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Time: 2:19 am

Place: Judean desert, south of Jordan

Background music: "Overburdened" by Disturbed, "Master of Puppets" by Metallica, "Blood Brothers" by Iron Maiden

A strange man walks through the desert, shielding against the winds with a thin hood and cloak made of torn cloth. He leaps to the top of another rocky hill, making the mighty hillside look like little more than a step on a stairway.

On the plateau, the man took his hood from its perch, revealing a face with glowing red eyes. Indeed the Russian, Warsman remembered from long ago that a strange creature had nearly killed him, severing his brain-matter with a thrown sword. He couldn't remember the face nor the name of such a creature, yet the thought of such a someone filled him with anger and rage. Crouching to a knee, Warsman raised a fist and plowed it into the gigantic rock, making it shatter into pieces.

Standing on a nearby hill of sand, Warsman admired his work, watching the plateau crumble into rubble. Teleporting again to a cliff, Warsman kept his eyes open for the one he had felt earlier. It was a familiar presence, yet it was concealed extremely well. It had followed him ever since he had left Spain, with a familiar scent of hatred and death about it. The Russian's eyes darted alert as his brain confirmed his hypothesis.


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"I'm better now...Warsman...Don't you think I'm different" He stared at Warsman from another hill from 5 yards away. "This time it won't be a draw". Garison's veins started turning black and appearing on his face his face turned paled he started vibrating and the sky was covered in dark clouds.

His back started forming a huge lump like a hunch back, he started coughing black feathers and then his large black wings busted threw his jacket spread out like a butterfly in a cocoon. He pushed them back and forth making some sand fall to Warsman.

He grinned and his evil devilish teeth and he kissed his chain with a golden crossed and tucked it in and pulled out his gun and shot 2 bullets sent to Warsman's arteries and heart.

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"Such a demon and he dares lay his lips on a cross?"

Warsman watched Garison's transformation with little interest if any. The sand was a minor annoyance as were the bullets, the Russian watching them harmlessly break on te outside of his force-shield. Taking a step, Warsman darted out of sight and hearing, teleporting with an after-image in his wake. Appearing point-blank in Garison's face, Warsman threw a furious punch, one that would shatter the sound barrier like a lightning-bolt, aimed at Garison's jaw.

"You will suffer for what you did, Garison. I promise that."

Throwing similar punches, but teleporting and aiming them at different points on the creature's swollen body, Warsman extended his claws while in the midst of teleporting and attempted to chop off one of his opponent's wings. The sun was still hours away from rising and in the dark, Warsman's body was nearly invisible save for his gleaming red eyes, which reflected in the moonbeams when they caught such a radiant light.

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Garsion blinked then saw Warsman standing in front of him. Pow! the crashing punch to the jaw by Warsman connected and Garsion fell down to the ground with a broken jaw. Slowly if fixes itself. He teleported all around Garison with punches everywhere. The claws came at Garsion's wing and he figured hat was enough he used his wings to fly back but the claws peirced one wing.

He stood up swung his wings back in forth really hard toharm Warsman's sight. His jaw gt put back in place and his wounds were healed. Only a single deadly attack could kill him. He sprinted towards Warsman extra speed by his winss and attempted to punch his straight in the right and break it with his Invulnerability.

Then he would pin him to the ground and bring out his golden cross chain and it would light up. It would absorb evil souls and Warsman was on the red side."Haha your soul is mine!"

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Warsman watched as the demon-angel came at him with a fist drawn back. Reaching up a hand to catch it, Warsman sank into the earth as a crater formed from the furious blow. He wore no damage and his arm barely twitched with the strain of holding back Garison's strength. Cracking sounds came from the demon-angel's fist as Warsman squeezed with intense power.

"On Symaar, what you did to me..."

Warsman extended his claws to the full length.

"Will be repaid tenfold."

Suddenly, Garison held up his cross, which glowed in the night air.

"Your soul is mine!" Garison said, laughing.

The Russian felt the fibers of his body being pushed aside by otherworldly forces, searching for something within him. Immediately he knew the source of this pain to be the cross..

"Foolish boy."

Warsman swiped at the chain with hic claws, cutting it in half and making the crucifix plummet to the desert below. He looked at Garison and aimed a clawed blow to his chest, his fist whistling through the air like a blade.

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"Your still mad about my sword crashing to your face in prison"Swipe! The chain was cut and the cross was damaged."What have you done, that was the only thing that could keep me stable!. Warsman aimed straight for under Garison's arm, Cling!

*Invulnerability, made his claws curl up. *"I'm not a boy anymore Warsman!"*. Garison nails grew longer and his long white hair flared up. His vampire teeth grew longer. *You have disturbed by balance now you must suffer!*. Garison sends a punch to the gut then a head but. He would fly up looking down on Warsman flapping his wings.

He closed his eyes and put his ands together and prayed mumbling words then he opened his eyes, he had the power. His legs was like smoke...Garison was fired upI swear I kill anybody who breaks my chain I've had it since 16! Do you know how much it means to me!". A black tear drops

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Warsman grunted as his claws bent and swayed. Breaking them off in anger, Warsman blocked both of Garison's attacks with a pair of his own, which were equal to the demon-angel's power, but were not remotely close to Warsman's full potential. He watched him fly into the sky, crying a black tear.

"At least you don't have something precious inside your body, child. Those claws were a part of my body," Warsman's knuckles seeped blood as another pair of unbreakable claws drew themselves from his flesh. "I'll make you pay one way or the other."

Warsman teleported, retracting his claws into his body. Drawing a fist back, he released it at Garison's chest, trying to tear out the demon-angel's heart with a punch that would shatter the stone below them with a mighty shockwave if it connected.

"You are just a child pretending to be a man! Now show what you truly are beneath that pitiful shell!"

The Russian threw hundreds of punches with equal power to the first at the demon-angel, teleporting to different areas around Garison to stay airbourne. Finally settling down on a remaining stone, Warsman ripped a chunk of the rock from its base, teleporting in front of his opponent and slamming the piece of rock down at Garison's head.

Teleporting a final time, Warsman aimed his hands at Garison's throat with the intent of choking him. Thinking of a future attack, Warsman, if his hands were to touch the demon-angel's throat, would slam Garison into the stone plateau below them with furious power in an attempt to crush his internal organs.

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*What the!--Garison lit up like a firecracker in the darkness with all them punches BAM BAM! BAM BAM! he teleported all around his body was moving everywhere the teleportation was too fast for Garison. Just when Garison as about to drop to the ground he is hit with a rock to the forehead and it busted it open and Garison fell back on the loose sand.

Grrghahh!Warsman was choking him on the sand then he was about to slam Garison on a large stone that hadn't withered to sand yet. Garison is thrown and he uses his large fingernails to balance on the rock and scrap above it missing the rock. Scraaaap!. He stood up leaning over fore-head busted bruises all over his body he was breathing heavily. Even with his Invulnerability Warsman strength was still powerful.

*He wiped the blood off his lips and and sprinted to tackle Warsman and pull him and and send 13 fury punches. The bruises started to heal as well as his fore-head. He screamed with exaughstion with every blow. Then he would pick up the beaten Warsman and fly him 2 miles in the sky then drop him and stay airborne and see what happens.

Just in case Garison put his hands together to pray and his hand glowed in darkness aura the angelic demon was getting more powerful throughout his battle. He turned his anger into strength.

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Warsman was not impressed by the demon-angel's durability and he sought to break him into pieces.

Charging at full speed to match Garison's, Warsman met each of Garison's punches with his own, each one breaking the ground into a deeper crater. As Garison tried to grab him, he sent his hands to lock up with the demon-angel, and would force Garison's hands upward and tense his muscles so that he would be in control of the power game.

"This ends tonight, Garison! As the sun as my witness, you will not live to see the light of day!!!"

The Russian forced his arms to the sky, throwing a knee at Garison's gut. Clenching his fists, he brought both of the down at the demon-angel's skull, attempting to shatter it into pieces. Groaning a battle-cry, Warsman fired a volley of high-power punches at the demon-angel, each one shaking the rock they stood on and sending sheets of stone tumbling into the desert below. Transforming his arm into the plasma-cannon, Warsman made a grab for Garison's hair, which he would pull so that he could force Garison's face into the barrel of the cannon. Firing a bolt, the white-hot plasma incinerated a path through the rock with its ferocious heat, sending a blast of light that rivaled that of the Sun itself streaming through the night sky. Warsman transformed his hand back to its normal form, completely unharmed by the heat of his attack or by the would-be tiring effects of fatigue.

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Warsman waited for about twenty seconds for his hand to cool down, the clouds of sand beating against his force-shield, which he kept up in-between attacks. Teleporting, Warsman vanished out of sight and hearing and reappeared behind Garison, making a grab for both of the demon-angel's wings, attempting to tear them off.

If done correctly, Warsman would've set himself up for a perfect barrage of punches and kicks that he could unleash against his opponent. Aiming a knee at Garison, Warsman finished his barrage by using a second plasma-bolt shot, teleporting in front of the demon-angel and making a grab for his throat this time. Pointing his cannon at Garison's face, Warsman smiled as the sun began to crack over the horizon.

"In the desert, the sun sets late and rises early."

Warsman would take any distraction made by the sunrise and launch his cannon, teleport to stay airbourne, and continue his physical rampage.

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Tonight it shall end Warsman!Garison arms were still in the air since Warsman threw them up. He sends a knee to the gut and Garison put his arms down and his eye's rolled back and he yelped. Warsman clenched his fist. He sends 4 high powered punched at Garsion one right hook that knocked out a tooth. A uppercut that bruised his chin. A left hook that broke his nose and finally a punch to the stomach very powerful. Garsion grabbed his hand. His head was down. Then his hand started steaming. He lifted his head up. He had a grin on his face.

*Warsman reached to grab Garsion's hair he grabbed it and the flaring stopped of the hair. Warsman had charged his plasma cannon. *Oh no!* Garison took his holy knife and swiped his hair and ran away from the blast. He ran away then he shot the cannon and Garison ducked but the intense heat burnt some of his clothing and hair.

He stood up and looked at Warsman and 32 seconds passed by staring at each other*

Garison wounds started to heal during the time period and Garison started using his wings to swing them back and forth very fast. Then piles up sand blew to Warsman to bury him in sand. Then when he is blinded Garison would run to him and grab him by the foot fly up in the sky miles away and drop him by him dangling by his foot.

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Warsman teleported behind Garison again trying to rip off his wings. He ran away so Warsman caught his left wing when he was running and ripped it off.Tear!!.Ahhhh Ragha!Garison yelped in pain. Warsman kept beating up Garison and he stood up and was knocked down and he stood up and was knocked down covered in sand.

Then Warsamn teleported in front of Garsion and grabbed his neck and held it high and was about to use his cannon again. He spit blood in Warsman's eye's. Then he would put him down to wipe the blood out.Oh no!The sun started to rise over the horizon it was taking out the shadows

Till' next time Warsman!Garsion healed most of his body and some of his wing rejuvenated then he took off avoiding the sun and to a dark place were he can stay.Next time my power would increase 10 fold!Garsion flew away

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Warsman became angered by the sight of the being running away from something so trivial as the Sun. He thought he was running away from him, calling him weak for not killing him fast enough to beat the dawn. The rock cracked underneath him as his muscles became raw tensed flesh. Veins appeared where his organic components were and his eyes flashed angrily, evaporating Garison's foul blood from his gaze. Holding up his cannon-arm, Warsman teleported in front of Garison, who was at least several hundred feet in the air, and fired the plasma-bolt he had been holding back.

"I said I'd kill you one way or the other. This is that other way, Garison."

Warsman teleported again, aiming an elbow to the top of the demon-angel's head. Aiming a knee at Garison's stomach, the Russian teleported again to retrieve a stone. Reappearing behind his opponent, Warsman attempted to smash the piece of rock into Garison's skull. Teleporting a final time, Warsman looked to the East and saw the sun peek over the horizon, as if frightened by the fight unfolding before it.
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He'll never catch up to me now!The sun light was chasing after Garison while he tried to stay in the shadows. A screw went loose in Warsman's head to make him teleport in the air and attack Garison wild.Whoa!Warsman charged his cannon the third time to Garsion's head and he flew down with his wings.

He strikes Garsion's head with his elbow and he dazed for a bit then got it together, Garsion flew up making the knee strike to miss. Garsion's wing had fully rejuvenated by now so he started to fly faster. Then Warsman took a piece of stone and smashed it on the back of Garsion's head and it started top bleed and now he has a terrible head ache.

*The sun is almost here! Garsison started flapping his wings and his body began to steam because of the sun.Put just in case you don't try that stunt again!Garsion writes a note on the rock with his blood and throws it to the ground. then he takes out 4 holy grenades and drops them while Warsman is falling.

The note reads...

Warsman, if you are still alive and reading this...I would battle you again for the third time some day and next time it's to the death!

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Warsman stared at Garison as he flew away, anger clearly dominate in his gaze. Crashing against the ground, he made in imprint of his body in the sand. Reaching a hand into the sky, he clenched his fist around Garison's fading form, imagining that he was crushing him. Using the same hand to swat away the live grenades, the Russian caught the falling rock and set it to his side. Staring into the brightening sky, Warsman looked over to the note written in blood.

He smirked and raised a fist, crushing the rock into a pile of rubble as he brought it down.

"To the death..."

He relished in that idea...