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Warsman took his time strolling through the streets of Japan, a newspaper underneath his arm.

He had recently bought a small house next to a family called "Yagami". He didn't know if this was for his better or darker fortunes, but as of late he felt the need for a vacation.

Arriving at his home, he turned the key to the door and went inside, eyeing the walls carefully in case of damage caused by the movers. His belongings still in boxes and a bill left on the counter in the kitchen, Warsman sighed with relief.

He took out the computer he had packed and started to play some music he had downloaded. After such, he began to take the books and put them on shelves, a few decorations he had bought on the way through the Pacific Islands, and finally a television set and cable box.

"This is going to be fun...." he said to himself, humming along with the song he had chosen as he hooked up the electronics to a comfortable, relaxing section of the house.

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"Hmmm, Ryuk come look at this," Light beckoned Ryuk to look at some information he had found on an escaped criminal from america. "It says an Alabaster Warsman has left alcatraz prison and fled to parts of Japan. He was a serial killer and was responsible for the death of more than 150 people over a span of 20 yrs. he has not been located as of yet and there are suspicions that he is located in this area,... Hmmm so what are you going to do about that Light, you got a name but no face and he is in your neighborhood?.... No worries Ryuk, just have to search for any new activity in the area, most likely it would have to be someone who just moved in here or got hired to work in this area. I'll just do a cross check of any updates in the area for this week, if he is here, its bound to come up. Once i find that out i will have to narrow it down to a select few, i wont know exactly who it is because he will most likely be registered under a false identity. Once i gain hold of the identity i just need to pinpoint his location, get a look at him and then the rest i will leave to Kira to judge. And with that said I will being going to bed." Throws Ryuk an apple and gets into his bed turning off the lights. "Oh Yes *crunching noise*.

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Warsman walked outside to recieve his mail after a couple of days spent moving in. Taking his eyes off the letters, with the name "Alexander Yakamoto", in place of his other assumed name, the one everyone was searching for, Alabaster Warsman, and his real one, Demitri Kosokov, Warsman looked into the top window of his neighbor's house. He remembered the dinner they had together and the fact that the bot said nothing the entire time, like he suspected something.

Narrowing his glowing red eyes, he took the mail inside, distrusting the drawn blinds in the window.

"At least I can have some privacy here."

He went to the corner he had prepared for relaxation, in the far right section of the room past the kitchen, and took a seat on the couch, placing bills in a pile on the coffee table and miscellaneous junk to be burned in another. The television was muted, but the news was on, a picture appearing on-screen. Warsman's heart leaped, but it wasn't of him, so he continued checking the mail until the doorbell rang. Sighing, he stood and walked over to open it.

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Light had conducted his research and was left with three names, "Johnny Stark, A rich american who had come over seas for a business trip to discuss weapon technology. The next was a man known as Alexander Yakamoto, He had visited Light and his family as well as had dinner with them, this man was very suspicious, the last was Mr. Asigawa. He had become Yakamoto's new garderner. This set of evidence made it obvious that Alexander Yakamoto was indeed Alabaster Warsman. "Ryuk Kira has made his decision, men like Mr. Yakamoto must be exstinguished for this world to better itself and advance, and i am the one to do this." He then wrote "Alabaster Warsman in his notebook. he ran downstairs and told his sister Sayu to go and ask Mr.Yakamoto will he be coming to dinner tomorrow, as she left he mumbled to himself, "25 seconds left, and Kira's judgement will be inacted." he went upstairs, sat in his Chair and smiled too himself...    

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Warsman made it to the door within the span of ten seconds or less, his long legs and stride carrying him at remarkable speed. He slowly opened the door and found his visitor to be the Yagami-daughter, Seyu, if he remembered correctly.

He smiled and asked:

"How may I help you?"

She asked if he was coming over for dinner tomorrow night, to which he replied:

"Of course, I will be there. See you then."

She smiled and returned next-door. Warsman closed his door and walked back to his seat, continuing to sort through his mail through the next minute or so before filling out the bills and making a small dinner for that night and going to bed shortly afterwards.

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He watched from his window as Mr. Yakamoto opened the door spoke and closed it once again. " WHAT? forty seconds was up the minute he opened the door, he should have died, what could have went wrong?" Light grabbed the notebook and search through it looking for the page he wrote this mans name on. He read it "Alabaster Warsman."  "Argh, it must be another false name then... dammit, i thought i nailed this guy. I could hand him over to the police, but no their punishment is not just and there system of judgement is not absolute. I am the only one who can do this, and to do this i must find out this mans real name.... *eyes narrowed and sadistic smile appears on his face* and i know just how to do it."

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Warsman straightened his tie, the tuxedo he had bought a little tight due to his advanced physique. It showed off a little too much muscle than he cared to reveal, but it was the only one he had in black so he decided to take it.

He advanced through the waning sunlight to his neighbors' house, taking a hand and knocking his knuckles against it in a rhythmic beat. He took it off after four knocks and slid it into his pocket, fondling the keys to his door with it.

He looked around, eyeing the details of the place. Something sinister was inside, but he shrugged the feeling of dread aside as he was allowed in.

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He awaited the visitor. He knew no one would be at his house tonight, which fit perfectly to his plan. He heard the knock on his door, "The Guest of Honor has arrived," he thought too himself. He opened the door and told the man please take a seat in the kitchen I'll be down in a second. He grabbed a small pocket knife he used to cut apples for Ryuk and he grabbed his Death Note and a pen. he went back down stairs and sat directly across from the man. "Hello Mr. Yakamoto or as your more commonly known in the americas, Mr. Warsman. Now this house is surrounded by japanese police and any foolish attempts of trying to kill me or running away will result in your incarceration but if you cooperate with me i can guarantee you freedom. Do you understand?"  He had a small grin on his face as he stared this potentially dangerous criminal.  

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Warsman smirked.

"Surrounded you say? How interesting."

He stood, eyeing Light with caution, because this child was more dangerous than he let on.

"It seems you've been paying attention, Mr. Yagami. I am indeed known in the States as Warsman, the news reports more frequent than I expected."

He looked at the notebook Light held. On the cover was the word "death" in gothic letters. He reached out a hand for the book, but retracted at the last second, a chill around the thing making his fingers grow numb.

"You continue to surprise me, Light, but I have more surprises in store for you than you do for me, I would imagine."

He walked over to the front door and placed a foot on it, tilting his head towards Light with a wide smile on his face.

"Just watch."

With a swift motion, the door flew off the hinges and landed several yards away. As Light predicted, the police were surrounding the place. Bullets rang out as several pierced Warsman's body, but he stood like they were flies.

Turning back into the house, he threw a couch to block the door with into the empty space with one hand, supporting it with other heavy objects with relative ease. He threw shelves in front of the windows, barring them with broken planks of wood and pipes wrenched from the sink. Turning to Light, he smiled.

"What's next, Mr. Yagami?"

Blood stopped seeping from his wounds, his body healing with remarkable speed. He widened his smile and narrowed his glowing red eyes as the electricity was shut off as part of the siege of the Yagami household.

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Light was astounded by the mans power but nonetheless something in his mind led him to believe this man would not attack him. It seems the bullets would not hurt him at all. He knew he could still kill him with the death note. "This man was powerful, but a god no. I've gotta keep my composure."   He thought to himself. "Now Mr. Warsman that little display of power will make this situation harder on you. You obviously fear being captured so if you want to be able to live your life normally you will still cooperate with me. This notebook in my hands can help you. This is the notebook of a shinigami or Death God. It has the power to alter reality. If you want to be able to go back to your family in America and live happily with them, without the police and or CIA coming after you, here is what you have to do. Tell me your name. It has to be your real name none of these fake names that you have used in the past, it has to be your actual name. Now, given the specifications of the situation, will you give me your name and go back with your family or kill me and try to escape thus becoming a global threat? Its your move." with that said light awaited an answer in the darkness...   

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Warsman smiled at the meager deal Light offered him.

"Very nice lie, child. I know you will tell the poilce my real name if I tell you, therefore giving them much more preperation than they have now. Besides,"

He smiled wider in the darkness.

"I have no family to go back to."

Teleporting, he reappeared in front of Light, his indimidating height of six feet and eight inches magnified by the shadows around him.

"I fear no police. And I certainly I fear no child with a book."

His right hand began to glow as it hovered near Light's throat.

"I could burn a hole in you right now and end this charade, but then again it would be too simple."

He calmed himself and the light faded. He pulled it away from Light's throat and took the flight of stairs up to continue the barricade, all the while listening intently for any movement behind him or downstairs.

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This was no human. Light realized as he felt the heat coming off of the creatures hand. He realized that the beast was not wise to the power of the notebook. Light was not completely out of luck yet. This man was also brash and very confident in his power as well. A new idea sparked in his brain. " So since you are so powerful is this the life you want to live, constantly chased by police having to always run, you may not have a family but there has to be a better life than the one you have now, i could make you a king, a person worshipped by the massive because of your power. But only you can allow me to do that." He looked at Ryuk and winked.

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A laugh grew in his throat, suddenly bursted through his lips and into the eaves of the house.

"Power?! You think what I want is...POWER?!?!"

He lurched forward, slamming his hands against the table.

"I have all the power I need....an empire in Europe and an entire kingdom in another dimension in case this one turns poor to me. I need nothing you offer, but I can take all you have."

With a sudden motion, the notebook was in his hand, even though his body was freezing cold with contact.

"This is of some importance to you...."

Throwing it on the table again, he took a seat across from Light.

"You seem fixated on finding my name. Why?"

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This Being revealed more and more to him as he went on. The Beast grabbed his notebook and he could see shivers run through him. "Perfect."  He thought to himself. The man placed his notebook back on the table and asked Light why he wanted to know his name. He grabbed his notebook sat down and began to speak, "Europe is one of the weaker countries in this world, and an entire kingdom is nothing compared to what i am offering you, i give you an entire world for you and seeing as how there is no other sentient life in this galaxy you would be the ruler of an entire galaxy, you ask why i am interested in your name because i want you out of my reality you are disrupting things here I'm trying to give you something that would be more to both are likings i know you cant be happy here once again it is your choice." 

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"Babble is all I hear from you, Light Yagami."

In a swift motion he was up and about, striding at a great pace around the room.

"What is a shinigami? They translate to death god."

He had read much of what the notebook held, the countless names, the rules on how to "use" it. He was about to throw it in Light's face.

"You have one in your control."

He turned his head towards Light.

"I want to see it."

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He knew that the man had read or knew something about the death note once he askes to see the shinigami. This was no matter. He knew he was still in control and he beckoned Ryuk to come while he played catch with an apple in his hand. "You Called Light?" 

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The apple danced back and forth in midair right in front of Warsman's eyes.Something beckoned him to run, but he ignored the cry for help from his own mind and smiled instead.

"Why can't I see it? Where is the shinigami?"

By this time, the police had acquired battering rams and where beating against the couch barring the door. Warsman simply smiled.

"I leave you with this, Light Yagami, I have my name etched in history. What about yours?"

With that, Warsman tilted his head towards the doorway, which was breached within moments. Police flooded in and handcuffed the maniac, but Warsman simply tore away at the cuffs and beat each cop within breathing distance down to the ground with one strike each, even those with thick helmets. The rest retreating to regroup, Warsman stepped over the mound of bodies and vanished in the midnight gloom, taking a last look back at the Yagami household before fully disappearing.

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His name is etched in History, what could that mean? Light pondered this thought as the police approached him. "This is not over yet warsman, Kira will bring his judgement down upon you like all others." he muttered to himself....