W.A.R.P. Laboratories (Metro City Business Location)

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"Making a new Tomorrow"

Welcome to W.A.R.P Laboratories, or Widely Advanced Revolutionary Phenomenon Laboratories! It is a privately owned company that specializes in research and subsequent production distribution. This company pushes the limits of both science and engineering strives to remain the head of its market due to its level of devotion to the betterment of the world at large. On the opposing side of being a business, it promises top of the line quality items, yet at an affordable price. Let's take a deeper look at the company.

The Facility

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This is the main location of W.A.R.P and definitely has the most foot traffic. Though this only one of several locations that the company owns, it is the most well known and easily recognizable out of all of them. It's located in downtown Metro City and is fairly easy to find it based on its position. While it is something of a tourist attraction, it importance is never diminished.

The size of property as a whole is 13,000 square feet. It needs the space because it is comprised of a few different buildings that are separated based on the field that it focuses on. The height of the buildings ranges from 8-15 stories tall. The buildings' design are based on whatever the structural needs of the test being run are. The location is also active 24/7.


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The researchers who work here are no less than the greatest minds on the planet. They are constantly working tirelessly night and day aiming to solve the world's greatest problems through the development of its advanced products. In order to apply for a job as one of the researchers here, you need to have an advanced understanding of science.

While having a degree isn't necessary, we would prefer it if you could give of some proof of your expertise. When it comes to applying for the science division, you need to be highly adept in at lest one of the following general fields fields: physics, biology, chemistry, astronomy, criminology, physiology, entomology or genetics

Technological Development

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The technological division is just as important as the scientific division. In that division we are continuously advancing the world's technology with products that are nothing short of futuristic. Continuously coming up with something better than the last in order to meet your needs in any way possible. We develop teleportation systems, to force-fields to hovercrafts, to laser rifles to just about anything you can think of applicants are required to have proficiency in at least one of these fields: software development, programming, engineering or robotics.


Because of how powerful and versatile the companies products and research is, it is very often the target of its rivals or unlawful organizations that wish to steal or copy what it produces. Many of which employ metahumans as physical back up for any attempt to enter the premise without having proper access clearance.

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This is why it is imperative that the building has security that is able to fend off such attacks. For those who would like a position within security, you need to be: A - a human with advanced combat skills, B - a superhuman or C - a superhuman with advanced combat skills. The security is required to work either a night or day shift which ranges from 6-12 hours.

Going further into the combat skills needed to be a member of security, one important aspect is being skilled in a minimum of one form of martial arts. If not that, then you be highly skilled and in the use of a type of weapon. It is also important to be prepared for combat and any given time.

The building is also being mentored every moment by an A.I. known simply as M.A.T. The name is an acronym for Mobile Automated Tactician. He has a complete view of everything that happens on the premise at all times. If he sees anything that he deems to be a threat, he will immediately contact all security personnel.


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Seeing as how this a company, the most important component is people actually buying our products. W.A.R.P can provide virtually anything that you could ever want. It has something that you will find useful whether it's for work or home.

In order purchase something, you can go to www.warplaboratories.com. A drone will be sent to your desired location soon afterwards. If you prefer a more human touch then, we can send someone with your purchase to you. Or you can come to the facility and pick it up yourself!

If you do not receive your purchase in three business days, then price of the product will decrease by 35%!

Job Requirements

While the specifics for the skills and knowledge needed for certain categories has already been given, there are general requirements that you need to have in order to apply. Here are what's needed:

  • You need to be at least 15 years old to apply.
  • Give a list of allergies or sickness (if any).
  • Have some type of formal education.
  • Explain your reason for wanting a job.

Once you have been hired, you must go through a series of other tests:

  • Go through a physical evaluation.
  • Take a physiological assessment.
  • Take a solemn oath of honesty.

(IC) Rules and Regulations

The rules for those who work at the company are listed. Disobeying the company rules may result in your termination.

  • Report back at a minimum of once a month.
  • Obey your superior officers.
  • Go to a location when summoned at the earliest convenience.

The rules for those who do not work the company and do work for the company are here. If you do not follow the rules set here you may be removed from the property.

  • Be respectful to others here.
  • Do not steal or damage any property.
  • No use of unauthorized drugs or other substances of any kind.
  • Running indoors is only allowed when necessary.
  • Do not enter areas without proper security clearance.
  • Violence is only tolerated against a recognized threat.

Employ Pay & Benefits

  • Employs make 45,000 - 250,000 a year
  • Health care is included in their benefits
  • Dental care is included in their benefits
  • Employs get 2 weeks of vacation days a year
  • Employs get payed during the first week of their sick days

(OOC) Rules and Regulation

  • Hostile takeover - Please do not claim ownership or any aspect of this company or claim any items directly from this facility without my consent.
  • Property Damage - Small scale damage to this location is allowed, such as destroying a wall within the building. But major property damage within the facility needs permission from me first.
  • Location Displacement - The main facility is not in any case to be removed from its location (Metro City) in any case without my permission.
  • Occupation - If you would like a character to work here, please contact me first.

Normal CVnU rules apply. If you have any questions, tag me or feel free to pm my accounts Cutting_Edge or Mister_Surreal

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If he's qualified and has a good interview.


Well, we were waiting for you. So you and Red Jay can still finish your part if he is still interested.

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Can I add this as a Link to my Metro City thread?

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Eric Andre is my favorite!