Warehouse 451, 1173 Baker's St. Metro City [CVnU Location]

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At that, the thought of the possibility of his own children running around with his kind of power is...not a pleasant thought. In his family, the sons and daughter have always inherited the powers of their father and/or mother with little to no variation. How or why this is possible has stumped Superion for years. But that is his family legacy. He's already met his own son, Kid Superion, and the boy has all of the same powers as Lucas does but at a reduced level since he's younger.

At the mention of Feral Nova, Superion recognizes the name from the news. The heroine herself hasn't been seen in a while, but has recently come back into action. Another legacy hero, much like himself. He's always wanted to meet her, but has never found the time. Fortunately, his sister Paragon has met her at least twice and has had good things to say.

At the mention of a movie, Superion smiles knowingly. He used to be an actor himself and still gets the occasional offer to star in a movie, "I know. I was offered a part in that movie, but I turned it down. I don't do that anymore."

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"Don't do what anymore?" Keith raised an eyebrow.

"Ooooh, you used to be an actor! A regular George Clooney over here!"

He laughed a bit, finding some small comfort in messing around with Superion. There was something to be admired about actors. They could be anything they wanted to be nowadays, made a living off being people they weren't. It was a case-by-case study of how they adjusted to that, however.

Sometimes it just wasn't worth the trouble.

"Yeah, I forgot about that. You use to rule Hollywood huh? Had agents lined out your door for miles," another joke. Keith had no idea how he lived his life until this moment. What it meant to be someone like Superion.

The rate of customers entering and leaving the store seemed to increase for a short burst, but they all just thought Superion was a cosplayer of some kind. Keith could read their ambient thoughts and the heat of initial surprise dulled down into acceptance or curiosity about how he made the costume so true-to-life.

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One of Nathaniel's hobbies when he was child was collecting comic books, the story, the art, and the characters all made the young detective full of glee as he raced down from the comic book store to his home. His father used to read it to him whenever he got off work, but that was in the pass now. He was now just looking for another comic book so he could read to himself.

He read the non-smoking sign and threw out his cigarette, and would pull out a Tootsie Roll. After he unwrapped the candy and inserted it into his mouth, he opened the door to the comic book store and began to scan the shelves for a specific comic book. The comic book that he was looking for was about a young blonde woman who wore blue and had a red skirt and a red cape. He didn't know the name to this comic book, but his comrades recommended it to him cause it was 'great art'.

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Keith saw the man put out his cigarette outside, which he appreciated. As he walked in he gave him a friendly wave and "Welcome!".

As time passed however he noticed that the man was book-hunting, more than likely without a name in mind. He emerged from behind the counter and walked over towards him.

"Looking for something specific?" he asked.

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Nathaniel was looking through a shelf, pretty distracted from his mission. He was reading a detective based comic book when he heard someone speak to him.

Looking for something specific?

The Paranormal Detective looked up from behind his should to notice the man behind to counter walking towards him. Nathan placed the current comic book in his hand back to where it originally was and began to unwrap another Tootsie Roll.

"Yeah, I'm kinda in a pickle. I'm currently looking for a comic book about a....um.. young woman. She kinda wears a blue skin tight top, red mini-skirt, and a red cape." The Detective kinda felt perverted for describe her in this way but that was the only way that he knew her.

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The description didn't phase Keith at all. He's heard far worse in his time.

"Yeah that sounds a lot like these comics over here," he pointed further down the line and walked as he talked.

"What you were looking at? The new Green Sentinel comics? Honestly, some of the best from last year. Some people say they fleshed out 'too much' with the whole color spectrum, but eh. It makes a whole lot of sense,"

He got to the 'P' section and instinctively pointed at the latest issue of 'Paragon: Girl of Steel' on the shelf.

"If you want a jumpstart on the storyline they're on now with her, I would suggest looking through the shelves for anything dated from October to now. It's really good, I won't spoil anything for you."

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He followed the what seemed to be the one who runs things around here, as he walked he say many other interesting comics on the shelves and aisles around him. Some issue covers were exciting and upbeat, some were more for the romance department, but the ones that interested him the most were the downright chilling ones.

The ones that tell tales of gore and mystery, where the protagonist was usually hunting something...odd. Very much like his own profession, but he didn't have the privilege of having plot armor.

After, a few seconds passed they before they were at the 'P' category for the comics. His excitement grew as the store's manager gestured to the comic he was interested in

"Wait, that's her name. Damn, I'm the only one who doesn't have a cool superhero name" He mumbled while shuffling though his pockets looking for some cash. Unfortunately, the only kind of currency he had was Hell Coins. He sheepishly held ten up.

"Okay, so I don't have any human money, but I do have these." He gestured to the glowing pentagrams.

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Keith heard something he didn't expect and turned his head, curious in pursuing it.

"You're a superhero too?" he was excited now. "How would you like to be part of the Wall?"

He pointed towards a collection of photographs and signatures from various heroes and metahuman figures, such as Superion and Mister Surreal.

"You don't have to pay since you're a hero, but I'd like one of those coins," he laughed, admitting himself to be sort of a kleptomaniac.

"They look really cool."

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He heard the manager refer to him as a superhero, which gave him a bit of joy

"I would say I am, but I usually am more of a supernatural hunter, and I got these coins on my most recent crusade"

He would hand the the man two of the pentagrams and kindly refused the offer of his picture begin taken and the signature.

"Pictures and autographs aren't really my thing and I haven't given myself a signature yet."

He would then head over to the comics that he was reading earlier. Once again unwrapping a Tootsie Roll from his pocket.

"If someone offers you four more of those Hell Coins I gave you, decline the offer. Or bad bad stuff happens, like Catlyin Jenner's singing kinda bad"

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Keith inspects the coin, flipping it over in his hands a few times before pocketing it.

"Noted," he said in reference to the comment about not collecting too many.

"My name is Keith," he extended his hand for a short shake.

"Reading Corner is on the other side of these shelves, free coffee and hot chocolate. Sandwich shop opens in about an hour if you want something to eat. I'll be around everywhere so if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask."

He would wait to see if his guest had anything else at the moment to inquire about before taking his leave.

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"Yeah sure, go wild," he chuckled.

He had to correct himself though.

"At least while you're here, you know? While in public you need to behave yourself."

Keith looked more closely at the manga Adora was reading. Volume 2 of something involving ninjas. He had a vague idea with what it was about, but he never personally engaged himself in it. Rather, he was more interested in what kinds of faces Adora would come up with.

Go wild?

Adora reminisced information she's learned over her time on Earth, then she recalled how 'television' helped her understand most of what she learned till this day and as such she decided to base her next actions on a film she saw. She placed left hand on her face then stuck her nose between her index and middle finger shortly before dragging said hand down just enough to show her eyes as they rolled in a goofy manner then she reached with her right hand to twirl her strands of hair before giving a eerily similar laugh to that of the Disney character goofy.




she 'laughed' three times before slapping her lap and leaning cartoonishly on one leg, she wobbled for a moment on that one leg before she lost her balance "ohshit" were her last words as she fell onto the ground.

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"Name's Nathaniel, pleasure meeting you and you have a wonderful shop," He said as he shook his hand.

He would then walk to the door and enter into a portal which led to a hellish landscape. He drew a gun from his long coat and before he jumped in he yelled into the portal


He fired two shots and jumped in the portal, forgetting to bring his comic book.

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"Hey, language," was Keith's only response as he helped Adora back to her feet.

"Also, for a Goofy impersonation I like to start with the 'gawrsh' yeah? His laugh is okay to start out with but the 'gawrsh' is easier,"

To demonstrate he tucked his chin close to his chest so his throat would be at the right angle. Opening the back of his mouth he let out the sound a couple times before getting it absolutely perfect.

"And then you can go into the laugh easier,"

Doing the same motion, losing none of the momentum from the 'gawrsh', Keith accomplished the 'hyo-huh-huh-huh-hooooh' before choking at the last syllable and having to drink some tea.

"Don't ask me how to do the scream he does falling down a cliff, that gets loud quick."

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"Nathaniel huh?"

Keith picked up the issues he was carrying and organized them into sleeves, laying them neatly behind the counter. They would wait until their new owner returned.

"Be safe!" he yelled after him as he entered the portal.

He wasn't really phased at all by the display, seemed pretty normal at this point.

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@thisisgonnahurt: Adora winced when Keith mentioned language, of course he was right how could she have said that out-loud? Well then again ever since she got to Earth she has had been exposed to a lot of the planet's foul language it was quite a big step away from Mewni where their vocabulary had significantly less foul words than here on Earth. Nevertheless she knew it was wrong and un-princess like so as Keith helped her up she bowed her head in a quick but humble expression of regret "Sorry, for cursing" feeling like that dwellingon that would make things awkward her over-sugared mine switched the subject to something else "say Mister Keith, I've been meaning to ask you but how come copying people is illegal sometimes and other times not. Like aren't these texts copied and stuff?"