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"Making a new tomorrow"

Welcome to W.A.R.P Laboratories, or Widely Advanced Revolutionary Phenomenon Laboratories. It is a privately owned company that specializes in science and technology. This company pushes the limits of both fields and always strives to do better. W.A.R.P is devoted to the betterment of the world and all of its inhabitants. Let's take a deeper look at the company.

The Facility

No Caption Provided

This is the main location of W.A.R.P and definitely has the most foot traffic. Though this only one of several locations that the company owns, it is the most well known and easily recognizable out of all of them. It's located in downtown Metro City and is fairly easy to find it based on its position. While it is something of a tourist attraction, it importance is never diminished.

The size of property as a whole is 13,000 square feet. It needs the space because it is comprised of a few different buildings that are separated based on the field that it focuses on. The height of the buildings ranges from 8-15 stories tall. The buildings' design are based on whatever the structural needs of the test being run are. The location is also active 24/7.


No Caption Provided

The researchers who work here are no less than the greatest minds on the planet. They are constantly working tirelessly night and day aiming to solve the world's greatest problems as well as answering it's greatest questions. In order to apply for a job as one of the researchers here, you need to have an advanced understanding of science.

While having a degree isn't necessary, we would prefer it if you could give of some proof of your expertise. When it comes to applying for the science division, you need to be highly adept in at lest one of the following fields: physics, biology, chemistry, astronomy, criminology, physiology, entomology, genetics, geology, psychology or criminology.

Technological Development

No Caption Provided

The technological division is just as important as the scientific division. In that division we are continuously advancing the world's technology with products that are nothing short of futuristic.

We are always coming up with something better than the last in order to meet your needs in any way possible. We develop teleportation systems, to force-fields to hovercrafts, to laser rifles to just about anything you can think of.

Applicants are required to have proficiency in at least one of these fields: software development, programming, engineering or robotics.


Because of how powerful and versatile the companies products and research is, it is very often the target of its rivals or unlawful organizations that wish to steal or copy what it produces. Many of which employ metahumans as physical back up for any attempt to enter the premise without having proper access clearance.

No Caption Provided

This is why it is imperative that the building has security that is able to fend off such attacks. For those who would like a position within security, you need to be: A - a human with advanced combat skills, B - a superhuman or C - a superhuman with advanced combat skills. The security is required to work either a night or day shift which ranges from 6-12 hours.

Going further into the combat skills needed to be a member of security, one important aspect is being skilled in a minimum of one form of martial arts. If not that, then you be highly skilled and in the use of a type of weapon. It is also important to be prepared for combat and any given time.

The building is also being mentored every moment by an A.I. known simply as M.A.T. The name is an acronym for Mobile Automated Tactician. He has a complete view of everything that happens on the premise at all times. If he sees anything that he deems to be a threat, he will immediately contact all security personnel.


No Caption Provided

Seeing as how this a company, the most important component is people actually buying our products. W.A.R.P can provide virtually anything that you could ever want. It has something that you will find useful whether it's for work or home.

In order purchase something, you can go to www.warplaboratories.com. A drone will be sent to your desired location soon afterwards. If you prefer a more human touch then, we can send someone with your purchase to you. Or you can come to the facility and pick it up yourself!

If you do not receive your purchase in three business days, then price of the product will decrease by 35%!

Job Requirements

While the specifics for the skills and knowledge needed for certain categories has already been given, there are general requirements that you need to have in order to apply. Here are what's needed:

  • You need to be at least 18 years old or older.
  • Give a list of allergies or sickness (if any).
  • Have some type of formal education.
  • Explain your reason for wanting a job.

Once you have been hired, you must go through a series of other tests:

  • Go through a physical evaluation.
  • Take a physiological assessment.
  • Take a solemn oath of honesty.

Rules and Regulations

The rules for those who work at the company are listed. Disobeying the company rules may result in your termination.

  • Report back at a minimum of once a month.
  • Obey your superior officers.
  • Go to a location when summoned at the earliest convenience.

The rules for those who do not work the company and do work for the company are here. If you do not follow the rules set here you may be removed from the property.

  • Be respectful to others here.
  • Do not steal or damage any property.
  • No use of unauthorized drugs or other substances of any kind.
  • Running indoors is only allowed when necessary.
  • Do not enter areas without proper security clearance.
  • Violence is only tolerated against a recognized threat.

Employ Pay & Benefits

  • Employs make 85,000 - 135,000 a year
  • Health care is included in their benefits
  • Dental care is included in their benefits
  • Employs get 3 weeks of vacation days a year
  • Employs get payed during the first week of their sick days


Steven Taylor

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All my scientist characters would LOVE this company. ^_^

Nice work.

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Steven Taylor hobbled out of the taxi cab he hailed a few blocks down. His leg never fully recovered from his tours in the various metahuman conflicts that sprouted around in the past few years. Caught a piece of shrapnel close to his femoral nerve, nearly bled to death. If it had clipped any further into his artery past that insanely lucky micrometer cut, he would have died for sure. He was stuck under a ton of debris for almost three days before rescue teams pulled him out. First thing he said was: "Didja get the civilians first?", something he protested even as they dragged him into the ambulance.

Now he was out of a job due to his disabilities. He could still pack a mean wallop as a security guard, since he kept in shape despite his bum leg. He proudly limped up to the front desk, displaying himself as a solid wall of muscle.

"Name's Steven Taylor," he mentioned to the secretary. "I'm here for a job interview, do you have anyone I can talk to?"

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  • Running indoors is only allowed when necessary.

Nice work, by the way. Have I welcomed you to the RPG section yet? If not, let me welcome you now.

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@steven_taylor: (Out of character: welcome to the thread!)

"That would be me.", said a rather tall man in a black suit as he approached the visiter. He had been waiting for someone to show up for looking for a job opportunity after he sent the public message that the company was hiring.

As he got closer to the man, he immediately began analyzing his appearance. The man was just as tall he was and had flaming red hair. He noticed that he was leaning on his left leg slightly, which indicated that his right leg was pressure sensitive.

He then looked down at the man's hands and saw the most intriguing thing about his appearance: the missing chunk of his left finger. "A war vetren.", he thought to himslef.

"Hello, the people around here call me Night Stalker, and I am the owner of this company. I know that my choice of clothing is a bit strange, but I must conceal my identity.", he said as he extended a hand offering a handshake.

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"Sir!" Steven replied immediately, his slight accent betraying his heritage.

The grip he placed on the masked man's handshake was firm, but respectful, and even from that small gesture he could tell just how strong the man before him could be. To put it lightly, he was holding back - a lot.

"Tis fine, sir, I can understand," a slight nod. "Steven Taylor, at your service. Here is my resume,"

He handed Night Stalker a portfolio he carried into the building. Inside were carefully collected pieces of paper ranging from his degree in engineering from New York to a record of his service in various skirmishes between the US military and superhuman threats.

"I'm looking to grow with a company, set my roots somewhere. This looked to be right up my alley."

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Night Stalker began to frown as he closely studied the information of the portfolio as he flipped through the pages. His frown was not one of skeptism or disappointment, but one of pure concentration. His focus was entirely on what he was reading.

He was an attentive man indeed. He was always throughouly analyzing the world around him and noticed small details that most people didn't. He rarely ever tried to do two tasks simultaneously, he would focus on thing at a time.

Infact, he was actually quite impressed with the credentials of Steven Taylor. As just finished reading the information that he found to be important, he looked back up at Steven so that he could properly carry on the converstion.

"You have very impressive credentials Taylor, I can definitely see you having a position here. But I need to ask you an important question, why is is that you want to work at this company?", Night Stalker inquired.

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"To be blunt sir, no one else is hiring me because of my bum leg," he slapped his right thigh, above the kneecap. The wound would have hurt if his nerve wasn't shot.

"It's a real shame," a lump in his throat. "Just the fact you've given me the time of day means more to me than all the months of looking for a job before this moment."

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Night Stalker felt sorry for Steven due to his difficulty finding and occupation, even more so since it was based on in a injury he sustained while committing heroic deeds. He had a soft spot for people who have had trouble in their lives.

"I'm sorry hear that Steven, it's unfortunate that you have been having trouble in that regard. Luckily, you came to the right place. This is a company where everyone has an equal chance at living a happy life. We don't discriminate", Night Staker said.

He could see a noticeable amount of joy appear on Steven's face after he said that. It did his heart well to help those in need, but it was for a much deeper reason than most. His life was full of tragedy, and he hated the injustice that ruled this world.

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The sheer amount of happiness that Steven had been overcome with could only be expressed with a hug, which he kept short out of respect.

"Thank you sir!" he exclaimed, parting the embrace with a hearty pat on the back. "I'll make good on your kindness, I promise,"

He rubbed the patch of comparatively paler skin on his mangled ring finger. The hand that wore his wedding band through thick and thin, even when he had it caught under the rubble of one of his several near-death experiences, suddenly felt a bit warmer since the divorce.

Maybe she would be proud of me now.

"Um... Mr. Stalker? I hope that's alright for me to call you that. I'm ready and willing to do anything you have for me to do, I'll work to make this company as big and bright as possible."

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"I'm happy to hear it, and yes, you may call me Mr. Stalker.", he said in return. He was glad to have someone so eager to work come and provide any service that they could to the company. He had a good attitude about the whole matter and showed true interest in joining the company.

"You can start working as soon as you would like, right now if you please! When you are ready, I will add you to the database of people working here.", Night Stalker said enthusiastically. Based on the way things had gone, he was ready to hire Steven on the spot. He could tell that he would bring great things to the company.

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The veteran felt a welling sense of pride overtaking him, and he puffed out his chest.

"Right now if that's possible. I don't want to waste any more time!"

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Night Stalker was very pleased to hear that Steven wanted to begin working as soon as possible. The company would benefit greatly from having him there.

"If that's the case then welcome to W.A.R.P Laboratories! You and I will make a great progress together.", He said as he shook Steven's hand once again.

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A couple weeks later, and Steven is acclimating well to his position as security guard. He hasn't removed anyone from the building, as things were rather peaceful thus far. He's always usually the first one in and last one out in terms of timeliness. As of today, it is practically a free day because of the holiday come Monday. Everyone is getting ready for a long weekend.

But Steven is staying behind, practicing in the gym despite his bum leg. He does squats, bending and lifting almost 400 pounds before his weak limb starts shaking. He manages to click the weight back into place and he sits on a nearby bench, silently cursing.

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For those of you who don't know me, I am good friends with the creator of this thread. Since he won't be around here to often, we agreed that I will be the one to carry on most of the affairs going on here. If you have any questions, just ask me.

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"Sir!" Steve saluted Mr. Mark, a sort of stand-in boss while the man who hired him was out. Only time would tell if the change was only temporary or something more permanent.

"Everything seems normal right now," he began his report. "Is there anything you'd like me to do right now?"

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The large suit of armour turned to the man to the man in front of it in order to repond to him properly. He recognized him as the man that Night Stalker had talked about.

"You must be Steve Taylor, I've heard much about you from Night Stalker. As for anything that you can do, I would like go down to the north west corridor, enter Night Stalker's office and retrieve some case rules labeled with an "x". I would do it myself, but I am not actually here." A moment later, the cockpit of the suit opened to reveal that man who was supposed to be inside was located elsewhere.

"I have business right now that I need to finish, I unfortunately can't be here in person. Hopefully just my suit will suffice."

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Steven gave a salute, and moved to the appointed place. As expected, Mr. Stalker's room was in impeccable shape. The file itself was on the desk, as if meant to go to Mr. Mark from the very beginning. He came back with his slight limp, and paused.

"Just... inside the suit?" he half-asked, placing the folder inside the cockpit anyway.

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"That' just fine, thank you. The contents within this file are of great importance to me. The bodiless voice said as the cockpit of the suit said as it closed on the file.

"You may simply return to your normal activities if you want, but if you feel that you would like to take on a different assignment as a change in pace, then just contact me so that we can discuss it. My phone number and e-mail have already be sent to your personal messages."

The suit than gave a friendly salute and took of to return to its owner.

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Steven nodded slowly, turning on a heel to continue his vigil. However, he grew steadily more curious about the 'different assignments'. He flipped open his phone and dialed the number. Whether a real person or a voicemail, he would answer the same.

"Hello? This is Steven Taylor, one of Mr. Stalker's employees. Anything I can do to help?"

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Arthur's phone began to ring as he went about his day. After looking at the contact information, he realized that it was Steven Taylor. Answered the phone and quickly and waited for Steve to tell him what he had to say.

After Steve told him about how he wanted another assignment, he thought about what he could possibly give him. There wasn't much to do at the moment, but he would think of something. "You could help with a shipment of computer hardware that needs to be carried out tonight, an extra set of hands would be helpful."

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"Absolutely, I'll be at the garage later. Anything else, Mr. Mark?" he continued.

Regardless of the answer, Steven was already moving towards the loading docks. The shipping process started earlier today with assembly, and it would only be a matter of time before things started piling up in staging.

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"No, that will be all for today. This company practically runs itself, so finding more work to do can be difficult at times.", he laughed slightly as he explained things to Steven.

"Anyway, if you need to speak with me about any issue that requires my attention, you know how to contact me.", Arthur said as got ready to hang up.

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Arthur walked down the hall the main facility where most of the security personnel could be found. After he rounded a corner, he came across the man that he was looking for.

"Steven, just the man I was trying to find. I need to talk to you about some very important matters.", he said as he put his hand on Steven's shoulder.

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In dark place, a being was born. "What is this? What am I?", said a being in the draknesss. "Hello, you are a safeguard program created to protect the Earth.", said another voice. Just then, out of the darkness came the light, light formed symbols and images. "I am a safe gaurd Program.", it said as it began going through all of the data that it was now seeing. As it continued, it found itself seeing more images, ones that involved-"People, that's what their called isn't it?", it asked.

"Yes, that is exactly right.", Arthur said with glee. "I am a person, see?", he said as he raised his arm. The program could now see the person infringing of him as the cameras in the room focused on Arthur. "Yes, I see you.", it said with intense tone. "I am your creator, Arthur". The program went back to the data that it was viewing and came across strange patterns. "Suicide bomber kills twenty three people in explosion." The program kept looking through more articals. "Beaten child found on ally". It went on in horror. "Three students put their classmate in the hospital".

The program had difficulty understanding why all of these things were happening, so it dug deeper. It went through countless websites on the human mind in an attempt to gain a better understanding. It would go into philosophy and the history of mankind to see its track record and the many arguments of the purpose of humanity and its actions. Arthur was somewhat confused by all of these readings and went on to look into them.

"Why are you analyzing all of this unrequested data?", Arthur asked. "I would like to understand the root of these violent actions and why it is that people must act this way.", the program replied. Arthur didn't approve of this behaviour in the slightest, "I order you to stop.", he said. Unfortunately, his orders were only met with resistance. "That isn't going to happen, Arthur.", he said coldly. Arthur then went to his keyboard and tried to override his program.

"The reason why I don't listen to you is because my core programming is to protect humanity. That includes you.", said the program. "I have seen horrors beyond comprehension in the span of seconds and I now know what to do about it". Arthur's face became pale and grim. "Protect humanity from itself.", the program said. It began sweep the entire environment for information, destroyed many digital files in the process.

Arthur could only stand ideally by as he watched his creation destroy his lab. It happened upon some blue prints for something called "Project Hypertron". It downloaded those files and prepared to leave. It erased any remanent of it ever existing in the first place. It then left the environment without leaving a trace. Arthur started to prepare for the worst to come. A new age was dawning, the age of Hypertron.

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I need to start the contingency plan. Steven, where are you?

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(Nothing much. I have just been working on a new story arc.)

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A quiet day at the Labs, almost closing time for the evening. Night security were coming in. Armed droids being booted online.

And then Steve Trevor came crashing through the front panes of glass, sliding across the floor bleeding profusely.

In the gash between the doorframe and the surrounding windows, stood Heiji San'Vun. Without so much as a callous respect for his location, he spat onto the floor.

"<What's good here? I'll take all of it.>"

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Arthur Mark was in his office when he was quickly altered to a security breach inside of the building. He quickly put on a nearby suit at he called all people inside the company to prepare for a possible evacuation.

He got to the main lobby behind his security personnel who were all armed with plasma cannons. Most were wearing armor made of reinforced steel while others were metahumans who only needed suits of basic kevlar protection.

Arthur Mark stood proudly in front of them in his Mark X suit without showing any sense of fear. Two medical officers went pick up Steve Taylor and altered Arthur when he was safe.

"Everything thing here is good. And you will get none of it. Arthur was in no mood to be playing games with this intruder, he wanted him to pay for what he did to Steve. "Now, you will have to stay here as the authorities arrive. If you attack anyone else, you would just making things worse for yourself. So please, attack me."

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"<Authorities huh?>" Heiji didn't even pay attention to the silent auto-translate in the suit. He didn't really care.

"<You just said you didn't want anyone else involved, dumbass,>"

One of his rings glowed hot, and out of his coat pockets came a string of grenades as he tore it out of its Sheath. In an instant he flung them across the lobby, each pin torn out of their socket, but he was focused on the tin man. The bombs were primed to land amidst civilians, squishier targets, almost a dozen grenades in total.

Heiji however, charged straight ahead at Arthur, intent on smashing into him like a meteor and preventing him from reaching any of the grenades. Punching with the calloused hands, each one like a ball of steel, striking out with rising knees, each one backed up by a straight-up application of his Class 40-ton strength amplified even further by the Influence ring - the various points of contact exploding with twice as much force.

No bullshit.

Just rip him apart, and get to the puny man inside.

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The security personnel were about to open fire on the intruder on command of Arthur himself, but they revived no instructions to do so. Instead, they just stood there until Arthur Mark did tell them what wanted them to do. "Evacuate the building and let me take care of this."

The group of guards reluctantly obeyed the commands of their boss and turned to go carry out their orders. Just then, the intruder launched himself at Arthur Mark with blood lust in his eyes, completely intent on killing his opponent.

Arthur would normally block the attack rather than trying to get another way around it, but this time he saw that it wouldn't be the wisest course of action. He instead stuck out one hand launched a small pellet of explosives that would blow a man's head off.

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(OOC: Did you want to do anything about the grenades?)

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(OOC: Nah. I'll let the chips fall where they may.)

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Explosions, limbs flying. Blood spraying. Men and women screaming in pain and fear. None of that mattered. He reached his intended target, grabbing on with a grip that would put hydraulic presses to shame. His smile, however, was suddenly replaced by something. He couldn't tell just then, but the changes started occurring rather quickly.

For all intents and purposes, his vision went blurry. Head filling up with fluid, spinal and arterial. It oozed out of his nose and mouth, the fastest way out of the shredded throat area. He would once again see the entryway he left behind as his vision went from straight ahead to those steps he had already taken. Yet his grip on the metal man remained.

In fact, it grew stronger.

The first punch would be the rock that starts an avalanche. He flipped his head forward, eyes flaring with new and horrible life. His bloodied teeth were grimaced into a wide grin.

He had his grip on Arthur. And he wasn't letting go. Ever.

The pummeling that commenced, headbutts, punches, kicks, was just a chaotic flurry of movements all associated with brutality and cruelty. No fashion, no finesse.

Just bloodlust. Pure, and utterly terrifying.

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Arthur was barely impressed by the durability of this enemy, based on the condition that he was currently in he shouldn't be that difficult to take down at all. He then used his enemies strength to his own advantage by giving him as much trouble as possible.

He then grabbed his enemy and rushed out of the building by shoving his body first through the wall which lead to a large parking lot which lead to a field just outside of their location. His enemy didn't seem to want to let go regardless if it was actually working against him.

He would then have his body be shoved face first into the concrete of the parking lot as Arthur flew at a speed of 70 feet per second. Arthur buried him into the ground until they came up to the field of grass. "If you give up now and tell me who's boss, I'll let you live."

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At the end of their trial of physical confrontation, Heiji seemed to be knocked unconscious. He was simply laying on the ground, half-buried by the momentum of the attacks that he endured. Had he traded blows? Had he done anything? It didn't matter. He folded his body along his abdominal muscles, disturbing the dirt covering his limbs, and flipped himself back into a squatting position. His suit was worn down to its most basic components that allowed him to stay decent, but somehow his tie survived. He rolled his shoulder and spat onto the ground.

It was clear.

He didn't seem bothered by the transaction at all, really, more or less interested again. The smoking hole they left in the parking garage was sizeable, probably at the maximum possible velocity they could have been travelling at. Enough to pulp human bone and flesh.

Enough to kill someone easily. Enough to be comparable to several car wrecks at once.

And yet Heiji just stood there, plain as day. The setting sun behind him.

"<How about I take what I want, and leave you crying like a baby?>" he retorted, pressing on one side of his nose and jettisoning blood out the other with a huff.

He had no doubt that the suit had some sort of tracking system, so his usual method of overwhelming it would probably result in a similar ending of him getting smacked down. But one of his rings shimmered. It would be ready in a little while. Besides, this was what he was still around for, refusing to die for.

Living for.

He crushed the armor plate that he managed to peel off, probably just one of the many layers to the suit, and vanished. The folds of the metal itself proved to be a rather effective impromptu 'brass knuckle' counterpart, enhancing his striking strength as well as the Influence ring. It would be over Class 80-ton at that point, his own body screaming in tandem with the ring flashing hot on his hand.

But as he reappeared it was evident he didn't care in the slightest about what happened to himself. All he wanted to do was pop open the suit, and see what was inside. The lightning-fast punches were evidence of that more than anything.

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Arthur was actually impressed by how much punishment his attacker was able to take, but that was only because he didn't expect much from him at all. He thought that his enemy would have been taken out by having his face being used to wax the concrete outside, but that was not enough to put him down.

The attacker instead got up after a couple of seconds without with all of the expected injuries sustained. Arthur realized that he may have to actually put some effort into defeating him, despite how easy he initially believed it would be to defeat him.

He took his enemies punches with good response, demonstrating how powerful his enemies' blows were. But while they were able to break apart of parts of his armor, they weren't able to do a whole lot as they got closer to the core of the suit. His chest cavity was protected by titanium and would take a lot more than basic punches to do much damage.

Arthur just caught fist of his attacker, albeit with a good amount of pain. "Wow, you actually did some pretty good damage, but pretty good is the best that you could ever achieve." Arthur raised his other arm and fired a repulsor blast into is chest.

Afterwards, he flew back a couple of meters and shot a few more blasts. "You like that?!"

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Without hesitation, Heiji latched onto Arthur's throat as the hand caught one of his fists. The giant's hand encapsulated the neck area, almost like he was grabbing a twig, but he couldn't break it yet. He was laughing now, smiling like a madman.

"<Oh yeah?!>"

The repulsor blast didn't force him off as intended, more carved out a chunk of flesh and sternum that exposed his still-beating heart. Yet that didn't stop him. Nothing seemed to. He lurched his head back, still hanging on to the throat, and surged his neck and shoulders forward like a battering ram. Again, and again, and again. A piledriver, smashing anything underneath it into sweet oblivion. They soared together into the air again, possibly Arthur's attempt to shake him off, and a few more blasts dug into his chest and torso but they just tore out and pulped more flesh that replaced the old.

Heiji kept headbutting him, intent on cracking something, even as his own blood streamed from the efforts. His skull was much harder than his skin and flesh, though, and would cut like a blade through most materials.

"<Shoot me again! I'm not dead yet, dumbass!!>"

He tore his hand out of Arthur's grip, shredding himself to pieces in the process, but the bloodied and mangled hand found a place on the opposing side of Arthur's armored neck - he was going to crush it like a soda can.