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The neck portion of the suit was now severely damaged, while it was still being protected by the titanium underneath it was much more vulnerable than it hand been before. But in order to get the man inside the armor, the attacker was going to need to spend as much time as he could clawing at him, a genuine load of force.

Arthur now took this threat seriously and decided to play to his strengths instead of launching basic fire and run tactics. His enemy like getting up close and personal when fighting his opponents so he would continue to see how much he enjoyed doing that.

"Alright, let me try something else." Arthur shoved his hand into a his sternum before another attack could be launched. He then began to charge his gauntlets respulsor blast without firing it, making it it grow hotter and hotter as time went on.

The suit most durable areas were the head, chest, boots and hands for different reasons. In the case of the hand, it would need to be able to not only give a good punch but also be able to take the amount of heat that would be created as a result of prolonged use firing coming from the hands.

He wanted heat his enemies' organs in such great heat that they would liquefy, that would almost certainly do some good damage to him, even if he just tried to brush off the attack. Going back to the matter of punches, Arthur figured that it was time for some brute force.

He bashed his titanium knuckles into the side of his enemies head, his blow being that of a steel baseball bat being swung a superhuman. His fist carried 50 tons of force behind it as swiftly made its way across the right side of his enemies face. He then fired his repulsor as he pimp slapped his enemy.

"Don't talk back to me b****!"

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Arthur's strategy worked to a degree.

The point-blank boiling of Heiji's organs did, in fact, succeed in that regard. The boiling point of the human body was basically the same as water, considering its basic compositions, and so didn't necessarily take all that long for it to heat up given the tin man's repulsor blasts. As Heiji's neck and sinus started lighting up with the heat and the fire spreading to the salts of his muscles, his eyes also suffered and the internal tissues of his throat and mouth were also caught up in the horrifying display of science gone rogue.

The problem, however, came when the fact that Heiji didn't stop moving became relevant about a second after the heating project started. Now that Arthur's arm was embedded in his chest, for lack of a better term, it was basically just a sitting target for however long it needed to charge the initial blast. And so he, in turn, grabbed onto the arm now. The joints were typically weaker on armor anyway.

So now the problem wasn't that Arthur was in the proximity of an unstoppable madman anymore, it was that he was in the proximity of an unstoppable madman who was on fire.

And he was intent on breaking Arthur's arm at the elbow, holding it in place by the forearm in one direction and violently shoving the bicep in the other direction in an attempt to make it bend completely backwards. Of course, this didn't stop the vague attempts that Arthur made to disengage, going from hard knuckle engagements with the side of Heiji's head to a good ol' slap to the face, the most basic of defense tactics.

Blood oozed out of Heiji's ears, the residual energies transferring through his head and out the other side to shred apart his eardrums through sheer vibrational frequencies, but he just kept going at the arm with merciless intent to crack it completely in half. His fingers bit down harder and harder, as the fires started to die down in his thoracic core. Melting or not, he was having the time of his life hanging on for dear life in the middle of the air attached to his only lifeline - who was trying to kill him - by the actual skin of his teeth.

"<Cute,>" he spat blood and possibly a tooth into Arthur's eyes after the slap, amused if only slightly by the gesture. "<Now you're fighting like a baby.>"

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The joints in the suit were very durable but they were certainly not the most well protected areas that made. Arthur could feel the pressure of the enemies strength tightening around his elbow, trying to get to him. After some release, the armor finally gave in and cracked his arm right in the ball joint. "Ahh!", Arthur yelled as the injury was made.

Arthur knew that this battle had been going on long enough, he was going to have use attacks that were a lot more deadly than the ones that he was using prior to the ones that he was currently using. He didn't like using attacks that were lethal, but he was willing to do whatever it took in order to keep himself alive.

He stuck his arm further into the body of his enemy to the point where he was just below the rib cage, him heating up his the reactor in his hand once again. He moved his hand closer to a point that could bring this whole game of theirs to an end.

The suit's thrusters where putting everything that they had into the power of boots, climbing dozens of meters in a matter of seconds. Arthur didn't plan on stopping any time soon, but he knew that this was a risky move since this suit wasn't designed to go to space. But he figured that his enemy wouldn't do to well either.

As they got faster they, a sonic boom was produced by the speed of the suit's flight, something that the suit was indeed prepared for. The attacker on the other hand may not have fared to well after the amount of damage that he had sustained from their battle.

"Look, if you keep this up then you're not going to like what happens next. The way I see it, there are only two likely outcomes to this battle if you don't give up now: you die or we both die. Do you want to take your chances?"

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The Immortal's stomach started to glow again from the repulsors waxing hot inside his torso. The very concept of being brought into space... it was new to him. He never had someone carry him from ground level to the cusp of the atmosphere before. The cold pierced his skin, the lowering oxygen levels crushing his lungs. The water inside his body started to flake into ice crystals that instantly peeled away when the heat in his core flashed.

The only reason why he stopped trying to smash Arthur's arm off was that his physical output was slowing down, grinding to a halt due to the extreme temperatures they were approaching. The fluid in his brain was slowing down too, sealing off his ability to hear effectively. Either that or he was legitimately not paying attention right then. Either way, he didn't react to Arthur talking until the final few words.

"Do you want to take your chances?"

The question brought a strange look to Heiji's face, like pure concentration and thought. A ring of his flickered. Everything was building up to this moment.

"<You have no idea,>"

And it was about to be unleashed.

The ice cracking along his hand shattered once he revitalized his grip on Arthur's armor, bringing his other fist reeling back. He wasn't about to let go when this went off like a bomb. He had Absorbed almost as much energy as Arthur had been pumping into him, evident once his fist started to flicker and flare like an atomic weapon. They were up about as high as they could go, so the fallout wouldn't be near as deadly as it could have been.

But it would still be something out of Arthur's nightmares.

"<This is gonna hurt.>" he smirked.

And then began the nuclear-level punches, each one aimed at the joints, the throat, the eyes, something dirty. Something vulnerable. Something breakable.

Just keep hitting him, something will break eventually.

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Arthur took the punches that kept coming, each one of them made his body cringe with pain as the power bombarded his nervous system. The hits were more like a contained nuclear explosion balled up into a fist, they were now doing some serious damage to the suits structure and performance. The armor would hold up for a while, bu it would eventually succumb to the amount of damage that was being inflicted.

The to were nearly out of Earth's atmosphere and while Arthur did have an oxygen tank, the suit wasn't made to withstand the temperature that the vacuum of space would hold. The suits hinges began to freeze as they got higher, his broken elbow now numbed like the rest of his body. He was beginning to feel the true effects of what was happening now.

He knew that the suit would shut down pretty soon in this condition, not because of the punches but because of the environment that he was in. "It looks like you made your choice.", he said with a slight tone of disappointment. In one final move, he shoved his arm through the back of is enemy and then ejected out of the suit as he sent it flying into space at top speed.

But before he ejected, he called another suit to pick him up as he fell back to Earth. If the suit didn't make it there in time, he had his parachute to rely on.

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"<Little bastard!!>" Heiji roared after the retreating Arthur Mark, his body practically impaled by the suit in front of him.

He heard a faint ticking sound, raising his eyebrows in faux surprise. He expected as much, but found the suit much easier to get into now that it was open, if only for a fraction of time that allowed Arthur to escape in the first place. He pulled himself along the arm stabbing through his stomach, and reached into the mechanisms of the suit, tearing out something resembling a power core. He had a fifty-fifty shot, and he really didn't have much to lose anyway.

So with a snap, the suit didn't deactivate, and he wrenched the system free of any source of power. The ticking stopped, but the fact of the matter was that he was still spacebound if he didn't do something.

And so, with his legs, he smashed into the knees and thighs of the suit, tilting it so it was aiming more for open forest than open sky. Rigid, but programmed for a destination, the suit rerouted itself with each attempt to do otherwise. In other words, he had to break the programming somehow.

Why isn't Yazhun here instead. Heiji groaned.

And so he smashed it. And kept smashing it. The trajectory eventually got faulty, but it wasn't enough. He process of punching it, kicking, headbutting, anything Heiji could do against it just seemed to confuse it temporarily without a human driver. At least they weren't completely going up anymore. Still, he wasn't either paying attention or he was making real sure he didn't go up any further. It was then that the suit lost power, possibly a battery leak from going up so far and with such a volatile prisoner.

They crashed almost a hundred miles away, into the side of a mountain in an unoccupied corner of nowhere. Nothing stirred in the crash site for a while, mere seconds in reality, but to Heiji - as he lay there with his flesh burning and bubbling, practically every bone broken - it was an eternity.

The suit, inexplicably, began to rise out of the crater and float. Inches off the ground, miles for the Mad San'Vun. It was trying to return to its creator for repairs, but Heiji was not finished with it.

Not by a longshot.

His hand grabbed its ankle and he dragged himself to a standing position on shattered legs.

"<Oh no you don't. If that dumbass can wear a suit to make himself stronger, than I'm sure he won't mind if I do the same thing,>"

He managed a small incision in the multi-layered suit, and so began to force himself inside. Flesh and skin peeled away, but he proved before that he could regenerate from practically nothing as long as he had enough fuel in the Chalice ring to do so. In the process, his blood began to interface directly with the circuitry and hardware, causing a massive overcharge in power as some of the systems were outright fried - but then again, that layer between flesh and metal began to do something to the armor itself. It opened wider for Heiji, welcoming him inside as if he were part of it.

Soon, the colors of the suit became a coagulated and disturbed crimson color rather than the noble symbol it had painted before. His blood, like nanites, were adapting to the circuitry, and Absorbing it, before vanishing entirely.

Blood is the only way, after all.
Blood is the only way, after all.

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Arthur fell back to Earth as he dive bombed from outer space, it was a weird feeling for him to be falling from such a height without any added layer of protection. He could see the city below him as he got closer, he wasn't sure where he was but he seemed to be over a city that was still in the United States.

Just then, he could see the suit that he called come into view. The suit was the Mark XXVII. It had a more dirty tone of gold on the face plate as well as the several parts of the arms and legs. The suits shade overall was a shiny midnight black that Arthur was quite fond of. And the most notable difference was that the suit had glowing red eyes.

The suit opened up as he gracefully fell into it, the suits metal enveloped around him as the mechanisms that it was comprised of extended to contain the man inside. After his arms and legs as well as all the other appendages where in their correct positions, the suit closed behind him and sealed itself seamlessly.

"Thanks M.A.T. Now, where is Mark X?", the suit for`some reason was having some difficulty locating the missing piece of technology. After a few moments, M.A.T simply replied that the suit was offline. That was confusing to Arthur, each suit was designed to have a sort of black box that would keep operating regardless if the suit was able to function properly.

This really put down Arthur, that suit was the first one in the series to meet all of his expectations in its performance. He decided to head back to his company in order to figure out a way to find the suit.

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@cutting_edge *Alvin approached the W.A.R.P Laboratories with a cigarette in his hand. The placed didn't seem like anything much. No four dimensional creatures. No tachyons. However, that's what should he expect while he's on Earth. He was ear for a job offer that was given to him.* "Might as well light on up while I'm waitin'" *He said to himself as he withdrew his lighter from the inner pockets of his coat.

*He opened up a hologram that projected from his arm and began to play some Tetris while he waited for the man her hired him*

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Arthur was sitting in his workshop, tinkering with a few spare parts that he in store for a new hover board, only to be alerted by his secretary that his newest employee had arrived. He went up the elevator to main floor, and as the electromagnetic-field pulled him upwards, he pondered how his meeting would go with this man that he hired. As the doors to the lobby opened, he immediately noticed his newest worker. "I had feeling that you'd show up around this time.", Arthur said as he strolled towards him.

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While he was dragging his cigarette he heard a voice say something to him. "So you're the boss? Huh, electromagnetic elevators are decent. Have you considered superposition? Maybe zero-point energy? Doesn't matter, you're the boss here." (You're talking to a physicist just to let you know)

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@theevolutionary: (Just out of curiosity, are you an actual physicist or were you referring to your character?)

Arthur was impressed this man's knowledge of quantum mechanics, it was something that he himself was quite fascinated by, the practical applications of the field were seemingly boundless. "Yes, but I always found that mechanical constructs were more reliable than quantum mechanical systems. With energy fluctuations and all that. But hopefully, you could help some energetic stability around here.", Arthur said in his typically relaxed tone of voice.

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@cutting_edge: (Three Months Later and The RP continues XD)

Assuming that his shift was on, Alvin would begin patrolling the W.A.R.P Laboratories, occasionally stopping to take a drink. He was genuinely impressed by the technology built here. However, he had a mission here to complete and he couldn't be side-tracked. So, as he continued to walk through the laboratories many corridors, he was mapping out the area in his mind and finding the most efficient way to complete his mission. With gin in his hand, he began to sit down and set up his hologram once again. He knew this place had cameras...many of them so he couldn't just waltz in there do it. So he decided to hatch up a plan to take them out. He was almost 100% sure that the CEO of this company, wouldn't fully trust a man in a leather cloak and shades. So he had to look for where the cameras led to...or he could do it the easy way and cloak himself to all visible & infrared lights.

The Evolutionary did just that, after taking a quick drag from a cigarette. He began to turn invisible feet first and then his head. His footsteps were silenced by his cybernetic legs producing counter vibrations. He knew this was a bit rushed, but he had to do the job quickly before the deadline. So he would continue to walk to his destination. However, he was certain that this wouldn't be a walk in the park, due to the company hiring other Metahumans.

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Arthur was in his office (really his workshop) at this time, creating some blue prints for the newest piece of technological wear for the average person. His attention was fully devoted to the work that he had set out before himself, eyes zeroed in on the screen of his tablet and his face has become as blank and emotionless as one of the androids that he had created. His mind’s only concern was the work that had been cut out for him, nothing else mattered. It was a well established fact known by his employees that he was not a man to be interrupted when he was hard at work, whoever did not abide by this rule would face the serious penalty that was a mildly childish talking to by their boss.

Speaking of employees, there was the matter of the newest one that had recently been hired by the company, what was his name again? Alvin! That was it. He was an interesting employee to say the least, a man who not only was shrouded in mystery but also carried and intellect that rivalled the man that he was working for. Arthur had wondered exactly what his background was, he admittedly didn’t know very much about the man outside of the conversations that he had with him. Though, he had more than enough qualifications to effectively boost the company’s research in the fields of theoretical physics and quantum mechanics, a man should not be judged with what he can do but rather what he will do.

*Fzzt* was the sound that had broken the rhythm of Arthur’s mind, draining his thoughts from the pool of his gifted mind and forcing them to leak back into the reality that was his office. Tue company’s A.I., MAT had buzzed in to alert Arthur to some fairly abnormal and potentially dangerous behaviour. “I thought I told you not to interrupt me when I’m working.” He was a little more than annoyed this time when he was taken out of the groove of his work, the reason for it would need to be brilliant. “I noticed one of your employees disappearing in the middle of the hall of East block B. I would suggest investigating this behaviour.” MAT always was one to rain on Arthur’s parade.

“Fine, give me a video feed of the hallway.”, Arthur said rather exasperatedly. In the span of one nano second the blue prints on the screen of his tablet were replaced with a view of the hall Alvin was last seen walking through. The sensors of the hall’s cameras could pick up the electromagnetic fluctuations of the holographic version of Alvin and so could Arthur. He had spent far too much time working on various lasers and lenses not to know that someone was projecting a 3D image via light field in order to slip away unnoticed. “I want two metas with German shepherds sniffing out however was dumb enough to go sneaking around. As MAT carried out his master’s orders, Arthur went back to focusing on his blueprints.

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Alvin's mind was racing while he watched the electric flows through all things and from his own perspective the room was lit with a cyan and black. While he was full dedicated to the mission, his artificial assistant , Sophia ,was scanning the field for him, acting as his 6th,7th, and 9th senses. Absorbing and analyzing around 2 yottabytes(equal to about 1,024^8 of bytes) of data per 2 nanoseconds. He was looking for a specific item, one that stood from others. Some of the suits attracted him, but they weren't what he was looking for. He was interesting in the data encrypted within the systems, not for himself, but for the Other Ones. Focus sharped and adrenaline pumping, The Ex-Human quickly skimmed rooms while Sophia watched his back. Feeling quite confident, he slowed down the pace to quickly examine the structure of the interior. Sophia then notified him about biological structure and the air movement of two Mutates and German Shepards was reached him while he was snooping around the long corridors:

[Two Mutates and Canis lupus familiaris In 10 Feet]

No Caption Provided

He was a somewhat relieved that Arthur seemed to underestimate him, however he knew harming the two mutates would raise awareness and heighten the situation. So he need to take out the dogs, assuming that the mutates were nothing more than enhanced strength and durability. At the end of the corridor , Alvin stood completely invisible from the electromagnetic spectrum, waiting for the mutates to come with the dogs. As they came around the corner, a quick ZIP!, could be heard. Then a shock. This was the sound of the grapples on his finger tips,non-lethally impaling the dogs, and shocking them with enough electricity to put them in comatose. The shepherds seemed to glowing a bit before falling to their sides (assuming that the dogs aren't mutated), alarming the guards. The Evolutionary ,however, was close enough to take their bio-electricity, draining their nervous systems and their neurons. Damaging their brain's capabilities, allowing them to do nothing more the squeal on the ground as Alvin moved on.

[Alvin, may I ask, was that necessary?]

The message played in Alvin's head as he quickly glanced over the dark corridor.

"The fittest survive the best, Soph.", he replied in a whisper as he continued to proceed down the hallway. Fully aware of the fact that he is now hunted, he was pretty upset that he didn't bring his heavy firearms.

[Artificial Intelligence Was Found. Engage in Confrontation?]

The was something that didn't surprise Alvin, know the genius that Arthur is. However, full confrontation with the A.I wan't need for Alvin to get what he wanted.

"Do not engage, enter Iron Box program and activate Julius"

Julius was a bug -like A.I system meant to mess with the A.I system that he is infecting. However, it isn't as advanced as Sophia and is meant to act as a distraction. Sophia was now entering a high-security lock-down, blocking itself with alien encryption, firewalls, and various viruses for those trying to tamper with it. However, this only allowed Sophia to operate at 25% the speed and efficiency, but that was far more than enough for him to complete his mission.