Then he saw their eyes, glowing red and orange eyes as the figures rose from the darkness.  Demons were all around Paladin and they attacked him with a fury of revolting purpose.  At first Paladin was able to fight them off, but there were so many of them they were finally able to wrestle him down to the ground.  They bit him, and attacked him, trying to kill him.  With the last ounce of his strength, Paladin focused his energy on a single thought of his hammer. He called to the mystic and powerful weapon.  Suddenly a streak of light, looking much like lightening came streaking down from the sky. The hammer landed on the ground just a few feet from the son of Preen.

Paladin strained and reached for the hammer.  At last he was able to grab hold of it.  As soon as he touched it a boom of thunder rumbled and lightening struck from the sky.   The power exploded with a fury that caused all his attackers to be knocked away and they could not even look toward the thunder God.  Surrounded by all his Godly power, Paladin announced in a loud voice,

Suddenly Paladin awoke and sat straight up in his bed.  He knew what he had experienced was much more than a dream; it was the path of his destiny he must now follow.  But he could not just disappear.  He had to let his team know that he would be gone.  As Paladin knew this would be a dangerous mission, and one he may not return from he decided to tell the one person who he was closest to.

Paladin arose and quietly went down to Lexi’s room.  He had to talk with her and he did not have any time to waste.

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A man sat on a high window sill looking down into a med room inside the ICE manison. He sat there all night long watching over his friend and teammate. Each morning Lexi would come to visit and he would make his way back home. He would stay there each and every night until he awoken. As he sat there in the dark, he tried to pull out memories of his past. He could only get a few bits and pieces. Killing, pain, and then a warm glow of joy would wash over him as he remembered the flowing red hair and the fire eyes of his mother, the same eyes his son now carried.

Things were different around the ICE mansion. It was quite and sumbor, not the joking halls that it once was. Everyone was different, everyone changes.

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she wasn't in her room. she never slept there, not since he'd fallen into the coma. she sat curled in a chair by his bedside, her red hair softly touseled by the breeze that blew in from the open window nearby. she curled her fingers with his and softly rubbed the top of his hand with her thumb "I went for a walk today, love. It was a pretty day. The sun was warm and the sky was as blue as I'd ever seen it. I picked you some wildflowers. They're in a vase by your bed, here. Daisies.. I don't know if you like them, but they make me smile when I see them. I thought if they were there when you wake up, they'd make you smile, too."

a single tear slipped from her eye and she didn't bother to wipe it away. she let it roll down her cheek slowly until it fell, dropping down onto their clasped hands. she'd tried so hard to keep up appearances for the team's sake. she had to remain strong for them while Andy was down, but she was losing the battle. the longer he remained in the coma, the longer she had to go on alone, the faster she was beginning to crack. she missed him. she missed him with an ache in her heart that nothing in this world or any other would fill. and there was true terror there that she was never going to get him back. that she was forever going to sit here with him while the world went by. the flutter of wings out the window drew her gaze momentarily. Hawk.. he'd been watching over, as they all had since he fell. despite the victory, despite saving her brother Darkchild from his inner demon Genesis, she'd felt.... so withdrawn from them all. it were almost as though they were afraid to come to her. afraid to ask her to leave his bedside. if she were truly needed, she would go. she knew Andy would want her to go, but a part of her prayed daily that she'd not be needed. a part of her was afraid if she did go, Andy would let go

she leaned and slipped out of the chair silently. she curled into the bed, slipping his arm over her shoulders and allowed her head to rest against his chest. how she desperately wished him to simply be asleep, dreaming those wonderful dreams of the two of them on their honeymoon in Greece. she closed her eyes and listened to the sound of his heart beating slowly, softly. it was still in time with her own and there was a small comfort in that. if there were any small comforts to be had at a time like this. as she was just about to drift to sleep, after having fought it so valiantly, footsteps outside the door drew her head away from his chest. she peered into the darkened hallway just outside the door. the footsteps approached, hesitated, and sounded like they were going to retreat when she spoke, softly

"Who's there? You can come in. I'm not asleep, and I believe Andy would enjoy the company."
more shuffles from outside the door and finally, the familiar form passed through the doorway, into the room. she hastily wiped her eyes, not wanting him to see her crying "Paladin? Is something wrong?" she could feel his tension, his inner turmoil but she wished not to invaid. it was simply better to ask "It's written all over your face, big brother. What's going on?"

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Octagon walked down the hallways of the Ice mansion. His footsteps were silent as he walked down the softly lighted hallway that showed each member of the Ice team. He stopped and admired each statue for it's beauty and craftmanship. He looked at the end of the hall, and saw that his own statue had not been added yet. It was okay though, he was a new, but experienced member of the team. He had not been on any missions, and was still getting used to the building.

Silently still, he wandered down the halls, and found an exit door on the side of the building. Octagon walked carefully down the cliff, and onto the beach's soft sand. He sat near the tide, and watched as the theraputic waves moved in slow-motion, and crash against the rocks. He picked up a handful of sand, and let the cool grains slide out of his had. They fell back in place, like he had never even touched them.

That was how he felt now. No matter what picked him up and displaced him, he always fell back on this place. He felt at peace here for the first time in years. Ever since he had gotten to this planet, and his original team had died off, he had wandered the surface and the subsurface of the planet. He didn't seem to fit in anywhere he went.

The humans wouldn't take him. The animals wouldn't take him. The dirt, water, and air all denied him. But on the other hand, everyone wanted him, but for all the wrong reasons. The government wanted him for testing. The police forces wanted him for arrest. The people wanted him for ridicule. The villains wanted him for death.

Freak's tortured soul wandered the planet in longing and deprivation. His emotions had faded away a long time ago. Every time he grew close to something or someone he had a part of his soul ripped from him. He was now a husk of a being, reduced to hiding and dodging bullets.

But not here. Freak was safe and accpeted here. And he knew it. But there was still something wrong. Freak had never gotten to officially meet the team's leader, Andferne. He was trapped in a coma, and all of the members of the team were watching him closely. Freak had only watched him once, for a few minutes, trying to figure out what was the matter with him. After giving up, Octagon had explored the place. It was nice here.

Darkchild, Octagon's long time associate, had informed him of the Ice team, and invited him to join. Weary of another team, Octagon felt different about this. He checked everything out, but had kept his distance from everyone so far. He used the captain being in a coma as an excuse. He could easily have met everyone by now, but he was afraid of something ruining his time here. He liked this place just the way it was, without any hard feelings to separate him from his teammates.

So Octagon sat on the beach, and played with the sand, and watched the waves roll in and pull back. Creature of the night, he sat waiting. Suddenly, something did.

He could sense that the mansion wasn't quite right, but he heard no alarms, nor sounds. He tensed, as he let go of the sand. He looked back at the mansion, and everything appeared to be fine. If they needed him, he would know it. He would know when to rise to a challenge.

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Paladin knocked softly on Lexi’s door, but no sound could be heard from within.  The sense of urgency he felt forced him to go ahead and open the door.  As he looked inside he saw Lexi was not there.  Paladin thought for a moment and then he knew, where else would she be but where Andy was.  He shook his head, not wanting to go there and disturb her but he had no choice.

Paladin made his way down to where Andy was.  Paladin felt so helpless when he went to Andy’s room.  He hated seeing his brother and friend in that condition.  Paladin carried a sense of guilt for not being able to prevent this and seeing Lexi’s pain was almost more than he could stand.  As Paladin approached the door he stopped.  He thought better of this action and would just leave Lexi a note.  As he started to walk away he heard Lexi call out.  Busted, she heard me, well might as well get this over with.

Paladin slowly pushed the large door open.  He saw them together, and Andy even looked as if he were asleep.  Paladin thought, one day brother, soon you will awake from this coma, even if I have to go petition Odin himself, you will recover.

For a moment Paladin just stood there, not really knowing how to tell her he had to leave.  How would she take the news, Paladin wrestled with the knowledge that what he was about to tell her might hurt her.  He would not hurt her for anything, but destiny is a hard thing to resist.

"Paladin? Is something wrong?"  "It's written all over your face, big brother. What's going on?"

Paladin took a deep breath then began to tell her of the dream, and about how sure he was about his destiny.  He told her of the events he saw and what had happened to his father, and the rest of the Gods of that world.

As he finished telling her he waited for her response, for he knew this goodbye would be a very painful one for the son of Preen.

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WIth the mental absence of Andy, Rayne spent most of his current days in the Ice Mansion training facility.He spent hours upon hours honing his blade skills.Sweat trickled down his stern stricken forehead as he let forth an onslaught of slices and slashes at Ice generated humanoids which had been produced as means of training.After destroying countless Ice droids, he sheathed his all black vibranium chokuto into its black scabbard.Although temperatures in the Ice mansion had been relatively toward the cold side, Rayne had  perspired at a large rate due to his rough and vigorous training sessions.He walked towards the Exit of the Ice chamber, and grabbed a white towel that layed idle on a nearby rack.He wiped the sweat off of his drenched forehead and body and rested it over his shoulder.He had taken a habit to removing his shirt for practice as it would usually become soaked from his perspiration.He walked up to his room,  where he hopped into his private shower.Water droplets danced across his face and hair as steam filled the room.He began to reminisce on memories of his best friend and comrade.Rayne and Andy had made a brotherhood pact long ago.They were sworn brothers and would gladly give their lives for one another.They had experienced so much together and it had been hard to believe that one of his most hard willed allies had fallen into a deep coma.

His recent rough sessions in the combat chamber had all been a part of his resolve.With his devotion to the team and loyalty to Andy he had made a vow to protect his fellow comrades and to watch over them in the absence of their leader.One day during a visit to Andy's hospital room, Rayne could remember the promise he had made to his war brother.His hand rested on the unresponsive hand of Andy's

I'll take care of them, I promise.I'll watch over Lexi and make sure the team is together as one.Until you come back to us brother.

That day had sparked a hardened resolve within Rayne.His main priority had been maintaining the brotherhood of the Ice members.He felt he needed to be stronger, mentally and physically, thus resulting in his long hours in physical training and meditation.He would often go out to the nearby mountains and climb the highest summit and practice his battle prowess.He believed that if he could keep himself together he would be able to do the same for his team.It was all that had mattered to him.As he would pass most of his allies in the halls of the Ice manner he would make sure to greet them with a welcoming and delightful smile, although on the inside his pride was hurt.His brother in arms had taken an absence and he felt at a loss.Although he did his best to keep the team in a cheerful mood he could always sense the tension and stress of the others.Thing were'nt the same without Andy.Most of the members coped with it fairly but the one who had been the strongest of them all, was Lexi.Day by day she would tend to his hygenic needs, caring for him unyeildingly.Her love had shone strong but deep inside she was hurting.Rayne could sense her pain through and almost Empathatic feeling.

As Rayne stepped out of the shower he dried himself up with a towel and wrapped it around his waist.He walked over to his bed and sat down, looking outside the window into the moons celestial gaze.Clouds ensared a large portion of the moon, resmbling beds of cotton.As he stared on with the beauty of the earth's satellite, he couldn't help but get an unpleasant feeling.He couldn't quite place it but he knew something was in the event of being unfolded.Putting the feeling to the back of his conscience he held it for later deep thought, rather than disregarding it completely.Rayne folded his arms behind his head and layed back on his king sized bed filled with white fluffy quilts.Everytime he had layed on it, it felt as if he had been resting upon the clouds themselves.As he layed in comfort he began to drift into sleep, closing his eyes slowy, awaiting the morning's break.....

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she watched as he stood tall, before her as she remained curled in the bed with Andy. it was so obvious that he was torn. that he wanted to speak, but his own self was preventing it. she leaned down and she brushed the softest kiss across Andy's lips before she slid from the bed. walking over to him, she stood before him and looked up. he towered over her, but somehow.. for a change she felt like she was the bigger one

"Paladin, whatever it is you need to say to me I'll understand. We're family, you and I. I may not be of Asgardian lineage, but.. I'm your little sister and I love you."
he clenched his fists, softly and exhaled slowly. as he spoke of the dream, her blue eyes widened softly. she shook her head in awe of the detail.. and of the true impossibility of it all. other dimensions? ressurecting Gods? it was truly just incredible

"Lexi, I must go to the dimension of my birth, I must try to restore things back to the way they should be. I do not know how long I will be gone, or even if I will be able to return. The task is enormous, and I will try my best, but I travel to a world unknown to me."
she simply slid her hands into her hair and held her head there, not saying a word. the moments passed and she sensed he was growing edgy. she turned and she looked at Andy, lying so still in that bed. she was losing him. she was losing the one man she loved more than life itself. and she was powerless to stop it. she clenched her jaw as her eyes filled with tears. turning back and facing him, the tears shimmering there in the soft light of the room"You can't go. Paladin, I can't.. do this. I can't lose my husband and my brother all at the same time. I honestly and truly can't."she saw him swallow hard, his adam's apple bobbing and she sighed. she'd hurt him. and now she knew she had to fix it. shaking her head, she walked back to Andy's bed side and she sat down. taking his hand, she squeezed it tight

"Baby, I know that you've got alot going on in that amazing head of yours. I hate to add to it, but I'm going to have to. You know that I don't want to leave your side. Not even for a moment. You know that I want to be here, to take care of you, to watch over you, because I love you."
she paused, drawing in a sharp breath "Andy, Paladin needs help. He needs our help to fulfill his destiny. I can't let him go alone. You know I can't. You know I have to help, because it's who I am. I.. I just want you to know that I'm not leaving you for good. Baby I will never leave. I just.. I need to go help him, but I promise you I'm coming back. I promise, baby. I love you." the last was whispered as she leaned down and again rested her head on his chest. when she rose back up, his shirt was damp and her cheeks wet. clearing her throat, she slid off the bed and released his hand. she walked back over to Paladin, who'd turned his back to give them privacy. she crossed her arms softly as she looked up at his broad shoulders

"If you go.. we all go. You're a member of ICE and as long as Andy still draws breath, ICE sticks together. ICE fights together. If need be, ICE dies together. You have my word, as your sister and as your teammate that we'll help you. We will fulfill your destiny and restore your Gods. If it's the last thing we do."

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Since the crisis with Genesis, Paragon had taken it upon himself to be the new team doctor. Everyday, he would check Andy's charts for progress, preform checkups to ensure he was still in prime condition, and most importantly, keep Lexi updated. She was down in the med bay all the time now, even more than Paragon himself! The days became more and more stressful for everyone as Andy's condition failed to improve, but everyone had their own ways of darling with it.

That night, he had left Lexi alone with Andy, while he went to the rink to work on his slap shot. It was one of the things he would now do as a way of thinking, and letting out his frustrations. There was something about lacing up the skates, and firing a bucket of pucks at a net that he found soothing. The sound of his skates cutting through the ice, the smells of the arena, the feeling of the cold air in his lungs. Sometimes, Brooke would join him, and she was welcomed. Always a ball of energy, and lightened mood. Tonight was different, however. There was something in the air, like a feeling of unease that made this session all the more important. The sound of his stick connecting with the puck was followed by a loud crash, as another shot bounced off the glass behind the net. A loud ding was heard, as another shot ricochet off the post. After nearly an hour of playing around with the puck, he was interrupted by a gentle Ahem.

Turning, he saw his wife, Laura, standing in the gate to the ice, dressed in one of his old t-shirts, and a pair of shorts. "Honey, you need to come to bed now. Do you even know how late it is?"

He checked the clock at the end of the ice. "Quarter after two!? Baby, I'm so sorry! Please tell me you weren't waiting up."

"Don't worry, Champ. I wasn't" she smiled. "I just woke up and realized you still hadn't come to bed yet, and I figured you be here, again."

He skated over to Laura, towering over her small frame on his skates, and gave her a light kiss. "I'm done now anyways, bella. It's just something doesn't feel right tonight, and I just came here, and lost track of time, and well... Sorry."

As the couple walked towards the dressing room Laura looked up at him. "I'm not the girl you should be apologizing to. It'll be Brooklyn, when you don't have the energy to keep up with her tomorrow. Haha" she laughed as she shoved him into the wall. "Now get changed, and I'll wait up in bed for you, this time."

"Sure thing, hon. I'm just going to check on Andy and Lex again before I call it a night."

After a quick change, Paragon threw his equipment in his locker, and made his way to the med-bay, hoping to see everything was fine, before heading off to bed with his wife. Instead he entered to find Lexi talking with Paladin, who's face showed a look of great concern.

He looked from one team mate to the other, before drawing his conclusion.

"We're going somewhere crazy, aren't we?"

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As Paladin told Lexi all he had just experienced he watched her face to see her reaction.  When he finished talking there was silence, which seemed to last an eternity.  She had put her hands into her hair holding her head, a sign letting him know the anxiety she was feeling after hearing about his dream and his plans of leaving.  He just stood there looking at her, waiting for her response.

Then she spoke the words he knew would come, and the words he feared the most. 

"You can't go. Paladin, I can't.. do this. I can't lose my husband and my brother all at the same time. I honestly and truly can't."

Her words cut him like a knife.  He had faced many dangers in his life, took part in countless battles, stood against the strongest evil this world has to offer, but hurting her was not something he could do.  How could he leave her now, when she needed him most?  Then again how could he turn his back on his destiny? How could he not go? The inner stress was building in him and now he wondered what he was going to do.

Paladin could feel his eyes were becoming watery.  He did not say a word, just looked at Lexi.  Somehow he had to make her understand, but how.

Then something happened Paladin did not expect nor was he ready for.  Lexi turned and walked back to Andy and started talking to him, about her leaving too.  Paladin quickly turned his back toward them, wanting to give them some privacy, and partly because now he had to find the words to say to her which would convince her to stay here, with Andy.  How could Paladin put her into such danger?  Paladin knew his path now would be one of tremendous danger and jeopardy.  This was something he was convinced he had to do alone, no she could not go.  But how was he going to stop her.

After a few moments she walked over to where Paladin was standing.  She stood directly in front of him, looking up at him with a stern resolve on her face.  As he looked at her she told him with a voice that let him know she meant what she said

"If you go.. we all go. You're a member of ICE and as long as Andy still draws breath, ICE sticks together. ICE fights together. If need be, ICE dies together. You have my word, as your sister and as your teammate that we'll help you. We will fulfill your destiny and restore your Gods. If it's the last thing we do."

Paladin had not even considered that neither Lexi nor his team would go with him.  He had not asked for help, knowing how dangerous this was going to be.  He just wanted Lexi to know why he had to leave.  But now what could he say?  He looked at her, and considered his words carefully before he responded.

He hated to admit it, but her words made sense.  He knew Andy would insist on it if he were able to speak.  Paladin also knew he was over protective where Lexi was concerned.  He always wanted to protect her, but the truth was she was a hero, a life she chooses of her own free will.  Not only that but she was powerful and very capable.  She could more than handle herself and her powers along with the rest of ICE would be tremendously helpful in this mission.  Besides that, Paladin knew there was no way he was going to convince her to stay here.

Paladin gave into her logic, and smiled at her.  OK Sis, if that’s what you feel is best I won’t argue with you about it.”

Just then Paladin noticed someone else had joined them in the room.  It was Paragon and the son of Preen looked over at his friend.  It was obvious Paragon had heard some of what had been said, but how much Paladin did not know.

Paragon looked from one team mate to the other, and then spoke to them.

"We're going somewhere crazy, aren't we?"

Paladin smiled to himself and thought, if you only knew how true your words are.  It was at this moment for the first time in a long time Paladin began to feel a sense of peace about what was about to happen.

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as she waited, she sensed that he was really struggling. she imagined he was probably fighting with himself. take her up on her offer, or try to convince her to stay. she hoped that he'd see there was really no question of what he should do. deep down, he knew there'd be no way that he would get her to remain behind while he went off and fulfilled his destiny. while it was his to fulfill, that didn't mean he had to do it alone. the seconds ticked off and finally, she saw the smile

"OK Sis, if that's what you feel is best I won't argue with you about it."
she relaxed and sent him the softest smile as she walked over and slid her arms around him"I knew you'd see it my way, big brother. Sometimes, little sister does know best. And I know that you don't want me getting hurt. I get that...."pausing, she stepped back so she could look into his eyes...."But I'm a big girl. I can take care of me. And of Andy. I have been for months now. I know I'm not much to look at, not strengh wise.. but I'm stronger than I look." Paladin laughed, softly and slung an arm around her shoulder affectionately"Okay, sis. Okay. You're right. I know you're right. But a brother can't help worrying about the only sister he's got now can he? Besides if anything happened to you, you know what would happen to Andy." she leaned against him, gently and let out a sigh. she really didn't want to think about it. it hurt too much. she could never imagine Andy without her. she couldn't imagine the type of man he'd be "I know, Paladin. I know. You're right. I guess the important thing is not to let anything happen to me."

she felt him ruffle her hair and she smiled up at him again. there was a soft knock at the door and the pair turned as Paragon entered the room. she walked over and gave him a hug. if it hadn't been for him, Andy may have been even worse than he was. Paragon had been working selflessly and tirelessly for all those months monitoring him and trying various new treatments, all to no avail. and she also knew that he was keeping an eye on her as much as he was Andy. there would be plenty of times he'd pushed her out of the room to go eat or to finally rest
"Paragon.. it's good to see you. You should be in bed. I thought I was the one who stayed up all night." he laughed and shook his head "I heard voices inside the room. I was coming down to make my last check of the night on Andy. So.. if you don't mind me asking, what's up?" she glanced at Paladin and sent him that knowing smile. she heard Paragon sigh a little before speaking "We're going somewhere crazy, aren't we?" she laughed softly and smiled. she drew the both of them into another much needed hug before pulling back and nodding, the smile suddenly not as bright "I'm not sure exactly where we're going. Paladin can better explain. I just know we're needed, Paragon. Paladin and the Gods need our help. There's no way I can refuse him. Andy wouldn't hear of it."
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The cold night air whipped around the raven black and shining violet hair that shrouded her eyes as she flew. A shadow of the moon, as it seemed, she burst through the treetops, reveling in the starlit sky and crisp air. She loved this time of night. As her eyes snuck to the moon, she saw it was full. It reminded her of the very being she'd talked to a night before. She smiled at his memory and spun, diving down inches from the trees. Up ahead she could see her destination: ICE Mansion, home to the ICE Dragons. She'd heard of the team, as one her best friends was part of it. The moon glinted in her violet eyes as she descended. As the ground neared, she straightened up, alowing her feet to touch down. She began walking up the gravel path leading to the ICE Mansion, her black army boots crunching the stones beneath them. As she walked, she looked through her side bag for something she obviously had touble finding.

"Now, where did I put that stupid thing?" She suddenly stopped outside the front door of ICE, almost walking right into it. She stared up at the huge door, and then up at the enormous mansion. She looked insignificant against the massive mansion. She glanced down to the small key in her hand, then looked to  the lock on the door. "Here goes nothing." She inserted the key into the door and turned. With a small push, the door opened with a creak. "Awesome." She said with a smile, pocketing the key and closing the door. She made her way through the mansion using the directions Cryo'd given her. "Now, let's see. Up the stairs to your right, first door on the left? Or was it down the stairs to your left first door on the right?" She decided to follow the former and head up the stairs. When she got to the room, she had no doubt it was indeed Cryo's. A sign on it said 'Power Ranger Parking only, all other will be set upon by the Zords.' She rolled her eyes and smiled a giggling smile, taking out a piece of paper with Cryo's chicken scratch hand writing on it. He'd set up a password just for her. He loved to try and trick her, but he never succeeded. She took one glance at the riddle in her hand and spoke.

"With the Courage of a Wolf, Jungle Fury Wolf Ranger." A holographic screen appeared, with a comical charicature of Cryo on it. "Welcome, Ghoul!" The screen spoke, Cryo showing an extremely happy face. The door opened and Ghoul walked in setting her things atop the Power Ranger sheets on Cryo's water bed.  She took one look and with a flick of her wrist changed it to Avril Lavigne sheets. It was a form she could stand, and Cryo wouldn't mind it either. Although, upon thinking of what might happen when Cryo sees Avril Lavigne on his bed sheets, she quickly changed it to simple black. Once she got the mental image out of her mind, she set to unpacking. She began levitating objects from her bag around the room, some objects that couldn't fit in a simple side bag. She unfurled a poster of Three Days Grace and hung it on a wall, placed her guitar over in the corner, and various other objects. She then sat on the bed and looked around. She wondered whether to go to sleep, but then she realized that she should probably tell someone she had arrived. She got up and left the room, deciding to roam the halls in search of anyone awake. In her skull t-shirt and Tripp pants, she phased through the floors until she came to a shiny metal hallway, most likely of the Dragons'Cave Cryo had spoken of. She looked through different rooms until she came to one occupied by three individuals, two men and a woman. One of the men gave of a nordic vibe, and the other She remembered as Paragon. The woman seemed to irradiate light. Most couldn't see this, but Ghoul could sense it. From what Cryo had told her of ICE, the woman was Lexi, and the man was LstPaladin.

Cautiously, Ghoul knocked on the door and put on her most delightful smile. "Hi, I hope I'm not intruding. My name's Verona Darkmage. Ghoul? Cryo wanted me to take over his position in ICE while he was away. He's visiting his Father on Olympus." She entered the doorway and waved. Then she noticed the man on the table, who must've been Andy. Cryo said he'd been in a coma. "I hope you don't mind me coming here. Cryo gave me a key."

She looked around at all the hight tech machinery, wondering if they could use some magic.

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Another handful of sand poured down, the grains fighting to get back to the ground. The sand was still cool. The moon was still bright, and the waves still crashed. Octagon felt the same way, and nothing had changed.

Well, something had changed. Octagon looked up and saw a figure he did not recognize flying overhead. It went out of sight, and presumably went for the mansion. It was the only thing around for miles.... Octagon stood up, and tried to get a better view of what had just happened. He couldn't see anything, no matter how hard he tried. He didn't want to disturb anyone, but he didn't want a possible intruder attacking the mansion.

Octagon teleported from where he was standing to the front door. It wasn't shut well, and the latch hadn't plugged in. Being night, there was a lot of darkness to play with. Octagon sent out a small rift, or a wave if you will. It was like RADAR for him. The wave pushed out into the house, an extension of Octagon's hands. He felt everything the wave felt. Everything seemed normal, until he found and open door.

Octagon sensed that there was a group of people in the room where Andy was. Were there conspirators in the mansion? He couldn't tell who was there, but he knew there was a decent number of people in the room. He pushed the door open, and walked into the mansion. He silently creeped down the hallway. There was a soft glow at the end of the hallway. He followed the path of the rift close to the door, and stopped when he saw that someone was standing in the door. Then he heard a feminine voice say:

"Hi, I hope I'm not intruding. My name's Verona Darkmage. Ghoul? Cryo wanted me to take over his position in ICE while he was away. He's visiting his Father on Olympus. I hope you don't mind me coming here. Cryo gave me a key."

Octagon hid in the shadows of the hallway, and sighed quietly as he heard this girl's voice. He could also hear the voices of some of his teammates. He knew now that everything was at peace.

But wait, why were all of these people up in the middle of the night? Had something gone wrong, Octagon wondered. He slid up to the door, and looked around. There were a lot of people in the room, and it seemed crowded. Octagon didn't want to impose, but he was curious as to what was going on inside the room. This room especially, because Andy was there. He forced himself into the room, via teleportation. He looked up at everyone from his crouching position.  He stood and looked everyone in the face and asked in a low, deep tone,

"Is everything alright? What's going on in here at this hour?"

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As his eyes slowly faded, Rayne felt himself drift off into darkness.Everything around him was as black as an abyssal void.He felt his body falling but at a slow pace.When he had finally reached the bottom depths of the darkness he began to hear the roars of thunder.Soon, the darkness surrounding him began to clear up.As he looked around the new environment, he felt drops of heavy rain pound against his skin, his hair drenched and sticking to the sides of his face. As he looked up into the skies he saw crackles of lightning skid across dark clouds that hued an apocalyptic gray.Looking back down to his surroundings, he saw remains of structures that lied in the wake of some cataclysmal catastrophe.Rubble and debris filled the area like a ruined city.Looking down upon himself he noticed that his shirt had been torn and ripped, even stained with blood.He felt a stinging sensation as he realized the wounds all over his body.Theyre were several lacerations on his arms, chest and lower back.He sucked in a deep breath through gritted teeth as his nervous system send its messenger of pain to all the receptors in his body.

Aghhh...Where...Am I....

He questioned in utter confusion.He had no idea of his surroundings and there had been no sign of life for miles.As a loud rumble of thunder echoed, Rayne looked up into the sky and saw something that disturbed the very depths of his soul.Descending from the mourning heavens themselves had been a man who had looked exactly like himself.As Rayne drew a closer look he could see that the man had blade similar to his own clenched between his two hands.The man dropped at deadly speeds and before his brain could even react, he witnissed the blade peirce his chest, dead center.His eyes shot open with disbelief as he looked down into the weapon that was embedded within him.

Hmph, Its not where you are, Its where your going.

The figure commented in a sarcastic voice.Rayne stood face to face with him gasping for his breath as he looked into his eyes.His eyes flickered twice in confusion and his eyebrows raised as the identical face smiled with satisisfication.Without remorse the identical figure removed his weapon from Rayne's chest with a rough pull.He felt his body jerk in a forward motion as the blade dragged him inward.As the blade slipped out, he felt a cold numb feeling in his chest.A crimson red liquid spewed forth with the departure of the blade, cascading freely down Rayne's chest.He opened his mouth as he felt the blood rise through his esophogus.He could feel the blood filling his breathing passage as began to cough roughly.He couldn't help but think to himself:

What happpened...Why?....

Once again he fell his eyes close and his body go numb.He slipped into an eternal darkness once more.

Rayne shot up halfway to a sitting position as the dream ended gasping for air.Cold sweat tricled its way down the sides of his face as he continued to star foreword on wih the rack which contained his beloved Chokuto blade.He rested his hand on his chest where the blade had penetrated in his sleep to see if the wound had still remained while he took in deep heavy breaths.That odd feeling in the shower and now this dream, he knew all too well by now that they had been signs of a dark future.He jumped out of his bed quickly and began to slip on his garments.He slipped on an all white zipper up turtle neck tee midway to the start of his neck.He slipped on his semi-baggy navy blue pants which went smooth on the skin.After that he tied his Purple robe around his waist line and made a knot with a purlple rope around it to keep it in place.Lastly he grabbed his All black scabbard which lay dormant on a brown wooden rack across from his bed and slipped it face down into his rope belt.He slid open a clear door,  walked out of his room and looked onto the moon from his terrist.The view gave him full visual access to the holy white sphere which ususally put his soul at ease.The moon was full tonight.He stared off into and began to day dream about the nightmare he had just endured.He shook off the harsh and dreadful thoughts and walked back into his dim lighted room, slididng the glass door behind him to the terrist.The room was all white and had a king sized bed in the center of the right wall where he stood, with a black marble dresser to the north wall that had a mirror encased into it.A black night table rested a few feet from the right of his bed with a matching black lamp on its surface.Behind him was his favorite part of the room.It was where he watched the sunrises and sunsets and enjoyed his stargazing.He walked to the exit which had been jus left of the dresser and grabbed a black cloak which rested on a nearby coat hanger and spun it around him winding it so that it rested on his shoulders perfectly.

Walking down the spiral staircase he heard a group of voices come from Andy's room.He walked quietly over to the room and saw that Lexi, Lst Paladin, Paragon and an unfimiliar face had filled the room.The unfamiliar face had been a young girl with jet black hair that shined with a hint of violet.He could feel that the girl had posed no threat and continued walking to the exit of the ICE mansion.The large gatherance in Andy's room had left only one thought in his head, and that was the fact that something big was going to happen soon.He didn't know why, but just from the akward gut feeling and horrible dream he had, he knew it wasn't anything good.Walking towards the exit he looked at the Ice sculpture of himself which represented his membership of the ICE brotherhood.He paused for a moment and looked at it deeply.As he stared on, it seemed as if it had almost given a smug of some kind.He shook his head in disbelief and and continued to tread his way to the Exit of of the ICE manner.The huge doors creaked softly as he opened them and a brisk cool wind blew as into Rayne's face as if they had just been released from an airlock chamber.

Rayne waited down the hill from the ICE manner awiating his team's arrival.His hair swayed to the right along with his sleeveless black cloak that had been buttoned together at the neck covering his mouth and neck but revealing everything else below his torso.They would be departing any minute now and Rayne would be waiting for them.With a strong silence.

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Darkchild lied in his room his mind racing not only with ways to figure how to "fix" Andy but since the inner battle his telepathic powers have increased to a way he hears everything going on around him. Even the animals outsides thoughts which usually were quite entertaining but tonight was different. He finally was able to control enough to pick up on certain minds and he accidentally skimmed  Paladins. The boys true roots were calling for him, almost begging him to return. His mind was raged with thoughts and soon he spoke with Lexi.

Her mind...so...sad. His stomach ached everytime he breezed by her mind, his own guilt over what happen to Andy tore him up inside. Nothing he could do could make Andy any better short of...."No" he would scream to himself when the thought of letting Exodus take over came into his mind. His room was by now covered in little crater like indents from his fists, nights were the worst time for him. The thoughts the people had tore him up inside, the anger within many also showed. That their leader comatose because of him. These thoughts werent real in a way, many people in the world need to blame someone and this week it was Darkchild who took the blame.

The discussion between hadnt began much when Paragon came in, and then Darkchild finally heard it. Lexi told Pal that the ICE would follow their own, Something that made Darkchilds mind a bit clearer she was becoming much stronger since this whole ordeal. He sat up in bed and shook his head pushing away alot of the voices and thoughts of the others and picked the phone holding down the three button and it dialed for itself. The phone read Prodigies

"Yes Goki please.....Yes I know what time it is...and no I did not have sex with my mother so I cant be called that...Shut up dammit." Silence as Goki held his tongue and breathed deep. The boy was trying hard not to like his father Darkchild and it showed in the conversation "Shawn....I need you. Recent events have caused me to be a bit weak....and I know that having a "weak" father drives you crazy dont it?"

Goki speaks "Yes I can sense the power inside you when near, its like its recharging from a big battle. Your pathetic now...My real father never needed a recharge."

Darkchild holds his own anger not really wanting to ask him "If you come to the Ice mansion and come along with anything that we do today and when we finish....You will get once chance to show me and your "True" father that you are better than me"Darkchild knew the boys wanting to prove that he is the better villain and man. A better one than Darkchild ever was the boys finally after a long pause answered "Yes. Ill be their in a few moments." The phone hung up and Darkchild sat on his bed with a large grin, he manipulated the boy. Yeah he would stick to his word but he really wants Goki to come for one reason, to show him that Darkchild is the same man Goki knew as his father. That they are the same man in many ways, if not ways of thinking the personality and power. The fact that Goki came so willingly showed that he himself knew this but needed to prove it for himself. Darkchild stood up and walked to the med center where the rest have come to and saying "So...looks like we need a better sound proofing system I heard all of you." he says with a smile and tapping his head.

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The phone call left me questioning my own thoughts "Did the man who is my father in almost everyway ask for my help? Since when was his own power more than he could control?" My body almost smokes as I sit wondering what to do, I told him I would come but....for some reason I dont see the need to. My father is my father but this Darkchild is a more unknowing one, I was able to almost always read my versions thoughts and moves. He was extremely predictable making fighting him easy yet tough because everyonce in a while he would throw a curve ball that would knock you flat on your ass.

I get up putting on my leather suit and coat the only pair of clothing that doesnt burn the moment I go flame head. Brought it with me when I came to this forsaken earth. As I make my way out of the Prodigy house the computer stops me at the door asking where I am going i tilt my head slightly looking at it and saying "Hmm a camera....looks like men like me need extra supervision huh." I lift my hand up to it and flick my finger and a bolt of electricity flies from my finger and into the camera it shorts and turns off. As I leave I walk past Darkhonest's door and flame my finger and engrave a note on his door "Be back soon, dont do anything stupid cause you know I'll get blamed for it." and then I walk off out of the mansion and take off into the air hovering for a brief moment then soaring at mach speeds towards the Ice Mansion.

Dad-Darkchild had given me the locations once, but I know for a fact the others knew nothing of me having this knowledge so I hope I get no interfereance. As I land at the back door I remember Darkchild told me "Twist the knob to the right and pull opens a secret door to the right of the main door." I do so only to get shocked and I can almost hear him laughing at me. I slam my fist into the open space beside the main door and it opens, i shake my head thinking "Dont forget to punch him" I make my way down to a room and I hear voices inside, I may be evil but I know my manners at least. Sitting outside the door I sit my head down and doze in an out of sleep waiting for them to emerge from the room or for someone to notice me.

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the door again opened and the small, dark haired girl entered. she glanced softly at the assembled group of Paladin, Paragon, and Lexi and she sent them a gentle smile "Hi, I hope I'm not intruding. My name's Verona Darkmage. Ghoul? Cryo wanted me to take over his position in ICE while he was away. He's visiting his Father on Olympus." She entered the doorway and waved. Then she noticed the man on the table, who must've been Andy. Cryo said he'd been in a coma. "I hope you don't mind me coming here. Cryo gave me a key." Lexi walked over and embraced the girl in a warm, welcoming hug "No intrusion at all, Verona. If Cryo sent you, you are more than welcome. My name is Alexandra Summers, but please call me Lexi. These are my teammates, your teammates Paladin and Paragon." she gestured to the both of them with their introductions and watched as they took turns shaking the young girl's hand

she was about to speak when there came another shuffle of feet by the door. she turned her head and saw the head of their newest member, Octagon peer into the med bay room. she smiled and gestured to him for him to enter the room. she could sense his hesitance and is nervousness, but she simply shook her head as he spoke
"Is everything alright? What's going on in here at this hour?" "Octy, everything is fine. We didn't mean to alarm you. You've met Paragon and Paladin. And this," she turned and gestured to Verona "is our temporary member, Verona. She is here at the request of Cryo-Wolf. He's currently unavailable and he asked her to join us in his stead." with all the introductions set aside, she crossed her arms and looked at the group assembled. she let out a soft sigh as she gathered her thoughts

"Team, we have a mission on our hands. One I'm truly uncertain of. I don't know what's going to happen, nor do I know what to expect. All I can tell you is be prepared. For anything. We are going to assist Paladin in restoring the Asgardian Gods to their rightful place in their home dimension. We will be leaving as soon as the team is fully assembled and debriefed properly. Since this is Paladin's.... affair, I defer to him as far as leadership goes. He knows more about what we'll be up against so, we follow his call."
she waited as silence fell on the room. they all looked at her, expecting something perhaps? expecting her to say she was staying behind? the moments passed and suddenly, the silence was broken by the arrival of the one she didn't expect to see

"So...looks like we need a better sound proofing system I heard all of you." he says with a smile and tapping his head."
she shook her head and before any of them could say anything, she ran over to the door and she hugged him, hard "DC. You should be resting. What are you doing up?" he just gave her that look and she sighed and nodded, gently. there wasn't much to be said between them verbally. it was all said inside their heads. since the battle with Genesis, their connection had strengthened. she knew of his guilt. she knew that he could read her sadness, no matter how much she tried to shield it from him. she didn't want him to feel any guilt. Andy would have done the same thing. Andy was there, helping. he knew the risks. he wouldn't blame DC, so why should she? why should anyone, for that matter. but her brother was a stubborn one and convincing him of that took more time than she could have ever imagined. as she curled her arms around one of his massive ones, she walked them back over to the group. they all were assembled, now. standing around Andy's bed. she looked into the faces of each of them and tears began to well up in her eyes. she swallowed hard and as the two massive arms of Paladin and Darkchild wrapped around her shoulders and waist, she closed her eyes softly

"Dragons, now is our time to show just what we're made of. I'm not going to say make Andy proud. He already is. You are the best.. of the best there is. We go on this mission to make ourselves proud. And to make a group of people in need thankful. If anyone wishes to remain behind, now is the time to speak. The rest? We prepare.. for anything and everything."

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Ghoul shook Paladin's and Paragon's hand. She remembered Paragon from a few encounters before, so they were already up to speed. She spread her senses to Andy, in his coma. She felt bad. Why didn't Cryo call her for help? That's the old stupid mutt for you. He has one of the most brillian minds there can be but he doesn't have common sense. She rested against some hunk of machinery she couldn't really fathom. She never got along with machines. She thought magic was the way to go. When Octagon entered, she waved a greeting. She noticed the faint signs about him that he was a creature of the night, like herself. That made her feel a bit more welcome.

She listened intently to Lexi. Even in this short time, Ghoul had begun to admire Lexi, look up to her almost like a big sister. She had taken charge he second Ghoul had arrived, there had to be some respect earned for that. Ghoul went over every bit of magic, every spell she may need. Dimensions? Asgard? Gods? She'd need to pull out all the stops for this one. Ghoul knew different dimensions were nothing like hers. Like Lexi said, anyhing could happen.

As if old acuaintances didn't stop showing up, DC had to. Immediately she knew it was him from both voice and mannerisms. Cryo was on the same team as this guy? From most times Ghoul could remember, DC had been a bad guy. She thought it over quickly, trying to put herself in Cryo's shoes. She guessed if the furball was alright with him, than she could be. She pushed the thought from her mind and acknowledged him. Ghoul got up and moved to Andy. She hadn't known him, but already he lookd like a hero, battle ravaged and all. She didn't want to be intrusive, and kept her mind from reaching into his, and simply admired his presence. When Lexi came over to talk to them and she began to cry, Ghoul felt a slight twinge. She really wanted to comfort Lexi, but she didn't know how. Then Lexi spoke.

"Dragons, now is our time to show just what we're made of. I'm not going to say make Andy proud. He already is. You are the best.. of the best there is. We go on this mission to make ourselves proud. And to make a group of people in need thankful. If anyone wishes to remain behind, now is the time to speak. The rest? We prepare.. for anything and everything."

So for now it looked like she was a Dragon. She had a fleeing thought of her actually joining the team. She could be with Cryo more often, and they already seemed like a nice bunch, but the thought passed as quickly as it had come. She straightened up and stretched, preparing to leave. "Well, it looks like I'm your replacement wolfie for now." She said with a cheerful tone. She quickly straightened her face and made serious her tone. "But I'm not doing the whole Power Ranger thing." She smiled again to let them know it was a joke and phased through the floors up to Cryo's room, where she would get to packing...again. She uickly gathered all of her spell materials, her Grimoire, and changed into her battle clothes. Ok, so her battle clothes her normal clothes. She wore a violet plaid pleated skirt with fake suspenders built into it, fishnet stockings leading to her near-knee high army boots, and her custom made spray painted on skull and cross bones t-shirt. She did her hair up into two buns on her head, letting some strands fall over her face. She put on her studded choker neclace as well as bracelet and grabbed her bag, walking to the door. She was ready now, as ready as she could be.

She phased through the floor and moved to wait for the others. In doing so, she took out the latest horror novel she had begun to read: The Hellhound from Hell 3: Heaven Bites Back. She soon became lost in the Hellhound's battle against the newly formed Heavenhound, with humanity caught in the crossfire.

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Paladin was sincerely touched by the show of support by his team, his family.  There they were in Andy’s room.  Paladin searched each one’s eyes and what he saw made him proud to one of them.  They had no idea what they were getting into, no knowledge of the danger ahead, all he saw was the strong determination of a group that would stand together.  A group willing to sacrifice themselves knowing nothing more than a member of the family needed help.

Paladin listened to the words of Lexi and marveled at how strong she was.  She had always been the heart of the family, now she appeared to be a very capable leader as well.

After she stopped talking Paladin added to what she had said.

The world we will travel to be much like our own.  As earth exists, so does this world.  The only thing I know for sure is everything in this world has a counter part in that world.  However do not be fooled by thinking things there are the same as here.  As for the people and events of that world they have been shaped by what has happened there.  Even though things are created the same, they will not be the same now.  Do not be surprised if you find yourself there, be prepared for anything.  That earth is a much more evil place than our own.  The Asgardian Gods of that world were killed long ago and were not present to fight against the evil of that world.  I do not know if we will be successful, I only know I have to try to save them.

Words are not enough at this time to let you all know how thankful I am to you all.  United together we will get through this.

Then Paladin turned to Andy.  He looked at his leader with heartfelt appreciation in his heart.  It was because of Andy the Ice Dragons existed, and Paladin was determined not to let his leader down.

Paladin took Andy by the hand, and held the hand up to his heart. I promise you this Andy, Lexi will return to you.  I will make that happen, or die in the attempt.

Then Paladin looked to the group.  Send out the call to let all our members know they are needed.  I will go outside where I will open a space warp that will link our two worlds together long enough for all of us to travel there.  We should leave as soon as we can gather what we need. 

With that Paladin went out the door, and out of the ice mansion. The Thunder God stood outside, and the wind began to blow, clouds became thicker and thunder began to rumble across the sky.

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He stretched his wings as he looked down on Andy's room. Lexi and LP were talking with close to tears in their eyes. Hawk could read their body language enough to know something was wrong. The hero of heros looked out the windown making eye contact with the bird in the tree, without a word LP knew that Hawk would be with him. The three heros had been friends along time. Paladin was a role model to Hawk on how to be a hero, he had looked up to the thunder god.

Hawk was a man with a shady past. Blood was stained onto his hands for all time. As a agent of Weapon X he had killed a his duty and his job. He was a born killer, becoming a hero took time and effort. These two men lead him in the ways of the hero. No longer was he a killer with no soul, no longer was he the Angel of Death, God's sword. He now was a hero.

Hawk nodded to LP, not knowing what battle they would face, only knowing that he would face it with him. Hawk flew home to say his goodbyes to his wife and kids. This was a common occurence in his house hold. Everyday he put his life on the line. Every night his wife wondered if he would be coming home. Hawk quickly changed, his son bringing him his swords and mace, barely able to lift them. Hawk smile as he watched his son's eyes dance with flames. He kiss his wife and kids before he took to the air. He was quickly back at the ICE mansion, walked in to stand next to Paladin.

I'm ready friend.

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His eyes shot open. Outside his room were noises. Several people were talking and moving about, and Francis recognized all of them but one. It was a female voice and one he was unfamiliar with. Francis threw the covers off his body. He was sweating, and it had been a rough night without sleep.

 Francis was one of the newest additions to the team. His ability to be at home in and out of the water was a huge asset to the team. He was young, but he was loyal. He joined the team when he found out that his blood related brother, Cryo-Wolf, was on the team. Scott had gone to see their father Poseidon on Mt. Olympus, which left an unfilled hole in the team.

 He set his feet on the tile floor of his room and made his way to the medbay, where it seemed the voices were coming from. They got louder as he got closer, but still the unidentified woman’s voice was in his mind. Was she an intruder, or a new addition to the team perhaps? Either way, his team was congregating in the room, and Francis needed to be there.

 He walked in and saw every member of ICE packed like Sardines into the relatively small medbay. Some of them stared. They were still not used to his appearance, and at times, Francis got the feeling that he wasn’t wholly trusted. He had heard of legendary veteran heroes such as Paragon and Andferne, but he had also seen some that had come seeking redemption. Across the room, he saw the once villain, Darkchild. Mer-Man saw Andferne hooked up to every machine available. He was a fighter, and Francis prayed he would make it through unharmed. And as he scanned the room, Francis saw who the woman was. It was Ghoul, a long time friend of Scott’s, and part time love interest. He hoped she could be trusted in the time she was with them.

 He listened as what they were about to do was explained. They were going to go to another world. It was a world full of evil and despair. The thought of such a thing made him cringe with despair. At least he could be thankful for living in the world he was in. Mer-Man couldn’t help but feel a little out of the loop. He had never been on a mission with ICE before, and with the exception of Cryo, who wasn’t even there, he hadn’t gotten to know any of his teammates.

 “Well, it looks like I have no choice,” Francis said with a smile. “I’m in.” He went back to his room to grab his equipment and weapons. Out of a long suitcase, he took out his most prized possession, the key to the Mariana Trench. It was an unbreakable and very powerful trident given to him by his mother on the day of his transformation into Mer-Man. His pants were made of unstable molecules that would be able to shift with him when he had a fin and when he had legs. He wore no armor, as his hard scales would be able to protect him from most physical attacks. With that, he walked down and waited for the rest of the team, only to find out, someone had beaten him there. It was Ghoul, and she was nose deep into a book. Francis wanted to introduce himself, but at the same time, he didn’t want to interrupt her.

 He approached her slowly, looking at her, and as her head would come up, he would look away quickly. When he was close enough, he tapped her on the shoulder to get her attention. “Um hi, I don’t mean to disturb you, but I don’t think we met. Scott talks about you all the time. I uh, I’m his brother…” Francis was always nervous around girls, even before he had become a fish, and his transformation didn’t help his self confidence one bit. He held out a blue, webbed, scaly hand to her. Up above them, clouds were looming in preparation for their departure. It was going to be one helluva trip.

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Octagon looked around the room. This room was one of suffering and pain for all of the members of the team. Octagon would have felt the same way as everyone, had he gotten to know Andy before this whole incident. Octagon looked at the members of his team. His Brothers and Sisters. Even the new girl, Ghoul who had come along to help in Cryo-Wolf's absense.

The team gathered around Andy. He truely was the rock of this team. He wasn't even awake, but somehow he was dictating the mood and decisions of everything. Lexi gave a few words of encouragement in front of everyone. Octagon had not had much experience speaking in front of groups, and he admired her strength.

Then Octagon saw something unexpected. Darkchild walked into the room, with his usual smug look and mood followed him. He looked Darkchild in the face and smiled, but no one could see it behind his cowl.

If you read through my mind, I'll kick your ass. Octagon laughed inside his mind, and knew that DC would hear him.

Then other voices filled the room. Words of bravery, strength, and the coming events. Octagon hadn't been on the team long, but he knew his place by now, and he knew that he could not deny his family of his presence on the team. He would be a member of this team until he died with them. No matter what. After everyone had finished speaking, Octagon knew what he had to do.

He teleported into his room. He hadn't really unpacked his belongings, because he hadn't brought any. Octagon had an almost unfurnished room. There were no windows, chairs, or televisions. There were no lights, and it was completely dark. But this was where Octagon felt the most at home. Every time Octagon had been in the light on this planet, it was an oppurtunity for others to ridecule him. The light mocked him. It knew that he wasn't accepted, and it did everything it could to make his time here the worst possible time it could create.

Octagon shook his head from the thoughts of his past. He needed to stay here in the present. His team needed him to stay in the present. Octagon sensed out his bed in the dark, and grabbed his belts and equipment. He didn't think that he would need any technological equipment, but Octagon would rather have it and not need it, then need it and not have it. He slung his bandolier over his shoulder and clasped it at his waist. He pulled on his arm and leg wraps for holding close range weapons and a small amount of emergency first-aid supplies.

Finally ready, Octagon took a moment to prepare himself mentally. He cleared his thoughts, and focused on the objective at hand. He knew that he would be traveling to a strange place, and that he had to be prepared physically and mentally for every turn and twist. He had a bad feeling about this deep down inside. There was trouble around now, and there would be trouble ahead in the future. And Octagon would do everything in his will to make sure every last one of his teammates came back to this world alive.

Octagon made sure all of his equipment was ready one last time, and then he teleported outside, where he found LstPaladin and Hawk standing. He smiled and said,

"Well boys, smoke 'em if you got 'em!"

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the group quietly left the med bay, leaving her there alone with Andy once more. she'd told them all to prepare, but for what? she didn't know how to prepare for this. what can you do to not feel guilt over leaving the one you love more than life, itself? right when he needed you most? she sighed and walked back to his bedside. she sat down on the foot, facing him. she reached for his hand and just closed her eyes

"I hope I'm doing the right thing, Andy. I hope.. that you won't believe I left you. That I abandoned you in your time of need. I want to be here. For you. You need me, more than ever. But they need me too. How do you do it? How do you find the strength to go on?" 
opening her eyes once again, she stared down at his sleeping form. the tears were back again. they pooled there like liquid crystal and slowly they began to fall. this time, there were no sobs. just the sounds of the machines. the sounds of that which kept him alive for her while his mind slept  "I know you heard Paladin's promise, but I'm going to make you one too. I promise you.. that I am going to come home safely. And that once I am here, I'm never leaving your side again. I don't care what happens.. I don't care what evil befalls the world. My place is here, with you. Until you're ready to wake up again, my place is with you."

she sat there with him in silence, just holding his hand. all around her, the mansion stirred to life with the sounds of preparation. she felt the buzz of fear in the air.. the sense of apprehension. it was all around them, like a thick invisible fog. and if they didn't get a grip on it soon, it would choke them slowly. hours passed and she just held on. she had to. because as much as she loved keeping her promises, this one was out of her hands. dimensional travel.. unforseen foes.. she simply didn't know if she'd be keeping this one promise or not. but she'd try harder than she'd ever tried in her life to do so. with much reluctance, she at last slid her hand from her husband's and slipped off the bed. she walked to the head of the bed slowly and she leaned down and pressed the softest kiss to his lips. a tear dropped from her eyes, onto his cheek. it rolled slowly and she caught it with her thumb and brushed it away. turning to leave the room, she missed the single one that slipped from his own eye to follow the trail traced by her own

she walked upstairs to their room and she pulled the blue and silver uniform from their closet. she laid it on the bed, staring at it for a moment before slipping her own streeth clothes off and slipping into the hugging, familiar warmth of the spandex. she walked to the shoe closet and pulled from inside it, the blue heeled boots to match. slipping them on, she stood in front of the full length mirror and stared at her reflection for a moment. the glass seemed to ripple and she found herself staring at images of her life with him.. their wedding.. their honeymoon... and lastly, she saw flashes of the things her subconscious buried. the stabbing... Gambler looming over her with that dagger, wiping her blood off. she instinctively reached for her shoulder and rubbed it, swallowing softly. the pain had long since gone, but the memory remained. and perhaps always would. there was another flash..a pair of eyes that pierced her soul. she heard the shattering of the glass as she was flung through that window and she literally jumped 
"Get a grip, Lexi. Get that out of your head. Now isn't the time to take a stroll down tormented memory lane."  hugging herself, she turned and exited the room

as she made her way from the mansion, she saw from the distance they'd begun to gather. it was time.. with one look over her shoulder to the mansion where he slept, she headed to join them. arriving, she found Rayne waiting by himself.. a bit apart from the group. she approached him and lifted a hand to rest on his shoulder 
"Thank you, for being here. For him.. for us. Andy would appreciate it."  turning, she again searched the faces of those assembled there. all she could do now was wait and see what this other dimension held for her.. what fears it would make her face in order to set right that which had been wronged
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I stood watching and listening to the group as each of them spoke their minds about the trip we will be taking, Octagon spoke to me making me grin in my own depression. I replied to him saying I do believe the last time we fought it was you who had his ass handed to him. smiling i stand up and I sense the thoughts if my son and that none of them had really met him face to face. Lexi's mind was troubled with doubt abounds and her face showed a smile even though I knew deep down she wasnt smiling, she needed some reassurance that we would all come back so I spoke.

"Dont worry snowflake we all who go will return, and We will find a way to make the past weeks all go away. But in case we run into some unsavory persons I have brought a partner you could say. One who can come in now!" I say the last part loud enough so that Goki can hear me. He walks in the door ducking down below the top of the door too tall for the door frame, as he stands up fully in the medical bay I finally realize he is much taller than I am. The others look at him before they all leave, many hanging their heads and glaring at him almost as if they were ignoring him. His own head hung low as if regretting coming when I ask, As lexi left she stood on her tippy toes and pulled his head down to hers and kissed his forehead whispering Thank you into his ear before leaving. The kiss did nothing to him and after a few moments of silence I broke it "You remind them all of what they used to be and what they fought for years to overcome. Almost a temptation to return to what they used to be, everyone in this room except Lexi was at one point an time Evil. We did many horrible things and I for one know I did unforgivable things. It will take time for them to accept you, but maybe this trip will do that for them. Show them that evil or not you are my son and someone who can be trusted." I stand waiting for a responce

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Jack hadn't been able to fight along side them in the crisis with Genesis for a few reasons...one, the birth of his son....two, he was still going through a mental crisis on his own, trying to decide what he should really do with his life, and three, most importantly, was Anna, back from the dead. She had been a vampire all along, and he had been blind to not see it.

Lately he had been hearing noises, though, things from the rooms a few halls down, more than likely Paladin's...it was like he was screaming without raising his voice, like there were strange mental things clawing away at him. Each morning he awoke with a stressgul look in his eyes, and he could understand why, who else could sleep with Nightmares like that......

For some reason,  it was like he had known what they were almost automatically.......he could never tell if his vampire senses were telling him other things too anymore. He was thankful that he didnt have to worry about drinking blood or being out in the sun, though, that would have ruined his life....or what much he had left of it.

Aidenn in another timeline hated him with a passion, and they even got into fist fights....but he tried not to think about it, he had other things to worry about, Andy in a coma, Lexi being sad....Paladin's dreams, and his overall sanity. He had declined many offers to join other teams over and over within the past week, and was glad that he had, this place was a family to him, forever.

Lately he had been feeling down though, nothing was really happening for him, and he felt that his friends and family weren't there to help him anymore, he was just stuck listening to how much people liked Andferne and missed him....he wondered if he was relevant. When he had been in times of need, he was fine on his own, they seemed to say, and no one ever said a word.

They didnt seem to notice that he kept and warded off poeple from their home all of the time, and saved them more times than they knew, and protected their name when they were assaulted...but it seemed all for naught. Regardless, he would try to help them in any way he could, whether it meant he be noticed or not.

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As LstPaladin made his way out of Andy’s room he noticed someone standing just outside the door. Although he did not know him, he recognized the person as DC’s son Goki.  Paladin hesitated for a moment then motioned with his head for Goki to follow outside.  Were all meeting outside” was all the thunder God said as he walked away.

Paladin stood outside alone for a brief moment, and then was joined by Hawk.  Paladin was very happy to see his friend and brother. Paladin smiled at Hawk and extended his hand.  As they greeted each other, words were not necessary. They had been together for a long time, both respected the other and Paladin felt more confident knowing Hawks strong arm would be there to help.

Then the two were joined by the newest member to Ice, Octagon.  As Octagon approached Paladin welcomed him, and nodded to him with approval.  “Your powers will be needed on this mission, stay ready and aware Octagon”

Paladin also noticed the other members were making their way to the group one by one.  As he took a few steps away from the group he noticed Rayne standing off from the group, and Lexi was with him.  Paladin walked over to them and smiled at Lexi, then looked at Rayne.

Rayne was the master swordsman, one of the most powerful fighters Paladin had ever seen.  He knew Rayne as a true warrior, both in mind and spirit. Paladin looked at Rayne, then said,

Rayne, your many hours of hard physical training for the last few months have not gone unnoticed.  It was as if you could sense this coming and you are ready and prepared for this encounter.  We need your battle savvy to help lead us into this battle.  Seeing you here makes me proud to be one of the dragons.

He put his hand on Rayne’s shoulder for a moment, then turned and walked away from the group.  Paladin stood silent for a moment, and then the skies quickly began to darken. 

Suddenly a glowing cloud surrounded Paladin.  The brightness of the light in the cloud was almost blinding.  Thunder BOOMED in the skies above and then three glowing figures could be seen standing beside Paladin.  As the cloud dissolved the three figures stood, as light emerged from them Paladin opened his eyes and recognized the three as Sif, the Enchantress, and……..ODIN himself.

As soon as Paladin saw the figure of Odin, he dropped to his knees.  Odin took a few steps toward him and said Arise, son of Preen, my adopted son.  You have now accepted your destiny, I am proud of you.  We have brought items to you which will help you in your quest.Know this, in spirit all of Asgard will be with you and your team of ICE DRAGONS   With that Odin stepped to the side and the Enchantress stepped forward.

The Enchantress presented Paladin with a ring.  Wear this ring as you travel, do not remove it, as when you need it most, the ring will provide you with an awesome power of which this world has not yet seen.  She placed the ring on his finger and stepped away with a tear forming in her eye.

Then Sif stepped forward, “Once before I presented you with this sword, and now I return it to you for all time.  You know well its power, use it well, Son of Preen”

As Sif stepped away Odin himself presented Paladin with the famed Belt of Strength.  Odin said not a word, and stepped away from Paladin.  Then as quickly as they appeared, they were gone.

Paladin’s resolve was strong, made even stronger by his family of ICE and by the visit of the Gods from Asgard.  As Paladin looked into the heavens the weather turned dramatically more violent; lightening streaked across the sky, thunder boomed the arrival of a historic event, and the wind began to blow with almost a tornado’s strength.  Then Paladin began to swing his magical hammer in a circle. 

Faster and faster the hammer swung around.  A powerful bolt of Lightening struck down, engulfing Paladin.  Paladin screamed out in vehemence and then a huge portal began to take shape.  The opening to another dimension was now open before them.  Their quest had now begun, the future of another world hung in the balance.  Now it was up to them to tilt the balance, and prove to all the purpose of true heroes.

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His words send shivers down my spine, my father often spoke to me in the same way. The soft and kind voice mixed with a tone that puts you in your place. The exact same way father used to make me feel, loved and hated at times. The words were true the others knew me nothing past that I am his son and the only thing reminding him of what he used to be. The world I reside in now is nothing of what I once knew that I will need to be different than before. That even if i choose to stay evil and make myself known to the world as Goki that I should do it with a secondary title "Goki the Son of Darkness" that if I want them all to respect me I should give respect.

I let father know none of my mind, other than telling him "You think I care what these fools think of me. I care not, if they care for me all the power to them If not oh flipping well. I come with you for one reason to show you that I am better and always will be and that you will never be like HIM." I sprint out the door of the medical lab and run upstairs and outside. Looking into the black night sky I remember my real father the man who brought me into this world. I also think of the woman who kissed my forehead and rub the spot she kissed and my cheeks blush for a moment. A memory of my real mother comes to mind, she did the same thing to what I remember as a small child. She was the one who really cared for me, her accent echoing through my mind. I wish to find her on this planet and see if she is the same, But i doubt it will ever happen. All I can do now is follow the fool into this fight and come out alive. Father followed me outside and now we stand with the others who will go with us on this journy

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The small med bay room filled up quickly. It seemed that almost everyone was there, and they were all there for Paladin. After Paladin and Lexi made their speeches, one thing was clear to Paragon. He was going somewhere crazy.

Damn. Brooke's going to be disappointed that I'm leaving. Guess I should go tell Laura I'm not coming to bed either. Damn.As the speeches were winding down, Paragon preformed some quick checks on Andy (With still no change), scribbled down some notes on his chart for whoever would be taking over as the doctor, and left Lexi alone with her husband. He slipped out silently, just as she placed a gentle kiss on her husband's lips.

Laura was asleep on top of the covers as Paragon slowly crept into the room. He stood over her sleeping figure for a moment and smiled, before gently shaking her awake. She stirred, and groggily opened her eyes, to see her husband standing above her, still fully dressed.

"Hmm... Hey Champ. Sorry, I guess I fell asleep there. Come on, get ready for bed." she said, while trying to force herself to smile and stay awake. Paragon gave her a half hearted smile, and went to speak, before being interrupted by her. "I know that look. You have to go somewhere for something right now. Don't you?" She asked, suddenly very awake.

Paragon could do nothing, but look guilty, and nod his head. She knew him well, and he didn't even know he was making a "I have to do some hero thing, and I know you won't like it" face. He knew she was used to it now though. He had been doing this sort of thing for years, from when he first got his powers and before she had discovered her's, to going off to train with Arrow, to last week. The two were so close, they didn't need telepathy to know what the other was thinking.

"I understand, Brendan. You have to do this. It's just who you are. I knew that when before we started dating. It's just who you are." she said, giving him a hug. "You're stuff's in it's case."

He opened the case, revealing his armor. It radiated a faint glow of light in the dark room, lighting up the shadows. Paragon stripped out of his streets, and suited up. He quickly threw on the Phoenix Armor, and checked his glasses one last time. [System check: Operational.] [Logging into ICE network: Access Granted] He was about to run out the door, when Laura stopped him again.

"Forgetting something?"

Brendan stopped and thought for a moment. "Right. Gotta say good bye to Brooke."

"I was going to say your sword, but good answer."

"Yea, I might need that." he said, as he turned back to her, grabbed his blade, gave her a kiss, and ran off to Brooklyn's room.

His daughter lay sleeping silently in her bed, the only sound coming from her aquarium, bubbling gently. He sat down carefully on her bed, though it was still enough to wake her.


"Hey Lemon. I'm going away with the team, but I just wanted to say good bye."

"Can I come?" she asked. It was her usual question since her powers had manifested. Paragon did his best to train her, enrolled her in the Prodigies program, and even busted up a few villains together, but still felt uneasy taking her on full team missions.

"Brooke, you know my answer."

"Not until I'm older." she pouted. "Fine."

"That's my girl." he said, as he ruffled her hair. "Now be good, help your mom, and maybe read the paper or something to Andy. I think he would like that." He gave her a kiss on the forehead, and with a flash, was gone.

He reappeared in front of the mansion, where the others were already assembled, and smelled something familiar in the air.

"Damn. I just missed out on seeing the gods, didn't I?" Before anyone could answer, lightning crashed down upon Paladin, and the portal to where they were going opened up.

"Alright guys. Let's go save someone else's universe!"

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He sat there across from this evil being, this parasite known as Exodus and just stared. Something had to give, sooner or later someone had to give in and let the other take over, but then what? what would happen if he won. Would he die or would the parasite die? Could it die? For all Andy knew his wife never made it outside of DC 's head and that Genesis had taken over and all of his world was lost. But there was that feeling though, he knew she was safe. Andy could feel his wifes touch once again, that bond. He would not let on to it though, he was not sure what Exodus knew but whatever he did Andy would not add to that. He would keep it secret he would keep it safe.

As the night fell this day he felt moisture fall on his cheek, instantly he gazed up to the stars in the moonlight and rain started to fall. The there was something in the rain. The drops patted down on his face and he reached out with his tongue to savor the taste of the rain, it had a sweet taste to it, there was salt in the rain......the rain was tear drops. Something was wrong, Lexi was hurting, he knew it. She was upset or worried, something had his wife in tears. He had to get to her, he had to make sure she was ok, and as far as he knew there was only one way of doing that.

His eyes dropped over at the unsuspecting Exodus and Andy screamed out "THIS ENDS NOW" he could feel his mutant power had returned, the powerful concussive blasts from behind his eyes started to build up and erupted in one large attack. The force was massive as it shot forth from his eyes and crashed in to the chest of Exodus. The evil parasite went crashing end over end with a scream of pain. Andy never once let up on the blast. His eyes were fully opened and he blasted down upon that evil scum. Minutes passed as he continued to wail away with his returned power. There was no holding back, there was only letting loose. The ground started to quake as Exodus was driven in to the ground, his body acted like a blade of a bulldozer tearing up the ground he shot across as Andy continued his onslaught.

The screams stopped, and once the dust settled no one was there, Andy was all alone in that large open pasture. Slowly however the place started to fall apart, large portions of the land started to fall into nothingness. Within seconds he found himself standing on only an foot of land, the stars surrounded him completely as he had no where to go. Then the last piece fell out from under him and he dropped in to the darkness. He fell for what seemed and eternity.

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A blast of light shot through the building wall. The dust cleared, and the pitch black hulk of the Hellhound lay doused in rubble. The source of the light could now be seen, a white wolf more sleek and refined compared to the scruffy and bulky hellhound. Suddenly, the hellhound got up and shook itself off, bits of brick crumbling off. It lowered its head and growling, revealing blood-stained yellow teeth. The Heavenhound stood proudly, almost regally, in defiance. The hellhound breathed in, and simultaneously the Heavenhound did as well. Time seemed to stop for a moment as both of their gaping maws opened to-

Ghoul sensed a presence in the room. Immediately she looked up from her book, but stared straight ahead. There was no need to let the person know she knew. After some more probing with her mental senses, she knew who it was, another member of ICE. She'd seen him right before she left to change, but at only a glance. He obviously didn't know she knew. She gigled eve so ilently and held her book up once more. She felt a tap on her shoulder and she turned. In front of her stood a Mer Man. She honestly didn't know whether it was real or if she'd accidentally opened that portal to the Mythical World again. She kept her face in check though, smiling all the way. He introduced himself as Cryo's brother, her face brightened up.

"Oh hey!" She ignored his webbed hand and went straight to hug him. She had to admit, the smell of salt water could be good at times. "Hi, I'm Verona." She smiled and sat back down, the chair suddenly turned to face him. "Cryo's mentioned me, huh? Figures." She smiled. "He mentioned his brother was on the team. I was hoping to see you." A quick glance to certain areas told her he was nervous, most likely around girls. Ghoul understood. The first time Cryo and her met, he stuttered for about a minutes straight. "He's away at Olympus now visiting you father, as you probably know. Something about his water not working right? I don't know really. You probably know more about it than I do." She realized she was rambling, and just in time too. She sensed the portal had opened.

"Oh! Looks like it's time to go, hun. Hold on." She jumped up with her things and finall took him up on that hand, and she murmured, "Mysticka Arcana Telepra." Soon they both vanished in a cloud of violet smoke, reappearing and entering the portal.

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As the ICE team traveled through the space warp all seemed peaceful, the swirling colors around them and the feeling of floating through space was indeed an experience.

The earth in the other dimension seemed peaceful enough.  Nothing was happening out of the ordinary, and people were going about their daily activities as usual.  The sun was shining brightly and there was not a cloud in the sky for miles out in the Midwest United States.

The hot midday sun was beating down on the typical small town.  In the middle of the town was a local café. The locals were there eating when one of them looked out the window.  He could see the darkness flow across the ground as large dark clouds began to quickly appear in the sky. 

The ground began to tremble; the dishes in the restaurant began to clink, clink, clink as the residents thought an earthquake was about to start.  Several of them ran to look out the window and those that did could see that now the sun was completely blocked out by the huge clouds in the sky.  Thunder began to boom and lightening raced across the sky.  The clouds seemed to go up so high into the sky they could not even see the tops of the clouds.

Then a bolt of lightening which looked to be a mile wide struck the ground, somewhere out there in the desert.  Not only did the lightening strike the ground, but it looked as if the bolt of lightening just kept on and on hitting the ground.

Then as suddenly as it started, it ended.  The clouds began to disappear, and the tremors, the thunder and lightening had ceased.

Out in the desert a huge wall of powerful energy was formed.  It circled around and around and just hovered above the ground…

LstPaladin was the first member of the team to emerge from the space warp.  He flew out of the opening, did a flip in the air and landed on the ground; the force of his landing caused a crater in the desert floor.  As Paladin rose to his feet he looked around.  Taking deep breaths he scanned the area to make sure it was safe for the rest of the team to enter.  After all of them were out Paladin would use the magic of his hammer to create an invisible shield around the opening. This would prevent anyone from seeing it and being able to travel through it back to their home world.  When the team needed it, the space warp would be there for them.  (Also Paladin wanted the team to have a way home in case something happened to him)

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As Octagon stood with the small crowd that had gathered around Paladin, a huge bolt of lightning struck the ground. The light was intense and piercing. Octagon looked away, but was still blind. Octagon looked back when the light was gone, but his vision was still a bit hazy. He could see three mysterious figures around Paladin. As Octagon's vision finally cleared, he could see that three gods stood over Paladin, giving him gifts of power and luck.

Octagon admired the sight of the gods, as they disappeared, and then he saw Paladin open the portal. The portal was dark and menacing. Octagon walked slowly toward the portal, and stuck a nervous hand through. He walked through, unharmed, and came into another bright place. He stumbled out of the portal, lost his footing, and flipped end-over-end into a huge crater in the sand.

He landed face first into the bottom of the crater, next to Paladin. He laid there for a second, embarrassed. Octagon rose, spit some sand from his mouth, and dusted himself off.

"Well, I'm here. But I'm not sure I went anywhere..."

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As he stood awaiting his teammates he continued to look on with the moon and its actions.It stood there perfectly still, like a luminous holy sphere hovering over the earths landmass.White gleams of light pierced through the clouds down unto the ICE manner illuminating its glorious architecture with its soft touch.He knew there was a reason for his training all along, the time had finally revealed itself where he had been needed by his teammates.The doors to mansion creaked open once again revealing Paladin and a few others who had followed his lead.Among them had been Lexi, Paragon, Mer-Man and the young enigmatic girl which he knew formally not yet.He glanced up at the sky which had already began thicken with dark clouds and rumble with the furious rage of thunder.As his eyebrows raised slightly in concern he felt a soft smooth hand rest on to his shoulder.

Thank you, for being here. For him.. for us. Andy would appreciate it

Her soft words soothed his uneasy spirit.Lexi had always been one of the most empathetic speakers of the ICE.It was as if she knew what to say and when to say it.The emotion in her words rang through clearly in his soul and he knew she meant it from the depths of her heart.

Andferne was like a brother to Rayne.This team, their lives, their brotherhood was something he swore to protect when he vowed his loyalty to ICE.He would protect the integrity and lives of the team to his dying breath.Some may have wondered why, but loyalty and devotion to those closest to the heart was a code the he lived by unquestionably.Although he had distanced himself from everyone else, it was all due to his strong need to protect them.He had waited there first to shield them.It may have seemed to be insensible but he knew that if something or someone were to attack, he would be the first to defend and if needed he would gladly give his life.

As he turned his head, he saw Paladin coming to join him and Lexi.He confronted Lexi with a smile and spoke to Rayne with a deep and sincere tone

Rayne, your many hours of hard physical training for the last few months have not gone unnoticed.  It was as if you could sense this coming and you are ready and prepared for this encounter.  We need your battle savvy to help lead us into this battle.  Seeing you here makes me proud to be one of the dragons.

Paladin's hand rested on Rayne's other shoulder for a slight moment before he had parted off to begin his opening of a celestial portal.His words echoed throughout Rayne's mind and into his heart.He remembered a battle that had been fought long ago between the two and Paladin's exact words.

Rayne, you were once a mighty hero, do not turn your back on those who need you. Now can be the time for you to embrace your destiny. Return to the side of good.

In his memory he could recall Paladin floating up above in the heavens speaking to him in an attempt to persuade him from his dark path.He also remembered a dark image of himself decked out in an all black leather attire responding with an obnoxious tone

You will never understand Paladin.I have chosen my path,I set my own destiny.If that destiny one day leads me back to the side of good then so be it,but I will not change for the pleads of others.

He chuckled softly under his breath as he reminisced on his words.How ironic it had been that his statement so long ago held so much truth within it.Paladin was one of his most dearest friends now and it was quite comical to even think that for a second they had been engaged in combat.Out of all the men he knew, Paladin was the second who he respected the most.His intentions had always been pure and considerate for others.He had always shown Rayne the utmost respect and had been well aware of his heroic potential.

The wind blew viciously like a hurricane as Paladin began to swing his hammer in circles.Rayne looked on with awe as he witnessed his comrades godly power.He had seen this power before in their battle long ago but it still captivated his attention easily.Suddenly, a bolt of lightning crashed into Paladin as he yelled out in what seemed to be a soul rattling battle cry.Paladin's voice echoed through the mountains that surrounded the ICE mansion.Rayne could  feel the ground below him trembling as the Asgardian descendant charged open a portal of colorful proportions.The lights swirled wildy and Rayne held his arms up to his face as to protect himself from being blinded.

Rayne looked around for a few moments and he could see that one of ICE's most recent members Octy had already made a comical entrance into the new world of the unkown falling into a pit of sand.Normally Rayne would have found the act humorous but his concern for the more serious matter at hand dominated over his sense of humor.He looked over to the son of preen and asked in a stern voice

What's our itinerary?

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she stood quietly, watching in awe as Paladin's family appeared. Odin. Enchantress. Sif. One by one, they approached him and bestowed upon him gifts for his journey. she had no idea they were.. so beautiful. there was an aura about them that bespoke of ageless wisdom and power. and despite all her gifts, she was humbled by them. the wind picked up a strand of her hair and blew it across her face, shielding her eyes. there were tears in them as she watched the Asgardian Lords retreat, leaving Paladin standing there with his teammates. suddenly, the wind picked up as he began to swing that mighty hammer of his. it circled overhead, whirling at such great speeds that as it sliced through the air, it whistled. there was lightning flashing and as the thunder boomed and echoed across the landscape, she flinched and she swallowed hard. storms had never been something she enjoyed. not even as a grown up. suddenly there was a massive flash of light and the dimensional portal appeared

one by one, the ICE Dragons entered the portal. she chose to go last, simply to assure the safety of everyone else. as she stepped forward, toward the portal there was a sharp pain in her mind and she screamed. clutching the sides of her head, she went to the ground onto her knees
"Andy! Oh god! Something's wrong! I know something's wrong!" Paladin looked at her, concern in his eyes "Lexi what's wrong? What's wrong!" he kept repeating it over and over and as she struggled.. she breathed heavily "Darkness.. All I feel is darkness! I can't reach him, Paladin! I have to go back! He needs me!" she struggled to her feet and she was about to take off running toward the mansion when his massive hand clamped down onto her shoulder "Lexi. Listen to me. Calm down. If her were gone, you would know. Wouldn't you?" he turned her around to face him, maintaining his grip on her arms. she stared up at him, her blue eyes brimming with tears "Yes. Yes, I'd know. I'd sense it. But Paladin, there's so much darkness. That isn't like Andy's mind at all. I.. I don't know what's wrong! I just want to be there for him." he released his hold on her shoulders and slid his hands down her arms to take hold of her hands. he pulled her close and hugged her. she swallowed softly and sighed "Paladin, I'm scared. I'm so scared. What do I do?" he tucked a strand of red behind her ear and he spoke, softly "You keep fighting. You do what needs done. You be the leader Andy knows you can be. That's all you can do. You keep your faith that he's going to come out of this." she closed her eyes and she shook herself. after a moment, she opened them back up and she turned and stepped into the portal, disappearing

the massive spirals of color were an incredible sight as they rode the wave. she felt lighter than air as she floated along side her teammates. she said her silent prayers to God to keep Andy safe for her until she returned. she needed her husband. she wouldn't be anything without him. suddenly, there was a bright disc of light ahead of them in the time stream and she gasped softly. it was the opening to the other end of the portal. they were almost there. Paladin opened it and he vaulted through first, landing on the ground with a mighty quake. they all followed suit, exiting the portal one by one. when it was her turn, she surrounded herself with her familiar blue TK shield and she glided out and landed soundlessly on the desert floor. with the cloaking shield in place, Paladin turned and looked at them as they stood there quietly. she lowered her shield and glanced around, tossing her head, her hair fluttering lightly
"It looks just like home. It could.. be home. I would never know the difference."
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Paladin stepped through the portal, followed by the new guy, Octy. Paragon was the next to go. He stepped in, and his world became awash with colours. Greens melded into oranges, reds to blacks as everything merged together, as if it were thrown in a blender. The sensation of weightlessness was dizzying for Paragon, and his insides felt like they were ding backfilps.

Then, as suddenly as it started, it stopped. He stepped out just in time to see Octy faceplant into the sand. Holding back a chuckle, Paragon surveyed the area, taking it all in, while the others walked through. It was the middle of a desert. Looked to be mid-western America. Only one way to find out for sure. He thought, hitting a button on the side of his glasses.

[Searching for ICE network] [Searching...] [Network not found] [Accessing Local Network] [Access Denied]

Denied? That's new. He thought. Damn new dimensions, with different internet... "Computer, override the code, and access all files on local news, history and anything else that might help us."  [Override in progress...]

He turned back to see Lexi step out. She was the last one out, and Paladin had started a cloaking spell, when a small golden blur burst forth from the portal, and hit Paragon square in the chest, sending him sprawling on the sand. Paragon opened his eyes seeing a set of familiar green ones looking back at him.

"Hi Daddy!"

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It was nice talking to Ghoul. She understood him, and despite his appearance, their conversation was very cordial. He couldn’t help but be surprised when she completely ignored his hand and went straight for the hug. It was something he was not used to. He could not think of a time since his transformation that someone had been that friendly to him on the spot. But as soon as their conversation started, it had to end, they needed to be on their way.

 Last Paladin was the first to step through the portal, and Lexi was the last. Mer-Man entered between Ghoul and Paragon…. It was not exactly where he wanted to be. Before Francis and Paragon had even met, they’re relationship was flawed. Paragon’s wife, Tempest was another sea dweller, a mermaid of sorts, but without any visible fish like qualities. She had wandered into the Mariana Trench without his knowing. Francis wasn’t allowed to take any chances with intruders, so he confronted her. The undersea battle almost killed Tempest, and it wasn’t until Cryo-Wolf and Poseidon himself stepped in that all issues were cleared up. Still, the memory of the incident was still fresh in both Francis’ and Paragon’s minds. How it would effect their positions on the team was still unknown.

He stepped through the portal. All the swirling colors of it was confusing, but at the same time, peaceful. He closed his eyes and all was well. For the first time in awhile, he felt, nice.

Then, all of the sudden, it just stopped and he was in somewhere new. Somewhere he had been before, but at the same time, completely unknown. It was a different world completely, and this was where they would spend their next few days. They had an important mission, and Mer-Man was more than ready to help accomplish it.

 He looked around. There was nothing… nothing but sand. They were in the middle of a desert devoid of any kind of vegetation whatsoever. It looked like the area hadn’t been touched by rain in years. Francis didn’t like deserts for obvious reasons, being part fish, was probably the biggest. The sun beamed down on him, he felt like his scales were on fire. His feet were completely covered in the burning sand. This was one of the times when he wished he wore more clothes than just pants while walking on land. Shoes would have been ideal for his situation.

 “Guys, don’t tell me we came all the way out here for a fish fry. It’s burning up,” said Mer-Man with a smile. He looked around to see no one laughing but Ghoul was struggling to stifle a giggle. “Alright, I’m ready to do whatever we need to do.”

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Paladin stood and surveyed the surrounding area.  He raised his hammer, and using its mystic power was looking for heat signatures which would reveal if there were any living beings close to them.  It appeared there were several people gathered together, but they were at least 20 miles away. 

Paladin had seen Octagon fall, but pretended not to notice.  Then Rayne was there, and the others were coming out of the portal, one after the other.

Rayne was standing next to Paladin and Octagon.  As they stood there together Rayne asked“What's our itinerary?” 

Paladin placed his hand on Rayne’s shoulder and said, “I have scanned the immediate area, and saw no signs of beings around us, there is a town about 10 miles to the west of us.  Please, Rayne take a look around our perimeter and make sure it is secure.  I am going to take a quick flight around the area and see if I can find anything of significance to our mission.”

Paladin called out to Lexi, I am going to scout around, heading north and east, once Hawk comes out of the portal, get him to fly out west and south for a look around.  I will be back shortly

With that the son of Preen smiled at his friend and launched himself up into the sky.  As he flew he could not help but see how much this place was like the earth he knew.  The same sun, earth, heat, and elements were apparently here.  Paladin wondered how the people here would react to the team’s appearance.  Also he really did not know what would be their first step in beginning this mission.  But also Paladin could feel the absence of the Asgard of this world, and the overbearing evil presence in the heavens.  Lost in his thoughts Paladin flew toward a spot in the desert which seemed to call to him.

Paladin landed down upon the hot, dry sand of the deserted desert.  The wind was blowing some of the sand around.  The area was barren, with no signs of civilization anywhere to be seen.  Paladin thought about what needed to be done, then came up with a plan.

In his mind it seemed he could hear the words, where there is the son of Preen there is Asgard.  Of course, the first step would be to bring back the city itself, Asgard.  That way the Gods would have a home to come back to.

Paladin began to focus his Godly power into a single force.  Lightening began to strike the ground, and clouds once again rolled into the area.  Paladin began to dance around, similar to the way Native American Indians had done centuries before.  He raised his magic hammer, and the thunder began to crack and rumble.

FWOOM, FWOOOM, FWOOOOOM could be heard as he swung the hammer around and around.  The dust flew from the ground, and now the clouds were covering an area of over 30 square miles.  The awesome display of power could be seen for hundreds of miles, and did not go unnoticed by the town nearby, or by the authorities watching their radar screens.  The powerful storm was even on the evening news.

Paladin spread his arms out wide and with a thunderous voice he cried


The strain on the son of Preen was great, the stress and excursion of his Godly power was magnificent, and finally through the dust, and clouds it appeared.


Paladin stood and marveled at the site.

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Rayne waited for his comrade's response while looking around into the new dimension he had just entered.They had appeared in what seemed to be the middle of nowhere, sand dunes stretched out for miles in each direction.The blistering sun beamed against his forehead causing his face to become moist with perspiration in only a few minutes after their arrival.He had began to wish he had never brought along his black trench coat for it seemed that he would die of heat exhaustion if kept on any longer.His eyes squinted as a defense mechanism from the sun's glare.In the distance he could began to see everything in a wave like motion.The desert had to have at  least reached up to one-hundred and ten degrees Fahrenheit, it almost proved to be somewhat annoying to Rayne.

After Paladin had observed the parameter at first glance he replied to Rayne's earlier question:

I have scanned the immediate area, and saw no signs of beings around us, there is a town about 10 miles to the west of us.  Please, Rayne take a look around our perimeter and make sure it is secure.  I am going to take a quick flight around the area and see if I can find anything of significance to our mission.

Rayne noted in agreement to Paladin's orders:

Very well.I'll scout the area and give you a head's up once everything is clear.

Paladin had chosen the right member to do a quick recon of the area.Rayne's keen senses and amazing speed would help make the task almost effortless if not easy.

He faded away like a false hologram image, leaving only a small cloud of dust where his feet once were.As he darted forward he took huge dashes fading in and out of sight as he made small teleportations to the north.He traveled so fast that it seemed as if he had been gliding over the sandy plains.Jet streams of beige sand trailed him as he bolted along the empty desert.He began to feel his body heat intensifying as he progressed in his travel.Becoming annoyed with his heavy dark coat, he casted it off like an unwanted baby blanket leaving it fluttering in the distance behind him.

The desert showed no signs of life as he continued to scan the area.He decided to call the area coast clear and began to meet back at the rendezvouspoint aka the portal which Paladin had opened .Making his way back to the group he felt a sharp sense run through his body.He could feel the presence of another being.He turned his head mid dash to face his rear and saw a hooded cloaked figure off into the near distance.His left eyebrow raised up in suspicion and he quickly halted his dash, putting his left foot in front of him, heel up.The sand kicked up in rejection as he skidded to a slow stop.He could feel the sand entering his sandals but at that point he could careless.He turned around and began another quick dash in the opposite direction of where he had been going to meet up with the other members of ICE in hopes of catching up with the hooded figure to see it posed a threat.

Hey!! Sto-

He paused before he could finish his sentence.As he had made his way closer and closer to the figure, the cloaked being turned around and began to walk away.The figure removed its hood and looked back at the investigative Rayne and smiled with a menacing grin.What Rayne saw made his words freeze up like the coldest frostbite.It was the man in his dreams.The same being who had impaled him dead in the chest causing his painful dark death.Rayne's eyes shot open with fear and horror as he looked into the mirror image of himself.Within a matter of seconds the man faded out of view as a sandy wind blew to the left.It seemed as if the wind had picked him up and carried him away like his own personal chauffer.

For a while, Rayne stood in the same position bewildered.His mouth somewhat open in disbelief.Had his eyes been playing tricks on him?Was he experiencing a mirage?Whatever the case was he knew what he saw had looked as crystal clear as the ICE lair's combat droids.His hand was still outstreched from his previous call to the mysterious figure.After a few moments he looked down into the sand earth below him.His eyes flickered twice before he looked up into the blazing sun.His eyes squinting once more he said:

Your a tricky bastard aren't you?

It had been a joke to relieve himself of the utter confusion and shock that he had just experienced.He turned back once more and continued back to his normal route.As he made his way through the barren desert he wondered to himself if he should even mention the fact that he might have seen himself.He wasn't even sure himself if he had seen the mirror image of his own.Maybe it was just his insecure feeling of the mission and earlier nightmare's that migh have sparked a small illsuion.Whatever it was he decided it be not best to mention anything, but he knew one of the other's would find out, regardless of his secrecy.

As he made his way back to the group he saw Mer-Man, Lexi, Paragon and the others standing together.He reported in to the second-in-command with a slow unsurity in his speech.


His eyebrows drawn together in a scrunch of worry.If anyone should ask, he would jus reply with

That damn sun is really harsh on the face!

With a slight comical tone to help convice its audience.
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she'd just exited the portal when the golden blur shot by her and impaled itself into Paragon's chest. her eyes widened in astonishment as that playful, sing song "Hi Daddy!" rang out "Brooke? Brooke, what are you doing here?" concern filled her blue eyes and she just looked over the top of Brooke's head and into Paragon's eyes. he too bore the look of worry "This isn't the place for you, kiddo. You know that. You have to go home. Your mom must be worried sick by now."

shaking her head, she turned and walked away, leaving father and daughter to hash out this unexpected surprise. the dirt crunched under her boots as she walked, a filmy coating of dust settling on the tops of them. Paladin had taken measures to dispatch Rayne to check on the status of their surroundings at ground level while he, himself had taken to the air. With Hawk emerging from the Portal at last, he too took flight and began to check their surroundings to the south of their position. this left her in the company of Mer-Man, Verona, Paragon, and the wayward time jumper Brooke. she turned a small 360 degree circle, simply looking up at the sky. the same warm blue, the same puffy clouds.. it really was no different. not to the visible eye of course. but the mind's eye was far more keen. something simply felt off here and whether that was due to the absence of the Asgardians or the.. emergance of something else.. she couldn't really tell. far back in the recesses of her mind, that buzz told her to be careful. told her.. to be prepared

off in the distance, Paladin had landed on the cracked desert floor. she didn't know what he was doing, but she sensed he was using a great deal of his powers for whatever purpose it was. she watched as a dust storm began to kick up, but its confined space seemed to suggest they themselves were in no danger. suddenly, bolts of ligtning struck the ground and she jumped at the sound. her hand covered her mouth as she watched bolt after bolt scorch the earth, leaving the black marks as evidence. there was no way a display of this magnitude would go unnoticed. no matter if the land was barren or the nearby town all but deserted. suddenly, the voice echoed through the sands of the storm. it was a mighty yell, full of power. with its commanding force, the sand storm was blasted apart. dust dropped like rain from the sky as if by will alone. and when all was settled and quiet once more, Asgard loomed on the horizon. gleaming.... guilded....it glistened in the hot sun, a splendor to behold. the group all marveled in its majesty

she saw Paladin once again, the hammer at his side, standing before the glistening city of the Gods and she could feel his pride swell within him
"You did good, my brother. You did good." it was whispered upon the winds and as it drifted its way to him, she felt the smile he now wore. Hawk returned with a report that all was clear by his sight and as they waited for Rayne to return, she felt.... a familiar mind touch her own. familiar, but foreign all the same. she turned her head as if she felt someone was standing right behind her. the wind swept a strand of red across her face and she reached up and brushed it back"He's...here?"it was said only to herself, for she was unsure of what she was feeling. something had touched her mind.. someone had caressed her thoughts, but if it was who she was thinking? how would it be possible? she thought back to the warning Paladin had given them before stepping through time and space. "You may encounter your alternate selves. They may... or may not be... what you expect. Be prepared." the touch had been so light that she couldn't be sure at all. not if it was good.. or bad

Rayne approached the group once more and as he came closer she saw something.. in his eyes. Fear? Unsettling fear. the kind that only dwells in the nightmares of men. she walked over to him and she studied him quietly
"Coast...Clear.." the uncertainty could be heard in his voice. while he said what they all wished to be said, it was what he was not saying that concerned her "Thank you, Rayne..." she nodded gently to him. as she stepped closer to him, she lowered her voice..."Now why don't you tell me what's really going on? I don't need to be a telepath to see.. or know something's wrong. What happened? What did you see that's put that look of fear into your eyes?"
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LstPaladin’s chest heaved up and down as he breathed heavily.  He stood looking at the Godly city which was now before him.  Paladin knew he was now looking at not only the Asgard of this world, but the former home of his father, his family, and his fellow Gods.

The son of Preen stood in the sand, as the wind blew around him, causing his cape and blond hair to swirl around.  As he gazed on the magnificent structures he knew there was one more act needed to make this whole.

Paladin stood tall, and raised his hammer up above his head.  He closed his eyes and began to concentrate his Godly power into a single thought.  The lightening once again returned and began to strike all around, and then several bolts of lightening all hit the hammer at once; which resulted in a massive explosion of power that engulfed the city.

The intensity of all his might caused the earth to tremble.  The ground shook, and massive strikes of lightening were all around.  The wind was blowing harder now as Paladin opened his eyes and squinted as he looked at the city.

Then a massive rift in the ground quickly ran around the base of the city.  The whole mass of earth on which Asgard sat began to rise up into the sky.  The rumble of the earth was tremendous as Paladin watched the miraculous event unfold in front of him.


The entire city of now rose up into the heavens, higher and higher it went until it reached its resting place among the clouds.

Paladin’s body was weary, but he jumped up into the sky and flew toward Asgard.  When he landed upon the streets of this Godly place he was overcome with the emotion of it all.  The grandeur of this place touched his heart, and now he thought of his father.  He had not even considered how he would feel once he came face to face with his father, his family of this world.

Paladin walked over to the edge of the city and looked down upon the ground.  His mind now went to thoughts of his team, and of Lexi.  He called to his sister with his mind, telling her to bring the entire team here, now to Asgard.  This would be their home while on this world, and a plan of action needed to be prepared. 

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Ghoul was lost in the spectrum of whirling colors. They danced on her eyes, vexxing her in ways unimaginable. She was left with her mouth wide in awe and her eyes bulging when it suddenly ended. She quickly looked around to see that no one had seen it. She straightened up and for once looked around. She didn't see much, just desert. Sand. More sand.

"Where are we? There's just sand. Sand. More Sand. Oh look! A tumbleweed! Nope that was just more sand." She looked down at the sand at her feet. "Oh, come on! It'll take me ages to get sand out of these boots!" She crossed her arms and looked around some more, every so often the hot wind blowing her strands of hair across her eyes. She saw Mer-Man suffering in the heat, and couldn't help but giggle at his remark. "Oh, sweetie. Here you go. Mysticka Arcana Aquatar!" Her hands glowed violet as water seemingly flowed from them. She manipulated it to soothe his burning skin, and willed it to stay there. Upon quick glance, she saw Paladin perofrming something that looked like those Native American spiritual dances. "I thought he was Norse...?" Ghoul mumbled to herself. She was taken aback by the bolt of lightning and amazed by the sight of Asgard. Cryo had taken her to Olympus once, and that's what it reminded her of.

Then she felt it.It started off as a chill running down her spine, but it moved a certain way, different from normal chills. She only got this chill when Cryo was near. She moved to Mer Man and whispered. "Francis...he's here." Her violet eyes lookd up into his and faltered. She had known they might've encountered alternate selves, but she was hoping she would find herself. That part she could live with. But she really couldn't stand seeing what had changed about Cryo. "I don't know want to see him here. Not him." She looked down and kicked some sand, not knowing what to do.

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The portal opened, expectedly.....another dreary morning for Jack, he had seen so much pain in the last few weeks. He almost immediately knew what was going on....there was a portal in front of him to Last Paladin's world, the final place of birth and death....wait, what? The words had just come to him....he didn't know what they meant, but he felt that he had a lot of history with Asgard....the world seemed beautiful to him as he stepped out of the portal.

For soem reason or another he felt like he had been through this place many times, but he ignored the feeling...as he stepped through a world fallen with snow, he didn't see anyone else....but he felt a need to start running, running like nothing mattered. They were all far ahead of him, he knew it, he had been too late...but he would catch up to them.....for some strange reason or another, he had a foreboding feeling of darkness around him.

It was as if he knew that he was going to encounter someone he had known for a long time....but at the same time, changed. He wondered how Andy was doing, and if Lexi was here. He was sure to find Rayne Hawk and Paladin, but he worried about Lexi,,she had taken this the worst, naturally...and he, well, unfortunately, had been indifferent about it like he always was. It had been a long time since he cared about anything to much that he would throw himself out on a line....though he was trying.

He felt his heart pulsing and racing slowly as he charged throughout the other worldly realm...and he felt as though he was alone...searching for a lost family, like a lost child...the sky seemed to be a dense yet pretty grey as he charged through it, looking for the rest of Ice....wherever they were...

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When he had made it back to the group, the others had already arrived.He could tell at just one glance that his amphibious comrade Mer-Man wasn't paticularly fond of the enviorment let alone at peace with it.The girl know as Ghoul had been considerate enough to cast a floating water around him through what seemed to be some sort of spell.

When he had reported in, Rayne looked into Lexi's deep soft blue eyes.For some reason they had a mystic hold on him and he couldn't maintain his casual facade.She knew something was wrong, hell anyone would've known something was wrong if they looked deep enough into his eyes.They glistened with a fearful shock to them, as if he had seen some sort of ghost.Lexi responded to him with gentle words:

Thank you, Rayne...

she showed her gratitude for making sure everything had been clear, but she pressed forward towards him and asked in concerned low  tone:

Now why don't you tell me what's really going on? I don't need to be a telepath to see.. or know something's wrong. What happened? What did you see that's put that look of fear into your eyes?

She saw right through him like a glass window.It was already apparent that he had been hiding something and her powers weren't even necessary to make that simple assessment.As her words reached him, he put his head down and looked to the right.His eyes dulled down to a half open saddened state as he replied:

I seen him...But it wasn't me...The man I saw in my nightmare..I-I can't explain...

As hard as he tried to give her an explanation he couldn't.It was too difficult for him to put into words at the time.There was only one other way he could.He reached his hands out and grabbed one of her's and raised it slowly to his forehead.As he closed his eyes, he released all his thoughts and began to think about the dream he had before they had all departed from the ICE manner.Visions of a stormy gray sky and lightning filled his mind.Next he remembered his battered and broken body and the last was the worst part.The cold numb feeling in his chest as a blade penetrated through it smoothly.The identical face looking him dead in the eye with a devious grin.

Then he began to recall on his short term memory of the quick recon he did a few moments ago.The hooded cloaked figure, walking away.Once again the face appeared as the same in his dream, removing its hood and looking back at him with that same deadly smile.Once the memory of the sandy wind blowing the figure away cleared, his mind went back to darkness as he closed it back up sealing the remaining centuries of thoughts and forsaken memories.

He hoped she would get it by now, after all she was a telepath.As she finished reading his mind, Rayne heard a loud yell that sounded like Paladin's voice.That loud and proud base in his voice gave his identity away with ease, well at least to those who knew him well.The ground began to tremble just like before they had entered this realm when Paladin had opened the portal.A huge cloud of smoke blew out in a dome fashioned manner in the distance as lightning struck hard in its positon.The winds picked up quickly as sand began to blow in the teams direction, pelting them with its rough grainy surface.

That Paladin.Does he even know how to whisper?

Rayne asked in a comical gesture grinning halfway while holding up his right arm to shield his eyes from the pesty sand.

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Paragon lay on the desert floor, shocked, with his daughter sitting on top of him, smiling at him.

"Brooke? Brooke, what are you doing here?" he looked over to Lexi for some help in convincing the young girl to head back.

"This isn't the place for you, kiddo. You know that. You have to go home. Your mom must be worried sick by now." she said to Brooke, concerned. The two adults exchanged concerned glances, before Paragon brought his attention back to Brooke.

"Brooklyn Elizabeth, what did I just tell you before I left?"

"Ummm... Not until I was older."

"Right. So what are you doing here, Lemon?"

"Well, technically I'm older than when you last told me, and I thought it was enough." she explained, capping it off with a big toothy smile.

Damn it. Beaten by my own smart-ass logic. He thought. Despite how much she looked like her mother, it was moments like this that showed she had really taken after her father, which made him smile. Maybe she can.... No! No. Laura will kill me. "Lemon, does Mom know you're here?"

Brooke thought for a second. "No, she was still asleep. But a wrote a note for her! See?" she said, pulling a folded up piece of paper out of her pocket which read "Mom, I went with Dad. He said it was OK. Love Brooke."

He took the note from Brooke and read it over, before crouching down to her height and putting a hand on her shoulder. "Well, it's good to see your trying to let us know where you're going, but you're supposed to leave the notes there. Though, I'm glad you didn't give Mom this one." He crumpled up the note into a ball and threw it over his shoulder. "Now, Lexi's right. You need to go home."

"But I don't want to. I want to be here with you, Daddy. Pleeeeease?" she begged.

"Brooklyn, I can't...." He was suddenly interrupted by the sight of the massive city rising into the sky.

"Holy crap." They both said together.

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There he was falling in the darkness alone, it was so cold and empty. He felt as if he was being torn into pieces as he fell. He could feel the pain of his wife, Lexi had felt him, he knew it could feel it with his soul. But then it was gone, just as fast as he had felt her she was gone. There was this bright light and his eyes started to open, it was all still so very blurry but there was no mistaking the evil face that glared down on him. "Sinister" was all he got out of his mouth before the darkness came once more. A strong physic assault was barraged on him by not only Sinister but Exodus as well.

Once he awoke he found himself again in that open field, but this time it was different, the grass was brittle and brown. The surrounding trees were bare, it was all dead. Feeling the dark presence behind him he spun around to face what danger there was, and just as he thought there stood the massive beat known as Exodus. His dark red skin glowing as if it was in flames, the massive claws shined razor sharp as he gritted his teeth towards the hero. However there was another presence beside the huge beast.....Sinister.

"Get out of my head @$$hole" screamed Andy as he went to shoot out a massive optic blast, but there was nothing and Exodus just cackled away "Whats the matter Hero, are you defenseless, isolated, alone, powerless? his laugh faded off as Sinister stepped forward, his hand outstretching calling upon his power of telekinesis. As Andy charged forward to try and attack them Sinister smiled his telekinesis had taken hold of Andy's body and jolted him up and in the air. He was held there motionless "You fool, do you really think that someone as weak minded as you can fight against one of the strongest telepaths in the world?You friends are gone, they are all dead. How else do you think I was able to get here, to be in your pathetic excuse of a head. We killed them, all of them. As you laid there in a coma Exodus had taken over your body and tortured each one of your precious ICE Dragons. He pulled them apart limb by limb. It was my hand and MY hand only that stayed him from killing your beautiful Lexi. You felt her, I know you did and she remains alive because of me. I want you to sit here and think of this offer Hero. Think on it long and hard because I only offer it once. Give in to Exodus once more and let him take control, do that and I will spare Lexi's life"

He released his hold on Andy and he fell violently to the ground crashing into it. He could swear he was shoved down and not just dropped. Andy quickly rose to his feet and looked at Sinister, dead in his glowing red eyes "F@#K off Sinister, I know you would never hurt her like that. Your obsession with her won't allow it""FOOL" screamed Sinister as he shot forth his massive energy blast, coupled with a physic assault and kinetic blast. The three powers ripped into Andy's body and he fell limp, his body torn ragged as he crashed into the ground unconscious.

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From this point on Paladin’s usual smile would not be seen on his face.  His resolve, his manner now was one of seriousness.  There was far too much at stake here, too many lives hung in the balance.  Paladin could feel his Godly power flowing through his body as never before.  Now he knew he had to use his full potential, holding back nothing.  This would be the only way success could be achieved.  It would take all his strength, his cunning, and all the combined powers of his ICE family for this miracle to be achieved.

As he awaited the arrival of his friends, he moved through the empty halls of this new Asgard.  There were many memories alive here all of which came flooding into his mind.  He could see and feel visions of things of long ago, of Gods and Goddesses, of vows made and promises kept.  This mission was indeed one which could bring much pain to the son of Preen.

Then Paladin found himself in the great throne room.  The grandeur of this room could not even be described.  Its beauty and presence was breathing.  The room where his father had ruled this city long before.  Paladin stood in silence as he began to hear the voices in his head.  The voices became louder as he could make out what was being said to him.

The lost Gods of this world wait for you son of Preen, their only hope is that you will find them, that you will search through the world and fire and the end of all things if need be…..in order to restore them.

Paladin raised his hands to the side of his head, as the pain started to build inside him.  Paladin raised his voice asking Where are they, where should I search for them?

They live on, in the hearts and souls and minds of mortals.  They only need to be found, and awakened.

The pain inside Paladin’s head became more intense, as Paladin searched his thoughts for answers.  Paladin rubbed his head as he called out Sif, Heimdall. Balder, Fandral, Volstagg………..  Can your souls hear me? Do my words find you, in the hearts of mortals?  If so then hear this vow I make to you now………I shall find you, though I may have to come the four corners of this world, I shall find you all.

Paladin made his way back outside onto one of the large balconies which over looked the area to the east.  Paladin saw movement coming toward Asgard.  Someone or something was making its way directly toward them.  Paladin squinted his eyes and could see this creature was not a mortal, So Paladin immediately jumped off the balcony and landed directly in the path of the oncoming creature.

As the demonic presence approached Paladin did not speak.  The individual was tall, almost 10 feet if Paladin guessed correctly.  Its skin was a deep red color and its wings were huge.  The creature stopped about 30 feet away from the son of Preen and with a smirk on its hideous face spoke.

Well what do we have here; I have not seen anyone like you around here before.  Are you some kind of hero or just a fool to think you can raise that city here without permission………Tell me fool are you registered, or are you one of those hero holdouts without the sense to surrender to the authority of the government.  

Paladin stood tall, and did not respond.

What you can’t speak…. Are you deaf or dumb or maybe both…HaHaHaHa,

You did not think you could get away with this, now surrender to me and I will spare your life………

Still the son of Preen did not speak, but stood tall staring a hole into the boastful being before him.

Our satellite recon photos confirm you and a small group of others are out here in this desert.  We can take you all by force if we want, or force you to do what we say. Either way you will bend to the will of the authorities and those here that sit in power.

Paladin had enough and began to address the figure of authority standing before him.

Is this how you greet a stranger in your midst, with threats and aggression?  Has the government of this nation sunk to the level of thugs and criminals?  Paladin’s voice became more firm as his anger began to rise.

You dare to speak to me in such a way.  You and your so called authority have no idea with whom you deal.  Know this vile one, I am LstPaladin, son of the God Preen and I along with my team have come here to restore the Gods to their rightful place in this world. 

By this time lightening was all around Paladin as he raised his arms out to his sides.  The creature immediately attacked Paladin, racing toward him in an attempt to over run him.  Paladin met the attacker head on, striking him with the strength and fury of the God he was.  After a brief struggle, the demon was brutally defeated and was lying on the ground. Paladin picked up the creature with one hand, grabbing him by the throat.

LstPaladin pulled the creature up close to his face, and after staring fear into him with only his stare Paladin spoke again

Give your orders and ultimatums to those who choose to obey, or are too cowardly to fight, NOT ME or learn again the difference between a God of Thunder and a weak errand boy of the so called authorities of whom you speak. 

And for your masters, since power is all they seem to understand tell them that Paladin says this…….If I am provoked again I will unleash such a fury of storms upon them which the likes they cannot even imagine. No city or structure will be able to survive the fury of those storms.  And those storms will be only the beginning of their education. For now I will stay my wrath against them, do not give me reason to change my mind.

Paladin released the defeated creature and said, now go deliver the message to you leader.

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with the glistening city on the horizon, she turned and again looked to Paragon and their little stowaway, Brooke. he was busy trying to convince her that she should return home, but the witty youngster was having none of that. she excused herself from the conversation when she felt Rayne's hand touch her shoulder. walking over a few paces away with him, the two talked briefly before he lifted her hands to the sides of his head and closed his eyes

the barrier down, the invitation given; Lexi slipped into his mind with little effort. she watched as the sequence of events unfolded, much like a person would watch reel footage of a movie. it was raw, grainy... but it was vivid in its content. she let out a gasp as she saw the sword pierce Rayne's chest, his blood dripping off as it was withdrawn. and as the hooded figure turned and revealed himself, there was a moment where she felt she couldn't breathe
"Mirror images...." it was murmured quietly under her breath as the dream sequence faded and she lowered her hands from his head. he opened his eyes and she leaned in and hugged him, softly "It's okay, Rayne. I saw. And I believe I understand now. I believe you just experienced an encounter with your yet unforseen self from this dimension. But just because you dreamed it, doesn't make it truth. All truth is a matter of perception, affected by a great many factors. You will not die by your own hand. I'll see to that."

the embrace broken, she took a step back and she squeezed his hand before sending him the softest of smiles. Of all here, Rayne was perhaps closest to Andy other than herself. That alone allowed them to share a silent bond. He never proclaimed himself her brother, but she felt closer to him after having looked into his mind and in the far recesses, felt the devotion he carried for Andy. she was about to speak when she was stopped by the soft whisper inside her head. Paladin called to her from Asgard. closing her eyes, she answered him, her telepathic voice as soft and lilting as her own natural one
"Paladin, I have heard your request and I shall bring them. Prepare for our arrival."

opening her eyes, she looked at the group and she spoke
"Dragons, if you would all come together please. Form a tight group around me. We're on our way to Asgard, courtesy of Air Lexi. Please keep all hands and feet away from the TK field. The flight is a short one, so please stand and enjoy the ride!" the wind began to whip around her as she reached deep within and tapped a small portion of her Dragon force. she began to emit the blue aura from around her, the tendrils of her soft, red hair whipping softly, fluttering around her. suddenly, a large blue shell formed around the group and as she ascended from the desert floor, the group ascended with them. there were soft gasps, a murmur of "Don't you drop me, snowflake" coming from Darkchild, a snort from his son Goki, and a squeal of delight from the young Brooke. the group began to fly across the sky above the desert, landing several moments later at the city gates of Asgard. the descent was gradual and once their feet touched, the blue shell dissipated and she herself landed, falling to one knee

Paladin rushed to her side and helped her up. she tossed her head softly and sent him a weary smile "I'm fine. I'm fine. When I use the Dragon force, it tends to drain me more. I just need to rest." Paladin ushered them through the gates, escorting them into the holy city. the one revered by all. God and Man alike. she looked around softly and smiled at the beauty she saw. with Mer-Man safely out of the sun, Verona at his side, Paragon and Brook engaged in more father-daughter banter, Darkchild and Goki giving one another more scowls, and Rayne looking at Hawk and Octagon as they took in the sights, she took the opportunity to find a small, removed spot to rest. she laid down on the cool floor and closed her eyes

with her mind at rest, it was again open. the typical barriers held in place wern't as strong. she thought of him, seeing him in her mind's eye as he laid there so still on that table in the med bay. her heart was still breaking every moment she was away. she didn't wish to rush any mission, but she just wanted to be home with him. suddenly, there was a sharp spike within her mind.. as though that mental link with him had been re-established. her eyes flew open and she sat up
"Andy.. Andy can you hear me? Andy!" but just as soon as that door opened, she felt a massive combined force slam it shut. someone.. was cutting him off from her. she scrambled to her feet and was about to return to the group with the commotion from outside the city startled her. she turned and began to run. she arrived just in time to see Paladin fighting with the winged creature. its skin was a blood red, its wing.. massive. she let out a shocked gasp as she watched them go round, taking shots at each other. soon, Paladin had defeated the massive beast and as he tossed it aside, she heard him warn the creature "Now go deliver the message to your leader." swallowing softly, she crossed her arms and watched the creature fly off into the distance "Paladin, what was that? What do you mean by... his leader?"
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As Darkchild stood watching the lone beast fight he watched as his brother took the beast down with little effort. Goki stood next to him itching for a fight and Darkchild held him back telling him "When the fight starts we will have more than enough fun, but now wait." Darkchild put his arm on Goki's chest and his son slapped it away with a scowl "Dont tell me what to do, You are not my father. " Goki notices that the fight was over by the time Darkchild had finished "And dont worry looks like hes got it covered. This world seems boring nothing going on. When is something going to..." Goki stopped mid sentence and both he and his father almost looked like they went into a place in their minds....searching.

Darkchilds eyes glazed over tapping into his own telepathic powers straining against a force that seemed all to familiar bringing Goki along for the ride. "I know that signature something...seems way too familiar." Darkchild digs further scrapping at the walls that were put up the power growing as he dug and then he utters a word "Andy?" Then both he and Goki were thrown backwards the feedback from the search sending them flying. Goki was able to land swiftly using his speed mid-air but Darkchild flew and slammed hard into the sand. Darkchild stood up as Goki ran up to Darkchild helping him to his feet something that took Darkchild by surprise, but he ignored it searching all around him. Then he looks at Lexi with an almost pale face then over to Goki and pulling him in close and whispering "Do not let Lexi out of your sight is this understood, the one thing I ask of you is help me keep my eyes on her. The force that just slapped the sh!t out of us was of a source I know...it was Andy." Goki looks at Darkchild as if he was going mad "But isnt he in a coma back at your base? How can that be?" Darkchild looked at Goki then too Lexi making sure he wasnt heard "Paladin said in this world we have counter parts and I believe that this world version of Andy is corrupt and evil beyond our power to turn him. Just do as I say." Goki nods listening to his father then they both get up and look off into the distance waiting for the battle they know is coming.

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Octagon dumped sand out of his boot, and stood at the bottom of the crater as the rest of the group filed in. He tried to stand tall, and look important like he hadn't just made the stupidest move he'd ever made. The sun beared down on everyone like a relentless school bully. It was mocking them, especially Mer-Man. Octagon was affected, but he was not showing signs of it. He regulated his body temperature at an amazing rate.

Then the sand storm whipped around. The thunder tossed about like a child that was not getting it's way. Then, as suddenly as the storm had mustered, it was gone. Octagon looked into the distance, and saw a shimmering city. He could already tell that it was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen. Then the city suddenly rocketed toward the heavens. It was up pretty high, almost so high that Octagon could no longer see it.

Octagon could also sense that their was an inner conflict within the group. He saw Lexi and Rayne discussing something private. Being new to the group, he didn't want to interfere. He stayed his distance, and surveyed the area. There was sand. And there was sand. And guess what, more sand. Octagon couldn't see anything for miles, except sand....

Then Lexi began to speak.

"Dragons, if you would all come together please. Form a tight group around me. We're on our way to Asgard, courtesy of Air Lexi. Please keep all hands and feet away from the TK field. The flight is a short one, so please stand and enjoy the ride!"

Octagon chuckled as a wave of blue formed around them. It was a pretty blue. Much better than the gritty brown of the sand... They were lifted into the air with what seemed to be little effort from Lexi. Octagon was beginning to understand why she was so popular with the team. They acsended toward the city, and soon they were there.

At the gates, Octagon looked around in amazement. It was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen. He saw Lexi drop to her knee, but before he could move to her, Paladin helped her up. Then she wandered off somewhere, obviously tired from hauling them all up. Octagon teleported to the roof of a near-by building, and looked around the city. He wondered how such a large place was held in place.

He teleported to various roof-tops looking at the different perspectives. He went to the edge of the city, and looked over at the Earth below them. He looked at how small the huge desert looked from up here. He then went back to the rooftops, searching the area for anything interesting, or something useful. He found a small house on the other side of the city, and walked inside. It was dark, and he liked it. He went to the top, and looked out of the window at the building next door. He could see the street below too. How wonderful it would be to sit up here and watch the gods as they walked the streets of Asgard. He had his own private retreat that he could enjoy, but he'd left the door open in case someone followed him.

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The day he had returned from a long self search journey from his team, Rayne had come back to the Zero Tower in hopes of rejoining his team as a new man.When he discovered that he had no longer been part of their roster, he bid his farewell to the hardcore hero team and went into a self exile.From that point on he had refused to even meddle in the affairs of villains and heroes.He retreated back to his place of birth in Japan.What had been a village named Tensou centuries ago had become a bustling city of buisnessmen tall buildings and loud car filled streets, even the name had changed, a nearby sign had read in Japanese:Welcome to Kohayura city.

As he walked though the pedestrian filled sidewalks, he experienced hardened and unwanted stares.The people looked at him as he were some primitive being as he had been dressed in his normal battle attire consisting of a white GI and navy pants accompanied with his rubber black sandals and longsleeved forearm guards.Some of the people even bumped him, disregarding his entire exsistence.People filled the streets some talking on cell phones others honking the horns of their cars madly in a fit of fury.

Rayne began to worry about the well being of mankind.They had been driven down so far.He could remember a time when his people had lived by the sword, where honor and loyalty were the key factors which represented a man's social integrity and respect.His dissapointment soon grew to anger and that anger soon grew to hatred.The new found feeling concerned him so much that he exiled himself form all humans in a mountain range known as Mt.Hiei.There he pondered thought of self meaning, he wondered what his purpose had been on this planet.He believed that every man had been born with a purpose, some sort of destiny that they must fufill before death.For some reason it seemed as if his destiny had not revealed itself yet

Once again he began to think deeply about the humans and their exsistence.He looked down on them in they're industrialized city like ants from the mountain's summit.As the days passed he would gaze into the neon night lighted depths of the city, watching all of the crimes, murders and rapes happen first hand.Months passed and he had already grown disgusted with the human race.He even decided to change locations to a more solitudious place, one where he could enjoy his own company without the annoyances of inner city sounds.

The day that he had gathered his belongings and began to head for the door of his small cottage up on the mountain's peak he heard a loud 3 rounded knock at the door.Unsheathing his blade in case of a combatitive situation occurring he exited through the back window and jumped upon his roof to stare down at the mysterious visitor.As he peered over the wooden gutters on his roof he saw a familiar face.It was Andferne, an old comrade from his days back in the Zero Squad.He made his way back down through the window and opened the door to his small humble abode with ease as he felt it was safe.

Well, we meet againold comrade.Please, come inside.

As he offered his invitation to the old ally the man interrupted with a stern tone in his voice:

That won't be necessary.I'm here to offer you a proposition.

And with that said the two engaged on a long walk around a mountain trail that led up and down the slopes of Mount Hiei, discussing Andy's proposal.Andferne had been a different man, his face no longer knew the expression of a smile.They had taken the one thing that had kept him from hating this very world.The man know as Andy Summer's was gone and in his place lied a cold dark soul who wished of nothing but the spread of hatred, his hatred and angst.The world would know his pain and he would share his misery with all.As they continued to talk, they journeyed onto the topic of human kind and how corrupt the world had become.That day Andy had said something that he just could not quite recall which triggered a dormant devil within to emerge.Rayne's demonic half had taken control as he gave into his rage and feeling of hate.With his aid and alliegance to a dark brotherhood, Andy had offered the entire rule over Asia.

The porposition echoed through his then dark and cold mind.The idea of controlling the entire continent would have easily seemed to be the work's of villainous deeds to the normal Rayne, but that he no longer was.His angst and discontentment with the human's played a role in his developing plan.With the control of the continent, he could recreate and establish a world similar to his childhood years.They would all abide by the code's he treasured so dearly, and they would do it unquestionably or they would face the wrath of a demonic dark slayer, whose blade had tasted a thousand deaths.

The proposal brought a smile to Rayne's face as his imagination ran wild with the possibilities of his power.He looked back over to his dark cohort and said:

I accept.

A cynical grin strecthed across his asian features.His eyes becoming more and more slanted as his smile grew wider.Before the two had parted way's, Andfene had left him with a gift.He pulled out a green oval gem from his jacket that shined with a marvelous brilliance.As it glistened spectacularly, Rayne's feature's expanded in awe at the marvel of the stone.Andferne had explained the gem, its power's and full capabilities.With this stone, Rayne would easily be able to conquer Asian within a week's time.

Days past and Rayne traveled from city to city, manipulating their politician's into what seemed to be suicides.With the death of japan's politicians, he had already gained the control of one country.WIthin the next few weeks he ruled half of asia.Finally after conquering east asia with his mind controlling manipulative newfound power, Rayne had complete control of Asia and its assets.There he sat in a huge 20 foot black jade throne in all his epic glory.A mass army stood before him.They had all been the bodies of conquered asian countries but their spirits were beings of another time.Resurrecting all of Asia's dead warrior souls he embedded them within his new army, making them a living weapon of mass destruction.His elbows on the armrests, hands clasped in front of his face, a hellish smile gleaming off of his satisfied face.


As he walked through a dark and umbrionic castle his footsteps echoed on the marble floor.His brother had called out to him and was in need of his assistance within a matter of moments he had already teleported from his kindom in asia all the way to his Dark brother's fortress in an unknown location.As he walked into the throne room, it began lighten with the emanace of the two torches which had rested on nearby corresponding walls to Andferne's King chair.Omce he had reached the steps to the throne he bent one knee to the ground and looked up at the man who had granted him immesurable power.

You called for me, brother?