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The blinding light of day would pierce through the blinds propped up in the chambers of Castle Dominion, as he would allow the area to be greeted with the soft rays of sunshine, the very same sunshine that would illuminate the country that he would call Morvaria. It was not one that was open to most of the world for various reasons that were touched upon by those who lived there, and the few outside of it who knew enough to have discussion about it. The land was a fairly calm one but full of people, activities, homes and many wonders of the world that would be admired by almost anyone who would care to go there, if they were on good terms that was. The people who lived there would be woken up to the world of the Supreme Monarch’s creation, as they would to look at the place that they would in the fullest sense of the word call their home. These were things that the great ruler of their nation would take great pride in, even if they did not display it on their normally tame visage.

He strode down the spiraling flight of steps of his massive dwelling that overlooked the main city of Morvaria, on the peak of the tallest hill that his castle could be placed on, as per order of the Modern Day Napoleon. Now reaching the bottom of the staircase, The Good Doctor would pass through a corridor lit by the torches that would light the walls of an otherwise dark and murky passageway, lit precisely at the time that master would instruct that they be. As the ruler passed through corridor, they would encounter as line of guards that would be parallel to one another on both sides of the hall, lowering their heads in respect as their master walked by them, seemingly paying no mind to their presence. As the master came upon the doorway to his dining hall, it would immediately open its doors for him to walk through, like every day that the monarch would walk through those doors and every time that he would go to his affairs. Going through them once more to, The Good Doctor would behold the sight of massive dining hall.

A grand room that would span the size of a church sanctuary would come into the view of the Supreme Monarch, designed by only the most skilled and well practiced decorators and architects that could be assigned by no less than a king. The room was a full one that had flowers, wall engravings and numerous sculptures laid out on the floor and the the highest portions of the walls, made to brighten up the room and provide visual entertainment for anyone who would dine there, all illuminated by an chandelier. The dining table extended nearly the length entire length of both ends of the room and would covered in but a dish at one end and a bouquet of flowers in the center. While most would display their bewilderment of the environment even when seeing it for the thousandth time, there would be no reaction to the ruler of the castle, as would be expected by anyone who had seen them for the thousandth time.

Taking a seat the chair at the end of the table, just a few meters in front of the passageways doors, the castle’s master would sit down and be greeted by a younger servant who seemed to be rather nervous, almost to the point of shaking before the master. Not out of fear, but a jittery desire to appease the great ruler in the fullest capacity. The servant would then place a load of steamed carrots, broccoli, a potatoes as he made sure to get them onto his leader’s plate as quickly and orderly as he could. Once the boy was finished, he was just as soon dismissed and allowed to scurry back to the kitchen where he would tend to those who also craved food. Slowly and quietly, the monarch would place the food their mouth as they stayed glued to their plate, focusing solely on the the food that lay before them. After nearly 20 minutes of eating in complete silence, the master would call for the now empty plate to be removed.

Going off to the next room, the leader would go off in all of the glory that was carried with them as they went to the main location of their residence of the castle: the monarch’s throne room. It was yet another great room of the already great fortress, but this one was vastly more dull than the one that would be seen by fewer people than the room that was previously occupied by The Good Doctor. The room was not full of color, or weapons, or decorations, or sculptures, or really anything that would normally be seen in the room of a ruler. Instead, the room was merely and empty department with a throne and a few architectural designs behind the place where the master would sit. It had a grayish overtone to it that covered the aged brown and red colors that it had contained. The reason for this was because this was no place for a king, but something else entirely. As the monarch would climb up the steps, the blocks of stone would seem to crack lightly in respect. Not respect for a king, for this was no king.

Not a king.

Not a prime minister.

Not an emperor.

Not even a god.

But a Doctor…


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In the beginning there was the truth and only the truth. Those that sought it would be blessed to see with now open eyes the truth of the universe. All that turn away shall be judged.

Eternity 1:11

He had looked at those words many times, on many planets over many decades. Many had came to the truth as it was written. He had preached it to those called to its truth as it was written. Taken many into his arms into the ranks of the Universal Church to be prepared for the Universe to speak again. And speak it did.

The land of his birth calls to him. The sons and daughters of his own blood wail for a savior. He can no longer ignore their pleas. Their prayers have been heard and he shall hold them with his own hand to set them free.

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The doors of the inner sanctum open, revealing to many of the Church followers the Prophet which guides them. They kneel in reverence, awaiting for the truth. The Magi, his hand selected followers, do the same, for he has produced many miracles and wonders. His next words will be etched in the Book of the Universe.


It was but one word. It was a direction to the Church. A new chapter within the Book. And with the combined belief in the Church's masses, a tremendous power was unleashed, sparked from the power of the universe itself granted from the man who had just spoken channeled through the Church's believers. The energy rippled, ripping the fabric of dimensions opening barriers which once stood strong. The Ark had set its destination. The doors had been opened.

The energy which originated from Paradise, transcended across the barriers of Purgatory to reveal three erected energy pillars in the shape of crosses upon the outer regions of Morvaria, the likes of its design banned from the nation's history years ago . The pillars power shifted the color of the Morvarian sky a crimson red. For it was written, The land would bleed at the coming of the truth. And as quickly as the three pillars pierced the land with visions of the coming of days, the vision disappeared. Words would spread.

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In midst of all emptiness.In the depths of the blackened cosmos. There was a light amongst the darkness, while it was nearly insignificant in size when compared to the vast darkness around it, it however was much more. The light belonged to the Son of Creation, Altair. Peacefully resting upon the barren and grey landscape on the moon, was where The Golden Guardian preferred to concentrate on his thoughts. While he could still hear the screams and cries of humanity, he believed deeply in the fact that others can assist them, and to his delight they usually do.

The Guardian's deep blue cape drooped from his shoulders, lifelessly, simply cause there would be no winds in space to cause it to be awakened from its slumber. However, while his cape obeyed the laws of physics, the being himself didn't. Within a sphere of golden light, the Beacon of Solitude was miraculously levitating a couple feet off of the moon's lifeless terrain. While in this position he thought about many things, such as man's ultimate demise, to his own place in the multiversal order of things. Sometimes his thoughts worried him, may it be about how insignificant everything really was, including himself. At times it relieved him, whenever he thought about his son, Albert, and how precious children are to the world.

While the context of each thought varied from time to time, along with the feelings he would get from them would change as well. He could agree that they were refreshing and allowed him clear his mind for tomorrow. One of the subjects that was summoned into the mind of the Sentinel was the question of meeting the ones responsible for the creation, of everything. While this question is asked by many, the one he asks is much more personal, since the ‘creation’ itself was responsible for his existence.

While he was in deep meditation, he kept an eye out for the events of the world around him. One of these events that spiked his interested was in the land of Morvaria where an energy portal appears, in the form of a religious symbol. He believed that the symbol was of something they celebrate, and that this was a time for celebration. However, something told him else wise,his instincts gave him a feel of worry. Not just for the the Morvarian land but for the rest of the world.

Unfortunately, he knew that reacting just on instincts isn't wise so he would wait until something were to confirm what he felt. In an instant he was hovering above the Earth's upper atmosphere, the worry would begin to show on his face. In the void of space noise couldn't be made but the feels that swarmed inside him could write books.

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The cries of the land get louder and louder. The continued voices of both men and women, old and young call for help. The ghosts of the past that have been oppressed by the regime question why their torment continues. Why do their generations to follow, their own blood, continue to be oppressed to this day. The faces change, but through the charade it still reeks of oppression. The seek the truth of freedom. They wish to be set free.

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On the third day of the Harbinger, the crosses appeared again - this time sporadically across the nation for all to see. Three days was the warning of all to make a straight path for that who is to come. Three days for curiosity and rumors to spread. Three days of stricter judgment if the truth would be denied to those that needed to see. Worlds had fallen to the Harbinger of Judgment. Morovia would be no different.

He knew some would close their eyes to the signs. The monarch of this wicked nation the blindest of all. Why does he not let the people free? The plagues that were to come in the next seven days would be on his hands. The Chronicles of Kings will mock his reign for allowing Judgment to reign.

It was the first day of judgment.

On that day all would see.

It was why he stood at the gates of one of the many Morovian tunnels. This is where they buried many of the pure. Their thoughts and words of freedom an antithesis to anyone that sat on the throne. The tunnels were dark, but his faith alone would light the darkened tunnels like a sun as they continued deeper into the caverns. It was when they came across another gigantic door which made all that followed to look upon a construct as if made by giant hands. It was a marvelous design. Made of the greatest material Morovia had to offer. Crafted by the best engineers and craftmen of Morovia. It was said it could keep armies out for a millennia. A gate so grand that God itself would try and fail.

That was the day Morovia fell into apostasy.

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The Herald fell to both his knees, his head heavy with the burden of many. He uttered a small prayer for the atonement which was to come. The Herald began to glow with energy as if were the sun itself. The same energy which now were erected across the nation raged across the caverns as if they were alive. That was the power which the Herald possessed. The power to erect objects with his faith. He was also able to destroy all the wished to oppose destiny.

His words ended as his head graced the ground from he once came. The ground began to tremble. Rocks scattered across the underground cavern began to rise as they too once knew life. The Herald could do nothing more but smile in amazement of which was about to occur.

There was a thud. And then another. And the giant gate which was rumored to withstand God itself began to shake on the other side. The sheer power which was on the other side continued to call for their freedom. The gate the only barrier withstanding in their way. When the gates came crashing down all who had followed the Herald down into the abyss of Morovia saw that which was written

All will see the truth. Not even death will prevent those that wish to see it Epoch 5:22

The dead had arisen in Morovia. Each skeletal remain infused with the same energy which coursed through the veins of the Herald. Morovian will know the miracles which the Herald had by the forgotten people of Morovia. Now whole with a glowing hue, they would go out and evangelize to a nation. Fight if they had too. This was the Harbinger of Atonement.

The dead began to walk as it was written, but today was not the day to reveal himself. The nation had to know first. And with a gesture, space itself opened up and the Herald and the Magi were gone.

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Three days.

Three days had Morvaria been plagued with the troublesome nature of the signs. Three days had the countries' scientists looked to find an answer. Three days that the military readied themselves. Three days that The Doctor had been sitting one his throne completely motionless with his finger pressed against his mask and his eyes wide open. The country of Morvaria had its fair share of challenges since the day that it was first founded, but never before had the land faced a threat as foreign as this. The people of the country would be told by the master that these events where unnatural, yes, but they had seen nothing that would bring reason to believe that the countries' inhabitants were in any notable amount of danger. How true that was would remain to be seen.

Because on the third day, a cross would materialize out of nothing and find itself in a position that allowed everyone in the country to see what it was. And that was the day that The Merchant of Salvation would decide that enough for was enough, and his decision was one that was final. He would have all resources ready for whatever threat would come to disrupt the peace that had for so long been dominant in this country, regardless of what kind of threat the country would face. They needed to be prepared, and Dominion always was. Even though he himself was not sure of what was happening within the country, it was imperative that he stood in the face of all that was to come with his head kept high and his posture opposing. Not a sign of weakness would show in anyway.

Dominion would call upon the chief of the research center to tell him what they learned about the recent events, expecting them to have found anything that could indicate what was happening in the land. "What are your findings?" Is all that the leader would say to the woman in charge, causing her voice to become shaky at the knowledge that he master would not likely be pleased with their progress. With a small gulp, she would look straight into his eyes explain what had they had discovered. "We are unsure of what it is, sir. We did a full sweep of its energy signature across the country, it's unlike anything that we have ever seen. All our energy readings tell us that it's sporadic, contained but potentially unstable. Whatever it is, it should not be possible."

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The monarch would look into the eyes of researcher during the entire encounter without blinking a single time, this in of itself would be unnerving if it was no apart of his well established nature. His mind word absorb each of her words and intent like a sponge would water, entirely stoic during the interaction. But when her last statement reached his ears the researcher would find herself looking down after he a near thoughtful look in his eyes. "My dear, you don't know what is possible." Before she could respond, a guard would scramble into the room and alert Doctor Dominion to the new stage in this series of events that was now taking place. The leader would order the guards to escort the scientist out of the throne room as he himself would up to his castle's siege.

Upon going to the top of the massive fortress, he would witness with his bare eyes events that would seemingly take place only in scripture. The sight of hundreds of corpses emerging from the ground would perceived by the all those who had eyes to view them. Just outside of the cities border, a skeletal army would pop up from the depths of whatever abyss that they had come from. The leader was swift to act, calling his land cruisers and to go out and meet them before the city limits, having their weapons ready along with concise orders from Dominion himself to cease their current action and explain their intent. The soldiers would bolt out in order to carry the orders of their master, as the doctor himself would overlook all of this, studying his new opponents for the upcoming battle.

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Surrounded by the large cosmic darkness , The Beacon of Security watched over the scene. The wicked motives of the newcomer began to show as the skeletons rose from their tombstones, and carcasses began to walk. The confused and scared scares of the citizens of Movokia beat against the Sentinel's ears like a drum. They yelled for help and stability. The screams concerned him, but what concerned him the most was their king's emotionless stance, the iron clad mask that concealed the Monarch's face prevented Altiar from seeing his face, but he had a sense that the king was a bit uncertain to make out what this is, and so was Altair.

However, this wasn't the time to sit and ponder about the events around him. So he acted quickly, he pulled himself back and thrusted himself forward, temporarily filling a portion of the dark void around him with blinding light. Speedily did the Sentinel re-enter the Earth's atmosphere. The fire shield would cloaked the Golden Guardian but did not burn him. Instances passed before the Man of Stability was just above the land of Movokia. It's castles were erected with authority and irs many structures were standing tall and strong, but that wasn't his main concern.

He would quickly scan the field search for the undead warriors, and they weren't that hard to find.’Fast’ would be an understatement to explain the quick and fluid movements that the Sentinel made to escort the warriors outside of Movokia and onto the moon ,where he could finish them off later. Different energies were being absorbed by Altair as he quickly and elegantly soared through the sky, grabbing as any as his physical hands allowed, and when they were full energy constructs would be used to scoop some up.

After he cleared a number of them, he realized that many more remained. He lowered himself to the ground of Movokia, hovering a few inches above it. He crossed his massive arms across his chest, and any bit of empathy was erased from his face. His eyelids narrowed as he began to analyze the battlefield, trying to find who's friend and who's foe. He remained completely silent as he watched the cards that was handed to him. Noticing that Movokia has a pretty dense population, he knew that he couldn't send out large waves of energy through the air.

Crossing off that off his list he would decide to entertain a different route. He would decide to attempt to escort the citizens temporarily out of their homes until the battle was taken care of. He would turn to wear the ruler was the last time he saw him,but he was not longer there. He knew that he had to act quickly and looking for the leader would end in more trouble than it's worth. He sighed and would create a barrier of light, not taller than a one story building, separating the alive from the undead.

While the undead swordsmen would slash at the wall, The Sentinel would turn towards the civilian urgently. A tiny hint of fear came across his face, not fear for himself, but for the fear of the citizens. He would then tell the group of citizens within the barrier his plans. “Listen well, I am Altair and I am here to serve and protect you from this evil. Unfortunately, you're very presence here prevents me from removing them efficiently without any harm to you or your loved ones. So I have decided to temporarily remove you from your homes. You will all be together, but I can only carry a few of you at a time”The snarls of the zombie warriors echoed through the environment, making Altair decide to end his speech early. Speedily,enclose a few of persons within a ball of light and took off at ground-shattering speeds, returning again to escort them out of the mess.

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Herald's eyes opened in prayer, revealing himself in the Tabernacle to the Magi. They too, were blessed with the same harmonic energy which was bestowed to everyone that followed the Church. They too feeling the disturbance, though not on the level of their prophet. He raised his arms as the Magi began to adorn the armor which was a symbol of the elect.

Apostasy runs deep in the land, Herald said as he donned his helmet. ...but Faith shall prevail.

The very walls of the ark hummed with faith energy, an energy form of all those that believed in the sovereignty of the Gospel which he spoke. If realized, it could rival that of any star, for it was brought awareness to the darkness. Though the disturbance was minor, one shall not enter into arms of the Universe with blemish. It will be eradicated for the Gospel is holy. And no non-believer shall know its far reaches.

Herald continued his path toward the congregation, looking down at all who believed. The first day of judgement has been spoken and they harden their hearts.

Let the Universe have mercy upon them, the congregation simultaneously chanted.

The second day of judgement shall now be unleashed. Herald could feel the empathy of his followers for those that soon would refuse. May they see theway.

Herald proceeded to the bridge, waiting for the Ark to open once again. It was written that he had to reveal the truth to everyone, even the one he knew would reject him the most. The Ark doors opened, as he once again stepped foot onto Morovian soil. The Magi would follow to see the Herald make a faith clone of himself. The energy that flowed through the Universe was alive, only the select understanding its nature. And as such, anything he called upon with the energy would be part of the energy. Be part of him. Even be him.

I shall go to the house which blinds the many, the clone announced. The land shall burst in its own rage and anger to those that deny its freedom. From corner to corner of this land, they shall know the power. And their king shall quake as they deny its cry. The land and people will shout out to this king and he shall no my face. And he will set my people free.

The clone flashed from the Herald's sight to a vantage point where it could see the doors of the capital. The true Herald would smirk under his helmet, turning to the Magi who awaited his command.

Let the land bleed. Herald said as he proceeded back into the Ark. He could feel the faith generators begin to vibrate the very air of the land. The land would begin to quake and carry to resonate the three giant sized pillar which where erected upon the Church's arrival. Have mercy on all who see just a fraction of its power for the power shall wash over all who bare witness to its power. When they realize they have been spared and their physical belongings washed away, they will cry to the Universe. For man cannot save them. Kings cannot save them. Especially those who hide their sin behind masks.

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Overlooking the chaos that would quickly ensue in the city of Nirvana, Doctor Dominion would feast his eyes on the sight of what was foretold long ago that by the prophets that had shouted out at him to give them their salvation, but to no avail. The words of their teaching however would never stop ringing in his ever working mind, nothing they had said ever did. As their preachings and lessons would course through his own thoughts, Dominion would see himself turn to make his leave as the struggle would intensify beneath himself, his metallic boots carrying the weight of his duties with each step that he took. He did not want to see this day come, he did not believe that this would come, and yet, here it was in all of its supposed glory, finally here to see itself realized. The passageway that he had taken would crack beneath the weight of his thoughts heaving himself, for the master would be planning. Fortunately for them steps, he had made himself ready for the possibility that this day would come, and had the knowledge of the fact that he would reign supreme by the end of all of this. It was only a question of how much damage his opponents would inflict on the land itself, and how much punishment would be warranted before their deaths.

Shortly after arriving back to his throne room, the leader would be approached by one of his castle guards that had acquired new information from the city guard. It would appear that numerous soldiers from the skeletal army would disappear in a flash of light, only for more and more to be taken while they would spew more from whatever hell that they originated from. But that was not all, citizens were being escorted out of their homes by something that they would call it meta-human, but this being was completely alien in nature from what they could gather. It was some kind of man, dressed in yellow, black and blue. Its own energy signature was fairly unique, comprised of various energies from and untold number of sources, matching that of the flash of light that the skeletal soldiers had been disappearing with as far as they could tell. It was not something that the Morvarian guard had seen before, but that master had. As the ruler of the nation that he was, it had been made imperative that he was aware of all potential damage threats on a global scale. He had heard the stories and seen the sightings of a man of gold. They had taken upon many names over time, but there was one that he was predominantly referred to as: “The Sentinel.

Shortly afterwards, the most recent update from the chief of staff or Morvarian sciences division on would report a fluctuation of power and spike of the energy signature in the crosses that stood outside of the city. Their readings being similar to the type of radiation that would be found in a nuclear bomb that was only seconds away from going off and decimating all things that were met with it unforgiving power. Their findings would indicate that the energy output wouldn’t be anywhere at that level, but it would nevertheless have similar effects in on a much smaller scale should the towering symbols go off. “You’re orders are to-“ There was no time for anymore words to be spoken. The crosses would rupture in unison and unleash a wave of energy that would cause hundreds of the buildings and homes of Nirvana to fold beneath its might have one fell blow. The people who were escorted out of their homes by The Sentinel were now in awe at what they had just witnessed, leaving them with a feeling that had had not truly felt in some time: fear. While it was true that they believed in their ruler, many of them would quake as a the they saw what has been unleashed upon their city, prompting the soldiers in their midst attempt to gain the higher ground and silence their cries through reassurance.

The Doctor’s eyes would narrow once he as shown a security feed that had recorded the entire event taking place, the people, his people, now in a state of panic and discord at what had been taken from them. He simply sat at this throne as if nothing eventful he taken place, but underneath his metallic body was the bleeding heart of a father that was prepared to do any all things in order to protect their children. “Have the citizens escorted with 10, 000 footmen beneath the city and out of its limits using routes A-H. Place 30 land cruisers at the front of the army and 10 jets overhead to, obliterate their first line of offence. I wish to know what they are capable of. Once they are all in place, put up the shield. And have a messenger call The Sentinel to my castle, I wish to meet him.” The guards would quickly bow his head before leaving to put out his master's orders, leaving the room with haste. Not a minute after, twos guards would drag in a man before the throne of Dominion, forcing him onto his knees as they should his head to the stone floor. “Release him.” The promptly followed the ruler’s wishes as they let go of the man and stood parallel to each other in their statue like state. “Speak.” The man would hoist himself up as he looked straight into the leader’s eyes, showing no fear, only passion. “Let my people go.

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The Monarch would yet again hear the request that he has heard ever since the fall of the previous regime, in his dreams and from cries in the bowels of the dungeon, but those words had now been realized in attack. His eyes were as cold as the floor upon which the prophet sat and the throne that the ruler had displayed his dominance over, but they would now widen with indescribable amount of frustration. While others may have been swayed by his attempt at drumming up sympathy from the ruler, Dominion was unmoved by those wretched words that would continue to haunt his rule. He got up from his throne as he walked with unsettling poise, making the otherwise silent room sound as if the floor had been pelted with stones. He brought himself down onto one knee as he looked at the face of the believer, his eyes as dead as a fish that had just been salvaged from a gutter. Bringing his mask over to the man’s ear, Dominion would give his view of the unspeakable request. “Let your people go? Yes. When their miserable lives decay and their bodies rot by the tribulations of time, then I will let your people go.” With that, he would stride back to his throne as he would go onto call upon his guards once more, having the man the snatched up by the arms from the rock like flooring.

Take him to the lab, and prepare for the vivisection.” Without another word, the man would disappear with the guards for whatever horrors would be in store for him at the Doctor’s commands. Leaving the room, he would go by two other guards that would instinctively bow before their master before they would go his he went through the poorly lit corridor. On his way to gain the instruments for the inevitable conflict.

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He watched in the distance, and shepherded the people while they were away from their homes. Houses appeared to come out of thin air. He gave the people a temporary home until the war against these two people ended. He sat with the wives and husbands and listened to their problems. He healed those who were injured in any way or form and made sure they were in optimal health. The animals around them, wild or domesticated, harmed them not, as Altair altered their brain matter. He knew that he would have to leave the people of Morvaria and head back to their native lands to check on how much damage was done by the explosion. Arms reached out into the sky, he flew up into the air, leaving nothing but dust and a barrier to protect the innocents. He took one more look at the people below him, checking to see if any potential threats were in the area. His eyes scanned every atomic bond, and interpreting what that would be. Then, after deeming the citizens safe, he flew off, instantly disappear from where he was.

He landed back in Morvaria, crashing into the ground. The dust settled, revealing Altair, yet any mark of sympathy was gone and his mission was to stop this futile war so that this people can go back to their homes. There was a message given to him by a brave guard. The guard came and told the Golden Guardian that the dictator wanted to meet him, probably to make him a weapon against the force that was attacking his land. Yet, the Sentinel didn't desire to be a tool in this war, especially one that he doesn't know the cause for. He crossed his large arms against his equally large torso, and eyed the guard. "I have no interest with the ruler of this land, I simply wish to protect those who are caught within it's cross fires."

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The drums of war had begun. He could feel it in the air. He would grasp a lone object in his hands, its age apparent as it rested within Herald's mighty hands.

A powerful being had continued to halt his attempts of spreading the truth, the nuisance had now become a problem. He was now entangled in a grand scheme between two powerful foes - the mind of this land's monarch and the warrior from the sky. Fear would have consumed many, but not the Herald. Fear had scurried away from the power of Faith long ago. He had learned that once the shroud of it (fear) was removed then only the truth would remain. That is how the Universe always had spoken to him. It is how it screamed at him for his next obvious course of action.

He was alone in the tunnels which they had secretly burrowed under Morvaria. The energy bridges which erupted across the land as well as the awoken dead had left a pathway for him to the unfathomable sin which the empire would be built upon - Netharanium. He held the locket that he had for centuries, it being the last token he had of his wife. He had held it closely to him for centuries, a reminder of why he was on his journey.

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Why did the fools with hardened hearts deny the truth of the universe? Its was a question that he had thought of many of times. It was only when he meditated with the cosmos that he was answered. He had questioned those that would oppose the Church, but this was now a test of fortitude. It was a test he would not lose.

The magi brought a box decorated with foreign metals and scripture and lay it down before Herald's feet. It was shrouded with a cloak for it was only made for the devout. He peeled back the shroud, its artistry a marvel upon itself as was the elements within its chamber.

The Herald's raised hand began to spark with energy, its glowing grasp creating an ionized static in the now charged air. With but a thought, the top seal lifted above revealing more Netharanium, charged metals infused with faith energy. He extended the locket over the box as the he knew only the devout would be worthy. It was years ago, but the locket was also made of Netharanium, and he grasped it holding onto his wife's memory, but the memory became an anchor. The universe needed a faith offering and he knew what it was asking for that offering.

The Herald grasp loosened, the locket falling slowly as if time itself stopped. Every memory of every smile, every hardship that they had faced together flashed before his eyes as the locket began to shred away from existence. Once the last spec of locket vanished, so to was his last known connection to who he was before. Now there was only the Herald, Harbinger for the Universe and bringer of Vengeance to all that opposed it. Now it was only faith, and whomever stood in his way would be leveled by the universe itself through his own hand

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Each step that the Monarch took would echo down the cavern like halls of his fortress as he made his way to the armory, his murky figure only being present among the flames of the torches that lit the corridor. His impossible intellect was at work within the depths of his unconscious mind, while his conscious mind would be with a single track at hand, the one that drove him to take such drastic measures in the events that had transpired over the last few. The protection of his people. It was an obsession that any good parent had for their children, and it had forced the dictator into a mental state upon which he could not deny the dominion that his emotions held over himself. While he was a master of the mind, among countless other things. his drive to guard those among him had compelled him to act. And act, he did. And where did his actions lead him?

His path would stop, and before him stood the doors that passageway leading to Dominion's armory, and without anything more than a single gesture, they would open before their master as he took entrance upon the environment. Doctor Dominion would overlook a massive location, deposit of armors and a vast arsenal of weapons designed and crafted by The Good Doctor himself, each one made of a steal like alloy that nearly rivaled the hardened gaze of the being that had crafted them. Waiting for the opportunity to be let off their leashes and sent upon those that dared to oppose their master. But for all of the equipment and weaponry that could have been used to exact vengeance of the highest order, there were very few that Dominion would even acknowledge as he strode through the armory. Ignoring all pleas for release like the cretins that lived below him.

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No, he was far more interested in nothing but a few objects that he had in storage, locked within their own files of containment in their time of leisure. Coming upon a pedestal that would protrude from the floor, the sharp clanking of metal would cease, and Dominion would simply reach out for the object as the case would open and reveal nothing more than an absurd looking pistol. Unimpressive in appearance, but as the saying went... The Man in the Iron Mask would feel nothing more than the light weight in the object as he gripped it handle, the other extremity moving to load object with ammunition. A few orb like objects would place in the object, and the dictator would press onward, their eyes showing empty concentration in each of their actions. Moving a few steps farther would be yet another pedestal amidst the haunting atmosphere of the lair.

Like the one before it, the small base would open it contest in obedience to gesture of the one that sought it, only this time with the offer of a device looked quite a bit different than what was previously equipped in the satchel of the dictator. The object in question was alien in nature, seemingly something that would only be created by a mad man, or a genius. Regardless of what it was, it would be gripped by the ruler and added to the various devices that the ruler was equipped with, this time being implanted within the depths of his armor. With the forefront of the metallic casing being departed, and the mysterious object being placed within. There was no more for the ruler to take from the deposit of weapons, and he took his leave without anymore than thought on the matter.

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Dominion traveled quickly, but news traveled faster. So much so that they even with the increased pace back to his throne room, he would be informed by the guards in the immediate vicinity of the state of the war and the transportation of the populous. After the fact that The Golden Man had refused to meet with the ruler was revealed to the master, with a posture that showed that they were uncomfortable simple with relaying the information. The insult, as great as it was, did not appear to phase the leader in the slightest. "Very well." His tone was barren and carried empty seemingly words, but with a haunting force behind it. "Raise the shield and continue the war effort and evacuation. Inform me if anything of note comes to be." With an intimidate nod from all members of the small party, the ruler would be gone, and their residual anxiety would not.

All citizens near the city limits had found their way inside before they could meet their end by the hands of the skeletal army, and all those who resided outside of the utopia were far out of the apparent reach of the horde. With this knowledge, The Doctor's orders would be enacted, and shield of energy would be projected on all corners of Nirvana, containing all those who were in, and excluding those were out. And amidst the war of the living against the dead, and amidst the escape of citizens that fled to the burrows beneath their city, a ripple of energy would pear through threads the composed the universe's stitching and warp The Doctor into the mix of chaos and order. The citizens would show apparent relief that their master had come, but Dominion would only have his eyes fixed on the whereabouts of the Man of Light. Shortly after he would come into view.

"You. Will. Listen."

If the being noticed The Doctor's presence and approached him, the leader would remain frozen with an authority that bring even the most unruly of transgressors to find respect. But if the Guardian ignored him, the message of the ruler would be heard all the same. "I thank you for the work that you have done in regards to those that reside here, but my appreciation is countered with the disapproval that comes the lack of respect that you have shown towards me. The people here are now safe once more, and they will remain in that state as long as I will it. There is no need for you here, but outside. These annoyances must be dealt with swiftly, as such, I demand that you leave the city with me and meet them on the battlefield. If you desire the safety of others, as well as yourself, this time... You. Will. Listen."

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There he was, a light between two a rock and an unknown place. He placed himself in the center of two mighty beings, only having knowledge of one and not the other. After he denied his request to see the ruler over the lands. He continued his attention on keeping the undead at Bay, and so he began to work. With his head high and his sculpted arms at his sides. He quickly took to the skies at speeds that rivaled photons' and, consequentially, one of physic's odd laws came into play for the Golden Son's favor, time dilation. His enemies, the hordes of the undead, became as pawns on a chess set, unmoving. Frozen in the mind of the Man of Light and they remained so as he swooped down to attack.

Like an eagle strikes to take its prey, so was Altair as he destroyed the undead warriors. His mind, racing to find solutions that would cause minimal damage on the land and maximum impact upon the horde of ghouls and with his immense power a solution was reached. He continued to maintain his flying speeds as, with little gestures, he disintegrated massive amounts of these mobs, turning what was ones flesh and bones into dust to be taken by the wind.

This reminded him about a time long ago, a time where he was younger, a time where he lack self control. A war he caused between himself and beings that the humans called gods and the aftermath was unholy amounts of blood leaving from the warriors' took take refuge in the sand. Yet, he hadn't the time to mentally visit those days of woe. He was in fact in the middle of a war.

He rested, not because he needed to, but because he recognized the leader of the lands was now on the field. Walls came up, and civilians were safe, for now. Yet, the battle wasn't finished, he was sure about it. Taking one last look towards the crosses in the sky, examining them for a later purpose.

He turned downwards towards the dictator, his one blue eyes, were covered with a divine light from within. He lowered his levitation, before he was miles in the air, now he was only a few feet off of the ground. The shields gave the two a moment's peace to converse about the current matters, but Altair was sure that the King was going to mention his refusal of the invitation earlier.

He matched the king's authoritarian stature. But while the Doctor stood like an emperor, having the most authority and influence over his own land. Altair stood like a Roman solider, assuming that he himself had the most power. He listened with intent but ,as if carried by the words The Good Doctor spoke, every time the King spoke his arrogance seemed to have showed. As Altair assumed, The Iron Clad King wanted to discuss the denial of the invitation earlier and because of his denial, Altair had to evacuate the area. The King assured that his own people were safe, but,to Altair, there was potentially much more at stake than a singular kingdom.

He matched the cold glare of the King, dismissing the sharpness in his voice. He understood that Kings only look after their own citizens, Altair was concerned about the world. He politely shook his head at the king's request of him leaving. Where you'd expect for the hardness equal to that of a stone. Altair spoke with understanding, for he did understand the king's care for his people. “Well, this is something much more than it appears” Ultimately, the two wanted the same thing, to stop what this alien force, yet even though in this instance they were allies, Altair didn’t entirely trust the dictator. He didn’t wait for the Monarch to move,and exited the fields by simply deconstructing his body, and recreating it on the other side of the shield.

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The gates towered over the same Guardian. He didn’t dare step inside, he didn’t know what the gate’s properties were, and where it leads. Looking to the skies, he plucked a flock of his hair, and lifted it up high. Soon, it began to grow into a version of himself, weaker, yes, but it would serve as his ‘drone’ of sorts. The Pseudo-Sentinel, when finally formed, rose to the sky. It was forced to attempt to enter one of the Crossgates, if successful, Altair would began to see through the eyes of this being. If it didn’t make it, Altair would be glad that wasn’t him