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Day Three

Hours of traveling left in in a town about 246 miles from the Xechcellum facility. The lack of food and clean water left her body ravenous for nourishment. She undoubtedly stood out, for one she was exposed up top; many of the townspeople simply began to stare at her as if she were some sort anomaly. A young child noticed she was injured and quickly ran up to the foreign leader. The young girl took Maya by the hand and led her back to her home. Maya was a bit hesitant to follow the young girl into the house that is until the mother came out and ushered her in.

“Do, any of you guys speak English?” She asked, sitting down on a lush suede Persian couch she slowly relaxed. “Yes, what happened?” the mother asked, applying a gauze to Maya’s ribs. “It’s a long story ma’am” Maya said, closing her eyes weary from travel. “We can talk about it later” the woman said, handing Maya a comforter and allowing her to sleep.

Day Four.

Maya woke up long before anyone of her host, she found herself in front of the mirror with a pair of scissors cutting her long golden hair off. Piece by Piece and lock by lock, she was transforming herself into someone with a low profile. She could feel the little child whom helped her the day before watching behind her. “There is a lady here…she says she’s your sister”. Maya dropped the scissors, and turned around confused. The uncertainty of the moment caused her to begin channel her photon energies.

Walking outside she came face to face with the Ninjan Queen Sha, and her Knight Ziccarra. “ZICCARRA!” Maya screamed full of rage and pain. The Ninjan Primer did nothing but smirk; the last few months she had orchestrated all the world’s events by herself.

“WHY ZICCARRA!” Maya screamed, the amount of anger within her body caused a huge burst of yellow light to erupt behind her. “Because, I can dear sister” Sha said, nodding to the Ninjan Knight. Before Maya knew what was going on, The Ninjan Knight was looking her in the eye pupil for pupil. Maya jumped back just a bit, only to have the Ninjan’s knee slam into her abdomen.

Maya dropped to the ground holding her already aching ribs. “Never back an animal in the corner…I’m sure you know that” Maya said, pushing a photon blast towards The Knight’s feet which lured the Knight into the air. “Gotcha b!tch” Maya said, teleporting right in front of the knight returning a powerful knee to the knight’s abdomen.

As the Knight hunched over Maya grabbed her by her collar and sent her flying into a nearby truck. “You want some too!?” She screamed, turning around towards Sha with her energy still spinning tumultuously behind her. Sha smirked, and slowly backed into a portal of darkness. A light so quick shot from the truck destruction, Maya glanced down to see that she had been cut across her injured ribs.

“I have to get her out of here!” Maya said, looking around for the Knight. “THERE!” the little girl screamed. Maya turned to see the Knight pouring darkness from her hands. The knight and eclipsed the whole day into a deep and suffocating darkness. “I can’t see anything!” Maya said, looking around. Through the encompassing darkness, the knight fired her purple psi- energy.

The beams hit Maya, sending her flying into a nearby building. Maya flew high into the air, headed back for the mountain trail; she couldn’t have This Ninjan Knight destroying the town. As she flew off, huge blast of light energy hit her in the back; spiraling out of control she fell towards the ground. Rolling on her spine to a stop, she had to move quickly, The Ninjan plowed her feet directly into the ground sending a huge quake throughout the mountain range.

“Damn…It’s like Sha times ten…” Maya said, watching as her own skin still gave off smoke from the light blast earlier. “So, you’re the one I’ve been hearing about…” Maya said, holding her ribs with blood dripping from the sides of her mouth.

“You are correct, Ms. Lopez” the woman said, charging her magnetic energy. “The ruin kingdom, kidnapping Cassidy, the fight with Feral Nova…it’s all been you” Maya said again, charging up her own Magnetic energy.

“I do what I must, the Queen and Final Arrow deem you dead, therefore Maya Lopez, you are dead” she said, charging forth, Maya dropped a duplicate in that exact spot and rolled out to the side. The Knight fired a magnetic pulse directly in the chest of the duplicate, which left her open for the real Maya’s attack.

“Gotcha b!tch” Maya screamed pushing her hands forward; however nothing came from her hands. “No…” she whispered. The moment was lost, the Knight swung around firing a psy blade towards Maya. The blast knocked her completely off the mountain, her flight was gone there was nothing she could do. Hitting the ridges on the way down she came to a stop on a cliff. The Knight Levitated down to finish the young women off.

“Kill me if you want, Shinji and then Trinity Foundation will stop you, and as for that b!tch you serve…she’ll get what’s coming to her” Maya said, humbled before the seemingly limitless strength of the Ninjan Knight. She could feel her energy slowly coming back, but she took too much damage to continue going blow for blow with her.

The knight brought her blade down aiming for Maya’s neck, the young warrior teleported right behind her and kicked her off the ledge. The Knight went spiraling off the edge, but Maya was ready for her to return.

The moment she returned Maya pumped a nuclear level photon blast into the chest cavity of the Knight. Using the allotted time to her advantage she ran away quickly; U.N choppers were now undoubtedly enroute. Maya took refuge in a cave; with more injuries then she started with.

She lay on her back, looking up into the nothingness of the cave, she was sure there were bats and another wildlife peering back but, she didn’t mind. She had blood overflowing from the corners of her mouth. Her teeth were tainted with the crimson force, as well as cuts under her eyes. She wasn’t too sure what happened with the Ninjan Knight, but she knew they’d be seeing each other pretty soon.

As she lay on the ground, helpless she felt a moist cloth rubbing at her wounds. “You. Have a very interesting life” the little girl said, smiling. “You…have no idea” Maya said, resting her head on the ground. The only thing she could think about at that moment and time was her little baby boy; whom she had to leave.