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My characters follow a path which is founded on a code of ethics. It helps me understand what they expect from both themselves and from others. All of my characters have their own personal set of rules they follow. They don't always do what their code would suggest, but it does help me to allow my characters to show some sort of consistency. This thread is so you can show another side of your character, or learn more about your character all together. Does your character even have a moral code?

The Cardinal's (Salubri Cain) moral code.

- Indulge in vice. Wealth, sensuality and material power.

- Lead others to temptation for it is my role to promote the depravity of the world.

- Grant the curse of Cain to those with great passion. Undeath is an evil curse, but those with great conviction can use it well.

- The entire material world is corrupt. Except betrayal and wickedness because almost everyone is corrupt along with it.

- My role as a creature of evil is predestined. I accept it and fulfill my purpose.

- Death simply leads to reincarnation. Mortals return after I kill them. However, I should avoid final death, since they will return as a mortal if they die. I however am damned and will be lost forever.

Wrath's moral code.

- Search for the history of his kind.

- Learn from his actions.

- Develop his will, and instinct.

- Self mastery.

- Take the souls of the unworthy so that he may become closer to his Dark Lord.

- Study my abilities to discover what belongs with myself.

- Examine the limits and meanings of being a demon.

Lust's moral code.

- Always keep my word and honor my agreements.

- Never show cowardice.

- Overcome my fears.

- Duty comes before personal matters.

- Treat fairly and equitably with those of station.

- Always repay my debts.

- Support my comrads-at-arms in all things, except where they counsel treachery.

You can explain you characters path however you feel, I just found this as an easy way for me to do it.

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Gideon has rules that the Old Man who raised him taught him which governs his core beliefs when it comes to business and combat.  
  • No matter the enemy you face always remember one thing, never underestimate your opponent.    
  • Leave no favor unreturned. 
  • Never rely on just your instincts nor your mind alone. Balance is the key to any situation.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings and the people within them. 
  • Every person you meet will always have something that sets them apart. This trait defines them in every way, and in some ways will allow you to take advantage of them in combat or business.
  • If treated kindly then return it, but always suspect that this individual may have ulterior motives and will try to take advantage of you. 
  • Don't draw unnecessary attention to yourself.
  • Never go for the obvious kill, your opponent will be expecting that.
  • If your opponent shows you honor then return it, if not then kill him/her/it by any means.
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Both Necrofoxes (Earth-1 and Ultimate) follow the same guidelines their Master laid out after creating the first generation of Doomheralds:

  • Never underestimate your opponents.
  • Do not stop fighting until your target lays dead at your feet, devoid of soul and light.
  • When summoned to a physical plane of existence, you are bound by honor to complete one assassination contract for the one who gave you freedom.
  • When an opponent shows you kindness or honor...kill them without a single thought while the idiots are wide open.
  • After successfully completing a kill, depart from the area and, if possible, summon the corrupted roots of dead Dark Matter infected trees to dispose of the corpses.
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  • Fight as hard as possible without killing (people).
  • Fight more or less 'fair' if the situation is not dire (empty hand vs empty hand, sword vs sword, gun vs sword, etc.).
  • Always be ready to put himself between an attack and the target for protection.
  • Never back down from a battle, even one that looks like it can't be won.

  • Fight as hard as possible without killing (people).
  • Fight in a way that gives her the most advantage.
  • Always be ready to put herself between an attack and the target for protection.
  • Retreat from a battle when Cly is unconscious and she can't handle it on her own.
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  • Slight more or less operates on the notion of karma. What goes around comes around. While it is a selfish thing, to do good things for others only expecting good things to come back to you, he also believes in the idea of the hero. To protect and serve, give everything you have so that those under oppression can taste freedom, and justice. 


  • She has none...Malice does what she wants when she wants too...


  • Selfless heroics. Elee doesn't really expect anything in return, because she is content and happy with the life she has now.
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  • Never accept payment via check
  • Darkchild doesn't like being called "Darkie" or "Your Darkchildishness"
  • Never kill a child
  • Only kill women if they don't respond positively to flirting *cough* Psyentist *cough*
  • Don't piss off Mistress Crusher, tired of being crushed
  • If their bullet proof... stab them
  • The teleporter is your friend
  • The cake is a lie

Ultimate Mikepool

  • (See 1, 3, 4, 5, 7)

Richter (Agent of Death)

  • If it bleeds I can kill it
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All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God......now let them meet him.

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  • Know thyself and know thy enemy.
  • The responsibility of the strong is to ensure the safety of the weak
  • Loyalty is trust without it there can be no peace for only deceit and ambiguity lie ahead
  • if you can't beat your foe, outsmart them
  • Live strong, Mind Body and Soul
  • A second wasted is a second closer to death
  • An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind
  • To seek knowledge is to seek enlightenment
  • Indulgence in the material world is indulgence in ignorance
  • Have faith in oneself
  • The Bushido Code
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  • If it can die, kill it quickly and efficiently. Learn all you can about it during the course of its termination so that if there is a second encounter, it will not consume as much time and effort.
  • Fear death and you fear yourself. This is a weakness you inflict upon your soul and must be repented for in blood. 
  • The best kill is the unseen one. Leave the enemy confused and hit them where it hurts the most when their backs are turned.
  • Accomplish the mission at all costs. 
  • The moment you emerged from the womb, your life was in the hands of the Navigator. He will guide you to victory in all things. 
  • A moment of laxity spawns a lifetime of heresy. 
  • There is no such thing as innocence, only varying degrees of guilt. 
  • Targets outside of the primary objective are expendable. Use them at will. 
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Archeron lives his life by the Bible. However, as his primary job is to fight, his ethics differ from some angels somewhat.

  • Only fight if all means of negotiation have failed/are impossible.
  • Fight with all you have.
  • Don't kill innocents.
  • Killers must be repaid in kind.
  • Respect God above all others.
  • Live by the Good Book.
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Smilling Jack has very few Ethics so to say... He does have a code he lives by however it would take the devil to desifer it, and it is almost all a gray area. 
At the very base of Jacks ways is the early life lesson stuff the bible means very little to Jack however he does treat others as he would like to be treated, and he does tend to follow most of the 10 unless he is being paid to be a sinner in which case it is just buisness and nothing personal.  
In the end however Jack will do whatever he needs to in order to survive... He will be a demon to live amongest demons and he will be a saint in order to avoid another inquisition.
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Manchine code
  • Do not take a human life
  • Save lives where ever possible
  • Every question has a answer
  • People are Innocent until proven guilty
  • Always be prepared for the unthinkable
  • Never Warp inside a biosphere
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  • Family comes first, even before your honor and traditions set thousands of years ago
  • Respect everyone, until they commit an act that will lose that respect.
  • Underestimating your opponent is the first act towards underestimating yourself
  • Battle and bloodshed is pointless unless it's aim is to protect something you care about
  • Perfection is a word, a state of mind that is only used by people who stopped trying
  • Surrender is never an option  
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  • Family comes first.
  • Honor the dead even if he/she was a criminal.
  • Never surrender
More coming later
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Don't have none

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@ said:

                    Don't have none



Boring character... IMO.  Every character should have some type of code.
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For Unknown soldier:

+Get paid part of the money before you start a job.

+Always get paid.

+Hold everyone you meet in suspicion until they prove themselves otherwise.

+Redemption is hard, but not impossible.

+Don't drink anything offered by randomn strangers

+Anything can be defeated. A different kind of enemy just requires a different form of thinking.

+Keep your friends close, your enemies closer, and your gun in a convenient spot.

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For Winston Sharpe 
- Whatever has to be done to win shall be done. 
- Knowledge is power so learn as much about anything and everything as possible, but having big weapon behind you couldn't hurt. 
- Running away is always an option, it gives you the chance to exhaust further options to create the desired outcome. 
- Women, children, the elderly, the disabled, kittens, meh, they could make good test subjects or at least hostages. 

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Vlad's code has changed over the centuries... He always keeps his word, as long as that was the plan in the first place that is. Wisdom, Honor, and Glory mean alot to Vlad.
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A generous form of egoism. Her own morality is self-constructed and mostly for her benefit. But she does have morals which can be a very good thing for others.

The Psyentist could be considered an ascetic in some ways as she has abstained from things that might grant her physical pleasure (sex, drugs).

She is strict with her own behaviour and maybe equally strict on others.

She tries to avoid fights she thinks she might not win, and utilizes manipulation and underhanded methods to achieve her goals in such situations.

She has and does steal information and abilities.

She has and will kill men, women, and children if it aligns with her goals. But there are some people if she develops a kind of attachment with, she may not choose to kill. She does not usually kill wantonly.

She usually will bring the most harm, kill, or otherwise harbor sinister intent toward people who engage her or people she loves in an inappropriate and/or unwanted sexual way.

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trust no one 
never give in to defeat  
always have a plan  
never strike first

never leave any trace of your exsistants

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  • Honor one's word.
  • Show no mercy.
  • The most powerful weapon is the brain.
  • Obtain all power available.
  • Fear nothing.
  • The cowardly must fall.
  • Protect Lyn.
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@Eternal Chaos said:


  • Honor one's word.
  • Show no mercy.
  • The most powerful weapon is the brain.
  • Obtain all power available.
  • Fear nothing.
  • The cowardly must fall.
  • Protect Lyn.

This should be first.

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@Ruhi_Tugu: I was debating on whether or not this was a "priority" list. Since I figured it wasn't I just kind of threw everything down there. If it was numbered it would look a little more like this...

  • Protect Lyn.
  • Fear Nothing.
  • Show No Mercy.
  • Obtain all power available.
  • The most powerful weapon is the brain.
  • The cowardly must fall.

But like I said, not numbered. :)

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@Eternal Chaos: Your 5 would be my one....maybe two. Good list either way.

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Ronin (Uriah)

"Destroy all that which is evil, So that which is good may flourish."

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@Ruhi_Tugu: I felt that one should be number 5 because it's not just something like a priority. The first one is in charge of the others. He has to fear nothing to protect Lyn, he can't show mercy protecting her and has to obtain all available power to protect her. Falls kind of like that. Without Lyn, that one is number one.

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@Eternal Chaos: Okay, I gotcha. How you guys been anyway? Haven't talked to you in a while.

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@Ruhi_Tugu: So far so good. Still have some moving to do this weekend but other than that, nothing much has changed. Looking for a better job. You?

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@Eternal Chaos: Nothing really....Just work and school.

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Sounds about right. I was reading an article a few days ago. This lawyer who was making some serious cash went into debt because of her school loans and all that has to work at a strip club as one of the dancers to survive. I feel bad for the girl. This economy sucks.

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Hunter Grim

  • Honor the animals
  • feed on the weak
  • trust no one
  • Fight to kill fight to win
  • there is no pain
  • learn your enemy fear
  • double tap a enemy
  • never stay with one girl play the field
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dose what he thinks is right

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@Council: Yet he's evil? Can you please explain that?

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@Eternal Chaos: no matter what he dose he sees it as right if he blows up a pre school it is right

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F*ck bitches, get money.

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Try not to kill women or children

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@iLLituracy said:

F*ck bitches, get money.

haha nice
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Do good onto others and good things will happen to you.

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never use your powers to kill people  save them
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The Golden Rule: treat others as you would want them to treat you. But a little illegal fun on the side isn't to bad. ;)

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Spectrum's code (his post-banishment code, not his "kill everything" code):

  • never attack someone without cause.
  • respect must be earned, courtesy is free.
  • honorable fighting is overrated, but backstabbing is a bit of an @$$hole move.
  • avoid alcohol.
  • power is the key, not money.
  • Don't kill indiscriminately, but don't shirk from it either. Everyone dies eventually.
Wildcards code: 
None, she only plays hero because she wants to. With the chaos force ravaging her mind she might switch gears at any moment, so watch your back.
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kid devil does what ever he wants but he doesnt hurt girls little kids or animals

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Get result, no matter what the cost... 
Only let people see what you want them to see... 
Flawlessly blend in and make fools of those who question you...

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Marco follows much of what he calls "Generic Hero stuff". He's not really a big picture man when it comes to doing right. Killing is a no go for him, and he stands against stuff like that. Although, Marco tends to try to ignore the less than commendable things his friends have done, and almost pretend it never happened. When he thinks of himself, he gets that as a pawn of the Ball, and Chain, he's destined for a short life, so he does make stubborn attempts at convincing himself, and others that him dieing is no big deal. I'd say one of the weaknesses in his morals is his addictive personality. As long as their used by people who know the risks, and weren't forced on it, he doesn't see the danger in things like drugs.

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Constantine is very old and very respectable, however he can become derailed and unhinged, all for the better of the balance, but for the most part these are the codes of ethics he tries his best to live by, he does a fair enough job:

  • Don't care what anyone else thinks. You do what you do. And you know why you do it.
  • Never make a true spectacle of yourself. When you do however, enjoy whilst it lasts and hatch a plan to escape.
  • Stay out of history books.
  • A change of name can refresh the game.
  • Don't strike first.
  • Revenge is a given but forgiveness is always favoured.
  • Save as many as you can and keep casualties low.
  • Without purpose is without justice.
  • Excite and stimulate those around you.
  • Mind over matter.
  • Honour the dead, no matter what, their debt is paid.
  • Don't look back for too long or you shall forget yourself in the present.
  • Rules are not what they are made out to be.
  • Family is what you make of it.
  • Keep count.
  • Be polite.
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@Constantine: You forgot...

  • Fezzes are cool.
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