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The Lord Chaos sat upon his thrown like the ruler he was. He was Ruler of the under world, the lord of chaos, the god of havoc. No one ever challenged or disobeyed him without paying a price. He had put terror into those who believed they could not be stopped. He had managed to kill great immortals. He had nearly made the word immortal a myth. There was only one real immortal and that was himself. The only thing that stop good from overcoming, the only thing that stopped hell in its tracks, the thing that created dimension and filled them with life only to come back and devour. This thing had been so evil, so divine that no, woman or, thing had ever question his abilities. He had been pure evil. Though he had tried many time to break away from the fury that was deep inside of him. It was like a curse that would never go away. An insect that wouldn’t shooo. In the end the only choice he had was to accept his cure and turn it into a blessing. And that he did. He had slaughtered immeasurable amounts of beings. He had no other choice. And on the plus side. It made his stronger, it made him more divine, it made him better. The more souls he consumed he more divine he would have become. Better than anyone would have the power to be. He had not been afraid of death for he was death.

There was only one place for him. It had been as ruler of the underworld. Actually when he became ruler, he didn’t expect it to be anything like this. The fury inside of his soul seemed to be controlling him. Using him like a puppet. A puppet that could not do anything but watch as he raised hell everywhere. He would spread evil and death everywhere he went. Slaying massive universes, realms, and dimensions. And to this very he had still not been stopped. And it wasn’t on his schedule either. He had been training his army of sapiens for the next take over. Sapiens had been the demons that hell could not control or discipline. The Underworld was the only place that sapiens could be closely controlled. They were loyal to their master for they had seen what he was capable. He was capable of wiping out his own army and bringing the back to life. Well unlife actually for they were already dead. Sapiens were villainous beast. They had been n unstoppable army against anyone other than their master of course.

Demon sat his throne wondering where to attack next. He did not even know how much there was left of anything, or any dimension. For he had corrupted almost all of them. But there had to be more million of more and he would not stop until he had destroyed them all. Then what? You’d probably ask. Well then he will powerful enough to see if the ancient fable is true. The fable of an unknown dimension. A dimension so corrupted and evil that it had been vanquished and locked up for many years. When Demosapien was powerful enough he would try to break through the ancient black whole. To see what really lie on the other side. Whether it be the future or the past. He just had to know the truth. For it had been hard for him to speak to someone without taking their soul. But he had no control over that. But maybe if he got to the ancient dimension there would be more like him. Millions more. Some who he could speak to without them falling in front his feet begging for him to let them live. As they touched him their bodies would soon dissolve in thin air.

He sat there thinking and thinking. The only possible answer he had was to open a random dimension in thin air to find a place with life. His castle had been located deep in the fiery pits of the underworld. It had been like a large volcano. But its lava would melt the sun itself. He raised form his throne and began to gear up. He slipped on his war outfit. Then he put on his belt with his controllable chains on it. He then put on black gloves for his hands had been something more powerful then a universe itself. Those hands had ran through his blood line from his fathers and his grandfathers. Where this immeasurable power is from has not yet been noted. But in his mind he knows where it was from. The only place that could have so much power. The unknown dimension. It went by many names but his favorite had been been evil. Ya you heard right it was named Evil.

He had not only suspected that his ancestors had granted him these hands. But also Chaos and Havoc his two favorite guns. He lifted the guns and flipped them around in his hands. He made sure the gloves were on because he had not yet figured the power that would come if he connected the guns with his hands. As he flipped the guns around he could feel the cold metal chill his body. Not from its temperature but from its history. It had stolen countless souls. Well if you ever counted them you would probably end up with a couple trillion. The deal was whenever his weapons killed something or someone they would consume a soul. The more soul they consumed the stronger they were. The stronger he was the better chance of him finding his way t the other dimension.

He holstered the guns on his belts as flashbacks of the gods it had helped him murder had returned. The souls of gods had been different for his guns. Every god’s soul that was consumed by the gun added a mysterious star to the side of it. Now there had been 56 stars on both guns. He then lifted his magnificent sword. This was the only thing that had not caused hell for his life. For it nearly saved him in every battle. He named it Calvin Cluster. It was his sword of luck. For it only did on attack other than strikes every battle. And that special one attack it did always found the opponents weak spot. He slid the sword into the holder on his back. He then left his legendary castle as he walked through the gates of the underworld. As soon as he was seen billions of demons would group for his arrival all kneeling on one knee.

He had explained the plan to them. They had no other choice but agree. He also told them that if they disobeyed him he would wipe them all out. They knew wit was true. As he marched his army through different dimension they had not yet found one with life. Only one that they had conquered long ago. Until they came across one. As his army landed onto the biggest planet in that dimension he felt an unknown source of power. A power that he had not felt in a while. As he and his army landed they seen another army led by a huge man in front. It was if they were sensed when they arrived. As he looked at the army. None of their power rivaled the sapiens. But the man his powers seemed to almost be as fierce as Razors. How could he not know that there was still a god left to be destroyed? He would soon find out who this amen was.

The lord of chaos began to approach his opponent. There was not a bit of fear in his eyes. Only anger, and hatred. For who would dare challenge him. Every movement that Demos sapien made ws followed by the clang of the chains on his belt. His face was soon only centimeters from his opponents. He gazed into his opponent’s eyes.

If you quit now. I can promise you your soul will not go to bad use. Or you could proceed and I will torture your soul for the rest of eternity. And there one thing I have been dying to ask. Who the hell are you.

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Trauma was standing there looking into the eyes of this evil man or whatever he was. He saw this being was very strong but he could be stopped. Trauma as he stands there thinks about who he was and about the past. Trauma goes off in a deep sleep for alittle bit to meditate but, before doing this he had waved his hand and made a smoke screen to give him cover. Trauma goes off like a out of body experience. He sees himself and realizes he is the Lord Apokolips. He has amazing powers but, also some weaknesses. He looks at all the powers he has. Thats when he remebers about the watch tool on his wrist. This tool was a powerful source for trauma. It could turn him into four different beings giving him powers that werent his own. This watch is fused to his body. But, at the same time each being had weaknesses of its own and he could only use the watch once. No matter with his powers he could take this being out.

Trauma then sees himself getting ready earlier before he went out on a march with his followers. He had put on his heavy armor. This ar,or weighed more than trauma but, did not slow him down due to his huge size. He sees his human form which had gone away due to not having blood for a day but he didnt want it this look was alot stronger looking. He saw on his breast plate that is was plain without anything on it. So he carves a giant T in the middle with a blade that was speacil and was so strong it could cut through titanium and diamond. Trauma but on his boots and brass knuckles. He then cut a pattern in his arm that looked like a cross to symbolize not even god could stop him. He licks the blood off hs arm.

Trauma goes to his armory. He finds his two guns in the first shelf. The two guns are long slide caliburs speacily made to hold highly explosive rounds. He shines these two guns. He then pulls out his clip and loads it with several explosive bullets. He then puts the clip in and puts it in his holster. He then goes down a shelf and pulls out The sword of Darkness. This sword is one of the most powerful swords ever made and is fit for a god. The sword is covered in blood which trauma wipes off. The sword could summon the pits of hell them self. He tries to try it out. But, all of the sudden a loud boom goes off. Trauma looks up and sees a giant hole in the wall.

"oops well its ready"

Trauma puts the sword in his case that was on his back that was connected to his armor. He then finds his helmet. Which was made of a strong material like his armor. Trauma puts the helmet on which fits snug. Trauma walks out of his armory and goes to a chamber. The chamber was full of people he feasts on. He points to a girl and she comes floating towards him. He then bites her neck and sucks her dry. Her lifeless body falls to the ground. Traumas mouth is covered in blood and licks it off. He closes the chamber and walks to a warehouse.

Inside the warehouse was men in black cloaks. They were praying to a statue of trauma. When trauma walked in it was all quiet. All of the men bowed down to trauma and treated him like god. Trauma asks them to rise and to march with him to roam the ways of the world. They all then stand up and get into rows and they march out into the world. Along the way traumas men were killing any one they saw. Thats when trauma sees the man.

All of the sudden trauma opens his eyes and remebers everything. He looks up into the sky. He then waves the smoke away and when the smoke was cleared trauma was standing. he outs his hand in the air and all of his men start chanting his name. They pulled out their weapons. But, trauma waves them off and has them stand down.

"This is my fight no one elses"

All of the men bow down and chant traumas name. Trauma looks towards the being. He then squints his eyes and all of the sudden about a hundred of duplicates appeared looking exactly like trauma and almost as strong.

" All of my dupes i only want you attacking the beings men not him"

The dupes then get up and start running towards the evil opponent aheads men. They start to battle with the other soldiers. Trauma knew his dupes could take them out. trauma then glares toward his opponent.

"If anything i think you should be asking me for mercey"

Traumas eyes roll back into his head and his fangs appear to get longer. He then waves his hands over the ground below him and then chucks it towards the opponent. He then creates a smoke screen so he couldnt see the attacks coming. Trauma waves off the smoke to see if his attacks had hit.

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If anything you should be asking me for mercy

The mans eyes rolled back into his head as large fangs came slowly grownig out of his. dam vamp. Hadis an been serious?He could not possibly expect his men to battle the spaiens. Demosapien smiled as he showed his large jagged teeth.He hadnt had a challenge in decades. Since the fght wit Lucifer ruller of hell. How could soemone manage to even reach his level. How could tehy manage to reach half his level. He was an unstoppable force. And he wasnt going to stop today. He looked ober his surroundings. He did not have to speak to his men for he could speak to them all telepathicly. He told them that the war was going to begin. The Sapiens did not have swords. At first they seemed to be totally unarmed. But as he mentioned the battle to thm long wierd metal nails came out their fingers like swords.

The war then began. As far as he could see both armies were equally powered. As the battle of the biengs began. Demon just stood there staring into his opponents eyes. He began to walk back and forth as if he was deciding rather to kill the man quick or fast. Before he could amke an attack a large chunk of ground flew toward him. It shattered when it hit his chest for ti was ntoeven strong enoguh for an impact. He could always read someone form thier minds. He saw large working titans. He saw war, death, a place almost as cruel as hell. It was Apokolips! The noly dimension he ahd not yet been able to be destroyed. THen this was Trauma. Lord of Apokolips. It was now time for all games to end and real games to begin. He stood there staring into Traumas eyes.

Fire began to bulge out of Demon's eyes. He then pput both hands out towards each side. A large link of fire formed over from his left ahnd, over his head into his right. THis had not been ordinary fire. This was hellfire. It had not even been normal hellfire. It was much more advanced. Helooke to his opponent as the fire grew larger and darker. almost seemed to turn black.

Why let such an evil soul burn in hell. When I can burn you right here.

The lord of chaos launche teh fire not only at his opponent but also at the surrounding. massive amounts of trees began to catch fire. Soon it was hard to even see whether or not the Sapiens and Traumas had still been fighting. AS a large circle of fire srrounded the two. They knew that the fight had just began. Demon pulled out Calvin Cluster his sword. he then began to slash furiously at his opponent. CC had not been any ordinary sword. For its power was magnificent. As he flipped back form his opponent. He called on the power of Calvin Cluster.

Calvin Cluster! Give me luck

This movehad always used a secret move on its opponent. It was as if the sword scoped out its opponents weaknesses. He knew that no matter what this attack was. It was going to injure his opponent. For his opponent had made a big mistake making the first move. Now it ahd been Fatal Fury's turn.

Let there be light

He pointed the sword towards Trauma as a large bright light began to form. A lgiht bright that the sun itelf. A lgiht that would melt a normal human. This had not been ordinary light. This ahd been light from the heavens. Trauma would now be stook in a position he could not get out of. To cause confusion for Trauma Demon sent a following attack. He shot a rapid shower of red spikes. They would not impale their enemy they. But when the spikes connected they would soon melt into the lava from te deep fiery pits of the underworld. Hell fire was no where near as strong as underworld lava. For it had been a billino times strong that the sun.

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Trauma stood there smirking as he saw his attack didn't work. He had to think of something he could do. But, he remebered that this was not traumas turf he knew what he could do. He saw trees burning and and saw that this was no ordinary being. Traumas dupes were fighting and a couple were destroyed no matter he could just make more. Right when trauma was about to make his move he was attacked.

"Ohhh shi...."

Trauma was slashed with the beings blade multiple times. He slashed through trauma non stop. This hurt trauma but, he was a healer. Trauma squints his eyes and heals from the devastating slashes. The wounds had disapear but yet the pain was still there. Trauma looks toward the beings sword and realizes it almost as strong as the sword of darkness. No matter trauma ignored it anyway. But, thats when the bright light came from the sword. It started to burn away traumas skin. Trauma hesitated for a split second but, then makes a move. Trauma uses his powers and creates a ball of smoke in his hand. He then blasts it into the air making a heavy smoke screen to help block the harmful light. He then lifts up a giant rock and puts it in front of himself to block away the light even more.

"Finally away from that light"

Trauma waits for a second but heres a sound of something hitting against the rock. It was the series of spikes that had come towards trauma. Once they hit the rock they started to melt away the rock. That rock was soon destroyed. But, trauma was still ok due to his smoke screen. Trauma sat for a second and remebered his plan. He knew what to do.

Trauma waves off the smoke screen. The light comes burning toward trauma. But, Trauma moves his hands in a wierd motion. He was summoning a a spell. He was useing his witch craft. This was a strong piece of magic to those who know how to use it. Trauma then preforms the spell and a back mass comes up from his hands as it wraps its self in the air. It blocks the light from trauma.

He then then slams his fist on the ground. He chants a wierd saying and then marks on the ground appear. He was summoning a portal. The portal filled the ground. Trauma saw the black hole and waves to the being. He jumps into it as it takes him to his chooseing.

"well are you coming ahahahahaha"

Trauma appears moments later in what looks like a hell on earth. He was home this was his turf. There were demons every where. Trauma squints again and duplicates himself into at least a hundred dupes. They formed a large circle so when the being came in he would be surrounded but they would not attack him just make it so he couldnt escape. Then trauma waves his hands again making the portal start to close so none of the beings little demons could get in.

"welcome to my Home"

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He watched as his attacks did minimal damage to his opponent. This only stressed the fact that he must be lord of Apokolips. How could he take such viscous moves. What the hell was he going to do next. Throw a planet or something at this guy. Demon had always been the ultimate evil. No matter what you'd seen in the books, the move, no one had managed to cause the damage he did. But he had heard also cruel, cruel thing that the lord of apokolips had done. Still he needed to know more and soon he would. Bu just as soon as curiosity came in, also storming in his mind was greed. How much stronger would he be if he consumed Trauma. Well what the hell? What if he consumed all of Apokolips? Images of much more power appeared in his mind. If he could just find out what dimension hole apokolips was in. But his answer had come without him even asking.

Trauma began to slam his fist on the ground. He was also saying a spell. He could not understand the language the man was using. The weird thing is he knew every language. Soon a large black portal forms on the ground. Should he jump in. Could he manage to take out Apokolips alone. There was many thought flying through his mid. He thought to himself what made killing such a sport. Murder causality. Why was it where ever you went life had become survival of the fittest. Because The Lord of Chaos, The God of Havoc, The Fatal Fury. He was going to jump through. Maybe not take over yet. But he would return. But that is when a thought of things flew at Demon. Apokolips was supposed to be swarming with evil gods. Ok one evil god is enough but a swarm. It was time to take this to the next level.

Demon stuck his sword back in his back. He then began to wipe off any left over dirt. He had always managed to be the coolest of all evil beings. Demosapien then drew his guns Chaos and Havoc. It was as if they had a passion for death, a fury for murder. He flipped the guns around showing his skill with them. Although no body was looking. But before he left he would have to destroy this planet. He stood toward the portal and jumped through. Before he was all the way in the portal he fired Chaos (in his right hand) at the planet as the portal closed. He knew that that one blast would destroy that planet and many other that were near.

He found himself standing on a world he had never seen. Apokolips! He looked around as he was surrounded by trillions of demons and also trauma clones. Trauma must have though that because the sapiens couldn’t fit through they wouldn’t get there. He thought wrong. What Trauma just did was underestimate his opponent. Demon still held the guns in his hands. He had not yet been facing Trauma, his eyes were on the army of demons. Some began to shake in terror as they saw who he was. Some of the demons began to fall just as he looked into their eyes. But that would take too long. It was time to pull out the ultimate weapon. Havoc and Chaos were still in The lord of Chaos's hands. He pointed Havoc at a large amount of the demons. Maybe a hundred billion. he then pulled the trigger a weird beam of dark light shot out. He could hear the screams of all of the souls he had killed before. The souls locked in the guns.

The blat flew through. Still there was a long screech from souls howling inside the blast. The blast effortlessly melted the demons away. It had been like if humans stood on the sun. But instead it was if demons fu<ked with Demosapien. There had been a large empty spot it had been like a pie chart that just got a big half cut out. Now it was time to even the score.

Two can play that game.

Demon’s hand rose high in the air as a black beam of light shot into the skies. It had seemed as if a large portal was opening. Sapiens fell form the sky filling up the large space. There had to be about a billion of them now. It wouldn’t matter if Trauma had a million demons. The sapiens were warlords. Machines built for battle. Demon then turned his head towards Trauma.

You obviously do not know who you are fu<king with.

Demon raised the guns into the air. He then began to run on the air as if it were a pair of stairs. But actually he flying. If there was anyone with a chance to survive Chaos and Havoc’s beams it was Trauma. He may have been the only one. He was shooting multiple blast at Trauma. Every time the long black beam shot out more souls howled. This beam had nearly been alive with a passion for death. The countless warlord and gods it had killed. It had even managed to destroy immortals. The beams were now almost in contact with Trauma. But the ones that didn’t make it and missed hit the ground so hard that it cracked the planet. And he had not even went full power with the guns. He had only went 10 percent. But even the 10 percent blast that hit the ground killed about a football field of demons just from its impact on the ground.