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New Olympus, Greece, (Formerly, Mount Othrys)

Seated on twelve unique thrones that formed a U-shape around the Council Hall, were seated the twelve most important gods and goddesses of Greece, called the Olympians. Everyone still believed that the Olympians still operated on Thessaly, the highest mountain in Greece, but that was far from the truth. Zeus; King of the Gods, Ruler of Olympus, God of the Sky, Heavens, and Lightning, watched over for centuries as mankind evolved from mere mortals to powerful beings with unimaginable abilities. Seeing this as a threat to his rule and all of Olympus, Zeus commissioned Athena and Hephaestus to come up with a brilliant plan to move Mount Olympus from Thessaly to random locations across the globe without mankind realizing. Zeus did all this out of intense fear that these powerful beings would overthrow him eventually and seek Mount Olympus for themselves. Mount Olympus has now moved from Thessaly, the United Kingdom, France, Israel, United States, and now back to Greece on Mount Othrys. Mount Othrys in Greek Mythology, served as the base for the Titans during the Titanomachy War, but Zeus had returned to the infamous mountain and turned the base of his old adversaries into his new domain in order to deceive mankind into believing they were still truly on Thessaly.

In the Council Hall, the Olympians met at times to discuss mortal affairs; such as when the Gods intervened in the battle between the Trojans and Greeks or the time when Bellerophone allowed his pride to get the better of him when he decided to ride the Pegasus to Mount Olympus. The interior walls of the Council Hall were completely made of Elysium Bronze, a one of a kind, special metal made by Hephaestus and the Hecatoncheires during the Cold War between the Norse Pantheon and Mount Olympus. The floor of the Council Hall was made out of marble, but this type of marble was unique as it had a golden texture to it and emitted a faint golden glow like it was touched by King Midas himself. On each side of the walls hung old-fashioned torches that burned Greek Fire, an actual weapon used by the Byzantine Empire and Constantinople. The thrones of each Olympian God that sat on the council were all beautifully unique and set apart from each other. Zeus' throne was literally fashioned out of Fulgurite, with a large engraving of a lightning bolt on the splat. Poseidon's throne was completely made out of coral and the second largest throne in the Council Room, only bested by his younger brother of course. The throne was decorated with pearls and ancient seashells that had different distinctive colors and patterns. Hera's throne was made out of ivory and covered with peacock feathers, which represented her sacred animal. Demeter used her god-like powers to create a throne intertwined with branches covered with all different types of flowers. Ares' throne was made of brass, but surrounding his throne laid the scattered bones of all his victims from different conflicts around the world. Apollo sat on a gold throne with prophetic inscriptions carved into the seat, the back support of the throne was shaped like a lyre combined with a golden sundisk with twenty-one rays shaped like arrows. Athena's throne was just made out of plain white marble, but on her right shoulder stood her new owl, Bubo. Aphrodite had a heart-shaped throne that radiated pink and red, clearly indicating that she was the Goddess of Love. Artemis sat on a throne covered in wolf fur with the head of a wolf replacing both knobs on the seat. Hephaestus crafted his own throne out of Elysium Bronze, but was also secretly crafted to also be a weapon. Hermes sat on a leather throne actually shaped like an ancient Greek sandal; the throne itself was appropriate due to the fact that Hermes was always on the move. Lastly, Hestia's throne was simply made out of wood as she was the Goddess of the Hearth, Home, and Family.

The Gods of Olympus had already gathered in the Council Room, each sitting on their unique thrones as they patiently waited for Zeus. The Council Room was so abnormally quiet that you can hear the cold winds of the heavens blow down the great hall, which was not normal as the Olympian Gods were always bickering. "Seeing as my brother does not truly take this matter seriously, I shall return to Atl-" Before Poseidon could complete his sentence, a sound of rolling thunder could be heard from outside, and in a flash a lightning bolt struck the front of Zeus' throne, revealing a tall, muscular man, with long white shoulder-length hair, and a trimmed white beard. "Forgive me for the delay, I was paying father a visit." Zeus said, staring down at his brother with authority in his white eyes, reminding him who was the Ruler of Olympus. Poseidon glanced at his brother, his face not fazed by the fact that his younger brother was attempting to flex his authority over him. "Go on Lord, Zeus." The Sea God mocked, gesturing for his younger brother to begin the meeting. Zeus grit his teeth and turned his head away from his older brother, now looking down at his family with his cloud-like eyes. "My brothers and sisters, I call upon you all to discuss a new threat that seeks to destroy everything we have wrought. The girl, Helena Troy, she is a plague that must be wiped from the face of the earth. We have tolerated her for far too long and now I ask for us to put aside our petty grievances once more and pour the wrath of Olympus on this abomination before she leads us to ruin. Now, how should we proceed with the destruction of this child?" Zeus asked as he finally took a seat on his throne, stroking his white beard as he waited for someone to speak up.


"Why should we even concern ourselves with the girl? She clearly believes she is only mortal and it'll stay that way if we reach out to our neighbors from the North."Poseidon spoke first, revealing that he did not want the girl to be harmed. "Who I think we should focus our attention on is the woman who gave birth to the girl." Poseidon turned his head to Athena with a scorn look on his face.


"Uncle, I am stunned by your stance over my daughter, I thank you, but keep our rivalry out of this for the sake of Olympus." Athena objected in a calm tone. For many eons, Athena and Poseidon have had a rivalry between them, but being the Goddess of Wisdom, she knew if she wanted to keep his support for her daughter, she had to choose her words carefully.


"Poseidon, I find it quite interesting that you oppose your brother in this matter. One could only assume that you might be trying to overthrow him." Hera pointed out, the corner of her lips curling into a large grin. Hera has been yearning for a conflict between Zeus and Poseidon; she was done mercilessly persecuting Zeus' mistresses and illegitimate children while Zeus faced no consequences for his unfaithfulness, so she plotted to turn the two most powerful Olympian Gods against one another simply for wanting to punish her husband.


"Watch your tongue, Hera! Do not dare question my loyalty!" Poseidon jerked from his throne and shouted at the Queen of Olympus furiously, gripping his trident tightly. The Sea God was so furious at the accusation hurled at him by Hera that he ignored Athena's response.


"Father, I do not believe the girl is a threat, I think you all should trust me and allow fate to take it's course. "Apollo quickly suggested before Hera or Zeus could reply to Poseidon's outburst. As the God of Prophecy and Foresight, Apollo had already seen the future of Helena Troy, but he was unable to tell his fellow Olympians due to the fact that the information could only be spoken through his Oracles who have been missing for quite awhile.


"You must be mad if you think we are just going to blindly trust you, Apollo. Are you aware that we might lose our only home or has your arrogance blinded you once more?" She said coldly. Hestia was usually gentle and a good-natured goddess, but that all seemed to change when Helena Troy was discovered to be a threat to all of Olympus.


"Must I remind you that I am also the God of Knowledge and Prophecy, Hestia? If anything, I have every right to be trusted by this family. Honestly, can we say the same about you? All you do is tend to a hearth all day." Apollo mocked with a cheesy smile on his face that lit up the entire room as if he was the sun itself.


"Apollo is right, father. Allow the girl to swear loyalty to me, so she can join me and my hunters." Artemis pleaded as she had grown to like this Helena Troy after personally watching over her in secret. The Hunters of Artemis were a group of maidens consisted of humans, demigods, and various female species led by the goddess Artemis. In order to join the pack of female hunters, maidens were required to swear loyalty to Artemis herself and to reject love for as long as they lived. The Hunters of Artemis had eternal youth just as long as they did not fall in battle or break their vows of rejecting men.


"Quite strange for you to agree with a man, Artemis. Tell me, have you ever been digested by your own father? I highly doubt it as I do not remember sharing a stomach with you. Why should any child of Zeus have any say in this matter anyway? Demeter boldly asked as she turned her head toward Zeus, reminding him of their childhood with a haunting expression on her face.


"Tell me, Demeter, have you ever had an arrow pierce through your mouth?" Artemis snapped, leaning from her throne to coldly stare at the Harvest Goddess.


"Why must we desire malice? Allow the girl to fall in love with a handsome man.....or woman." Aphrodite giggled while twirling her finger through her hair.


"She can be the death of us all, my sweet Aphrodite. If we become nothing then who will take care of my inventions?" Hephaestus asked, the fear of losing all his work plagued his mind. It was a surprise to everyone except Aphrodite to see Hephaestus support Zeus and those in favor of murdering Helena Troy as he was always treated like an outcast for his appearance. Athena was the most surprised, she truly believed she would of had the support of the Smith God due to his understanding of not being favored by their family, but clearly she was wrong.


"A typical response from a man that puts his faith in machines over human beings" She scowled, rolling her eyes at her husband who she really didn't love at all.


"Why don't you allow me to bring her to Olympus, father? Surely, we can settle this without having to harm an innocent girl." Hermes asked his father with sincerity in his voice. The messenger god was nothing like his divine family, he always had a greater understanding of mortals and demigods especially those who were punished by his family for no good reason.

The room suddenly erupted into chaos as the Olympian Gods began to argue with one another over the fate of Helena Troy. The Gods have been around for thousands of years and never before in their history have they been this divided over a situation. "SILENCE" Zeus howled as thunder roared in the background, his eyes sparkling with electricity. The whole entire room fell into a deep silence as the Ruler of Olympus flexed his authority once more. "I have heard enough from all of you." Zeus grumbled before resting his eyes on Ares, the tiny sparks of electricity in his cloud-like eyes slowly fading. "Why have you not said a word, Ares? This is unlike you." Zeus asked his son, leaning from his seat out of curiosity. Ares rose from his throne with a large grin on his face. This was the perfect opportunity for the War God to put his plan into motion. The God of War had purposely stood silent throughout the meeting as he knew all too well that his father would notice his unusual behavior and would call upon him, but also because he knew he would have never got his chance to speak if he had spoken earlier. "Father, I am...honored by the fact that you would seek my counsel in this desperate hour. I must say that it is a disappointment that our fellow Olympians cannot even come up with a solution to end this girl as that is what you requested from us," Ares explained as he strode across the marble floor, coming to a full stop at the center of the Council Hall. "All I heard was bickering and opinions instead of actual solutions, but I am here to tell you that I have the perfect solution to deal with this....blemish you call daughter, Athena."Ares mocked with that evil grin still on his face as he glanced over to Athena.

The Gray Eyed daughter of Zeus immediately rose from her throne at the insult hurled at her daughter by her disliked brother. "You will mind what you say, Ares! Let us not forget that I was the one who struck you down with a mighty rock during the Greek Battle." Athena growled furiously. The Goddess of Wisdom had grown tired of staying silent as her family plotted to murder her only daughter and she refused to allow that to happen even if she had to go against the wishes of her father. Ares clenched his hands tightly as he was reminded of the most embarrassing event in his life, gnashing his teeth out of anger at the memory of the God of War losing to his sister. "Oh, I surely will get my revenge when I bash your daughter's face in with that same rock." Ares roared back at his sister. "Careful brother, she might hurl a rock at-"Before Athena could finish her silence, Zeus intervened. "Enough from the both of you!" Zeus commanded before returning his attention to Ares "What is your solution, Ares?" The Sky God asked with a strong desire in his eyes. "I will not allow you all to decide the fate of my very own daughter! Must I remind you all that you bare children of your own? Children with Olympian and mortal blood!" Athena rose from her throne yet again in protest before Ares could explain his solution. "Father, I beseech you to not allow Ares to manipulate your emotions. He has always desired to overthrow your rule and wage as many wars as possible with nobody to oppose him. I raised Helena since birth, she is no threat to Olympus or Asgard. Please, do not do this." Athena begged her father with tears building up in her eyes. The Goddess of Wisdom was always intelligent, reasoned, and unemotional, but for the first time in her life, she was filled with emotion over the thought of losing her only child. "Forgive me my child, but we cannot tolerate this offspring of yours any longer. She is a danger to the future of Olympus and to all Pantheons around the world." Zeus explained, but this time with a deep sorrow as Athena was his most precious child and hurting her was a blow to his heart. "I want no more interruptions. You may continue, Ares." Zeus gestured his son to speak.

Ares took one last glance at Athena with a smug grin on his face before looking up at his father who sat at the vertex of the room alongside his wife. The God of War had only dreamed of one day hurting his sister and this was how he was going to do it. "Father, allow me to personally pour down my wrath on the girl. We have hurled many fierce creatures at this abomination and yet she somehow manages to slay every single one. Allow me to use my arena and finally put an end to your troubles." The God of War explained, hoping his father would accept his proposition. Ares knew that if he was successful with killing Helena Troy, he would finally get closer to his father which would bring him one step to fulfilling his goal in overthrowing him and watching humanity plunge itself into a conflict that would end Western Civilization. Zeus once again stroke his white beard as he thought about the consequences of allowing Ares to do whatever he pleased, but the threat of Helena Troy far outweighed the threat of Ares, at least that's what Zeus believed. "Very well, my son. Do not fail me." Zeus instructed, his eyes narrowed as to show the God of War that this was a serious manner and failure was not an option.

"Father, you are making a grave mista-"Athena attempted to interject again, but Zeus completely silenced her before she could complete her sentence. "ENOUGH, ATHENA!" Zeus loudly shouted, causing the room to shake as a loud clap of thunder came from above. "I grow tired of your insolence! You are the one that brought this upon us and now you must deal with the consequences of this mistake." Zeus lectured as he slammed his fist into his arm chair. "My child, you are lucky that my compassion for you outweighs my wrath as you would of faced a punishment far severe than Prometheus himself for your treachery. Do you even understand what you have done by conceiving a child with our counterparts in the North?! The destruction of us all! The end of deities as humanity knows it!" Zeus growled before taking a deep breath and exhaling. Athena held back her response despite wanting to counter her father, but she realized that her words will not save her daughter, she had to be wise in this situation. "Forgive me, father."Athena calmly said before shape-shifting into a white owl and flying out the Council Room alongside her owl companion, Bubo. Zeus yet again took a deep breath as he watched his daughter exit the meeting room, placing his palm over his forehead. "Leave at once, Ares." Zeus murmured. Ares nodded and took a bow before turning his back on his dysfunctional family with a large grin on his face. "Time to fetch me my contenders." He said to himself as he walked away and exited the Council Hall. Zeus only agreed to allow Ares to deal with Helena, but the God of War had a past score to settle with those who thwarted his plan way before the daughter of Athena was discovered.


Helena peered over the glistering lake that stood before her; the demigod's crystal blue eyes darting back and forth as she studied the swimming patterns of the variety of fishes. "Hey, little guys." She murmured before removing her Scandinavian modern day turn-boots, made completely out of leather, and slowly removing her ankle wrappings. Helena now stood at the edge of the lake with a blue tunic on, dark brown trousers made out of linen, and a wooden stick in her hand. The former princess had crafted a four pronged spear out of wood earlier as she made her way toward the lake; she was starving and needed to replenish before continuing onward with her journey. After studying the fishes, Helena took a step into the lake and could feel the fishes brush against her toned legs as they swam past. "Gotcha" She said to herself while twirling her spear with one hand before thrusting the sharp weapon downwards and impaling the fish with ease. The former princess smiled brightly as she brought the sharp wooden prongs of the spear a few inches from her face, examining the fish she had caught. She was ecstatic to find that she had captured a salmon fish which wasn't as exciting to the mortal world, but to her capturing the salmon fish was as precious as gold due to the fact that there were many tales behind the popular fish. The Irish believed that the salmon was associated with wisdom and according to their tale, an ordinary salmon ate nine hazelnuts that fell into the Well of Wisdom, giving the fish all the world's knowledge. There was another tale associated with the salmon fish that the demigod was quite familiar with "Loki the Salmon." According to the tale, the trickster-god Loki had murdered Baldur through a scheme which did not suit well with the other gods as Baldur was known to be the most beloved of all the Norse Gods. Always one step ahead, Loki fled and transformed himself into an actual salmon as he knew the gods would seek vengeance for their fallen brother.

After recalling all the tales associated with the salmon fish in her head, Helena pulled the fish out of her spear and walked out of the lake with trouble as the water was up to her thighs; she needed to hurry back to the cabin so she can continue her journey before nightfall. "I have not enjoyed fishing since......" She stopped herself from completing her sentence as the memories of her beloved home flashed through her mind. Helena took a deep breath before tossing her wooden spear aside and slung the salmon over her back. The demigod was longing to return home, but she knew very well that if she returned without the answers she sought, she would endanger all her people including her mother. "The faster I find him the sooner I can return home." She reminded herself, her voice filled with a deep sadness. Helena was told by Surtr to seek out a man who was called the wise one; he told her that this man had the answers to all her questions and that he was located somewhere in this land, but finding him so far seemed to be futile. The demigod did not understand how a simple man could have all the answers to her questions and she did not understand how a simple man could dwell in a place that was filled with undead warriors who seemed to have fallen in battle; there had to be more to this man than what the fire giant had led on. "Weel keek na further, lassie!" A mysterious voice shouted cheerfully. Helena jolted involuntarily as the voice had caught her by surprise, something she was not use to at all as she was taught from a young age that a warrior always prepared for the unexpected and always kept their guard up even in peace. "Not many could sneak up on me, stranger. Reveal yourself at once." She demanded as she surveyed the area carefully, clutching her fist tightly as she prepared for an unexpected attack. "Urr ye aye sae hostile? a'm doon 'ere, lassie." The voice blurted, but then realized at the last minute that he shouldn't of told her where he was until he explained that he was indeed an ally and the person she was looking for. "Mah heid is aboot tae become a soccor baw, curse th' weel."He mumbled nervously. Helena glanced downward as she followed the instruction of the mysterious voice, her eyes instantly widening at what laid before her. "Great Hera! You are, Mimir?!" She exclaimed at the sight of the beheaded wise man. Being the daughter of Athena, Helena had a strong love for knowledge and as a child she would find herself studying so many different Pantheons with Greek and Norse being her favorite, but she took a particular interest to the tales of Mimir which is how she was able to recognize him with no trouble, he was the only talking head she knew that resided in Scandinavia after all. There are two famous tales that tell the story of Mimir, but one tale seemed to be more credible according to ancient sources and the Prose Edda. Mimir was the brother of Bestla, a frost-giantess who bore Odin, Vili, and Ve. He was the keeper of the second sacred well of Yggdrasil, which was found by the root of the World Tree that rose in Jotunheim. During the Aesir-Vanir War, the two sides finally decided to establish a truce by exchanging hostages; the Vanir Gods exchanged Njord and his son Frey to the Aesir Gods, while the Aesir Gods gave Honir and Mimir to the Vanir. However, when Honir, now chief of the Vanir, attended to a meeting without Mimir, his advisor, Honir found himself not being able to make any decision. This made the Vanir suspicious of being cheated in the exchange, so they seized Mimir, beheaded him, and sent his decapitated head back to Asgard. Odin furious at what the Vanir had done, took the head of Mimir to Jotunheim and soaked it in the Well of Knowledge, reanimating the head of the man. Mimir now indebted to Odin, swore to counsel him and become his most trustworthy advisor for eternity.

"Th' yin 'n' ainlie, lassie!" Mimir beamed with satisfaction, relieved that she did not send his head crashing into a thick tree. Helena knelt down on one knee to get a closer look at the God of Knowledge and Wisdom. "It is truly an honor to be among your presence, but what brings you to a place like this? You should be counseling, The Raven King, should you not?" Helena asked with curiosity, her face perplexed. "Isnae it ah kent that awreedy? a'm 'ere tae answer a' yer questions. Thay dinnae ca' me th' smartest jimmy alive fur hee haw, ye ken." He proudly stated, raising his chin high. The demigod chuckled, she pictured Mimir having a body and puffing up his chest as he proudly declared that he was the smartest man alive, but she then caught on to what he had just said. "Wait, you are the wise one?! I knew the wise one was no ordinary man and I should of put the pieces together, but why would Surtr keep this truth from me?" She questioned with a serious tone. Mimir let out a deep sigh, he knew the truth on why the fire giant would deceive her, but for her own safety, he decided not to tell her about the prophecy. "S"urprisingly, ah dae nae hae th' answer tae that quaistion, bit whit does it maiter? a'm 'ere noo wi' th' answers ye sae desire." He proclaimed. Helena knew very well that Mimir was hiding something from her, she noticed he had wrinkled his nose and turned his eyes away from her, but she decided it was best for her not to get involved in something that had nothing to do with her. "What am I? And do I have the blessing of Odin?" She questioned, lifting his head from the ground and looking into his sunken eyes. One portion of Mimir's face was completely grey with some dark spots indicating that he once was decomposing and dead. The other half of his face was smooth like a newborn baby due to him being submerged in the Well of Knowledge. Mimir knew what he was doing was highly treasonous, but he couldn't just allow another innocent girl to suffer. "Ye hae made mukkers 'n' enemies in Asgard, Helena Troy. Yer a-" Before the Guardian of the Well could complete his sentence, three daggers whizzed passed his ear with precision as the demigod held his head. "Whit in th' nine realms wis that!?" He yelped. Helena was just as surprised as Mimir, she lowered his head from her face and placed him firmly on the ground, facing the area where the daggers were thrown. The former princess narrowed her eyes as she stared firmly at the mysterious man that stood a few feet away from their position, holding back every inch of anger that was mysteriously building up inside her. Helena wanted to charge at the man with superhuman speed, but strangely her mind kept nudging her to wait patiently before engaging him as if her brain was analyzing the stranger even though she wanted to explode. For some reason as well, the very presence of this man was stirring up all the anger she had stored away all these years to the point she wanted to grab the head of Mimir and squeeze him with her bare hands. The man was seven feet tall, donning ruby red armor that gave the appearance of being bathed in blood, a black polished Corinthian helmet with a red horsehair plume, plate pauldron's engraved with the head of wild boars on both shoulders, a muscle cuirass with the skull of a vulture engraved in the middle of the chest, greaves, leather bracers, and a black pteruges.

"Well, Well, What do we have here? The barbarian head conspiring with the bastard child." The man sneered, opening his arms as he slowly strode toward them. Mimir gulped as he immediately realized who they were dealing with and if he was here then all was lost for the girl. "God o' war o' Greece....Yer nae permitted tae step foot in thae sacred lands according tae th' convention o'- Ares raised his hand, preventing Mimir from completing his sentence. "Are you really going to lecture me at a time like this, head? Tell me, does the All.....Father, know you are here with the girl? Hm, I highly doubt it. In fact, I did not see you or that witch at the meeting between our Pantheons. It truly would be a shame to tell your King that you have endangered us all by conspiring against him." Ares babbled with a large grin across his face as he slowly continued to stride toward them. Helena stood stunned, she was standing before Ares, the God of War; she just couldn't believe one of the Twelve Olympians, she worshiped was a few feet away from her. "Ah jalouse th' stories aboot yer true then, ye pure dinnae think, dae ye? dae ye pure think ye kin threaten th' smarest jimmy alive? ah ken everyhing, warmonger. Ah hae cum stain that ye wish tae overthrow yer gey ain faither whilk is none o' mah business, bit if ah wur ye, ah wid shove they threats up yer-" Helena lightly tapped Mimir with the tip of her shoes, silencing him. In all reality, the demigod wanted to stomp on the head of the Knowledge God with all her strength, but being a demigod and trained from a young age to use her anger wisely, she was able to resist the burning temptation. "Lord...Ares." She said as calmly as possible, bowing down to the War God as she held back the raging storm brewing inside of her. Despite Ares being heavily disliked by both mortals and the gods, it was still proper to show respect to a god even one as vile as the God of War.

"You truly are a wise one, girl. I thank you for putting that barbaric head in his place as I was about to feed him to my vultures, Asgardian or not." He threatened, still with that vile smirk as he finally reached the demigod who only was six feet tall compared to him. "It is truly an honor to stand before you, Lord Ares, and I mean no disrespect when I say there is no need for threats or violence. Mimir was just aiding me in my quest for the answers that I desperately seek." She firmly said without any fear, gritting her teeth as she held back the desire to uppercut the God. "You feel that, don't you? The rage coursing through your body? I know that look. You see, I was born with the ability to control the very emotions that lead to war. Why do you think there has been countless rumors of war in this age? The tensions with China over the Pacific, Russia and NATO, Iran and Saudi Arabia, The Kurdistan Independence War, North Korea and the United States, China and India, and the list goes on. I enjoy whispering in the ears of these mortals and watching them slaughter each other like pigs, but you see my father and your-Athena has forbid me from fully allowing humanity to plunge itself into a conflict that would end civilization itself, but that is all going to change now that you are here." Ares lectured, placing his hand on her shoulder. The God of War cared very little in what his dysfunctional family believed about the girl, he was all in this for his purpose and he was going to see it through. Helena gently shrugged his hand off her shoulder, her face now as stern as ever. "I refuse to help you in your wretched quest for bloodshed, and I am only mortal as you would call it. Why are you really here, God of War? Is it to give me the answers that I desire? Has Olympus finally answered my prayers?" She asked with a sign of irritation as the God of War seemed to be obstructing her from gaining the answers she so deserved. "What happened to the girl that knew her place when speaking to a God? I guess my god-like abilities really did induce you, haha. You see, I don't take no for an answer, you mutt. So you have a choice here, you can either come willingly or by the force, I love force by the way." Ares said with firm persistence as he turned his back on her to open a flaming portal.

Using this opportunity to attack, Helena used her superhuman speed to quickly perform a German suplex on the God of War which caught him by surprise. The demigod crossed her arms around his armored chest, holding him as tight as possible before lifting him up and falling backwards, causing the War God to land on his neck and his helmet to fly off. If Ares was not a god, this would of resulted in his death due to her superhuman strength and his head being snapped like a twig. Helena stood completely in shock, she just suplexed the God of War which should of been an impossible task for someone who was just a mortal. "Holy, Well. He sure deserved that! bade concentratit, lassie." Mimir cheerfully advised as if he was the Greek mentor, Chiron. Ares pulled himself up from the ground and turned to face the young demigod who still was frozen from the feat she had just pulled off. "I underestimated her." Ares murmured with embarrassment at what just happened. The demigod still was wrapping her head around everything, she could hear Mimir shouting her name to get her attention, but she wouldn't budge.

"Helena! keep edgy!" Mimir shouted as loud as ever, snapping the demigod out of her trance, but it was too late, Ares now stood before the former princess and opened his mouth, releasing a menacing roar that sent the demigod crashing through multiple trees before she could even react with her bracers. The roar was so loud and powerful that it was described by Mimir to be as loud as artillery guns firing in sequence. Helena now laid unconscious, pieces of trees and tree trunks laid scattered around her and on top of her. "Ye brainless buffon! if ainlie, ah hud mah body again, is she deid!?" Mimir asked loudly with a sense of guilt as he should of allowed Freya to come with him. Ares simply walked passed the God of Knowledge and Wisdom, pushing the broken down trees with ease that stood in his way from achieving his prize. "She survived the blast, you headless savage." Ares sneered, finally reaching the unconscious body. "Howfur in th' name o' odin dae ye ken that?" Mimir asked, feeling relieved that she might be alive. "For the smartest man alive, you sure don't seem to know the obvious. The mutt could of took my power without going unconscious if she wasn't holding herself back mentally. She truly believes she is mortal which has caused her to block out her god-like potential. Why am I even explaining this to a savage like you?" He asked with a dry tone, removing a huge tree trunk that laid on top of the demigod. Mimir would of told Zeus that Ares was plotting to overthrow him, but it was too risky as Ares now knew that he was trying to help the girl and surely he had a plan in motion that would inform Odin of the betrayal. Ares picked up the seemingly lifeless body of the demigod, slinging her body over his broad shoulders and making his way toward Mimir before stopping to face the talking head one last time. "If you ever threaten me again, I'll be sure to send you back to Odin with both of your eyes missing, I don't care how important you are." Ares threatened, his eye sockets burning with flames as if they were ancient torches before opening up a flaming portal and disappearing into it.

Helena grunted as she awoke to the sun beaming down her crystal blue eyes from a small cell window; she could hear the sounds of laughter, warrior chants, suffering, and the pleasures of the flesh from a distance, her head pounding as if she was pummeled to the ground by Hercules himself. "Where......Am.....I?" She murmured in pain as she surveyed the dungeon room. The walls, floor, and ceiling were made of a special bronze materiel that emitted a golden light as if the materiel was crafted by a divine being. Helena stared at the wall with disgust, she could see the metal was stained with dry blood and feces, but the worst part was that the air was also contaminated with the smell of both animal feces, human feces, death, and urine. The demigod did attempt to punch a hole through the metal, but it only absorbed the physical force of her punch and sent her hand jerking back; clearly indicating that the metal material was clearly foreign to the mortal world. The former princess glanced up at the metal ceiling, she could hear due to her superhuman senses; the screams of an excited crowd, metal clashing together, and the roars of familiar mystical creatures. Helena quickly figured out she was underneath a battle arena clearly inspired by the Roman Colosseum and that she would have to fight to the death, but what puzzled her was the fact that Ares needed her help in order to bring about his plan, and she didn't understand how her death would help him achieve that if she was just a mortal. Helena took a deep breath before turning around and noticing a bunch of pipe frame bunk beds pressed up against the walls that made up the dungeon room, but what was strange about these beds is the fact that they weren't there when she gained consciousness. The former princess tilted her head to the side as she noticed everything she needed for battle laid on one particular bunk bed, with a large grin forming in her face, Helena approached the bunk bed and began to observe the armor and weapons as she waited for whatever the fates had in store for her.

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@shield-maiden: (OOC: You forgot to tag us. ~_^ AWESOME POST as I knew it would be. ^_^) @mister_surreal@dwronin

The Vanishing...

No Caption Provided


It was finally over and Superion looks out over Metro City with a heart full of sadness. Nemesis had done a lot of damage when she attacked the city, but thankfully it still remained standing. Still, a lot of work needs to be done and Superion vows that he will help rebuild the city. But before he can even think about doing that, he finds himself enveloped in magical energy as Ares kidnaps the Man of Steel.

No Caption Provided

The Blue Ghost:

The Blue Ghost is not pleased with Nemesis. The Cyborg had harmed not only her, but her adopted daughter as well. She wants to punish Nemesis for it by trapping her mind within a prison inside of her head. But Paragon didn't allow it. Pity. As the Blue Ghost heads towards a building downtown to resume her identity as a citizen of Metro City, she, like Superion, finds herself whisked away in a beam of magical energy.

Seriously?! She thinks to herself, WHAT NOW?!

No Caption Provided

Green Sentinel:

Green Sentinel's job is done, but no doubt his superiors in the Green Sentinel Corps have been wondering why their rising star hasn't checked in for hours and hours. So, he says his goodbyes and heads off into space.

While Hal heads off to the planet Mogu, he thinks of the latest recruit in the GSC, Jessica Jordan. She's a scientist, but so a naive. Soon enough, she'll learn how the world works and then it'll be interesting to see how well Jessica handles any given situation.

For now, though, Hal sees Mogu just ahead as he comes out of hyperspace. But the planet disappears...no, not the planet. Hal disappears. He sigh's, "Not again!"

No Caption Provided


Thunderstorm better check with King Thor before she decides to head home to see how her friend Paragon is doing. So the palace it is. She arrives in good time and is promptly stopped. She cannot see the King so she relays a message. A message is sent back to her. Was it from King Thor or someone else? Who knows. Either way, it read an order to find Heimdall immediately.

Thunderstorm reluctantly accepts the quest as she would have preferred to simply leave Asgard and return to Earth. However, she will perform her duty. And so it is, Lara begins her search for the missing Asgardian. The first place she begins is the bifrost bridge, but she finds no clue as to where Heimdall might be. Not one.

So far, this is proving to be a fruitless search but Thunderstorm decides to then question some warriors in a bar who were the last ones to see Heimdall before he vanished. Here, Thunderstorm gains her first lead. So, Lara decides to follow it. But then, Thunderstorm vanishes as well, having been kidnapped by Ares, the god of war and right from under the noses of the Asgardians...

No Caption Provided

Warrior Angel:

Warrior Angel feels nothing but rage towards Nemesis. First, for shooting her in the head. Second, for keeping her in a coma for nearly the entire time she was kidnapped. Karah had wanted so much to exact a little payback. She is not one for revenge, but in this case she felt a little entitled to at least a little payback. Just put her in a room alone with Nemesis. Is that too much to ask?

Justice is done, so Warrior Angel has to be satisfied with that at least. So, she heads home, hot on the heels of the Blue Ghost when she sees the alien vanish before her very eyes. Where did she go?! Was this Nemesis again?! Warrior Angel finds herself bathed in magic energy and now she is vanishing as well. "Can't you cut me a break?" She screams out to the universe as she disappears.

No Caption Provided


Hi. My name is Zephyr and I'm the fastest woman alive. As soon as that mess in Metro City was taken care of, I went back home to Glade City. I don't know about you, but when I come back home from an adventure, I'm starved! Restaurants are way too slow for me, so I run home. It's just a little over a second before I have a mountain of food prepared for myself. Hey, I have to eat a lot you know! High metabolism and all that. So, I'm busy scarfing it all down when I notice I can see through my hands. Whaaa?

And then I vanish. Well, good thing I got to finish my food first. Shame I didn't get to the dessert, though. Now I wonder what I've gotten myself into this time.

No Caption Provided


It's only Apex's second night out on the job when something unexpected happens. Although it was Theron King, the Apex Predator, who helped defeat Ares on a past mission, it's Mary Wayne who trained him. Plus, Theron was dead and that means Apex gets kidnapped by the god of war.

In a flash of magic light, Apex disappears right before she can leap on top of some bad guys and ends up in a place she never expected.

The Dungeon...

One by one, each hero arrives in turn beginning with Superion and ending with Zephyr. Each one is laying on a bunk, but they all get up because they are puzzled as to where they are. Those with enhanced senses are repulsed by the foul odors and smells. Superion is the one who notices Shield-Maiden first. For a second or two, he's taken aback by how remarkably beautiful she is. But then then he snaps out of it, noticing how she's dressed. Looks like some kind of warrior outfit. But before he can say anything, it's Zephyr who tries to vibrate through the walls of their cell only to find she gets a nasty shock when she tries. Screaming in pain, she falls on her back, but Green Sentinel catches her with a green glowing construct of a soft bed. Hal checks on his hurt teammate.

In the meantime, the Blue Ghost discovers she cannot phase through the walls, Thunderstorm can't break through them with her hammer, Superion and Warrior Angel cannot break through with their fists. Even Apex, a master escape artist, cannot see an immediate way to escape from the cell. So, once that is established and Zephyr is able to stand on her own again, everyone starts noticing Shield-Maiden. Naturally, they all talk at once except Apex, asking who are you and all that stuff. But it's Superion who has the voice of command, of respect and of leadership. He gently calms his friends down and then approaches Shield-Maiden himself.

Superion has a very commanding presence. Handsome, tall, well built. It's easy to understand why the others follow him. He's gentle but decisive, polite but assertive. "Hello." He says with a rather charming smile, "I'm Superion and these are my friends," He introduces his friends in turn, each nodding their heads, waving, some smiling and saying hi in turn. Most offer to shake Helena's hand, especially Warrior Angel, who has taken an immediate liking to Helena for some reason. Superion continues when the pleasantries are done, "May I ask who you are and do you have any idea why we are here, perhaps even who might have taken us here?"

Superion knows about the sounds above, he can hear it all. But he can't see through the walls here. His X-Ray Vision is being blocked by too much magic. Thunderstorm, being an archaeologist, knows the cell has a roman touch to it. Late 1st century, perhaps a bit later she guesses. Thunderstorm mentions this out loud even as Apex stands in a dark corner, watching Helena with the eye of suspicion.

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@superion_prime: @shield-maiden:

(OOC: Sorry for such a late response.)

The Sorcerer Supreme made a grand entrance through one of his iconic portals like how he normally would. He was now in a dingy, poorly lit dungeon that looked like it hadn't been used for some time. As he looked around the new location, he saw a fairly large group of what seemed to be superheroes locked within a cage. Some of them he recognized, but most he did not recall ever meeting in person. As he continued to inspect the area, he felt a strong magical presence of a spell coming off of the walls of the dungeon.

He took a few steps closer as the people inside of the cage began to take notice of his arrival. He figured that it was about time that he introduced himself. "Hello, I'm am Mister Surreal, the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth. The reason why I have come here was because I felt a magical disturbance in this location. Do you require my assistance with exiting that cage", he said in his polite tone of voice.

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Helena continued to observe the equipment that laid before her with her beautiful electric blue eyes: The Lasso of Apollo, The Tiara of Athena, Stormcaller, and her armored outfit, all scattered on the sheets of the bunk bed. The Gods of Olympus have finally answered her prayers, they must of foreseen the treachery Ares committed against them, or maybe it was Mímir who somehow managed to warn them after being attacked, but the only question that lingered in her mind was, why haven't they foiled the plans of Ares? Why was she still here? These are questions she kept asking herself. The demigod knelt down on one knee and looked up at the metal ceiling, she could still hear the excitement of the crowd along with swords clashing together and the roar of different creatures. "I do not understand the plans of the Gods, but praise be to you all for giving me a chance." She prayed, giving thanks for the equipment she had been blessed with. Maybe the Gods tasked her with foiling the plans of Ares, but that seemed insane. It is true, she was able to supplex the God of War which should of been impossible, but stopping him was a whole different story. All she truly knew is that the Gods must of teleported these items to her from her trip to Scandinavia.

After contemplating, the demigod removed her blue tunic, a long strip of cloth made of thick cotton now only covering her breast. She then removed her turn-boots and dark brown trousers. Now that all her clothing were completely off, Helena picked up her Atholis red dress made of leather that continued downwards to her torso ending in a multi-paneled mini-skirt, and began to get dressed. She slipped into her black pants that went under the dress and slid her feet into some brown knee high boots decorated with silver armored plates. She then finally put her silver armored breastplate lined with red over her dress. The Bracers of Forge that covered her forearms glinted from the small sunlight that came from the dungeon window. Hearing a strange teleportation sound from behind her, Helena looked over her shoulder to now find the room filled with strangers. "Oh, Hades." She murmured as she instantly recognized some of them from the news. Fear suddenly struck the demigod as if Phobos, the God of Fear, Son of Ares and Aphrodite, had stood in the room and plagued her. Helena's fatal flaws is anxiety and has haunted her since she was a child. The flaw in her character is so severe that she tried her best to avoid working with others in battle due to the intense fear of losing someone or being betrayed.

Helena watched uneasy as each member in the dungeon cell attempted to break free from their captivity by using their distinctive abilities on the mysterious metal wall to no avail. The demigod concluded that each member in this room was a victim of Ares' wrath, and she would have to fight alongside them in order to gain her freedom which made her beyond nervous. The only hope that seemed to calm her down was the fact that each member could hold their own against whatever Ares had planned. She didn't need to lead them into battle or that's what she thought. The demigod completely turned around as each member took notice of her and began to introduce themselves, causing the anxiety to worsen as she did not wish to get close to them whatsoever. Before she could respond to each member, a tall, muscular, handsome man approached her with a smile brighter than Apollo himself. His hair was jet black like the waters of the River Styx and he had baby blue eyes. He had the muscle build of Hercules, she would know as Hercules was one of her mentors. He wore a strange outfit, at least to her, his costume was a pair of bright blue long john's, red tights over the outfit, a yellow belt, red boots, a red cape with a seal of an S on the back of it, and the same seal on his chest. Helena wanted to brush him off as he greeted her, mostly because she didn't want to get close with anyone, but she felt a deep connection to him for some strange reason. Even though her flaws were fiercer than the Amazons, Helena deeply cared for others and would risk her life for anyone: friends, family, strangers, and even enemies sometimes. The demigod just didn't want to have anyone's death on her conscience and she knew deeply how it felt to be betrayed by those who claimed to love you. "My name is Helena Troy, Princess of Atholis, and daughter to Queen Athenais." She replied to everyone with a Greek accent, standing proud and tall as she swallowed her weakness for the moment. The demigod shook each members hand, but three people stood out to her from the rest. The woman known as Warrior Angel, caught her attention immediately, she wondered if they have met before, but that possibility seemed unlikely. Something about Thunderstorm seemed familiar as well, but the demigod decided it was best not to ask questions. The connection coming from Superion as their hands shook was overwhelming, so overwhelming that Helena quickly let go of his hand, but in a way that hid the fact that she was bothered by something. The man seemed to have a noble, gentle, kindhearted, and selfless personality, but something about him made her uneasy.

"Ares, the God of War, has brought you all to this wretched place, as for why, I do not know. All I know is that he wishes to use my death to plunge humanity into a conflict so great, it would make both World Wars look preposterous." She said to them all, her facial expression turning perplexed as she herself did not understand why Ares would pour his wrath against these heroes. As the demigod was about to call out different probabilities, a strange portal opened up in the center of the room, halting her from speaking. Helena shook her head in disappoint as she watched the man step out of his portal and began to survey the foul room. The demigod raised an eyebrow as the man introduced himself as Mister Surreal, Sorcerer Supreme of Earth. "You should have never came here, Sorcerer," She bluntly said, her face now filled with disappoint, but deep down she just hated the fact that another hero was fated to fight alongside her. "The God of War might be impetuous, but I am willing to wager that he purposely allowed you to come here, which means you cannot leave." The warrior concluded before turning away from them all to grab her weapons that laid on the mysterious bed. Helena quickly undid her dragon braid, revealing her wavy polished black hair. "I will try my best to get you all out of this, I swear on the River Styx." She promised as she hung the Lasso of Apollo at the right side of her hip. "This is my fight. None of you should have to suffer whatever the fates have in store for me." Helena said, placing the Tiara of Athena around her forehead and sheathing her sword in her silver scabbard.

Helena shook her head as she watched as everyone got acquainted with one another, something she was trying to avoid at all cost. She did answer some questions here and there, but she tried her best to keep her distance. It was foolish to get close with anyone in here. An hour seemed to go by before the dungeon room door swung open without even being unlocked. "Let's go heroes, I am starving!" A deep monstrous voice commanded from outside the dungeon room. One by one, each hero exited the dungeon room, Helena exiting last and coming to a full stop as she realized what stood before the heroes. Two eight-foot-tall giants with flails in their hands. The giants had razor sharp teeth like a Great White Shark. They were both bare chested and only had on loincloths to cover their private area. The giants looked like cavemen to her, but what surprised her the most was to see them working for Ares. "Laestrygonian Giants." Helena murmured. She remembered Odysseus and his crew, coming across these man-eating giants during his journey back to Ithaca. The giants were ferocious and ate many of Odysseus's men along with destroying eleven of his twelve ships.

Laestrygonian Giant #1

"None of you try anything funny or the freak explodes." He pointed stupidly at the wall, but he truly meant to point at Helena. The Laestrygonian Giants were never really bright.

Laestrygonian Giant #2

"I've had there kind before, but I can't wait to feast on these two, brother," The twin giant pointed to Superion and Blue Ghost while licking his lips like a creep, "Mmm, alien, brother." He said as he sniffed the two alien heroes, drool dripping from his mouth.

Laestrygonian Giant #1

"Enough, brother!" He shouted, "We best not keep Lord, Ares, and the guests waiting. We can feast on their bodies once they fall in battle." The man-eating giant said, full of anticipation. "Get moving, heroes!" The giant commanded, shoving the demigod with one hand.

Helena wondered what the giants meant by her exploding? Did Ares do something to her while she was unconscious? Or were they bluffing? Judging by the circumstances, she decided it was best to comply with the giants. The demigod glanced at the heroes, mouthing the words. "Do not do anything rash, I will get you all out of this." Before following one of the man-eating giants while the other giant followed closely behind. As the heroes strode through a dark passageway; the smell of animals, blood, urine, feces, and much more, grew more intense. The passageway walls, floor, and ceiling were all made of stone which didn't come off as a surprise. Helena suspected from beginning that the cell they were in was custom made to hold powerful individuals such as herself, Superion, and Zephyr. Ares had been planning this for the longest of time. As the heroes passed through the other prison cells, Helena could hear other prisoners pleading for death to sweep over them while some seemed content with their lifestyle as slaves. She never understood what was so glorious in murdering others for sport, it was a disgusting practice that should of died with the Roman Empire a long time ago.

After spending some time going through multiple passageway and passing prison cells that each told a story, the heroes finally were escorted up some stairs that led to a gigantic gate that separated the slaved warriors from their deaths. "Are you ready to be eaten, heroes?" The giant escorting them asked with a crooked smile as he made a full stop in front of the gate. Helena could hear the massive crowd, cheering with excitement and motivation as if they were a large army. The demigod glanced back at the heroes with a worrisome look, she did not want to be responsible for their deaths. "May the Fates be kind to you all." She blessed them all before turning her attention to the gigantic wooden gate that lurched and rattled as the twin giant behind the heroes pulled the chained lever. "Ah, don't you heroes smell that? The smell of rotting flesh? I can't wait to get my hands on your corpses" The front giant laughed as the door finally opened completely, revealing the wide arena and the massive crowd.

Helena stepped forward into the arena with her shoulders back and her head held high. The crowd roared with excitement as the heroes all stood closely together, ready to face whatever fate threw at them. Encircling the arena was a wide marble terrace, very similar in design to the Roman Colosseum. The demigod calculated that the seats of the arena were about ten feet above the floor, which she didn't find so impressive. The arena was surrounded by a u-shape row of seats made completely out of stone with every seat occupied as if this was the biggest show of all time. There were mortals, Minor Gods, mythological creatures from all parts of the world, and even aliens. The seating was divided into four main sections, reflecting the status of the occupants. Ares and his special servants sat in the first tier of the arena. The Minor Gods sat in the second tier. Sitting in the third tier were mythological creatures from every mythology. And in the fourth tier sat the mortals, aliens, and slaves. The arena floor was completely covered in white sand, dazzling with crystals. It would of looked so beautiful if it wasn't soaked up in so much blood and guts. The most disturbing part was the pile of bodies rotting in every corner; the body of a Centaur laid helplessly on the left hand corner, his horse stomach had been sliced open and his intestines were spilled all over the sandy floor. Ares didn't seem so concerned in keeping the arena sanitary for the audience, she thought.

Helena looked straight across the arena, her electric blue eyes squinting from the beaming sunlight. She could feel the warmth of the sun against her fair skin as if Apollo was shining down upon her. As the demigod surveyed the arena, she concluded that their opponents would either come from the opposite gate across from them or underneath the arena itself. Growing tired of waiting, Helena boldly shouted over the roaring crowd. "Lord Ares! I am willing to play your games, but all I ask is that you grant these heroes their freedom. They should not have to suffer because of me." The crowd began to hurl insults and throw various objects at the sound of that request. This game was truly the most anticipated event in the whole world and they were not going to allow anyone to ruin it for them.

Ares finally rose from his throne with a large grin across his face. The crowd went full silent. The God of War walked up to the elevated podium covered in a box known as the Imperial Box with his arms stretched out as if he was untouchable. He wore a blood red chiton, a black colored cloak known as a himation over the linen fabric, a golden colored girdle around his waist, and a wreath around his head made out of boar tusk. He was a handsome man, in a macho looking way, like the perfect ideal soldier. His hairstyle was quite common among warriors around the world, the high and tight look. "Look at you all, standing there like pigs ready to be slaughtered,"He laughed coldly, the rest crowd following along . "My not so apologies for the delay, I had to stir up some trouble in Africa. You know, I almost feel sorry for the women and children that were kidnapped by those fighters, but I felt even more sorry for the warriors trying to defend them." He said with a wicked grin before eyeing the demigod, his own eyes filled with hate and destruction. "Ah, the abomination now wishes to cooperate. I am sorry, but I must reject that request. See, you are all here for a reason, especially you, girl," He laughed before turning his attention to the crowd. "My guest have been waiting for this type of bloody match for months, I can't just forsake them now." The crowd cheered and roared like a bunch of Spartans charging into battle. "Now, let me break this down to you all. If you try to escape, engage me, or even try something foolishly heroic, the girl dies instantly," Ares warned. "I had some allies work something up in her when she was unconscious, hopefully, I don't have to use it. Anyway, let's carry on. You all will fight until your deaths, there is no victory or survival in this arena. Do you animals all understand? Good. Let the games begin!"Ares shouted with a grin, his eye sockets burning with nuclear fire. The crowd all jumped from their seats and began to cheer, chant, and clap with excitement.

Helena looked over at her partners with an uneasy look. She truly did not want to be responsible for these heroes and she did not want their deaths on her conscience. "I do not care for my well-being, you all need to escape at once. If you don't, you all will perish with me. The choice is yours." She warned the heroes, hoping they would heed her advice. Suddenly, the arena floor began to tremble as the center of the arena began to open up, sanding falling into the wide hole as the right and left side of the arena split from each other. Helena could hear the lifting mechanics working themselves until finally the hole in the center was replaced with a wooden floor, emerging the creature they were about to face. Standing on the wooden floor in the center of the arena on all fours stood the daughter of Orthus and Echidna, the Sphnix. She had the body of a huge lion, chest of a woman, wings of an eagle, and the head of a Arabic woman. The creature also had a long braided ponytail that passed her lioness buttocks, but the shocking part was that the ponytail was actually a serpent's tail. "The Sphinx. She is of no threat if we answer her riddle correctly. In ancient times, Oedipus bested her, but do not expect her to be bested easily again or to be told the same riddle," Helena whispered to the heroes before turning to Superion. "You are the leader of this team, you should order your warriors to leave at once. Ares is toying with us, which gives you the opportunity to escape. I can hold the Sphinx, trust me." Helena gave him one last plea while he had the chance to escape with his friends.

The Sphinx suddenly spread out her eagle wings and began to flap them, catching the wind and taking off into the blue sky. After a few seconds, the Sphinx swooped back down and landed right in front of the heroes with a brilliant smile, her claws gleaming from the sunlight. The crowd was silent, but Helena could tell they were full of energy and anticipation. Ares was leaning from his seat, his eyes focused on the heroes, waiting to see if they pulled a bad chess move.

Sphinx to Heroes

"Ah, true heroes, finally. I have not tested your kind in a millennia." She grinned, revealing her fangs. "Praise Lord Ares for secretly speeding up my recovering process in Tartarus after......"

Helena Troy

"Throwing yourself from a high rock or devouring yourself out of shame because of Oedipus." Helena blurted, half-annoyed.

Sphinx to Helena

The Sphinx scowled at the demigod for mentioning his name, her eyes turning completely black like endless space."DON'T YOU EVER SPEAK--" She stopped and regained herself. "I see this one knows her history. Hm, why do you seem awfully familiar? That face....I know that face from somewhere." The hybrid creature contemplated.

Helena Troy

"Get on with the riddle." Helena demanded.


"Why don't we start with you then, child. I am hoping you fail because I am going to enjoy devouring you." She grinned yet again.

Sphinx to Helena

"My evanescent heart mirrored that which I adore,

Thus, I ventured into Hades for my love, nothing more.

In which I was pricked and gnawed to the bone

But in the end nothing; my chest remains unsewn.

For I return from my journey into blackness alone,

That one which I came for, lost, yet forever known."

Sphinx to Surreal

"I create empires and turn them to ruin. I heal people but will ultimately weaken them. I change people but I remain constant. With enough of me you can achieve anything. People often waste me but always want more of me. What am I?"

Sphinx to Superion

"The more there is, the less you see. What could I be?"

Sphinx to Blue Ghost

"If you know me, you'll want to share me, but if you share me, I'll be gone. What am I?"

Sphinx to Green Sentinel

"What is flat and round, has a head and a tail but no arms and legs. What is it?"

Sphinx to Thunderstorm

"I'll be right under your feet, in the midday sun. You cannot lose me, no matter how you run. What am I?"

Sphinx to Warrior Angel

"Hit me hard and I will crack. But you'll never stop me from staring back. What am I?"

Sphinx to Apex

"When you need me, you throw me away. But when your done with me, you bring me back. What am I?"

Sphinx to Zephyr

"We hurt without moving. We poison without touching. We bear the truth and the lies. We are not to be judged by our size. What am I?"

Helena gave one last glance to the heroes. "The offer still stands." She whispered before getting ready to answer her riddle. "Now remember children, you answer my riddle wrong, I get the chance to devour you with no resistance." The hybrid said as she lowered her legs, ready to pounce on anyone that answered her riddle wrong.

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@shield-maiden: @mister_surreal

When Helena introduced herself by saying:

"My name is Helena Troy, Princess of Atholis, and daughter to Queen Athenais."

Each of Superion's friends say variants of 'nice to meet you' and similar phrases. Superion, above all notices how nervous, and perhaps a little fearful, Helena appears to be. Mostly because he can hear her heart rate increase and he, more so than the others, can detect a thousand different things about what she is feeling by using his super senses of sight, smell and hearing. Apex, to a lesser extent, detects the same thing but she deduces it as well simply by observing how Helena reacts to their presence, ever the detective. Apex is the only one who refuses to shake Helena's hand. Not to be rude, but it's simply who she is. Everyone else, however, shakes Helena's hand in turn with a polite smile on their faces.

Like Helena, Superion also seems to sense some kind of connection with the young warrior standing before him. Standing at 6'3", Helena was only one inch shorter than him. He's the last to the shake Helena's hand, choosing instead to let his friends go first. But when he does take her hand, it seems...so very right for some reason. Perfect, actually. It's like his hand belongs in hers. And when Superion looks into those electric blue eyes of hers, it's almost like a spark passes between them and for a fleeting moment, time seems as if it doesn't exist. Helena's face draws him in, every contour of her face, the shape of her eyes and lips, the way Helena's braid falls over her back. The feel of her hand in his, so soft, yet with the firm grip of a woman accustomed to war. He thinks he feels callouses on her hands from hard work, possibly because of the training she has undergone with her weapons. But the moment passes and Superion no longer feels Helena's hand in his as she pulls away. And the way she does it, it comes across as if he just made her uncomfortable.

Superion is about to ask something about it, but before he can get the chance, Helena speaks first.

"Ares, the God of War, has brought you all to this wretched place, as for why, I do not know. All I know is that he wishes to use my death to plunge humanity into a conflict so great, it would make both World Wars look preposterous."

From her dark corner, Apex narrows her eyes. More than anyone else in this room, she knows full well the horrors of both World Wars. She should know, she's fought in both of them and suffers from PTSD because of it. Before anyone of them can comment further on it, however, another man enters the room and introduces himself, offering a way out of this prison cell. But Helena sadly informs him that he is now trapped as well.

As with Helena, the heroes introduce themselves to Mr. Surreal and if the Sorcerer tries to escape, he may discover that Helena is correct. A few of them ask Helena a question or two, but for the most part, everyone seems to wait around for something inevitable to happen. An hour later, it does. Superion and his friends exit the dungeon cell and find themselves surrounded by strange beings. But thanks to Helena whispering their name, they know what these things are called.

"I've had there kind before, but I can't wait to feast on these two, brother," The twin giant pointed to Superion and Blue Ghost while licking his lips like a creep, "Mmm, alien, brother." He said as he sniffed the two alien heroes, drool dripping from his mouth.

The Blue Ghost raises a black eyebrow and Superion crosses his muscular arms. Both are tempted to put their chances to the test by smashing some teeth in. But they are completely unaware of how powerful these beings are. Best to play things smart for now and they start moving once the command is given.

Apex notices what Helena mouths to them in silence:

"Do not do anything rash, I will get you all out of this."

Through the telepathic link the Blue Ghost has established with her friends, with the exception of Helena and Mr. Surreal, Apex passes the message along to her friends. They are all in agreement about not doing anything rash. However, they also agree to work as a team to get themselves out of this rather than trust Helena alone to do it. They just met her, so why trust her alone to get them out of this? Apex suspects why Ares is doing this, but she isn't sure yet.

As the heroes followed their captors, those with any enhanced senses are assaulted with the foul smells of animals, blood, urine, feces, and much more. Superion, Blue Ghost and Warrior Angel have to breathe through their mouths instead of their noses because the smells bother them more than most. Even Hal and Thunderstorm can smell them, but not nearly as powerful, but even they they have to plug their noses.

At the blessing that Helena bestowed upon them, Superion glances over to his friends and notices that they are all as determined as he is to get out of this. To defeat the purposes of Ares and watch the disappointed looks on their captors faces as they are denied a meal out of them. They say nothing as they each enter the arena.

As Thunderstorm observes the arena she finds herself in, she surmises that she is correct in her assumption this is from the time period she previously determined, being an archaeologist and being skilled enough to know these things. The blood and guts just make Superion and his friends all the more determined to get out of this. But then Helena screams above the roar of the crowd:

"Lord Ares! I am willing to play your games, but all I ask is that you grant these heroes their freedom. They should not have to suffer because of me."

The crowd, unsurprisingly, boos and throws things at them. Most of which miss. And then Ares speaks, saying his piece and what will happen to Helena should they do anything foolish. Superion glances over at Helena, not wishing to see anything bad happen to her. He will do anything to protect her and he finds that thought strange since he's only met her an hour ago.

When Helena says for them to escape, that she doesn't care about her well being, Superion tries to respond but the ground begins shaking and reveals...the Sphinx.

Then Helena says to Superion:

The Sphinx. She is of no threat if we answer her riddle correctly. In ancient times, Oedipus bested her, but do not expect her to be bested easily again or to be told the same riddle," Helena whispered to the heroes before turning to Superion. "You are the leader of this team, you should order your warriors to leave at once. Ares is toying with us, which gives you the opportunity to escape. I can hold the Sphinx, trust me."

Superion looks at Helena with those baby blues of his, but with a determined look that says he will go through heaven and h*** for her before he will leave her side. He speaks what is all on their minds, "We can't do that. We 'all' will escape this place, including you. You heard Ares, if we attempt to escape, you die. I cannot, and will not, let that happen. We're in this together and together we will win." No one dies, not under Superion's watch. Superion smiles, his eyes twinkling. He is entirely confident they can make it out of this.

With their decision made, the Sphinx asks her riddles but not without one final plea from Helena:

Helena gave one last glance to the heroes. "The offer still stands." She whispered before getting ready to answer her riddle.

At which Warrior Angel interjects and whispers to Helena, "And we aren't going anywhere. I stand with you, sister. Today," She says with a warrior's heart that sings with pride, "is a good day to die. If I must, then I do so proudly."

"No one dies today." Superion whispers to Helena. And then they all hear what the Sphinx says to them next.

"Now remember children, you answer my riddle wrong, I get the chance to devour you with no resistance."

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At that, Zephyr wonders if this strange being ever suffers from indigestion. She can't help but to smile at the thought.

As the leader of the Justice League Alliance, Superion answers his riddle first, "The answer to my riddle, Sphinx, is Darkness."

Next, the Blue Ghost answers, "And the answer to my riddle is a secret." It was a good riddle, but the Sphinx really shouldn't have posed that riddle to a woman who knows all too well about keeping secrets from those that she loves.

At the riddle posed to Green Sentinel, he almost says snake. It can lay relatively flat and it has no arms and legs. But a snake is not truly flat. Then he snaps his fingers because the answer has just occurred to him and he smiles smugly, "A coin is the answer to my riddle."

Thunderstorm thinks about her riddle for a moment, but then she catches a glance at Helena's shadow. The answer is obvious, "To answer your riddle, Sphinx, my shadow is the correct answer."

Warrior Angel is literally a kid inside of an adult body. She is scared in this situation, but she hides it well. She calms herself and focuses on the answer to her riddle and then she gets it. At least, she hopes she gets the right answer, "A mirror! That's the answer to my riddle!" She practically beams in delight.

Apex hears the riddle posed to her and it's not a difficult one to figure out, "An anchor is the answer to my riddle." She says in an annoyed tone.

Zephyr literally paces back and forth as everyone answers their riddles. She's very impatient as she waits for her turn to answer hers. She is about to die of boredom before it's finally her turn to answer. Relatively speaking, she's thought about the answer to her riddle for hours even though only seconds have passed. "Words is the answer your looking for." She says with a smirk.

The heroes wait with baited breath.

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@superion_prime: @shield-maiden:

Shortly after he stepped into the dungeon, Mathew introduced himself to the heroes that filled the cage. He excepted at least one of them to express their joy of his arrival, but was instead confronted by a tall, dark-haired woman:

"You should have never came here, Sorcerer. "The God of War might be impetuous, but I am willing to wager that he purposely allowed you to come here, which means you cannot leave."

The woman gave him a serious look that made very clear the perimeters of the situation. The sorcerer immediately went to go test this claim by attempting to harness the power that gave him his transportation ability yet again. When he tried to repeat the spell, he felt nothing but the air current that flowed around his wrist, he quickly glanced at the woman and then back at his own hand. "What type of trap is this?", he thought to himself. He paused for a moment in order to make sure that the power within him was still active. He closed his eyes and began expand an invisible mystical aura around himself to see to what degree this new location had dampened his abilities. After a few moments of brief mediation, he realized that his ability to create portals was the only major ability of his to be completely nullified. Beyond that, he had also nothing was dampened to greatly become intrigued to here that the god of war was the one to set these events in motion.

"This is my fight. None of you should have to suffer whatever the fates have in store for me."

Matthew listened to Helena's words carefully with a noticeably large crink in his brow as she went on. She had suggested that the heroes among this grueling dungeon leave so that she could take care of the matter of Ares without having any unnecessary blood shed. While her proposition was without a doubt extremely selfless of her to offer, it was not one that he could see himself taking at any point in his endless lifetime. He had come here not simply because it is a part of his job description, but something that he felt that he should personally concern himself with. He had experiencing a strange feeling for a while now that head eventually led him to coming to this location. Unfortunately, it would seem that the entire situation was ultimately manipulated that way so that Matthew would come to this location where he would meet his doom. That is if Ares got his way, which was something that he would not allow to happen.

"Let's go heroes, I am starving!"

The group was confronted by two dopey looking giants that were sent to escort them out of the dungeon and go to the next location. As the gathering of heroes walked one by one exiting the dungeon, Matthew looked up and eyed one of the giants who fortunately was not directly looking at him. "I've defeated bigger.", Matthew said under his breath as he walked out. It was true, he had be had met giant that made these two look like church mice They would go through a dark passageway that could only be described as a physical and psychological burden to pass through, with in the most disgusting of smells and remains left for the prisoners to step through as they ventured fourth. While some could barely take the smell of the horrid place, the sorcerer carried on with resistance, showing only mild signs of discomfort. He has had been through his fare share of filthy passageways in his time, some of which were even more unbearable if that was even possible.

"Ah, don't you heroes smell that? The smell of rotting flesh? I can't wait to get my hands on your corpses"

The assault on the senses only got worse at this point, even Mister Surreal had difficulty taking the smells. He was even more agitated by the obnoxious comments that the giants continued to spew from their mouths with glee and sadism. "I doubt that these cowards would dare say that if so much as one of us had not been bound by these shackles.", he thought to himself. By this time, they were just at the arena where countless voices could be heard cheering in anticipation for what seemed to be a gladiator match of sorts. Helena stepped out from the group as she went on into the arena. Matthew discretely asked her to wait, but she seemingly didn't acknowledge his request. Either she did not hear him or she didn't care enough to listen.

"Do not do anything rash, I will get you all out of this."

He did listen to what she had to say however, she seemed to be a capable person who knew what he was doing. However, this did not stop him from concocting a potential plan of escape. It was his duty to help protect the lives of others in anyway that he could, this circumstance was no different then any other one that he was in. The goal was not to engage Ares, but see if there was any way that all of them could escape, that way they could regroup and come up with a way to defeat him. He looked around the environment to see if there were any exploitable weaknesses in the immediate area. While he wasn't planning on using any form of magic, he still retained his high intellect. His thoughts were shortly interrupted when He heard Helena speak again.

"Lord Ares! I am willing to play your games, but all I ask is that you grant these heroes their freedom. They should not have to suffer because of me."

He was once again impressed by how selfless Helena was, but he didn't expect Helena to get much from Ares seeing as how ruthless he was. His eyes beamed down on the group in a wicked fashion as a twisted smile formed in such a way that it betrayed the word. He went on about the havoc that he reaped and the amount of pain that gratified him with every waking moment. Matthew clenched his fist as his face hardened after hearing such horrible words slither out Ares' throat and past his teeth. Deep down, he wanted to rip his chains to shreds and lunge at Ares so that he could settle this entire dispute between them in the very arena that he put them in. But he had mastered his emotions long ago he was not about to let them get the best of him.

"I do not care for my well-being, you all need to escape at once. If you don't, you all will perish with me. The choice is yours."

That was a gamble that he was willing to take, even if it meant that he would never see his friends and allies again. Warrior Angle and Superion voiced their level of courage and loyalty to Helena, he knew that he should do the same. "The same goes for me. I won't leave until everyone here is gone and safe, or until every bone in my body is ground to paste and every drop of blood is squeezed from my flesh by Ares himself.", Mister Surreal said boldly. He could very well die seeing as how there was a sphinx preparing to devour him. In order to survive, he would need to correctly answer her riddle.

"I create empires and turn them to ruin. I heal people but will ultimately weaken them. I change people but I remain constant. With enough of me you can achieve anything. People often waste me but always want more of me. What am I?"

After a moment or two, he had his answer. "It's simple, time is the answer.", he said with little doubt. After the sphinx confirmed it to be true, it moved onto the next person until the last.

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"We can't do that. We 'all' will escape this place, including you. You heard Ares, if we attempt to escape, you die. I cannot, and will not, let that happen. We're in this together and together we will win."

"And we aren't going anywhere. I stand with you, sister. Today, is a good day to die. If I must, then I do so proudly."

"No one dies today."

"The same goes for me. I won't leave until everyone here is gone and safe, or until every bone in my body is ground to paste and every drop of blood is squeezed from my flesh by Ares himself.",

Helena did not know whether to be impressed or even more worried. She had tried her best to convince them to leave, but to no avail. She just wish they could understand and just go while they still had the chance. Helena was trained to never show fear in the heart of battle, but she was pretty sure they all suspected something was bothering her deep inside. Everyone seemingly was depending on her, but she was so terrified of failing them that she just couldn't lead them properly. "Be of good courage, Helena, even if you don't feel courageous right now," She murmured as she tried to gain the confidence in leading these heroes into battle, hopefully not to their deaths as that was one of her fears too.

"We are waiting, child," The Sphinx licked her lips as if she could taste the demigod already.

"My evanescent heart mirrored that which I adore,

Thus, I ventured into Hades for my love, nothing more.

In which I was pricked and gnawed to the bone

But in the end nothing; my chest remains unsewn.

For I return from my journey into blackness alone,

That one which I came for, lost, yet forever known.

Who am I, child?"

The hybrid riddle queen asked again, pacing back and forth as if she could not contain the excitement building up inside her. Helena did not suffer from hubris, but she felt the riddle was an insult to her intelligence. Why choose her specifically for this riddle? Did the Sphinx not know that she was the Princess of Atholis? Where learning Ancient Greek Theology is mandatory. Clearly, the creature was not as bright as everyone believed or maybe she lost her touch from all those years reforming in Tarartus. If she herself was the Sphinx, she would of asked the riddle to the other heroes who probably weren't familiar with Ancient Greek literature. "The answer to your riddle is, Orpheus." The demigod answered without hesitation, confident with her answer. Helena knew the story of the gifted musician quite well, she was always fascinated with his story over the other famous heroes in Greek literature. She remembered her mother asking why she was so interested in the story of Orpheus, but at the time she couldn't give a proper reason until she was chased out from her beloved city. Orpheus was different from all the other heroes because he used his gift as a musician to conquer his obstacles in a warriors world. He saved the Argonauts from the Sirens enchantments by playing his own, more powerful music. He bewitched Charon, the Furies, and Cerberus through his gifted talent in order to venture deeper into the Underworld, and he even used that same music combined with his grief for his wife to convince Hades, God of the Dead, God of Wealth, and King of the Underworld, to allow him to take his wife back to the land of the living. Helena knew very that his life ended in tragedy along with his poor wife, but she loved the fact that he was so unique in his own right. So, of course, she knew the answer to this riddle, Orpheus was her favorite hero after all.

One by one, each hero answered their riddle correctly, some with trouble and some with ease. The demigod glanced over at the heroes, particularly Superion and Surreal, quite impressed. The Sphinx snarled at the success of the heroes and began to circle around them as if she was not going to hold her end of the bargain. Helena clenched her fist tighter than ever as she kept her electric blue eyes on the stalking hybrid, she had a strong feeling that the riddle queen would not keep her end of the deal. "Impossible!!" The Sphinx cried. "I spent a millennia in Tartarus coming up with those riddles! There is no way, I can be bested yet again by a bunch of heroes. You all must've cheated!!!" The hybrid roared, finally stopping in front of Apex. The crowd began to boo at the heroes over the accusation while Ares sat back and clapped his hands in amusement.

Helena continued to watch carefully as the riddle queen went as far down on her haunch, her pupils dilating and her snake tail twitching. The demigod knew all too well that the Sphinx was getting ready to pounce at the mysterious hero, but whether Apex knew was not a risk, the former princess was willing to take. Suddenly in a heartbeat, the Sphinx leapt at Apex, letting out a vicious roar. The crowd jumped up from their seats in excitement, clapping and howling at the unexpected attack. The Sphinx speed was impressive, but not more impressive than the speed and reflexes of the former princess.

From the demigods perspective, everything seemed to slow down as the hybrid pounced at Apex, ready to maul her with both front paws. Not desiring for anyone to be killed on her watch, the former princess dashed to the right with speed that would of deceived the human eye. Suddenly, a silver blur swept past Warrior Angel and Surreal's eyes, and came to a complete halt right in front of Apex. Now, standing in between the mysterious hero and the pouncing lioness, stood the warrior demigod with a look that meant war. "How far you've fallen since Oedipus." The former princess murmured with disappointment as the Sphinx slowly descended downwards, her eyes widening with fear as she realized her mistake all too late. The clear sky above the heroes suddenly tore open with roaring thunder as the demigod drove her fist upwards into the chin of the female creature, hitting her with such a force that mimicked Mjölnir, and sent the creature airborne. The demigod was not faster than Zephyr or Hermes, but she still could move at considerable speed, using her reflexes to deflect many bullets at once, and fast enough to see bullets flying in the air.

Some members of the crowd erupted in applause while some shuddered in fear at the roaring sky. Ares scowled at the shocking performance from the one he claimed to be an abomination, he surely was no longer amused and felt uneasy at the display of her strength. Helena stood stunned as she never punched anything that hard before, but what shocked her the most was when her punch connected with the Sphinx, and the sky just exploded as if Zeus was hurling his Master Bolt or Thor was beating his hammer. The other strange part was the fact that the weather was perfectly blessed by Apollo and Zeus, clear and sunny skies, but yet there was no sign of a storm coming. The Sphinx finally crash landed in the center of the arena where she first emerged, helplessly lying on her side from the impact. The former princess slightly turned to Apex, nodding at her before using her strength to leap across the arena, landing a few inches from the human lioness. Ares rose up from his seat irritated and gestured his servants to open the opposite gate.

Helena squinted her blue eyes as the opposite gate slowly opened, keeping her hand on the hilt of her sword. She wanted to finish off the Sphinx, but something was telling her to keep her eyes forward. Whatever stood behind that gate had to be far worst than the Sphinx as the feline hybrid was just a teaser, she concluded. "Brace yourselves." The former princess warned as the gate finally opened completely. As she stood courageously at the center with the Sphinx still incapacitated, Helena's sensitive ears picked up the sound of hooves clopping against solid stone, approaching them with lightning speed. The loud noises of hoof clattering grew louder and louder as they came closer and closer from emerging out of the dark entrance. The warrior princess electric blue eyes widen, realizing their next opponent all too late as the shadowy figures were now in clear view. "CENTAURS!" She called out. Suddenly, an explosion of centaurs charged into the the battlefield, shouting war cries and flanking around the arena to box the heroes in. The hybrids had the head and torso of a human, and the body of a horse. They came in different skin tones and had a diverse array of coat colors. They also were notorious for being drunkards, extremely violent when intoxicated, and wild and lusty. Helena only knew one Centaur that was not like his brethren, her mentor, Chiron. These wild Centaurs were clad in armor made from the mysterious metal back in the dungeon cell, and were armed with a variety of weapons that seemed to be made from the same material.

As the Centaurs readied themselves to trample the heroes and pierce their bodies with their weapons, the Sphinx rose back up on all fours, stumbling at first before catching herself. "I remember now.....I remember who you are, child," The riddle queen said, letting out a small groan. "You are the mistake that the Gods wish to correct, but today, I'll be happy to do the job for them." The Sphinx laughed, now pacing back and forth, her eyes completely in predator mode. A mistake? Those words pierced the heart of the demigod as if she was shot by Paris of Troy with an arrow, her Achilles heel being her heart. Why was she a mistake? Why did the Gods wish to correct her? She always honored and gave devotions to the Gods, so why would they consider her a mistake? With each question that plagued her mind, Helena felt even more distracted and distraught. The demigod warrior shook her head and buried the sorrow she was feeling. She was trained from birth to not allow anybody to distract her in battle, especially her feelings. Helena looked over her shoulder at the heroes who were ready to battle with the Centaurs. "Focus your attention on the Centaurs. Aim for the barrel and legs, I shall personally deal with the Sphinx." Helena commanded despite hating the fact of taking charge for a moment.

With one swift moment, the Sphinx attempted to pounce on the demigod, aiming to latch her claws into the former princess. If the riddle queen was completely a lioness, she would of used her forelimbs to hold the warrior princess down and then sink her teeth into her throat, ending her life there, but lucky for her, the hybrid had a human head. Helena jumped back, avoiding the pounce all together, and then gestured the human feline to come at her. The Sphinx snarled and charged at the former princess, attempting to slash her violently with her gleaming claws. What followed next was the annoying sound of claws skimming off of metal as the demigod began to move her arms with speed and precision, blocking every slash with her bracers. Sparks flying everywhere as metal and claws danced with one another, Helena still moving at a speed that belied human vision. "DIE, CHILD!" The Sphinx roared as she began to grow tired, pushing the demigod back and back with each aggressive strike. For having the weight of a lion, the Sphinx was amazingly fast, but she was not bright when it came to combat. Helena suddenly back flipped away from the human creature, creating enough distance to use the Lasso of Apollo. The demigod glanced to the right as she noticed a Centaur charging at Surreal and Warrior Angel with a spear while they both were occupied with the other Centaurs. Helena quickly grabbed her lasso from her waist and began to spin it over her head. Reaching the right speed and force, the demigod sent the golden lasso sailing at the man-horse, ensnaring his chest and arms. The random Centaur tried to continue his charge, but the warrior princess buried her foot into the hot sand and twirled her lasso around her four fingers. She was in no mood to be dragged around the arena, so she held onto the lasso tight and used her strength to halt the speeding Centaur. Helena then started to spin in circles as she held onto the glowing golden lasso, spinning her ensnared opponent right along with her, his horse body lifting off the ground as she spun. After spinning for a few seconds, she released the lasso's hold and sent the Centaur colliding with the Sphinx, sending them both crashing into the arena entrance from the opposite side, knocking down the closed wooden gate completely. The crowd all began to cheer for the heroes as they fought valiantly while the eyes of Ares exploded like miniature nukes going off all at once

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@mister_surreal: @shield-maiden: (OOC: Helelna, dear, you forgot to tag us. ^_^)

When Helena answered the riddle so easily, Apex is not surprised. From the way the woman dresses, her accent, the way she carries herself, how she smells, how she seems to know Ares, the way she seems to take all this on her shoulders, the way she seems to think she's the leader here instead of Superion and many other things all point to one thing. Helena is a demigod. Being the detective of the group, Apex has pieced it all together, plus she knows her history. Out of all of them, she's possibly the oldest one here. Plus, she's studied Greek history, myth and legend. Helena would not be here is Ares didn't think of her as threat so she has to be demigod. She passes this information to her teammates.

~Neat!~ Zephyr chimes in with the Telepathic channel the Blue Ghost has established, ~Think she's related to Hercules?~

~You can ask her later, right now we have more important things to worry about.~ Apex shoots back.

~Oh, your such a spoil sport.~ Zephyr seems to pout, but she knows Apex is right.

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When the Sphinx moves in front of Apex looking hungry for a meal, but feeling cheated she doesn't get to feed on any of them, the Detective knows the Sphinx has chosen her to chow down on. Then when the Sphinx's muscles flex, Apex knows the abomination before her is about to pounce. Apex narrows her eyes, clenches her hands, her muscles preparing to defend herself from the inevitable attack, adrenaline shoots through her system, she takes a slow breath before letting it out and she shows absolutely no fear. She's faced worse nightmares than this.

The Sphinx leaps towards her and Apex begins to get ready, but in a flash of motion, Helena is standing before the Detective. The Demigod moved with a speed that even Apex had trouble following and the Sphinx is denied her meal. Not that Apex was worried because she's tougher than she looks. But she surmises the Sphinx must have chosen her above everyone else because she's the least powerful of them all. That was the Sphinx's first mistake, but not something the abomination will likely learn from since Apex won't get the chance to teach her that lesson. The lesson of never underestimating your opponent.

When Helena turns towards Apex and nods to her, Mary does the same as a simple way of saying thank you. Then the team prepares for the inevitable attack from Ares' henchmen and Apex is not disappointed as a gate opens. Then when the Centaurs come in, Helena gave a command:

"Focus your attention on the Centaurs. Aim for the barrel and legs, I shall personally deal with the Sphinx."

Apex, along with the Blue Ghost, Green Sentinel Thunderstorm, Warrior Angel and Zephyr, all look to Superion to see what the leader of the Justice League Alliance thinks of the command. Superion simply smiles and communicates across the telepathic link they have established, ~Do as she says, she knows more about their weaknesses than I do. Stick together, though and fight in pairs. No one is to be left alone. Work together.~

With that, Superion moves close to Helena, determined that he will help her in her fights. As she deals with the Sphinx, he tries to help her. But then he feels a chain around his neck as a Centaur attacks him from behind. Whatever material the Centaurs are using for their weapons and armor, it's obviously enchanted with magic, one of Superion's few weaknesses. Struggle as he might, he cannot break the chains. Elbowing the Centaur doesn't work either. So, he tries a new trick. Superion flies upwards, causing the Centaur's face to have a look of utter shock and surprise. There must be some kind of force field covering the arena and he's right. The Centaur hits it, getting a rather nasty shock, but it spreads to Superion too and he gets hit as well. Both combatants fall back down to Terra firma, but it's the Centaur who has the worst of it because he's knocked out cold and Superion brushes the sand off his costume, eyes flashing red, "Who's next?"

Apex teams up with the Blue Ghost and the two work in tandem to overcome their attacks. The Blue Ghost cannot phase through the enemies weapons, but she can phase through the ground. She does this when a Centaur tries to stab her and then when he is wondering where she went, the Blue Ghost phases back up out of the ground and right behind the Centaur, landing a punch in his backside. Apex flips acrobatically, throwing flash bang grenades to blind the Centaur attacking her and then with a SNIKT, she summons her claws and ruthlessly takes out the legs, where there is no armor at the joints, and disables the Centaur from ever getting back up. The Centaur will live, but he'll be a cripple for life.

Thunderstorm teams up with Zephyr and the two also work in tandem as they have before in the past. Zephyr uses her speed to run along the wall of the coliseum in order to build up speed. Here's a Zephyr Fact: The faster an object moves towards the speed of light, it's mass increases exponentially towards infinity. Then when she has enough speed built up, Zephyr launches herself at the Centaur that tried to attack her and lands a punch. At this speed, her punch carries the weight of a city. Even through the Centaur's near invulnerable armor, Zephyr knows her enemy feels that punch. It sends her enemy careening out of control and into the opposite wall where he is embedded inside of it, legs kicking out in frustration. The poor thing is still alive, but he's going to need help getting out. Zephyr can't help but see how comical the Centaur looks and has to utter a giggle. What? It's FUNNY!

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In the meantime, Thunderstorm smiles at the Centaur charging at her. At the last possible second, she uses her hammer, known as Lightning Strike, to create a lightning storm. Even magic armor is made of metal and guess what makes an excellent conductor for electricity? Metal. And the Centaurs are covered with it. Body twitching uncontrollably, the Centaur is knocked out with a hammer under the chin. Thunderstorm smiles as she glances around, "Please, give me a real challenge."

Green Sentinel and Warrior Angel fight back to back with Mr. Surreal since he'd be left all alone. Warrior Angel blocks thrown spears with her indestructible bracers while Hal erects a force field to defend himself before creating a green construct of Hercules, which proceeds to knock the heads of two Centaurs together.

Warrior Angel does not see the Centaur coming at her and Mr. Surreal, but when she does, she sees that Helena has wrapped her lasso around it and takes good care of it. Warrior Angel smiles, pumping her fist in the air, "Thanks!"

But it's not a moment later when Warrior Angel sees another Centaur charging Mr. Surreal from behind, "DUCK!" Warrior Angel throws her shield at Mr. Surreal, but she hopes her warning to duck works on time. If Mr. Surreal does duck, then the shield slams into the charging Centaur's face, knocking him out. The shield automatically returns to Warrior Angel's arm and she smiles at the Sorcerer Supreme, "Your welcome."

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@apex_predator87: @shield-maiden:

Matthew had just fished answering his riddle with little difficulty. It was almost as if the Sphinx wasn't even trying. "It would seem that her time being imprisoned had relinquished her abilities.", he thought. But besides the reason why she had seemingly decreased greatly in skill over time, there was also the matter of Helena's part to play in all of this. She was the one who had issued out instructions about what the group in this situation, and it has remained that way up to this point in time. She was clearly the most knowledgeable of all the events that were unfolding. So what was the explanation?

Before he could think any any further, Apex begins to disclose her findings with the other members of the group. "A demigod? Of course! Her mannerisms and knowledge of what was happening should had me realize this sooner.", he said to the rest of the group telepathically. While he was the Sorcerer Supreme, he was not the World's Greatest Detective. After everyone had fished answering their riddles, the Sphinx reacted rather poorly to how they evaded her toothy maw. But that would only be the case if she had actually kept her promise of sparing them if they answered her riddles correctly. Based on the way that she was eyeing Apex, that didn't seem to be the case.

His eyes were filled with horror as he watched the Sphinx lunge at Apex with her jaw wide open and ready to feast on her flesh. Fortunately, Helena had defended her and stopped the the attack in a swift manner. Matthew sighed in relief after what he had just witnessed. But that would be far from the last assault that these heroes would have to endure in this very real battle arena. After one door to the arena is opened, a large number of centaurs quickly came stampeding out with a great lust for blood. Things were only going to become more bloody after this.

"Focus your attention on the Centaurs. Aim for the barrel and legs, I shall personally deal with the Sphinx."

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Matthew did as he was told and prepared to attack. He knew that these creatures were wild and often sadistic, they would want to inflict as much harm on the group of heroes as possible. While he did not want to have to do it, Matthew realized that killing his enemies was a very real choice that he would have to make. One that would come in a matter of seconds now that the centaurs were rushing at them.

He quickly broke free of his chains, he had been deteriorating them to the extent where could rip them ever since they were put on. He looks over to his side and does the same for Zephyr who nods in appreciation to what he done, only to run off before he can finish blinking. One centaur charges at him with an axe in hand, ready to slay him where he stood. Unfortunately him, he was dealing with one of the most powerful magic users in the nine realms.

Mister Surreal went to conjure a weapon, but found that he was not able to. It would appear that its was another ability he could not be able to activate while here. Again, raising the question as to what could be powerful enough to decrease the Sorcerer Supreme's power. But that was no question that he had time to ask because of the centaur charging at him. He then went to choose a different pan of attack.

He ran at the centaur as he got closer by the second, ready to draw blood from. It raised its axe over its head and was preparing to bring it down on the skull of the sorcerer. But Matthew slid through its legs as the axe crashed down where his head was a moment ago. As the centaur pulled on the handle to get it unstuck from its position, Mister Surreal sized his opportunity. He grabbed chain lying beneath the creature and pulled on it with every ounce of strength that he he had.

The centaur had now fallen and while it was on the ground, Matthew used his telekinesis to pull the axe over to himself. The centaur rose up and once again charged at him, this time filled with extreme rage. Once it was close enough for him to attack, Mister Surreal swung the axe as hard as he could and hit the creature in the side of the head with the blunt side of it which knocked it out immediately. He levitated with the axe in hand, as he raised his other hand and pointed it in the direction of some other centaurs who had noticed what had happened. "Let's get started!", he said they began to dash at him.

He began to launch a series of mystical bolts on his enemies, not lethal ones, they were only meant to sun temporarily. He went on bashing the sides of their heads to knock them out which would render them no longer a threat to him, but then another one was rushing up to try to land an attack. Before it had the chance to kill him, a large green blast sent the centaur flying back and out knocked cold just like the ones that Mister Surreal had just dealt with. He then saw Green Sentinel levitating in the air along side Warrior Angle. "Thank you for the assistance. Lets continue.", said as they prepared to take on more enemies.

After agreeing to what he said, the three assumed a defensive position where they would be able fend off the centaurs from all sides. About a dozen more off the centaurs began rushing at the trio with in an attempt to claim their lives. The three attacked all of the enemies that had come charging at them, swinging swords, axes and spears at the group in a desperate attempt to gain the upper hand in the battle. The three made quick work of them as Warrior Angle knocked back the opponents with her sword, Thunderstorm casting lightning down on them and Mister Surreal launching them away with different magical spells.

The three kept striking down all of the opponents with great speed and power as kept on coming. The power of the three was practically unmatched against these creatures coming at them. But at one point, on centaur came charging at Mister Surreal while his back was turned. Warrior Angle screamed "duck" as she threw her shield at him. He got down just seconds before it come and take his head clean off his shoulders. The centaur was hit right in the face and taken out of the fight right at that moment. After regaining her shield when it ricocheted off the centaurs face and back into her hand, she simply looked at him and said "your're welcome".

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As the legendary Sphinx struggled to get up on all fours, Helena quickly rolled up her lasso, hung it from her hip, and propelled herself toward the female creature like a cannonball that was fired from an artillery cannon, leaving behind an explosion of sand as she ripped through the air like a soaring arrow. The Sphinx froze in horror at the sight of a human cannonball hurling toward her, but just right before she could react, Helena tackled her into the dark passageway with so much force and speed that it caused the female creature to be knocked on her back and send her sliding against the stone pavement. The demigod clung tightly to the hybrid and used the creatures body like a sled to protect the front of her body from rubbing against the stone surface. The Sphinx must've received a massive friction burn because she was yelping in so much pain as her body forcefully rubbed against the stone pavement before coming to a full stop. "Ρετυρν το Ταρταρυς," Helena told the Sphinx in Ancient Greek as she placed her right hand on the hilt of her sword and held down the creature with her left hand. There was no resistance coming from the Sphinx, it was almost if she accepted her fate and knew that she would be slain by Helena's hand.

"I will never return to that wretched place, again!" The Sphinx bellowed before surprisingly wrapping her snake tail around the throat of the former princess and lifting her off her feet. The demigod tried to gasp for air, but to no avail as the muscular body of the snake slowly tightened around her throat. When did the Sphinx gain a snake for a tail? Helena thought. "I will never allow another hero to best me, do you hear me, child?! Never, again!" The Sphinx cried as she continued to tighten her grip around the former princess throat, making it harder to breath. With each struggle, Helena could feel her life slipping away as the snake squeezed the life force from her body, growing weaker as time passed. The snake hissed happily, slowly advancing toward her with its head in an attempt to watch her slowly die or consume her, which should of been impossible. "Gak" Helena choked, clawing and swinging her feet as she tried every attempt to get the Sphinx to release hold around her throat. The demigod was not going to die today, she had one play and she was going to see it through. With one swift moment, Helena unsheathed her sword and slashed upwards, cutting the snake tail in half, causing the creature to drop her on her side. "Aaaaaaah!" The Sphinx wailed in agony as her tail was unexpectedly slashed in half. The demigod let out a loud gasp, massaging her throat with her left hand as she watched the snake writhe around, spewing green blood and hissing before succumbing to its wounds.

The Sphinx knew she was finished and she certainly realized she wasn't the ferocious creature she once was; the only option she had left was to flee from this cursed place. Using the last bit of her strength to get up on all fours, she quickly spread her wings and began to flap them before shooting straight past the demigod, groaning from all the damage she had received. Helena sheathed her sword and followed the hybrid feline close behind as they both reentered the arena. The crowd went wild to see the Sphinx and Helena renter the arena, but soon after they began to call for the death of the Sphinx as they probably realized she was already finished; her humanly face was bruised, her tail severed, and she sprinted away with a small limp from the warrior demigod. Before the Sphinx could attempt her escape, Helena grabbed her lasso from her waist again and began to twirl the lasso around her head, moving so fast, she seemed invisible. After everything, she was not going to allow this creature to get away. After reaching the right momentum, Helena let the lasso sail into the air, and watched as the golden lasso latched onto the lioness's back paws. The Sphinx wailed as she tried everything in her power to escape her ensnarement, but Helena would not budge. The former princess then pulled hard on the lasso, yanking the lioness hybrid back toward her. As the creature shot toward her screaming in agony, Helena then followed up with a devastating punch, hitting her so hard the ground beneath them trembled as if Gaea was awakening from her slumber. Watching as the Sphinx rocketed into the sky, Helena leapt into the air, unsheathed her sword, and gripped the hilt with both hands as she lifted the sword over her head and swung down with all her might, impaling the creature's heart with so much force, they both crashed down with speed, creating a small cloud of sand around them.

After the sand cloud subsided, Helena stood over the body of the Sphinx with not one scratch on her. She listened and watched as the crowd jumped from their seats and began to chant her name as if she was some gladiator hero. The demigod gave the crowd a disgusted look. She promised herself that she would bring the whole foundation down once she was free. Helena glanced over at the heroes who fought with discipline, teamwork, and valor, like the Spartans during the Battle of Thermopylae. The crowd was going insane as bodies of Centaurs now covered every corner of the arena. The demigod had to admit, these heroes handled themselves pretty well for not being born into a warrior society. She was impressed with every single one of them. Helena remembered earlier seeing Superion fly into the air with a Centaur, dispatching the creature with ease. In her eyes, she really saw him as a modern day Hercules, but more attractive with a good heart. She could of sworn to the River of Styx that Superion was attempting to assist her with the Sphinx, but when she turned earlier, he was not there. It was for the best anyway, she had purposely dealt with the Sphinx for a reason, and purposely had the heroes face the Centaurs. Apex and Blue Ghost fought ferociously, she remembered seeing the Blue Ghost phase through the ground, surprising a Centaur from behind and knocking him down as if he was a piece of domino. Apex on the other hand used acrobatics, gadgets, and her mysterious claws to ruthlessly cripple a Centaur. Thunderstorm and Zephyr fought valiantly as well. Zephyr used her gifted speed to run around the arena, increasing her mass before knocking the Centaur into the arena wall. Thunderstorm on the other hand used her enchanted hammer to summon a lightning storm on top of the Centaur, frying the creature, and then knocking him into the air with the slab of iron. The more and more, Helena thought about the hammer, the more she felt "worthy" as if the hammer was rightfully hers; her electric blue eyes emitting small amounts of blue electricity, words speaking in Old Norse whispering in her ear, all before fading.

While everyone did handle themselves pretty well and worked together as a team, Helena was really impressed with Green Sentinel, Mr. Surreal, and Warrior Angel. They took down multiple Centaurs and truly worked together as if they were warriors fighting in a battle of attrition. As the heroes finished up all the Centaurs, Helena began to move toward them, ready to face their next challenge, but before she could take another step, a centaur rose from the ground and charged at Warrior Angel. Helena quickly removed her tiara from her forehead, curling her wrist slightly back towards her as she aimed at the charging horse hybrid. The demigod took a small deep breath and exhaled as she silently prayed to Apollo and Artemis to guide her tiara. Despite being an expert at throwing, Helena still humbled herself to pray to the twins of archery. The demigod then moved her arm forward quickly and flicked her wrist, releasing the tiara toward the moving target. Helena watched as the golden tiara cut through the air and met with the charging Centaur throat, slashing it wide open. The Centaur covered his throat with his left hand as blood leaked through his fingers, continuing his charge with a shocked expression over his face before suddenly tumbling into the ground and sliding against the sand, coming to a full stop at Warrior Angel's feet.

Helena casually walked on over to the group of heroes, catching her tiara as it returned to her. "You all fought like lions, it reminded me of my home, Atholis," She complimented them all, before turning to Warrior Angel. The former princess felt a strong desire to protect this woman, she didn't know why, but she felt like she had to make sure that she was personally okay as if she was the cub of the pack. "These creatures do not seem to like you very much. Are you hurt?" She asked with a protective tone as if she was the girl's mother. Why did she feel such a strong connection to some of these heroes? Thunderstorm and her hammer, Superion every time they glanced over at one another, and now Warrior Angel. Helena did feel some type of connection to Mister Surreal as well, a connection that felt like they would go on many more journeys together. As the crowd began to grow restless from the small amounts of waiting, Ares gestured the audience into silence. He rose from his seat and spread his arms out as he walked on over to the podium that overlooked the arena and heroes. "How did my slaves enjoy their warm-up?" He asked mockingly. "Because for here on out, you will feel the wrath of the God of War!" Ares roared into the sky, causing the whole arena to tremble. The crowd looked uneasy at this display of power, but they stood in their seats, possibly out of fear for the God of War or just simply because this was the biggest event yet or maybe both. Helena took a step forward to stand next to Superion and Mister Surreal with a stern look on her face. She could careless what Ares had to say, she was just ready to show what she could really do while also coming up with a brilliant plan of escape for all of them. "How long could you all sustain yourselves? I fear the worst is yet to come. Ares is not bluffing when he says he will release his true wrath upon us, so we need to hold out for as long as we can until I figure out a plan, unless one of you figured out something?" She asked them all through the telepathic link.

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As the heroes braced themselves for whatever emerged from the opposite side of the arena, Helena noticed Ares motioning his hands in circles, the puddle of blood coming from the Sphinx beginning to boil as if the God of War was attempting to summon something. Suddenly, a large claw sprung from the sandy ground, and swooped up the Sphinx in-between it's giant pincers. "No. It can't be." Helena murmured as she watched in awe. The creature dug itself out of the ground, snapping the Sphinx body in half with its giant pincers, revealing itself to be the giant scorpion, Scorpius, from the story of Orion. In response to Orion's overhunting, Gaea, sent the giant scorpion to slay Orion. No matter how hard he tried, Orion could not slay the scorpion, according to myth. When he tried to escape, the scorpion stung him to death with its poisonous tail. Scorpius was never truly defeated by any hero due to it's armored abdomen, giant pincers, poisonous tail, and the acid it shot from its mouth. The creature had all the distinctive features of a normal scorpion except for the fact that it was huge in weight and height. "That's not all, kids." Ares smiled evilly, snapping his fingers. In an instant, skeletal warriors clad in full Greek armor burst from the sand next to the gigantic scorpion with all various types of ancient melee weapons. "Spartoi," Helena warned with a bit of displeasure. "Formed from Sybaris, sacred dragon to Ares. They can only be killed through weapons forged by the Gods." She said as she grit her teeth. The demigod had dealt with them before as a child, they just kept building themselves back together until she used Stormcaller.

Ares roared with laughter at the fact that the heroes would soon be overwhelmed and his plan would be complete. He then suddenly took an interest to the sorcerer known as Mister Surreal. He could sense all types of negative emotions stirring up inside the sorcerer, just waiting to be exploited. The God of War inhaled deeply as he felt the roaring waves of rage crashing inside of him. "Hello, Sorcerer, your reputation precedes you on Olympus, but I can't say that I am impressed by you at all. You call yourself, Sorcerer Supreme, and yet you can't even escape my paradise, how disappointing. How do you expect to stop me from stirring up a little conflict in the Middle East that involve little pig children being slain, if you can't even save your own self?" Ares mockingly laughed, speaking to the sorcerer telepathically. Ares had the ability to manipulate all forms of war, even the emotions to start one. Every conflict, every emotion related to rage, made the God of War, stronger and stronger. Ares was going to use the negative emotions Mister Surreal felt toward him in order to strengthen himself and even use Surreal rage against the heroes, but that's if he could tap into Surreal's emotions.


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@mister_surreal: @shield-maiden:

As Helena battles the Sphinx, Superion fights off any remaining Centaurs sent to stop her. He keeps them off her back so she can focus on her fight with the Sphinx. Unlike some of them, Superion would rather not kill if he can help it. Thus far, he hasn't needed to and he likes it that way. But as former cop, he knows that sometimes it's necessary. He glances back at Helena's beautiful form as she continues to fight the Sphinx, but then focuses on the task he assigned himself by fighting anyone who dares try and attack her. Any thrown spears? He catches them and throws them away. Arrows? Catches them and buries them in the sand. He could help fight the Sphinx but knows that Helena can handle it on her own. With his super hearing, Superion knows that Helena is being choked by the Sphinx and he is about to go to her aid when he has to deal with another Centaur. By the time the thing is dealt with, Helena had chopped off the tail of the Sphinx, so Superion stays where he is: Guarding the pathway to Helena. When Helena re-emerges into the arena and finally kills the Sphinx, he smiles at her, giving her thumbs up.

The more and more, Helena thought about the hammer, the more she felt "worthy" as if the hammer was rightfully hers; her electric blue eyes emitting small amounts of blue electricity, words speaking in Old Norse whispering in her ear, all before fading.

Thunderstorm did not fry and Centaur, she didn't apply enough electricity. She knocked him out, as most of the other heroes did as well. Nevertheless, as she fights on, she feels something strange pull at her hammer, almost as if something was calling it. She has never felt, or seen, her hammer react that way before. But a moment later, it passes and Thunderstorm will have to wonder about it later as she smacks some Centaurs aside with her hammer.

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Some might call Hal Knight a man without fear, but he will be the first to tell you that isn't true. He is a man who 'overcomes' fear. During this entire exchange, his heart rate might be the calmest. He shows no fear in the situation he is in. He looks over at Mr. Surreal, "Your pretty good at this, Mr. Surreal. Glad to have you with us."

Green Sentinel creates a green construct of a mini gun, with an ammo pack on his back, and begins to shoot the Centaurs. Not enough to kill but enough to knock them senseless. As he fires on them, he screams, "NEVER BRING SWORDS AND SPEARS TO A GUN FIGHT!"

As Hal and Warrior Angel keep fighting alongside the Sorcerer Supreme, guarding his back, there seems to be no limit to the kinds of constructs Hal can create with his ring. And the Centaurs don't know how to deal with such a weapon. They seem...confused and lost. Some of them try and flee only to get booted in the butts with a giant foot.

Warrior Angel fights like a typical amazon; Swift, powerful and graceful. She cracks the air with a battle cry that gives even the mightiest Centaur pause before she locks into battle with them, expertly dodging spear thrusts and returning attacks of her own with the skill of an ancient warrior. She works in tandem with Mr. Surreal, taking advantage of any situation he creates with his powers and puts an end to a fight with a Centaur whenever she can.

But finally, the battle seems to ebb and stop for a time before Helena walks over to them with Superion trailing behind her a step or two. That beautiful voice with a Greek accent commends them. While Hal feels some attraction towards Helena, it's not as much as Superion. Sure, Helena is a beautiful woman by Hal's estimation, but he already knows she isn't the one for him. Somehow, he knows that and he's not sure how he knows that. He just does and he's fine with that.

"These creatures do not seem to like you very much. Are you hurt?" She asked with a protective tone as if she was the girl's mother.

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Warrior Angel is an empath, so she senses Helena's desire to protect her, senses her drawn towards her. And honestly, Karah feels drawn to Helena, as if the woman was destined to more than just a stranger, but someone to protect her and keep safe. "I'm fine, thank you." She says to Helena, adding a smile for good measure.

And then Ares does his little light show and declaration. But the heroes aren't afraid of him. But they don't know what Mr. Surreal thinks, but good bet the Sorcerer Supreme doesn't fear Ares either.

And then Helena speaks through the telepathic link the Blue Ghost established among them:

"How long could you all sustain yourselves? I fear the worst is yet to come. Ares is not bluffing when he says he will release his true wrath upon us, so we need to hold out for as long as we can until I figure out a plan, unless one of you figured out something?"

Apex replies, ~We wear down the enemy until he has nothing left to throw at us. We make him angry, angry enough to make mistakes and then we take advantage of that. Sooner or later, Ares is going to slip up and without realizing it, he's going to provide the way to escape. We just have to look for it when it happens.~

Apex points to what Ares is doing.

And sure enough, the heroes observe the giant scorpion being summoned and the laughter from Ares. As an empath, she senses Ares's attempt to manipulate Mr. Surreal's emotions. She places a soft hand on his shoulder, speaking through the telepathic link, ~Ares is trying to manipulate your emotions, I can sense his attempts to control you through them. Please, resist him.~

Apex narrows her eyes at the skeletal army and the giant scorpion. Every enemy can be beaten. But weapons forged by the gods... They don't have any of that. Unless, the weapons dropped by the Centaurs. Those seem to be magically enchanted, strong enough to resist their attempts to escape their cell since they are made from the same material in those dungeons. What harm will it do to perform a test? Apex picks up a spear, takes aim and throws it at the head of the nearest skeletal soldier.

Since the spear was forged by the gods, then the skeletal soldier's head explodes and he will 'die'. Apex glances at her companions, "Arm yourselves, we have a fight to win." Apex picks some swords and Superion, Blue Ghost, Green Sentinel, Thunderstorm, Warrior Angel and Zephyr do the same.

Warrior Angel asks, "How did you know that would work?"

Apex looks knowingly at Angel, "Those weapons are made from the same material keeping us in our cell. Stands to reason they must have been forged by the so called gods."

Zephyr whispers in Warrior Angel's ear, "And that's why she's the detective."

Superion speaks through the telepathic link, ~Watch out for the giant scorpion, but take out his little army first if you can. Coordinate your attacks and work together. Aim for the head. Once the skeletons are taken care of, then we'll focus on the giant scorpion. Go for the legs first. If it's not mobile, it can't move.~

Zephyr smiles, ~Your thinking of that Star Wars movie, aren't you? The part where that Walker was taken out by knocking it over, right?"

Superion smiles in return, ~Yep.~

Then Superion glances at Zephyr, ~You think you can distract the big giant scorpion while the rest of us fight the skeletal army?"

Zephyr practically gulps, ~Why do I have to...?~ Then she looks this way, then that way as it dawns on her as to why she is going to have to distract the big giant scorpion, then she has to smile and nod, ~Riiiiight. Because I'm faster than any of you and I should be fast enough to dodge it's attacks, distracting it while you guys take care of the freaky bone army. Okay! I can do it!~

And soon, the heroes are busy fighting off the skeletal army with the weapons they picked up from the Centaurs. Superion, Blue Ghost Green Sentinel and Zephyr don't have any skill with such archaic weapons, but they seem to do good enough. Apex, Thunderstorm and Warrior Angel on the other hand seem to be the warriors who know a thing or two on how to fight with such things.

In the meantime, Zephyr tries getting the giant scorpion's attention by running up it's legs and between them and under it's body and out of the way, making loud noises and such. She does what she can to distract it and to dodge any of it's potential attacks.

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@green_sentinelx: @shield-maiden:

Mister Surreal went on battling the blood thirsty hoard of centaurs that were continuously charging at the trio of heroes. They worked together in near perfect harmony as they went on taking out all opponents that charged at them. As this went on, Matthew noticed that Helena was battling the sphinx all on her own at this very instance. One part of him felt strongly inclined to help her, he knew what it was like to go up against such great threats on his own, but the dominant aspect of his character knew that he would need to stay with warrior Angle and Green Sentinel due to the sheer number of enemies that were coming at them. Warrior Angle would strike down any and all foes that jumped at the group, she dashed quickly at each of them as her sword and shield glistened with silver glory in the sunlight. Green Sentinel rapidly made different weapons to fend off the centaurs. From guns, to hammers, to boxing gloves, there didn't seem to be a limit to what he could create. His ability to make constructs were far beyond Mister Surreal himself.

"Your pretty good at this, Mr. Surreal. Glad to have you with us."

Matthew appreciated the compliment, that was high praise coming from a hero as impressive as Green Sentinel. "Thank you. I am glad to be here fight alongside you and Warrior Angle",he said as he launched one of the incoming centaurs a couple of meters away from the group. It landed on top of another one that had been coming up to the group. The two of them crashed into each other as their swords flew into the air as the spiraled uncontrollably in an extremely dangerous fashion. Mister Surreal went to launch the swords away from himself as well as Green Sentinel and Warrior Angle, doing so with the quick flick of the wrist as green energy from his own hand imbued the swords and sent them flying the opposite direction. Two more centaurs who were running in the direction of the group abruptly stopped and fled in the opposite direction as the swords were now going after them. This elected a some small chuckles from the group of three. Helena soon returned with the sphinx, who was now badly wounded thanks to her.

"How did my slaves enjoy their warm-up? Because for here on out, you will feel the wrath of the God of War!"

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Mister Surreal glared at Ares as he began mocking the group yet again, he clenched his fists subtlety as Ares had continued to make fun of the group and all of their efforts. Matthew became more angry with each word that Ares would coughed up, it was almost as if he was choosing words to specifically make Matthew angry. Ares may have been the Greek god of war, a being who's power and brutality was matched by very few beings, but he was by no means an all powerful being. If the heroes were not stuck in this arena in the condition that would make them not threat to Ares' being, what happened here would be a very different story. Just then, Ares stuck out his index finger and circled it in the air, the ground began trembling as it seemed that something was coming up from the surface of the sandy environment. An enormous scorpion monster had risen from the ground and was now making its way towards the heroes. "It must be at least 30 feet long!", Matthew thought to himself.

"That's not all, kids."

Ares was not finished with implementing this new attack that the heroes would have to endure in this unholy arena. Again, the ground slowly spat out numerous enemies, skeletal warriors that were rising up from the depths of the sand like the undead menace that they were. "Good grief!", Matthew said as quietly as the number of these enemies never ceased to rise with each pair of hands clawing their way up to the surface. These soldiers would not go down as easily in battle as the previous wave of enemies, the centaurs, had. "The soldiers appear to be supernatural in nature.", Mister Surreal said through the telepathic link to the other heroes as they started to circle the entire group slowly. He could feel an unnatural presence around each of them, they were by no means any normal enemy that they would have to face. Helena even explained the origin and told the group that they could only be destroyed permanently by weapons forged by the gods themselves.

"Hello, Sorcerer, your reputation precedes you on Olympus, but I can't say that I am impressed by you at all. You call yourself, Sorcerer Supreme, and yet you can't even escape my paradise, how disappointing. How do you expect to stop me from stirring up a little conflict in the Middle East that involve little pig children being slain, if you can't even save your own self?"

Matthew's blood was now at boiling point, he didn't know what to do with himself after feeling this much rage inside himself. Ares grinned at the scowl that he was being given by the sorcerer, his detest for him was exactly what he wanted from the magic user, it was integral to his plan. Matthew's face was slowly turning red as the rage within him grew exponentially, his subtle emotions were becoming more and more apparent by the second. His normally stoic visage was quickly being replaced with a stern expression that had his flaming eyes burrowing into the skull of the god of war. "How Dare you!", Matthew said through the telepathic link. Ares saw that he had finally gotten to the so called "Sorcerer Supreme". Ares saw that the next step of his plan was coming together nicely. If he kept up his current nature, his goal would be all but guaranteed by the end of it. However, Warrior Angle could sense how Mister Surreal was feeling and was not as eager as Ares was.

"Ares is trying to manipulate your emotions, I can sense his attempts to control you through them. Please, resist him."

Warrior Angle's soft voice was able to break him out of the mode blind rage, his mind was beginning to reach the amount of clarity that it normally had. Matthew brought his hand to hers while it was still on his shoulder, "Thank you", he said as she smiled back at him. For some reason, when he looked into Warrior Angle's eyes it was almost as if he was looking into the eyes of his dear Brenna. But he quickly shook the thought as he assured himself that she was the only one that he had eyes for. However, he was still thankful that he was among a group of people who were willing to look out for one another as well as they had thus far. It was almost as if this group of people was destined to meet here as they faced Ares side by side.

"Those weapons are made from the same material keeping us in our cell. Stands to reason they must have been forged by the so called gods."

Apex's deductive abilities had once again amazed the group with her advanced logical reasoning, especially Mister Surreal who was impressed with her abilities. "Excellent deduction.", Mister Surreal said telepathically. It was a good thing that they could actually be defeated, as demonstrated by her when she sent a spear flying straight through the skull of one of the first skeletal soldiers to attack the group. If those warriors were truly unbeatable, it would only be a matter of time before they overwhelmed the group of heroes, resulting in the death of every last one of them. Fortunately, that was not the case. Superion gave orders of what tactics the group would be using to deal with this new threat. Zephyr would distract Scorpio while the others would battle the skeletal army. Mister Surreal took his position with the other heroes as the skeletal army had just made their assault against the group of heroes. Even though Matthew had felt that he was ready for this next battle, the lingering presence of Ares still filled his thoughts.

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We wear down the enemy until he has nothing left to throw at us. We make him angry, angry enough to make mistakes and then we take advantage of that. Sooner or later, Ares is going to slip up and without realizing it, he's going to provide the way to escape. We just have to look for it when it happens.~

The plan was logically impressive, Helena thought. According to various scrolls and pottery, Ares was a military tactical genius due to being the God of War, but what kept him from being deadlier was his arrogance and overconfidence. He was extremely reckless, narcissistic, and foolhardy, especially when angered. This is why Athena, Goddess of Wisdom, Strategy, Battle, and Reason, mostly came up on top in every confrontation. The only problem with the plan was that Apex seemed to forget Helena could not escape with them, not until they discovered what Ares had done to her when she was unconscious. Even if the heroes managed to defeat the God of War, Helena knew he would never tell them what he planted inside of her. Ares spent a millennia dealing with all types of heroes, starting countless wars, and growing in power. He was one of the beings to influence mankind on physical and psychological torture; his mind was as strong as an ox. Regardless of what happened, the demigod planned to stay here anyway; she had to discover the truth about her parents and why this was all happening to her. Deciding to keep her mouth shut, Helena focused on foiling the plans of Ares, and getting these brave heroes out of here.

"How Dare you!",

Ares smiled murderously at the rage consuming the sorcerer. Everything was going according to plan. He rolled his eyes back with pleasure as he fed on the negative emotions coming from the mystical hero. The God of War was the embodiment of War, drawing power from war and any emotion that led to it. The more Mister Surreal allowed himself to be consumed with anger, the more powerful Ares became. Ares opened his eyes, his smile turning into a satisfied grin, and his eye sockets exploding like a mushroom cloud. He could feel more power coursing through his body every second he absorbed the hate deriving from Mister Surreal, like a leech consuming the blood of it's victim.

"Soon," Ares murmured to himself in fascination. Soon, he would have the head of Helena Troy brought to Mount Olympus, and his plan to start an endless conflict will be realized. Ares visualized in one scene, a large number of aircraft and missiles aggressively striking targets within North Korea. The combine forces of the U.S. Air Force, Marine Corps, and Navy, along with members of NATO, destroying enemy air defenses and launch sites. In another scene, North Korea, using it's overwhelming artillery force in numbers to unleash a barrage on South Korea's capitol, Seoul, taking so many innocent lives.

As the God of War continued to fascinate over another World War and feed on the anger surging through the mystical sorcerer, almost to the point where he would be able to control him and use him to attack the other heroes, the dream was suddenly interrupted when he could no longer feel the explosive rage building up inside the hero. "What?!" Ares leaned over his imperial box, gritting his white teeth in anger. He instantly noticed the young amazonian lookalike, placing a hand on the sorcerers shoulder. Ares eyes began to flicker a yellow to brownish red color like a nuclear bomb went off, as he watched Mister Surreal's once tense body loosen up. The God of War wanted nothing more but to jump into the arena and pummel that girl, but he decided to take this opportunity to get to her. "So the brat can ease or feel emotions? Interesting." He grinned at the girl with no sympathy. If he could distract Warrior Angel long enough, he could possibly reach the others without having to worry about her snapping them out of their rage.

Ares to Warrior Angel

"Hello, child. I hear they call you an Amazon? What a disgrace," Ares sneered in her head. "The Amazons were fierce, brutal, and aggressive warriors, something you clearly are not," He snickered, his scornful laugh echoing through her mind. "So tell me, what gives you the right to accept that title? Were you born an Amazon? Hardened and disciplined from an early age? Did you train rigorously with your Amazonian sisters? Were you accepted into their sisterhood? No..I don't believe so," He continued his mockery, attempting to stir up any hidden rage inside her or just make her angry in general through his words. "You know, I remember my adopted-daughter, Diana, she was a........magnificent warrior, one that truly made me proud. My daughters loved and respected her because she truly was a champion to them. Care to know the difference between you and her? It's quite simple actually. Diana was an actual Amazon while you run around pretending to be her." Ares said with a detest tone toward the girl.

Hoping he stirred something in the young warrior, Ares brought his attention to the other heroes. His plan was to distract some of them while they faced his skeletal warriors and the giant scorpion, Scorpius. He also hoped to control one of the heroes through their anger, so he can use them to attack Helena or their own teammates. Clutching his hands into a fist with miniature spheres of fire boiling in his eyes, Ares' body began to flicker with red fire, generating an aura of intense hatred. The crowd surrounding the arena suddenly began to pound on their own chest, pull on their hair, howl with anger, and hurl insults at the heroes as if they were wild animals; the aura clearly effecting them with ease. If Ares wanted to, he could command the spectators to jump in and attempt to slaughter the heroes, but he decided to keep them at bay. Ares then amplified the aura surrounding him in order to reach the heroes, hoping one of them would succumb to his power.

~Watch out for the giant scorpion, but take out his little army first if you can. Coordinate your attacks and work together. Aim for the head. Once the skeletons are taken care of, then we'll focus on the giant scorpion. Go for the legs first. If it's not mobile, it can't move.~

Helena nodded at the plan, but not before feeling the power of the God of War. Gritting her teeth tightly, Helena glanced over at the hero with a scowl full of hatred. She hated him for thinking he could stay and try to save her. She hated him for interfering in her quest to find the truth about herself. She hated him for having her feel these unknown emotions toward him. And she certainly hated him for thinking he could order her around when she told him to take his team and leave. Did she truly hate Superion? No, but whatever Ares was doing, it surely felt like she did. The demigod clenched her fist tightly, she wanted to tackle the hero into a wall and forcefully remove him from the arena, but she shook off the thought. "Ares....." She tried to muster the words to the heroes, but her mind was so consumed with rage, she just couldn't. In order to keep the raging storm brewing inside of her from being unleashed on her allies, Helena had to put all her willpower into resisting the urge to strangle someone out. "Use......the anger..Ares is feeding you and direct it toward our enemies." Helena managed to say with a grunt through the telepathic link.

As the heroes went to work on the skeletal minions and Zephyr used her amazing speed to distract the giant scorpion, Scorpius, Helena started to form her own plan on how they would slay the giant scorpion for good. Watching as four Spartoi charged her, the former princess unsheathed her sword and took her own advice in using her artificial rage against her enemies. Letting out a rage-filled scream as the skeletal warriors charged her, Helena's sword suddenly began to crackle with blue electricity. Stunned at this discovery, the demigod snapped back into reality and then used this opportunity to slam her sword into the sandy ground with one hand, sending bolts of electricity cursing through the ground, and electrifying the four skeletal warriors, stopping them dead in their tracks, their bodies and teeth chattering from the intense voltage. Helena watched as the four Spartoi warriors erupted into flames and exploded, their bones scattering right before her eyes.

Finished with her side of enemies, Helena watched as Zephyr continued to distract the Scorpius with amazing speed. Curled up in a defensive stance and moving rather quickly on all fours, the giant scorpion displayed it's large venomous stinger, thrusting the large tail at the moving speedster, but continuing to miss by inches as she zoomed by. Growing frustrated and more confused by the second as it stiffly moved in circles, the giant scorpion snapped at the hero with it's large pincers, but to no avail. It was only a matter time before the Skorpius changed it's strategy and actually showed what it was truly capable of, Helena thought. Wasting no more time, the demigod followed up with the plan ordered by Superion. She still could feel a burning hatred for the hero coursing through her body, but she was strong enough to resist it mentally.

Charging forward at the giant scorpion with her sword still crackling with electricity, Helena in one swift movement slid against the sandy ground, sliding through the tunnel of legs of the scorpion on its right side, and slashing horizontal at two of the creatures legs before sliding out and appearing right in front of it. Helena knew that her sword itself would not amputate the creatures leg due to it being armored, but a sword emitting electricity would surely paralyze the legs instead, which was part of the plan. Hissing in pain as two of its legs were now immobile and flowing with electricity, Scorpius angrily sent its tail downwards with so much speed, Helena barely rolled backwards in time. Aggravated that its prey was not slain, the giant scorpion attempted to swoop her up with its giant pincers, but the demigod quickly ducked and dodged the creature successfully. "In the name of the gods, you all must hurry, Skorpius will adapt!" Helena shouted, full of frustration from the aura the God of War was producing.


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@mister_surreal: @shield-maiden:

Apex did not forget Helena’s situation since she is focusing on more immediate problems. Helena did not know these heroes, but each one will be willing to do whatever it takes to help her seek the answers as to what Ares did to her and free her from whatever it is that threatens her life. But that is a problem for later.

In the meantime, Warrior Angel knows that the moment she decided to help Mr. Surreal, then she would become a target. Her instincts have proven correct as she feels Ares communicate with her in her head and trying to stir up her anger. ~I never claimed to be an Amazon, I cannot control what people have chosen to call me, Ares.~

As Ares tries to manipulate her emotions, to anger her, she has to grit her teeth and fight the horde of skeletons even harder so that she won’t let her defenses slip, ~I never pretended to be her, if I had, I would have called myself Diana and not Warrior Angel. Your attempts to control me through my rage will not succeed, Ares. Especially since I have Diana’s memories and it’s through her, I know how to resist you.~

As Warrior Angel keeps trying to resist the rising anger, she does not elaborate on why or how Diana once resisted Ares. She let’s him wonder, to let it gnaw at him in the back of his mind. ~I am an empath, Ares, I know how to control my emotions. You WILL not control me through them.~

But then Warrior Angel begins to feel Ares expand his angry aura all over the battle field and she feels anger well up inside of her, threatening to boil over, but she barely manages to keep it in check and follow Helena’s advice. Apex is used to a heightened sense of anger because of her berserker rage that she sometimes feels so she is able to keep her rage in check as well, perhaps better than most. The Blue Ghost practices mental calming techniques in order to help her deal with Ares’ attempt to control her through rage. Green Sentinel is nearly overcome with rage since he is human, and perhaps the most vulnerable, but when Helena gives her advice, Hal finds the will to focus his rage on the enemy. Thunderstorm is used to dealing with the rage of hurricanes and wild storms. But even she has a hard time dealing with the newfound rage inside of her, but she manages. No matter how fast she runs, Zephyr cannot outrun her rage that is suddenly inside of her. She nearly begins to attack her friends, but Helena’s words break through just in time and she turns her rage on her enemy. Superion is nearly overcome by the rage, but thanks to the recent death of his father, he’s had to deal with a lot of rage lately. He focuses on that to help him deal with this newfound rage, even if he wants to slap Helena down for daring to give him and his friends orders as if she’s the queen of the universe! All the heroes are feeling rage, with some barely controlling it. The right push in the right direction and any one of them can go off.

Before being hit by the wave of anger, Zephyr keeps dodging every attempt from Scorpius, even taunting it with laughs and giggles, “Missed me” She says as it attempts to hit her with it’s stinger, “Missed me again!” She giggles, blowing it a kiss.

As Scorpius tries again and again to hit Zephyr, she purposefully dodges at the last second just to taunt it further, “Almost got me that time, just a little faster and maybe you’ll get me!” She laughs, having a great time. Then when it tries to hit her again, she dodges at the last second, “Missed me, missed me, now you gotta--” She stops herself before she can finish and crinkles up her nose, “Ew, no, I do NOT want you to kiss me!”

By the time the wave of anger hits Zephyr, Scorpius had changed it’s strategy. If it wasn’t for Helena’s advice, Zephyr might of began to attack the warrior for daring to intrude on her business in dealing with the giant monster! But instead, she runs along the sides of the arena, like she did against the Centaur, but faster this time. As she builds up the speed, her teammates begin to attack the legs when Helena gives her the warning Scorpius will adapt. So, Superion gives the order to attack the giant monster, ~Go for the legs, then attack it’s head but be careful of it’s stinger!~ Superion says through the telepathic link.

~WE KNOW!~ Hal angerly snarls in responds.

No Caption Provided

Then, all at once, the heroes attack. The Blue Ghost tries to hit some of the legs with devastating telekinetic force. Apex tries to chop off some of it’s legs at their thinnest point with her claws. Green Sentinel creates a construct of several Star Wars Jedi with lightsabers in his attempt to cut off a leg or two. Superion tries to use his sword to hack off some legs with superspeed. Thunderstorm throws her hammer with such force that her hammer tries to poke some devastating holes in a leg or two before trying to hit the same legs with bursts of lightning. Warrior Angel tries to chop off it’s pincers so the monster cannot use them in self defense.

Should the heroes attempts work, then Zephyr has finally built up the speed she needs and is now running almost as fast as light itself before focusing all her rage and anger into one devastating punch that will feel like being hit by a dwarf star. She tries to hit Scorpius in the head with the power she packs into that punch, hoping she succeeded. If she succeeds, then she hopes she manages to either kill it or leave Scorpius weakened enough to be finished by the rest of the heroes.

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@sarah_and_lara: @shield-maiden:

Matthew could feel the rage in his heart quickly coming back up to the surface, it was like a fire that was being reignited at an unnatural rate. His years of meditation taught him to keep his emotions in check, but all of that mediation seemed to be failing him now. While he was able to think in a clear fashion for a few moments, all hope of rational thinking was running out by the second. He tried to think straightly, but simply wasn't able to achieve such a task, all he could truly think about was how much anger and malice that he felt. He then began to feel a burning sensation in his skull, one that was beyond mere anger.

He eyed Warrior Angle who herself was slowly but surely succumbing to the rage as well. He glared at her disdain as his thoughts became cloudy and emotions surely with each passing moment. "That girl had the gall to even touch me, as if I were some child in need of guidance.", he said as he directed his burning thoughts onto her. He then stopped for a brief second and thought about how he was feeling, he realized how irrational his behavior was and was able to calm himself for a few moments. But burning feeling in his head returned with even more vigor that it initially came with. And with it also came back the feelings of anger that he had tried so hard to fight off.

He put his hand to his head in great pain as he went on to feel this sensation begin to take over the very nature of how he was thinking. He looked around and saw that everyone else in the arena was also becoming more aggressive and unstable than they previously were. He looked up and saw the sadistic expression that was highlighting Ares' face as he looked down at what was coming over each of the heroes, but it was something more than that. Mister Surreal could naturally feel the aura that was being put around the members of the group, to the extent that he could even begin to see aura itself. It was jagged and gnarly, connecting everyone that was affected by it. "What? But how am I able to see this? I haven't-GAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!", he screamed as he got down onto his knees.

He had his hands glued to his forehead now, the recurring pain that he felt was now stronger than ever before. He got down onto the ground as he continued to scream in pure agony as the pain worsened. It had now become so unbearable that he had tears streaming down his face. "Help me! I ca-AAAAAAAAAHHHHH! I can't take the-GAHH! Pain!', he said in both anger and hope that someone would come to help him. He managed to look around and saw that all of the other heroes were now fighting were now fighting Scorpius without him, not even noticing that he wasn't there with the rest of them. He cried out for their help a few more times, but they were all so focused on defeating their current opponent that they didn't even recognize his screams for help. Even if they did hear him, they would likely be indifferent to how he was feeling.

He didn't even know that they were given orders to fight the creature, he was far to wrapped up in his own thoughts to hear what was happening around him. He was in so much pain that he had now completely fallen to the ground, standing in of itself was difficult for him to do. He lay there in the dust, consumed by his own anger and pain, laying their like a helpless animal that would be victim to any predator that happened to come by. That was in many ways what would be the case for the magic user in this case. Ares was sitting on his throne as he watched the heroes battle Scorpius with all of the might that they had. He also looked at the sorcerer in the corner who was away from them on the ground as he was seizing and shaking with pain that was as stroke above inhuman. The side of Ares' mouth curled with glee as he watched the Mister Surreal spasm and shake like a broken toy.

No Caption Provided

Matthew's thoughts were now in a state of which he could no longer make sense. But at that moment, as he lay there feeling that torturous sensation in his head, he heard a familiar voice. "It's been a long time since I've been here, but it was only a matter of time before you brought me back.", said the voice as to Matthew. The feeling in his head then dissipated in an instant, along with Mister Surreal's normal thought process being restored. "No, you can't be.", Mister Surreal said in disbelief. "Oh, but I am. And it is time that make things how they should be.", the voice said as it began its work again. In that moment, the feeling returned but was now strengthened to levels that were truly beyond what humans should even be able to feel. Matthew shouted even louder than before as his forehead was being ripped open from the inside. It only got worse as an eye slowly formed on his forehead as it squeezed through the whole that it made.

Mister Surreal collapsed as his mind had gone blank and his senses were now gone. He lay there for a few moments before rising up from where his face had been in the sandy pit that he was still in. His normal facial expression which was calm and plain was now twisted into a malevolent look that could only been seen in someone's worst nightmares. His eyes were orange, his lips contorted and the eye in his head now fully grown. Any remnant of his true personality has been completely erased by the transformation that Ares wanted to happen, that Ares MADE happen. The only thing that come from this rearrangement of character were the ill-intentioned words of the being peering through hole is his forehead:

"This is going to be fun."

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"Why were they taking so long to immobilize the rest of the creature? Did fear consume their hearts? Or is it possible that these so called heroes were servants of Ares all along? Why else would Ares summon them here? Their presence made no logical sense, unless they were servants of the God of War, tasked with gaining my trust by fighting by my hand, and then striking me down." Helena shook her head in frustration. She knew those weren't her thoughts; she never had an irrational way of thinking from what she believed. Helena spent her whole life learning to read people. It was a survival skill, or maybe something she inherited from her godly parent, whoever that was; it just couldn't be her mother. From the very beginning, she knew that these heroes were not deceiving her when they were brought to this wretched place. She could tell from the confusion in their voices and the look they gave her. Everything that was happening to her at this very moment was the result of Ares. He had the power to influence all forms of conflict: Mental, Physical, and Spiritual. If Ares could turn nations against one another, then turning nine people against one another was child's play.

Helena knocked aside the Scorpios deadly claw with her sword, and sidestepped her body to the left as a large stinging tail ripped through the air and sailed past her, missing by inches. The giant Scorpio hissed in irritation as the demigod continued to dodge and duck under the gigantic pincers with god-like reflexes and speed; assisting Zephyr as she continued to run around the arena with the blessing of Hermes, mocking the beast. "In the name of Zeus, she needs to hurry up." She angrily mumbled under her breath as she watched the gigantic creature attempt to thrust its tail at her again. Reacting swiftly, Helena quickly brought her left arm to her face and deflected the Scorpios stinger with her metallic bracer, feeling the armored sharp stinger graze through her metallic arm-guard, which then produced a loud clang. Twisting her arm, Helena used the back of her forearm to guide the tail away from her, and then used her other hand to slash at the creatures metasoma with her sword, sending a powerful electric shock flowing through its tail. The giant scorpion hissed in agony from a temporary paralyzed tail; Helena was hoping to sever the tail, but it was too thick and embedded with armor shelling.

Using the creature's paralyzed tail as an opportunity, Helena grabbed it with her hands and slumped the mighty tail over her shoulder, attempting to use her immense strength to heave the creature off the ground and violently slam it flat on its face, but Scorpius tail unexpectedly recovered and began to thrash and squirm. Being a creation of Gaea, Scorpious used its own strength to lift the demigod off her feet as she held on in midair. Continuing to thrash and squirm, Helena finally lost her grip and was flung downwards to the ground, landing flat on her armored breastplate. Assuming that its prey was finally finished, the giant arachnid charged at the former princess, ready to rip her apart with its gigantic pincers and then consume her with its foaming mouth, but suddenly halted itself a few inches from her body.

Lifting her head from the sand with a groan, Helena noticed that the heroes had completed their task in immobilizing the creature, but due to the unique armored shelling, its legs remained intact. Scorpius hissed in pain, snapping its pincers and lashing out with its poisonous tail, hoping to at least catch one hero, but to no avail. The demigod rose to her knees and unsheathed her sword. The way to slay this creature was to knock it on its back and brutally slice it open. She wasn't one hundred percent sure this would work, but she assumed the stomach would be less protected since most four legged creatures, she faced had less protection in that specific area. Catching a red blur zoom past her with the corner of her eye, Helena watched as the gigantic scorpion went sailing across the arena. "Its about time." The demigod murmured, watching as the creature crash landed on its back. "Green Sentinel, I require your assistance. I need you to use your magic to hold down that creature." Helena demanded, still fighting the intensity of the aura.

No Caption Provided

Meanwhile, Ares clasped his hands behind his back with the confident look of a general forming on his face. "You are right child, I might never be able to control you, not when you posse the gift of my adopted-daughter, but I can control him." He gestured to Mister Surreal, letting out a menacing laugh as the poor sorcerer cried out in agony from the intense aura being produced by the war god. "I am the Embodiment of War, Girl! Do you really think, I would be foolish enough to summon you all without knowing your capabilities, and having an operation plan? This is war, kid!" He raised his fist as if he successfully defeated a nation in a military campaign. "What chance do you have in stopping me? A God who has manipulated and corrupted humanity with violence and bloodshed for a millennium." He spread out his arms, a large grin forming across his lips. "I spent my whole existence influencing the thoughts of mankind, whispering into their fragile minds, creating some of the greatest generals in your precious history, whether famous or infamous. Did I also mention that I fought in those wars? Hm, I don't think, I have. The truth of the matter is, I have been distracting you." He let out another menacing laugh, before cutting off his telepathic link. Ares inhaled the fresh air deeply and exhaled with pleasure, he finally had someone in the palm of his hand: Mister Surreal. "Hello, Sorcerer. Why don't you show these heroes, why they call you, Sorcerer Supreme." Ares whispered into the sorcerers mind.


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@shield-maiden: @mister_surreal:

"Yes, mother." Hal says in a frustrated tone, creating green glowing constructs of very thick chains as he attempts to hold down Scorpius. His first instinct was to tell Helena off and don't tell him what to do. But controlling his anger is about willpower and if anything, Hal is very good with willpower. So, he focuses on doing all he can to keep Scorpius down.

Superion looks at Thunderstorm, speaking through the telepathic link, ~Slice it open, maybe that will kill it!~

Thunderstorm nods, swinging her hammer in circles before she throws it and latches on to it's leather thong and letting it carry her as high as it can before she dives back down towards Scorpius. With her hammer in her right hand and a sword dropped by a skeletal warrior in her left, she slams right into the belly of Scorpius. The Master of Thunder and Lightning slices away, Scorpius screeching like mad, and Thunderstorm keeps slicing until the screeching stops.

No Caption Provided

Warrior Angel watches Mr. Surreal make a startling change as she half listens what Ares boasts in her mind. She nearly loses her tight control of her anger, but she closes her eyes for a brief second before opening them again. She calms herself, seeking the control she feels is gradually slipping away.

Now that Scorpius is taken care of, Superion commands them all to focus on knocking some sense into Mr. Surreal, but then the Man of Steel looks at Helena, "Can you please do something about that angry aura Ares is producing?" Helena might be able to tell that Superion is barely holding it together since he is vulnerable to magic.

Warrior Angel launches herself at Mr. Surreal, trying to slam her shield into him like battering ram, "Mr. Surreal, get a hold of yourself! This isn't you!"

Superion tries using his freeze breath to encase Mr. Surreal into an ice cube, but only from the neck down. The Blue Ghost tries to assault Mr. Surreal's mind with images of peace and calm, in an attempt to calm his mind. Apex throws a flash bang grenade in order to attempt to blind the Sorcerer. Green Sentinel creates a construct of a boxer to slam a fist in Mr. Surreal's face. Zephyr tries to give Mr. Surreal a few dozen punches at super-speed, faster than the human eye can follow, choosing to hold back instead of unleashing her full power upon him. If Mr. Surreal is knocked down at any point, then Thunderstorm tries to lay her hammer on his chest in an attempt to keep him there and immobilized since her hammer has a worthiness enchantment on it and he might not be worthy to lift it.

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@shield-maiden: @warrior_angel:

Mister Surreal's body had now become completely taken over by this demonic entity who craved the power that he held, undoubtedly apart of what Ares had planned right from the beginning. The entity slowly rose from the ground as it began laughing in a twisted manner that could only mean the most sinister of intentions. Ares was watching this process the entire time, waiting for his true weapon of mass destruction to come as a product of what he had been doing to all of these heroes. He knew that all of his actions would lead to this in the end, one way or another, his sorcerer would be corrupted and overtaken by the influence of the God of War. "Hello, Sorcerer. Why don't you show these heroes, why they call you, Sorcerer Supreme.", Ares said Whispered into the ear of the mage as he go to his feat. "Withpleasure.", he said as he began to make his move.

No Caption Provided

The other heroes had now dealt with Scorpius, but they would need to fight against this new threat. "I think I'll take the big one first.", said the entity he slowly went to Superion. However, before he could launch any sort of attack, it was quickly intercepted by a hero that had lunged at him. Warrior Angle had come out of nowhere and hit him like a truck going at 100 miles per hour. He tried to fight back at her, but her physical strength was far too great for him to have a chance of overcoming. She repeatedly bashed him in the face and chest in an attempt to call him out of this state of mind. "Mr. Surreal, get a hold of yourself! This isn't you!", she said as he repeated this assault. While he wasn't able best her on a physical level, he was able to best her on a magical one! He demonstrated as much by holding her with his telekinesis and launching her off him as few meters away. "Foolish girl, your friend is gone.", it said as it rose up.

Superion quickly flew over to the entity and used his frost breath to hold him in place and freeze him from the neck down. "RELEASE ME!", it screamed as Superion had finished his work. It struggled to for a couple of of moments, but quickly realized that it couldn't brake out of its icy prison. Before it could go on to cast a spell that would free it from its imprisonment, it mind was filled with images that were meant to calm Mister Surreal, courtesy of Blue Ghost herself. "Do you think that these disgusting images are going to do anything to me?!", it said as it refused the attack on its mind. It then began sending counter images into Blue Ghost's mind as a way to incapacitate her and take her out of the battle. It was taking affect on Blue Ghost as shown by her clutching her head in pain, but this was quickly interrupted when Apex launched several flash bang grenades at him as a way of blinding him.

"MY EYE!", The entity screamed in pain as the blinding light immediately took affect on the it, much to the satisfaction of Apex. As this was happening, Green Sentinel created a construct of a boxer and gave Mister Surreal a few swift hits across the face to keep him stunned. Between punches, a red blur sped by and increased the effectiveness of this assault had by giving a few punches of her own. This caused Mister Surreal to spit out a large amount of blood after the first couple of hits that she had given him. The pure amount of force that each hero was unleashing on the being was enough to break him out his frosty confinements and throw him right back onto the sand. It was at this point that Thunderstorm would seemingly finish off the attack by resting her hammer on his chest, only those who are worthy would be able to lift it.

No Caption Provided

The heroes all stepped back to see what had happened to him. With the eye that appeared Mister Surreal's head closed, they believed that they had saved their friend. But after a couple of seconds, the eye reopened and burned more brightly than it ever had. "ENOUGH!!!", screamed the entity through Mister Surreal's mouth. The affect was a massive blast of demonic power going over the heroes like a bomb that had been set off. Everyone, even Superion, was off their feet after this attack. "Don't you see? Your powers are nothing compared to mine. Your friend is a mere gateway into this world, a way of looking through the key hole. But with this body, I can bring some of my power into this realm. By the time that I'm finished, I will have every ounce of my true power in this universe", It then used its telepathy to command Thunderstorm to lift the hammer off of Mister Surreal's chest, resulting in it levitated back up to its feet.

The creature then floated up into the air and put a force-field around itself where it could safely preform spells away from the heroes. Superion was the first to get up, he flew up to Mister Surreal and punched the force-field, only to be sent flying back. Mister Surreal fired and energy bolt at the group, but missed due to Zephyr speeding everyone away at the very last second. Superion fired a blast of heat vision at the shield, Mister Surreal raised his hand in direction of the attack to strengthen the side that was being brunt. While this happened, Green Sentinel created a jet and fired three missiles at the shield, but they were destroyed with a destructive spell from Mister Surreal. He then tossed Green Sentinel to the side of the arena with a hand gesture, which caused him to be knocked out as soon as he hit the wall face first. Apex could only stand by and give out orders of how the team should attack.

"Sweet dreams!", the being cackled as it mocked Green Sentinel for his failed attack. Blue Ghost was still trying to distract Mister Surreal through the use of telepathic images, Apex and Warrior Angle was standing next to her as to make sure that she stayed safe. Superion and Thunderstorm were still trying break the shield with their range attacks, bu the shield repaired itself faster than the could damage it. Warrior Angle leaped up, and with all of her might she stabbed down on the shield. The result was her sword making a very small puncture on the top of it. "Impossible?!", said the being as it was shocked with this attack. At this time, all Zephyr could do was run around in circles thinking of something that he she could do, but it was when Apex saw that the shield could be broken through that she got an idea. She called over Thunderstorm and Zephyr to explain her plan.

No Caption Provided

As all the other heroes attacked, Mister Surreal casted all sorts of spells. He paralyzed Warrior Angle, he trapped Blue Ghost within her own mind and began to burn Superion alive. He didn't bother with Apex because she was just a "powerless mortal". But Apex then told Zephyr and Thunderstorm to begin their combined attack that she believed could turn the tied in this fight. Zephyr grabbed Thunderstorm by the legs and began to run around the arena and in order to build up as much speed as possible. Zephyr then ran the side of the arena as she was reached half the speed of light. Mister Surreal attempted to disintegrate the wall, But Zephyr was agile enough to stand on all of the stable sections. In annoyance, Mister Surreal looked at Apex and picked her up using his telepathy. "Apex, your bothering me.", he said as he began to tear her apart.

Her friends were forced to ignore the screams as they were getting closer and closer to the speed of light. Mister Surreal grinned sadistically as Apex's eyes began to role to the back of her skull. Right as Thunderstorm and Zephyr were about to crack the speed of light. In one final breath, Apex told them to launch the attack. And with that, Zephyr released Thunderstorm as she flew at the barrier. Thunderstorm drew as much lighting as she could into the hammer, before throwing at the shield protecting Mister Surreal with all her might. With an unfathomable force and energy and that the hammer carried, it came down on the shield and shattered it with a ball of electricity crackling in all directions over the arena. This caused Mister Surreal to drop Apex as he himself was sent flying back. Thunderstorm and Zephyr collapsed due to how exhausted they were.

Mister Surreal looked was knocked out cold by this attack, luckily he wasn't actually hit by the hammer, or there wouldn't be anything left to be knocked out. While the heroes rose to see if their friend was okay, he himself quickly rose up with his eyes literally on fire. "IS THAT THE BEST THAT YOU CAN DO?!", he said as he went into the air once again. All of the heroes were out of power and out of ideas, their only hope that was left was Helena turning off the aura.

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"Yes, mother."

Helena narrowed her eyes, glaring at the power ringed hero; her electric blue pupils looking as if they were going to disperse with energy and zap the hero any minute. "Did he just insult me by calling me a mother? He should be mindful of that tongue before I-" Helena shook her head again, her expression completely softening as she knocked some sense back into herself, and watched as the hero used what she liked to call, sorcery, to construct a magical green chain around the creature.

Scorpius hissed, thrashed, and writhed around like it was possessed by a Eidolon, attempting to break free from its constraints. The Eidolones were a bunch of spirits that possessed the living according to ancient literature, but surprisingly, the demigod knew very little about their existence. Helena did hear one tale that said Helen of Troy was actually an Eidolon, but the former princess did not have much evidence to prove that was true. Ready to spring into action as Green Sentinel held the agonized creature down, Helena twirled her sword in her hand and sprang toward the gigantic arachnid, but suddenly stopped dead in her tracks when Superion ordered Thunderstorm to slay the wailing arachnid beast instead.

~Slice it open, maybe that will kill it!~

"Wait, n--" The demigod attempted to shout, but held back the warning as the blond haired warrior hurled her hammer with a force great enough to propel herself into the sky like a rocket artillery missile being fired. Helena's face boiled with so much anger that her flawless fair skin had turned completely red, more redder than the chiton, Ares wore. The demigod watched as Thunderstorm dove back down, like a lightning bolt, and poured her whole wrath into the stomach of the gigantic creature, bringing an end to its existence. Helena clenched the hilt of her sword tightly, restricting the blood flow from her hand. Turning to Superion, Helena glared at the striking hero with her electric blue eyes that looked as if they were really flickering with lightning."Who do you think you are?! You think just because you are in charge of this little band of warriors you can hand my strategy to someone else?! I was going to slay the creature myself, which is why I told the green warrior to use his sorcery to entrap the mighty beast in the first place!" She shouted with the fury of an amazon, causing the audience to gasp in awe and Ares to clap his hands in amusement. The demigod felt nothing but contempt toward the hero, her body muscles were completely tensed, and she was giving off short-rapid breaths as if she was going to go berserk.

Realizing that she was about to fall under the influence of Ares, Helena shook her head roughly, her facial expression turning into a deep sadness. "Superion, I-I did not mean those foul words, forgive me." She said with shame and regret. Helena knew that wrathful woman was not her; she was naturally clever, witty, intelligent, among other things, but she also realized that maybe just maybe, the negative parts about her was being revealed through the power of Ares. The demigod shook her head again, attempting to keep the mistakes of her childhood from plaguing her mind. "Be mindful daughter, the blood of your Norsemen grandfather run through your veins." The words of her mother echoed through her mind. The demigod knew the turmoil stirring inside her mind and body was the result of Ares, but she just couldn't help but feel ashamed for allowing Ares to almost get to her.

With the corner of her eye, Helena noticed all too late, Mister Surreal succumbing to the Will of Ares, and the rage that burned deeply inside of him. "By the Gods......" The demigod murmured with sympathy for the agonizing sorcerer. This was all her fault; All of this could of been avoided if she had persuaded the heroes to leave.

"Can you please do something about that angry aura Ares is producing?"

Helena slightly nodded, but not before noticing the tensed muscles in Superion's face and the sweat trickling down his forehead. "Stay strong, Heracles. We need you in this fight." Her tone was worrisome, but she managed to give him a warm smile before moving quickly toward the center of the arena. Facing the opposite side of the battlefield, Helena glared at Ares who stood overlooking the podium with his hands still clasped behind his back.

Helena to Ares

"Lord Ares, enough! These heroes do not need to suffer any longer because of me. I am willing to die by your hand, but you need to release these brave warriors at once." Helena said with a diplomatic tone, hoping to reason with the God of War, like her mother, Athenais would.

Ares to Helena

"Do you take me for a fool, girl? I have been dealing with that same calculating brain since I was brought into existence, do you really think, I would fall for whatever plan you devised in that head of yours?" Ares asked with a sneer forming in his face. "Besides, do you really think I brought these insects here for no reason? My wrath upon them is long overdue, and they are just as vital to my plan as you are." Ares raised his fist and increased his aura.

No Caption Provided

The former princess narrowed her eyes in frustration as she tried to piece everything the God of War had just said, but her brain couldn't formulate anything that made sense, at least right now. From behind her, she could hear the battle raging between the heroes and Mister Surreal. She was running out of time. Feeling the intensity of the aura grow stronger, Helena's stomach began to boil as if she was a pot on a heated stove. Wrath, resentment, bitterness, that's all she felt now, but ten times worst. She could hear Ares whispering in her ear, telling her to finally let go and unleash all the anger that has been building up inside her since she was a teenager. "IS THAT THE BEST THAT YOU CAN DO?!", Helena heard the possessed sorcerer shout at the heroes. Having to use the last bit of her willpower to save her comrades from Mister Surreal, Helena drew her sword and hurled it at the God of War, hoping he would fall for the bait. With a wicked grin, Ares rose his arm, opened his palm, and halted the sword in midair with ease. "Foolish, girl. Do you really think you can best the God of War by simply tossing a sword at me? I now fail to see why you are considered a threat to the rule of Zeus." Ares laughed mockingly. Helena smirked, the plan had worked. Because of his arrogance and overconfidence, Ares did not realize by concentrating solely on the sword, he had lowered his aura enough for it not to be a threat. Having a deep passion for literature and knowledge, Helena simply used the God of War's overconfident, reckless, and arrogant behavior to her advantage. Ares indeed was a force not to be reckoned with, but the flaws in his personality hindered him from his true potential as a God of War.

"I believe you are the unwise one, Ares. No wonder, Athena has bested you numerous of times. You know, I would not blame the Olympians for preferring her as their tactician." Helena strategically mocked the God, hoping to get him angry enough to drop the rest of the aura. The demigod knew that as a God, Ares could of kept his aura up at full power and stop her sword simultaneously, but she was not going to reveal his mistake, no matter how much she wanted to prove to him that he wasn't perfect. Ares eye sockets flared up like a mushroom cloud at the insult. "YOU DARE MOCK M---" Before the God of War could complete his sentence, something strange happened. Perched on top of the Imperial Box, two large, mysterious looking birds with inky black feathers, a sharp beak, covered in a green aura, appeared out of nowhere, grating harshly, and catching everyone's attention, including the audience. Helena tilted her head sideways in curiosity. "Are those...ravens?" She asked herself with a perplexed look on her face.

No Caption Provided

Ares eye sockets glowed a little hotter, ready to donate again like a nuclear bomb. "HE DARES INSULT THE GOD OF WAR BY COMING HERE?!" The war god shouted, causing the audience to jump from their seats and the whole arena to tremble with such great power. "I'll show him true honor in fighting." Ares said, gesturing his servants to release the next wave of enemies. Helena did not understand what was going on or why Ares reacted to the sounds of the strange looking ravens, but whatever the reason, she did not care as she noticed the aura was no longer being produced. Before turning around, Helena silently said a prayer to Dionysus, God of Vine, Grape Harvest, Winemaking, Wine, Religious Ecstasy, Theatre, and Madness. Hoping that Mister Surreal reverted back to normal, Helena turned to face the heroes, hoping the madness had subsided, so they can face their next threat together.


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@mister_surreal: @shield-maiden:

As a any runner will tell you, it's possible for someone to gain a second wind and to become energized enough to keep going. Superion and his friends get their second wind and are ready to keep dealing with Mr. Surreal. They have faced bigger threats than him and beaten them. He cannot stand against their combined might for long even as powerful as he happens to be. Superion and his friends have a habit of holding back and so they didn't want to kill the Sorcerer. Unfortunately, that meant that Mr. Surreal proved tougher to take down as he has successfully withstood their attacks. But Superion knows the possessed Sorcerer couldn't keep it up forever.

"Who do you think you are?! You think just because you are in charge of this little band of warriors you can hand my strategy to someone else?! I was going to slay the creature myself, which is why I told the green warrior to use his sorcery to entrap the mighty beast in the first place!"

No Caption Provided

Superion's eyes blaze red with barely contained fury as Helena screams at him, questioning his orders. As he speeds his way right in front of her in the span of an eyeblink, hands clenched at his sides, he is about to rip her a new one when Helena suddenly says,

"Superion, I-I did not mean those foul words, forgive me."

Superion folds his massive arms across his chest, giving her a look that speaks volumes: Don't let it happen again,he tells her with the sheer amount of rage written all over his handsome face. His expression is such that there is simply no arguing with him and if one does, then the expression on his face let's that person know, in this case Helena, that he is definitely implying 'or else'. But that was thanks to Ares' angry aura and not what Superion truly feels.

"Stay strong, Heracles. We need you in this fight." Her tone was worrisome, but she managed to give him a warm smile before moving quickly toward the center of the arena.

The gentle smile and kind encouragement manages to shred away some of the anger from Superion as his expression softens. Why Helena called him Heracles, he doesn't know. Perhaps Superion reminds her of him. Either way, Superion regains enough sense to regret giving her such an angry look.

As the angry aura increased, Apex cannot take it anymore. Not a moment after she rises to her feet, she flies into a berserker rage and unsheathes her claws. Her first target, Mr. Surreal. Screaming with unholy fury, she lunges herself at him, slashing at his force field with nearly unbreakable claws with a speed that no human eye can follow as she tries desperately. Superion also cannot take it anymore wither as he is overcome with rage. As he flies over to Mr. Surreal's force field and begins unleashing mountain shattering punches upon it, his fists moving so fast that they break the sound barrier. In the span of seconds, he's already unleashed thousands of blows as he attempts to shatter Mr. Surreal's defenses. Hal Knight follows suit with his own uncontained fury, using his ring to launch missile after missile on Mr. Surreal's force field.

Warrior Angel, Thunderstorm, Blue Ghost and Zephyr look up at their friends attacking Mr. Surreal anew. But around this time, the angry aura weakens thanks to Helena's efforts. Able to think more clearly now, Warrior Angel speaks through the telepathic link, ~STOP! Physical force is not enough to stop him! Maybe eventually, but I know of a better way. Blue Ghost, I'll need your help with this. I have a plan. The rest of you, I need you to distract him.~

So, Thunderstorm flies up in front of Mr. Surreal as the rest of the heroes stop attacking and the Master of Thunder and Lightning smiles kindly at him, "Your not Mr. Surreal, you have possessed him. To whom am I speaking with?"

Superion hears Ares rage at Helena, but keeps watching Thunderstorm do her thing. As she does, hopefully garnering a response from the possessed Mr. Surreal, Warrior Angel comes up from behind the Sorcerer, hopefully unnoticed. With the Blue Ghost's help, Warrior Angel uses her power of Empathy to try and establish a connection with Mr. Surreal. Should this work, Warrior Angel looks at Green Sentinel, who has calmed down enough to listen to reason, ~Add your will to mine, in fact, everyone lay your hands on Green Sentinel and on me. Our combined will can help me do what is necessary.~

With everyone but Helena's will added to what Warrior Angel is attempting to do, she tries to speak into Mr. Surreal's mind, ~Remember who you are. This is your body, you must fight this possession. Ares aura is weakened and you must fight this, Mr. Surreal. Our strength is added to yours, combined we can beat this monster who has possessed you and banish him back to where he came. Mr. SURREAL! REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE AND FIGHT!~ Warrior Angel has managed to calm Mr. Surreal down with her power before. Now that her power is being amplified, she is hoping she can do so again and bring Mr. Surreal back from wherever it is that he's been banished to.

Hopefully, this tactic works and if it does then it's just in the nick of time as the next wave of enemies hit. And not a moment too soon either since Apex is still lost in her rage, being held back only by restrains made from Green Sentinel's power ring. Now he throws her at the nearest Cyclops and where Apex unleashes her fury upon him by taking out his single eye and the monster screams in agony. The giant's eye heals and regrows before it retaliates and the two enter into an epic battle.

As the rest of the Cyclops enter the fray, Superion notices they have the same powers as as his friends. Superion takes on the one that seems to have his powers and his friends all do the same. Superion thinks of something, ~Just because they have our powers doesn't mean they have our experience, use that against them.~ He says through the telepathic link, ~And if they possess our weaknesses, use that against them too even if you have to switch opponents.~

It is a sound strategy and Superion and his friends enter the fray with renewed energy and a new sense of determination. Should the Cyclops possess the same weaknesses as our heroes, then Green Sentinel uses his ring to re-create Chrysonite to beat the one who has copied Superion's powers, the Blue Ghost uses her telepathy to disrupt the Cyclops thoughts who has copied Green Sentinel's powers. Unable to form a coherent thought means the Cyclops cannot use his powers and the Blue Ghost KO's the giant with a single uppercut. With their numbers dwindling, it's only a matter of time before the others are taken down as well. That leaves only two left: The Cyclops who has copied Mr. Surreal's powers and the one who has copied Helena's powers.

Meanwhile, the Cyclops that has the same powers as Mr. Surreal, should the Sorcerer be free of possession, comes after him, using powerful magical energy to try and defeat him.

The Cyclops that has copied Helena's powers comes at her with sword and shield, trying to land a killing blow upon the young heroine.

(OOC: Feel free to control the Cyclops who have copied your guys powers).

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@shield-maiden: @superion_prime:

The being flew into the air once again as it prepared to unleash yet another devastating attack on the heroes, its power being decreased only in the smallest capacity. "Did you truly believe that you could defeat me so easily?! Your abilities are inconsequential to mine!", it shouted without giving so much as an amused smirk as it had before. The creature didn't even give off a smirk of condescension as it scorned the group's efforts to defeat it. It had now run out of patience with the heroes as far as dealing with their attacks had gone. However, before it had the chance to make the first attack, it saw an infuriated Apex launching at it. It quickly raised its arms in a defensive position before the blades had the chance to make their mark by burrowing deeply into his flesh. "I see that the mortal has come to reclaim their place in the group, such an attempt will sadly fall short.", said the creature as it repelled Apex's numerous slashes with nothing but a few hand gestures. Superion then flew at the creature and began a barrage of punches that were likely faster than any machine gun that had ever been fired. This did notable damage to the force-field, but wasn't great enough to break through it.

"This is pathetic, your deaths will be swift.", said the creature as it fired back at the two superheroes who were viscously attacking his defence. As this went on, the sound of the air being ripped apart could be heard by both entire battlefield and the stadium. The sound was soon followed by an explosion that had covered a large portion of the shield held up by being controlling Mister Surreal in a blaze of green fire. The creature was surprised by this attack and was momentarily stunned by how sudden this next wave of threat had come. It was however able to get over the feeling and mange to swat away a large number of the attacks sent by Green Sentinel. The attacks wouldn't stop though, as shown by the number of missiles that would keep on falling down the shield as more progress was being made to set destroy it. But all of these attacks proved to be meaningless in the end, with all of the damage that she been done to the shield being reversed and even less damage being brought to the being who controlled Mister Surreal. However, a more effective strategy was being formulated.

After a noticeable amount of time, Thunderstorm flew up and went directly in front of the being that controlled Mister Surreal as it raised its arms, ready fend off an attack. She asked if he was possessed and who the being in front of her actually was, the answer being one that she certainly did want to have receive. "My name the Voljhim, The Scourge. And it is an honor for you to be acquainted.", it said as it bowed in a theatrical manner. "Your friend is not so much being possessed but is having who he truly is revealed for all of you to see. And the appearance must not be quite as pleasing as you had hoped it to be." Yet another cruel expression had emerged and found its way on the face of the being, almost as if to make Thunderstorm herself angry. Fortunately, the next step of the plan was being enacted at the time that this exchange between Thunderstorm and Voljhim was taking place. Warrior Angle made a mental connection to Mister Surreal in an attempt to bring him back to being in control of his body, making this a very difficult mission to accomplish.

Mister Surreal could here the voice of Warrior Angle calling for him in the depths of his mind. "Warrior Angle, is that you?", he said as he heard her voice bounce around the abyss that he was stranded in. Once he got conformation that she was in fact who she stated he was, he listened to her instructions to the best of his abilities. Even though he was in a greatly weakened state, he could still muster enough energy to do as he was instructed. He joined his will power of everyone else so that they could muster as much power as possible. "What are you doing?!", shouted Voljhim as it made a failed attempt to break the connection among the group of heroes. "Getting my body back!", said Mister Surreal to Voljhim. In one final blow, the group launched their will power through each other and in turn into Mister Surreal. Voljhim was sent out of his mind promptly, only to return to the dimension that it had come from, followed by the eye leaving and the hole in the mage's head gone as well. Mister Surreal who had now returned to his body and was exhausted from the whole ordeal, which lead to him falling down in a collapsed state.

After he regained a good amount of strength, he got up and went to his allies. "I am so sorry for all of the trouble that I have caused, this was not the intention that I had in mind. This was my fault." The sorcerer had a face that disclosed the shame that he felt in every sense, but a prolonged conversation would have to wait. A group of cyclopses had now entered arena, just as menacingly as any of the opponents that the group had met before. It was also revealed that during this time that these cyclopses also had the abilities of one respective member of the group. Which would be something that should have be investigated later in order to discern more information about how this worked. Superion gave the strategy of what to do to each member of the group, which had them agree to his orders and them understand what they were going to do. They were battling opponents who mimicked their abilities, but they knew how to defeat them. All they had to do was play on the weaknesses of the enemy that they were fighting. Seeing as how these heroes knew their own capabilities and weakness thoroughly, this was something that they had an advantage in.

Mister Surreal would be battling another magic user with powers that defied logic and reality itself, but this opponent was in no way and omnipotent. Not only that, but the mortality that this opponent had would also work in the favour of Mister Surreal. The very first thing he did when his enemy came towards him was transport them to different dimension. This dimension existed in the same physical space as the battlefield but was not able to interact with it, so they were still in the arena. The sand could be seen and audience could still he heard. The other combatants were facing their own enemies at this time and had no idea where Mister Surreal had disappeared to with his. The cyclops started the battle by firing a later blast of magical energy to immobilize Mister Surreal, but wouldn't be able to defeat him that easily. Mister Surreal was able to deflect the attack and follow it with his own. The air around the cyclops would condense, making it hard to breathe. But it put up a shield that would allow it live survive under the conditions for a limited amount of time. This was what Mister Surreal was hoping for.

No Caption Provided

The cyclops rose into the air and fired a beam ofenergy, one that would turn anything that it came into contact with into concrete. Mister Surreal held the beam back and curled it backwards as a way repelling the ability back onto the person who had sent it. This had the cyclops stop and change the form of attack, but Mister Surreal was was already making an assault with another attack of his own. Several portals opened up around the cyclops, all of them being ones that Mister Surreal had sustained. The sorcerer the fired dozens of mystical bolts through the portals as the cyclops defended itself. The number of bolts blast as that were coming at it were to much to handle, so it left its safety of the shield and launched itself at Mister Surreal. It's fist was covered with a cloud of pure mystical energy that would vaporize its enemy with ease, only to have Mister Surreal dodge this attack before any attempt to respond to it could be made. Mister Surreal then tripped the cyclops with some magical strings as it quickly made its way up to regain a proper position in this battle between them. The creature fell with little coordination and was enraged at the entire matter having happened in the first place.

It attempted to defeat its enemy by having the ground beneath it open up and sink Mister Surreal in its depths. But the attack was quickly made useless by the fact that Mister Surreal could easily propel himself upwards and away from any sort of danger. He hovered in the sky as he threw down a series of mystical weapons at the lumbering cyclops, but was deflected by yet another shield created by the enemy. At this time, Mister Surreal would see that the cyclops was quickly becoming tired by the battle that was taking place. It them decided to throw the shields as a weapon and hit the opposing mage. Mister Surreal then spread his hands and shattered the shield on impact, but at the same time feeling the pain of the impact as he clenched his jaw to deal with the force the attack. He twisted arms and began to sink the cyclops into the ground, encasing it in the environment in a way that would take a large amount of soffit in order to get out of. The cyclops went to confuse Mister Surreal creating a vibrational effect the in environment that would function the same way that great heat would work on air molecules.

This however would not work on Mister Surreal who soften this effect and cause it wither away as he cleared the air with a quick wave of his hands, clearing the air with great effect. He then went down and set a new bunch of attacks onto the cyclops. He crafted pads of mystical energy and set out numerous kicks and punches with swifts bursts of power. The cyclops was having great trouble in this case, the intensity of the attacks was more than enough for Mister Surreal to finish off his opponent in a way that would make sure that it would not be able to enter battle again. The cyclops could barely move, it was drained of too much energy to stop Mister Surreal from

attacking, proving that his plan had worked. Mister Surreal had attacked it in such a way that it used enormous amounts of energy to counter those attacks. Mister Surreal then used this state to give more attacks that would wear down the cyclops and lead it to being helpless to threat of that would needed to fend off against. Mister Surreal raised his hand again and made his final attack. After creating the proper spell, he sent his enemy crashing into the previous dimension with everyone else.

Mister Surreal stepped forward and looked around the battlefield, hoping that his allies had defeated their enemies.

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Helena's tensed shoulders relaxed as the band of heroes were able to get through the heroic sorcerer. She figured Warrior Angel was the one to do the finishing blow to whatever Ares had awoken inside Mister Surreal. Regardless, the demigod was just pleased to see the magical hero revert to his normal self; she couldn't bare having more guilt added onto her conscious, not after what happened to her as a child. Helena truly felt that everything happening to these heroes was her fault and she just couldn't picture herself ever being the same again if these heroes were to fall in this wretched place. "Did Ares summon these heroes here in order to exploit my weakness? Did he know of my past?" Possibilities flooded the demigods mind as she silently thought, the muscles on her face forming into a perplexed look. Dismissing the thoughts, Helena approached the heroes and glanced over to Mister Surreal.

"Do not be sorry, you were not in control." She gave off a slight nod to the supreme sorcerer. Secretly, she was forming five different ways to take him down if he became bewitched again. One possibility was summoning large boulders of stone by slamming her fists in the ground and then hurling the boulders at the magicians force-field. She knew the force-field would hold up since it was capable of withstanding the might of Superion, but she was hoping the boulders rapidly hitting the force-field would weaken the magicians hold, at least enough for her to propel herself behind the last boulder that was tossed, and hit the shield with a punch strong enough to shatter a mountain, all in unison with the heroes attacks. The second option was Helena's favorite: deceit and stalling. She hoped with the second option, she could get the bewitched hero to attack Ares instead and then have Warrior Angel and Blue Ghost solve the problem permanently with their abilities while his guard was down. The last tactic was Helena's least favorite as she knew the cost of unleashing this power. The former princess promised herself to never use these abilities, not after what happened. The last option consisted of Helena removing her bracers, unleashing a dangerous hidden power. Once removed, the demigod would gain a massive boost of strength, but also be able to summon the powers of the Gods both Greek and Norse to some extent, at least according to the man and woman that tricked her. The only problem with this power is that, keeping the wrist-guards off for an extended period of time, would cause her to lose control of that power and then become a threat to everyone around her, even her allies; she would go into a viking berserk rage where she would lose her intelligence, strategic thinking, and her training until her bracers were slid back on. That is why her mother warned her to never remove her bracers and to learn from her mistake.

Looking down at her bracers, Helena prayed to the Gods that she wouldn't have to unleash this power. Not only was it strategically risky, it would also put those fighting alongside her in great peril. Her greatest fear was that one of these heroes would fall in battle because of her, but unleashing this hidden power would be fulfilling the very same fear that she is so desperately trying to prevent. "Athena, grant me a sound mind." Helena silently prayed. Seconds after her prayer, the demigod's mind felt at ease as if a wave just swept all the anxiety away. "Unleashing this curse upon the corrupt sorcerer will indeed aid the plans of Ares, but only if I manage to slay one of the heroes, which is unlikely as I am dealing with seven powerful individuals who fight like Spartans. I am aware of the risk, but I trust each individual here to prevent me from committing such a heinous act." She said with confidence as she calculated all the possibilities, good and bad. If need be, Helena stood ready to remove her bracers and pour her wrath upon the magical hero.

"Boo!" The entire crowd jeered. "We want death!" The crowd sitting on the opposite side of the arena roared. "Fight! Fight!" They all began to shout in unison for blood. Helena couldn't help but glare at the spectaculars. She detested the Roman Empire for many reasons: Disrespecting the role of Athena, making Ares into some type of guardian of their civilization, corrupting the names and personalities of the Gods, invading and conquering Greece, and creating the Colosseum. Despite the fall of the Roman Empire, their influence still lived on, which is why this place still existed. "SILENCE!" Ares shouted, silencing the crowd with the flick of his hand, his eye sockets burning with nuclear flames. "Do you all not trust your God? The God of War?!" His voice boomed, causing the audience to shift uneasily in their seats. "I thought so. Now return to enjoying my gift, trust that I shall dispose of these insignificant heroes, or else....." The nuclear flames in Ares eyes flared brighter, causing the crowd to shriek in their seat, before he turned his attention to the two ravens.

Helena tilted her head in curiosity. "Why did the presence of two ravens enrage the God of War?" She asked herself in thought, attempting to figure out her own question as if she was trying to solve a word game. The two ravens were abnormal for sure; their bodies emitted a green aura and their beaming white phantom eyes flickered rapidly as if they were a camera, capturing every moment that occurred in the arena. The demigod was indeed curious about the two ominous creatures, but she first wanted to figure out why Ares had reacted that way when they first caught his attention.

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Pushing aside her curious thoughts, Helena's electric blue eyes gazed upon the entrance on the opposite side of the arena. The once wooden gate that separated the enslaved from their deaths was completely knocked over from Helena's encounter with the Sphinx, leaving only a wide opening into a dark passageway of misery. Clenching her fist tightly, the demigod awaited for the next contenders, her ears picking up the sound of growling mixed with groaning and large thumping. "Brace yourselves." She told the fellow heroes. Suddenly, a group of humanoid giants emerged from the shadows of the opposite side entrance, their bodies smashing through the tight open gateway. The burly giants were fifteen feet tall, had hairy arms, a muscular body twice the size of Heracles, broad shoulders, slumped backs, a hairy chest, facial features that resembled a hideous ogre mixed with human features, and an eye in the middle of their forehead that surveyed the arena. "Wild Cyclopes!" Helena shouted. Many believed a cyclops was just a cyclops, but the former princess knew otherwise. Growing up as a child, the demigod remembered learning the different species of Cyclopes: The Wild Cyclopes, Elder Cyclopes, Cyclops Sheep Herders, and Ocean Cyclopes. Helena knew these particular Cyclopes belonged to the wild faction due to the foul stench that emitted from their bodies as if they bathed in sewer waste, they wore large necklaces around their necks with the heads of their victims as beads, and they wore tattered triangular loincloths.

Stomping toward the heroes, Helena watched as the cyclopes and the warriors met one another in battle. "Death to the heroes!" The audience hollered as the one-eyed giants and heroes clashed. The demigod quickly realized that the giants had somehow gained their abilities, but before she could call it out, Superion announced through the telepathic link.

~Just because they have our powers doesn't mean they have our experience, use that against them.~

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Helena surveyed the arena, looking for her cyclops doppelganger, but he was nowhere to be seen. "Where in Hera's name i--" Before she could complete her sentence, a voice growled above her. "DEATH TO DEMIGOD!" The cyclops was coming down on her with both of its large hands gripped tightly and lifted above its head, attempting to flatten her like a pancake. Calculating the right time to move, Helena stood patiently as the one-eyed humanoid descended slowly from her perception. Coming inches to smashing her into the ground, Helena dashed sideways as the cyclops landed and slammed its fist into the sandy ground where she once stood. "Eh, did I smash demigod?" The cyclops asked stupidly. Using the cyclops low IQ and stance, Helena quickly ran up the one-eyed humanoid hairy arm, unsheathed her sword, and jabbed her sword into its one eye."Give Polyphemus, my regards." Helena said before removing her sword and leaping off the giant as it bellowed in pain, causing the entire foundation of the arena to tremble. "Brotha!" A voice shouted from behind her, but before she could react, she was suddenly smacked aside with a shield by her real cyclops doppelganger. The crowd went wild as Helena skittered across the battlefield and crashed into the arena wall, creating small cracks that looked like spiderwebs.

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@superion_prime: @shield-maiden:

Mister Surreal looked around the battlefield just moments after defeating his own cyclops counterpart and launching him into ground, hoping that his friends had managed to defeat their own enemies. He looked around only to realize that the battle was far from over, with the other cyclopes still attacking the heroes. "I need to do something.", he thought as he mind turned to finding a way to deal with the immediate matter at hand. He thought of joining the other heroes in their skirmish with their enemies, but realized that there was likely another way to deal with these enemies rather than facing them head on into battle. Attacking them would likely make little difference due to Ares always having another plan in order to give the heroes even more trouble. As Matthew kept thinking, he quickly felt a large force bash against his face at extraordinarily speed, causing him to fall to the ground as a searing pain began to set in. Mouth filled with sand as his vision became blurry and disoriented along with the rest of his senses.

It was very difficult for him to go through this experience so soon after have his mind imprisoned and his body taken over. The amount of the pain the had felt in his head after the entire event was realizing itself once again, no doubt because of the massive impact that he felt after without even seeing what it was that hit him. He lay in the dirt as blood slowly poured from his nose and stained the dirt, the sun beating down on his head as the battle raged on without him. "I must find a different way.", was all that his mind could manage to muster with the immense amount of disorientation that he was feeling after the most recent assault on his physical being. He lay there for a good couple of seconds before getting of to his knees and raising himself so that he was now standing. He began to wipe the sand off of his face with his hand waving gently on his own cheek in an effort to clean himself, but was met with the help of his cloak that as it wiped the blood stains from his nose before it became to difficult for it to be removed. "Thank you.", he said as his cloak finished wiping off what was left of the residue off of his face.

He flew into the air as he scanned the area beneath him, wondering if there was something that he could do from that height to help the other heroes as they went up against their enemies. While he initially planned intervene when he saw that any of them in particular were having trouble overcoming the current threat, he thought of a different way of helping the people down there and ending the conflict. His eyes turned to the God of War who was still stitching on his throne that allowed him to oversee the battle from the top of the colosseum, his face looking no less amused by the events of the battle than they did when this entire situation set into motion in the beginning. Matthew knew that this was his only chance to be able to make s true difference in the fight against the monsters that they were dealing with, it was this or fighting a battle that would only end with heroes somehow escaping the grasp of Ares, or them falling victim to the battle that they were being forced to fight in. If he floated there idly by as all these heroes were facing their own opponents, then he would be no more useful than if he was still in that different dimension. "I hope this works.", he thought to himself as he floated up to Ares.

Matthew was no stranger to negotiating with powerful beings of sinister nature, it was after all apart of his job to to settle disputes that any beings of supernatural had between Earth or anyone who was concerned with it. But Ares would be the most one of the most difficult enemies that he would have to deal with in his entire carrier, not only because of the fact that he was a Greek god who felt that he was entitled to do whatever pleased him, but also because of the fact that this was the god of war who was that he was talking to. Ares was undeniably one of the most stubborn gods in all of the Greek pantheon, which was a true testament to how incredibly headstrong he was due to having siblings like his younger brother Zeus, someone who was greatly flawed in his own right. He was also extremely sadistic and short tempered in nature, which was a trait that was only expected of someone in his position power as well as the domain that he ruled over. Mister Surreal floated up to the god of war as his cloak trailed behind him in the breeze, his displayed a looked of great seriousness as they were matched by Ares who countered his look by giving the sorcerer an unconcerned look of apathy. "I would like to have a word with you.", the sorcerer said as he stared down the deity.

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Ares didn't seem to be particularly interested with whatever the sorcerer has to say, he seemed to be far more mentally engaged with the "glorious" battle that raged on beneath the two with each passing moment. "I need to speak with you.", Mister Surreal demanded as he he stood his ground without any hint of fear on his eyes, confidence was an important thing for him to have to if he wanted to gain any amount of success with the god of war and his agenda. Ares's eyes lazily rolled over to the sorcerer's as he kept his hands pointed together in an upside down "v" shape, the lack of interest in what the mage had to say was made even more evident with glazed and mildly irritated look that he had in his eyes. "I want to negotiate a way to settle our problem without any violence being pursued further.", Mister Surreal said as he kept his brow lowered and his eyes darted ahead of himself. Ares on the other hand didn't show that he took the matter as seriously as sorcerer did, if he did take the matter seriously in any measure that was. Ares looked back at the sorcerer with a somewhat passive look in his eyes that expressed how little he cared about the issues that the magic user wanted to resolve, but he decided to humor the sorcerer just for the sake of hearing what he had to say. "What is it that you want.", he asked.

"All I want is for you to let these heroes go free.", Mister Surreal said as he began to make his case. "You don't need to continue your current plan.", he continued. Ares' eyes had now gone from as passive look to one that has now been awakened by an infuriating presence that was all to familiar to the heroes, with them having suffered due to the amount of rage that he felt on a regular bases. Ares had now his eyes burn with a blaze of anger as his eyes stared back at the sorcerer, his face further helping displaying an unamused look of fury with the sides of his mouth curling downwards with a look of anguish. "I have grown so very tired of you urchins coming to me with your pathetic bargains, as if I would be one to take interest in your diplomacy.", the god of war said as his words were now seeping with hatred. "But even if a were interested, what could you possibly give me.", he asked as he glared at the magic user. Mister Surreal was now looking at a very infuriated Ares who was in no mood to be dealing with any nonsense that the sorcerer could throw his way, or at least anything that he would perceive as being nonsense. Mister Surreal knew that he would be making an enormous sacrifice with major implications of he carried on, but made his case none the less. "If you let them, go I will become your slave.", he said with a solemn tone of voice.

Ares' eyes cooled and his brow was now raised after hearing the offer made by the a avid user. "I'm listening.", he said he sat up with intrigue.

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@mister_surreal: @shield-maiden:(OOC: Great posts you two! ^_^)

Superion keeps communicating with his teammates and even orders to switch opponents. Among the Super-Hero community, switching opponents is called Castling. It's sometimes used as a tactic to throw their opponents off guard. Unfortunately, Mr. Surreal and Helena seem to be a little too busy to switch opponents so it was up to Superion and the rest of his friends.

Superion uses his speed to dodge an attack by the Cyclops that has his powers, but instead of attacking him, Superion simply flies faster than any freight train and slams into Green Sentinel's opponent while Hal creates Chrystonite and smashes it across the Cyclops that has copied Superion's powers. That Cyclops drops like a sack of potatoes and that confirms Superion's theory that they share their weaknesses too. While the Cyclops with Green Sentinel's powers is a formidable opponent, he has very little knowledge on how to properly use his power. So, Superion overwhelms the Cyclops with hundreds of punches thrown at super-speed, all of which create mini-sonic booms as his fists break the sound barrier. And soon, another Cyclops is down. The others do the same and switch opponents, using their weaknesses to their advantage in order to take them down. However, Thunderstorm's opponent proves to be the most problematic so Superion helps Warrior Angel take down that particular Cyclops, along with a little help from Zephyr as well.

By the time it was all said and done, Superion hears Mr. Surreal's proposal to Ares. Shocked that the magician would even think of such a desperate measure, the hero tries to stop him, "Mr. Surreal, don't! This isn't the way to end things, we'll find a better way!"

In the meantime, Warrior Angel sees Helena hit the wall of the Coliseum and crack it upon impact. She rushes to Helena's side, checking to see if the woman is okay. From the outside, she appears to be fine. But looks can be deceiving, "I am here, my friend! I shall help you take down this foul monster. Can you continue and fight?"

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Ares, the God of War, Violence, Battelust, and Rage, did not know whether to swat the mortal like the insignificant insect he was or commend him for his nobleness. No slave has ever dared to stand before the presence of the God of War and make an offering as if they were somehow free to do so. Not only that, but no slave has ever dared to approach him without being called upon. The Sorcerer Supreme proved that he was no ordinary slave, he showed courage above all else and that is something the God of War admired dearly. "Sorcerer. I must say you continue to intrigue me." Ares rose from his throne and approached the podium, now facing the floating sorcerer with his empty eye sockets, drifting with smoke and waiting to catch on fire. "You have fought valiantly for a sorcerer and for that you have earned my respect. But tell me this. Why would I grant such a request when you are already my dog?" He asked with a wicked grin spreading across his handsome brutal face-the face of a soldier and a model. Ares presence alone was strong enough to manipulate the negative emotions inside of the magical hero, but he decided to put all his power into the last word he spewed, hoping to induce the hero to do his will.

"Tell you what, sorcerer. For your unwavering courage on the battlefield, I am willing to offer you a deal of my own." The God snapped his fingers and the two servants came rushing forward with a tray containing a single goblet filled with nectar."Mr. Surreal, don't! This isn't the way to end things, we'll find a better way!" Superion affirmed, hoping to reason with his newly friend. "Superion, trust my judgement; This is all part of my plan to get us all out of this." The magical hero said through the telepathic link. "Prove your sincerity to me by becoming my instrument of wrath. Embrace the being that stirs inside of you and dispose of these insignificant heroes and then you shall become my champion." Ares lifted the goblet off the tray before waving his servants off as if they were disposable trash. Ares had centuries of combat experience, a tactical and strategic genius. He was present when the Entente Powers presented the Central Powers with the Treaty of Versailles, so he knew when someone was trying to deceive him just like the Allied Powers did to the proud German Empire. "You must understand, sorcerer, sparing these swine will only impede my war effort and that is something I cannot allow. So the other option I give you is for you to die honorably with the rest of those insects," Ares raised the goblet to his lips, taking a small sip before lowering the goblet. "The choice is yours, Sorcerer Supreme, but understand, I am offering you something that many of my foes do not receive, mercy," He continued. "Now get out of my sight, you are preventing me from enjoying the bloodshed." Ares bellowed, letting out a roar so fierce it sounded as if an army of warriors from different periods were charging into the arena, shouting battle cries in unison.

The Sorcerer Supreme tried to react swiftly, attempting to form a durable construct with the motion of his hands, but the roar of Ares was unexpected and too fast for the magical hero to shield himself in time. Taking the blunt force of the menacing roar, Mister Surreal was knocked back, pushed far away from the presence of the War God. Seeing the sorcerer sail above him, Green Sentinel used his imagination to make a large construct of a baseball glove and caught the magical hero. "You okay, buddy?" The green hero asked with a smirk as if to say "we told you so." Ares bared his teeth at the sight of the construct hero, he was all too familiar with that annoying ring. Mister Surreal allowed his cloak to dust him off before nodding at Green Sentinel. "I am indeed, but I am afraid negotiating with Ares is impossible, his thirst for war and bloodshed is immense." He telepathically said.

Meanwhile, Helena landed on one knee and watched as Warrior Angel rushed to her aid. "I am here, my friend! I shall help you take down this foul monster. Can you continue and fight?" The former princess cracked her neck and rotated her shoulder blades backwards. "Trust me, it did not phase me," She smiled. "I shall distract him, you do the finishing-blow when the opportunity presents itself." Helena ordered. Deep down, she didn't want any help, she couldn't bare to lose anyone else because of her foolish mistakes from the past, but she knew Warrior Angel would not take no for an answer, there was a deep connection between them that compelled them to protect one another.

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"You killed my brother, I shall feast on your bones, puny demigod!" The doppelganger giant bellowed. Helena charged at the one-eyed giant with a battle cry, but noticed the other heroes charging right beside her. "Distract him! We shall handle this. If Ares desires entertainment, then we shall give it to him." Helena said as she charged. The heroes all attacked the giant from every direction, causing him to snarl in frustration, turning back and forth in confusion. The demigod knew the giant had her intelligence, but it lacked one crucial element-her experience on how to use that intelligence during battle. She also knew he was slow due to his size and used this to her advantage by ordering the heroes to distract him while she and Warrior Angel did the finishing-blow. As the giant was distracted, Helena quickly climbed onto his back and dug her fingers into his eye, carefully steering him toward Warrior Angel. "Now!" Helena shouted, unsheathing her sword and tossing it at the young warrior. Leaping into mid-air, Warrior Angel caught the sword with one hand, griped the hilt with both hands, lifted it over her head, and then slammed the long blade into the chest of the giant. The cyclops bellowed as the young warrior traced the blade downwards and slid down to the floor, slitting its chest and stomach, which then created a large wound on its abdomen that exposed the intestines. Helena somersaulted backwards before the one-eyed humanoid collapsed onto the sandy floor and succumbed to its wounds. "You fight like a warrior from Atholis." The demigod complimented Warrior Angel with a smile before rushing over to the other heroes to await their next challenge.

Ares clapped his hands with an amused look forming on his face. "How did you all enjoy the start of my trials? Are your muscles awake? Good! Because the real challenge has just begun." The God of War roared with laughter. With the flick of a hand, the heroes suddenly found themselves surrounded by the two Laistrygonian Giants from the dungeon cell, a small squad of Centaurs, and another squad of Spartoi. "How about we add casualties of war into this mix?" As he said this, a hot, dry wind blew toward the spectators of the Colosseum, causing them all to stand up in a trance of anger. "Kill them all." The War God ordered and watched in amusement as the spectators jumped into the arena, completely controlled by their rage.

Watching as this all unfolded, Helena began to assess everything that happened from the very beginning till now, when the truth suddenly dawned upon her. "He is correct, this is only the beginning," She warned telepathically. "We need to change our current strategy if we wish to come out of this unscathed. Ares intends to win this battle by deteriorating us to the point of submission. Think about it, he has the resources and manpower to prolong this conflict for as long as he desires, it is the only reason he has been committing a series of small-scale attacks instead of unleashing his full might." Helena said as she began to formulate a plan in her brain. "Our only chance of success is getting Ares to challenge us himself and the only way to do that is to infuriate and hurt his pride." She continued as she began to remember everything she ever learned about the God of War during her studies as a child. "Do you know why Athena always conquered Ares?" She asked. "It is because she understood his weaknesses and pit them against him. Ares is naturally foolhardy, proud, and arrogant, he is prone to make crucial mistake if we pit those weaknesses against him."

"So we just insult the guy and we win? Oh happy day! Callooh! Callay!"Zephyr blurted through the telepathic link. "Enough for him to challenge us himself, indeed," Helena replied. "I believe we all were summoned here for a reason, use his grievances toward you to your advantage if there is one. Now, let us deal with the current situation at hand while simultaneously commencing my tactic." She pointed toward the army surrounding her, including the innocent bystanders.


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Upon being surrounded, Superion and his friends begin to get ready for the next round, but then Helena proposes a plan. That's when Superion chides himself for not thinking of it earlier, but he compliments her on such a genius idea, ~Good thinking, Helena. Let's try that.~

Superion's commanding voice cracks the air, more than loud enough for Ares to hear it, "ENOUGH! THIS ENDS NOW!"

Superion crosses his arms, smiling at Ares. The first step in getting under his skin, "The last time we fought, Ares, you lost. But now, like a brazen coward, you hide behind others to do your dirty work." Superion speaks loudly enough for the crowd to hear this as well and since they are already filled with rage, Superion hopes to turn that rage against Ares by painting the God of War as a coward in the eyes of his own followers.

Superion keeps speaking, keeps smiling. He even crosses his mighty arms over his chest, "Your afraid of us, Ares. Afraid to lose because you know we can beat you. So why don't you come down from that high position and kill us yourself?" Now Superion twists the symbolic knife he has thrust into Ares by using pride against him, "Wouldn't it be far more satisfying to kill us yourself? To prove to all you are superior?"

Superion smirks, then gives a bit of a chuckle. His friends follow suit and snicker themselves. All part of the plan to wound Ares' pride and enrage him to the point of challenging them himself. "Oh, I forgot. Your a coward. Cowards don't do the fighting, they let others do the fighting FOR them while boasting they are the better man. Your nothing to me, Ares. Your nothing more than a spoiled brat with the maturity level of a 5 year old and your not worth my time."

Superion purposefully turns his back, almost as if to ignore the God of War. Another step to enrage him and get him to fight them himself. Superion's friends do the same, turning their backs too. But Superion keeps one eye over his shoulder and his super senses on Ares in case he tries anything. His friends are on alert as well.

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@shield-maiden: @superion_prime:

Mister Surreal thought that the idea of provoking Ares into putting himself in a dangerous position was very well thought out on Helena's part. While Ares was currently in a position in which he could do virtually anything that he pleased to the heroes, his hubris was to large to allow him to stay like that for long. After hearing the first statement that Superion made as a way goading Ares' temper, Mister Surreal decided to attempt to do the same himself. "I wouldn't waste my breath on Ares, there are far more important people to talk to.", he said as he commented on what Superion had to say. "The only person who he ever listen's to is himself."

The crowd seemed to be riled up by the smart remarks coming from the sorcerer, the amount of disrespect that held in his voice must have been inconceivable to anyone that heard him speak. But the sorcerer didn't seem to be very concerned about what anyone else thought about his statements, including Ares. But in actuality, he wanted not only for Ares to become angry to the point of giving up his advantage of location, but also to make the crowd even more ornery than they were before. "I know first hand how naive and short sighted Ares is. Like a bratty child, always wants his way, he is never wrong and no matter how ridiculous he looks, he is too self centered to see it.", Matthew said with a passive tone of voice.

Ares' blood must have been at boiling point after hearing this exchange go on for such a long period of time. Normally, any sane person with good knowledge of Ares would never even think of the act of insulting him if when he was within an earshot. The God of War was almost always portrayed as being egotistical and ready to erupt whenever events did not play out in the way that he wanted them to. So the fact that these heroes had the spine to left such venomous words escape their lips was surely unfathomable to anyone who could even take the sound of Ares being openly insulted by the very people who he made prisoners. The fact that Mister Surreal did all of this without looking at Ares once made it all of there uncomfortable to listen to.

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"The last time we fought, Ares, you lost. But now, like a brazen coward, you hide behind others to do your dirty work."

"Your afraid of us, Ares. Afraid to lose because you know we can beat you. So why don't you come down from that high position and kill us yourself?"

"Wouldn't it be far more satisfying to kill us yourself? To prove to all you are superior?"

"Oh, I forgot. Your a coward. Cowards don't do the fighting, they let others do the fighting FOR them while boasting they are the better man. Your nothing to me, Ares. Your nothing more than a spoiled brat with the maturity level of a 5 year old and your not worth my time."

The swarming platoon of mythical monsters stopped in their tracks, looking astound at the insults hurled at the God of War. Never before in their existence have they heard a group of slaves insult their master before, especially one with a sadistic nature and temper like Ares. Even the members of the audience who were still under the influence of Ares, found themselves stopping in their tracks, just as shocked as the mythical beasts who cried for blood. Almost everyone inside the arena knew there were very few tales that told the story of Ares' wrath; his anger was believed to manifest during battles and wars rather than toward individuals, but when he did pour his wrath on an individual, it was said that he was brutal and harsh. In one story, a handsome prince by the name of Adonis, was deeply loved by Aphrodite, the feeling was mutual, but Ares, full of jealously, turned himself into a boar and charged at the prince, stampeding and penetrating his lower body with his sharpened tusk. According to eyewitness reports, the prince was still alive, but Ares refused to allow anyone near the body, watching with laughter as the prince eventually succumbed to the infection of his wounds. The monsters and spectators deeply feared for these heroes as they knew the wrath of Ares was truly upon them.

The God of War gripped both of his hands tightly over the the railing of the Imperial Box, baring his teeth at the insult spewed from the boy scout hero. The memories of his defeat began to flood his mind and the embarrassment that came with it plagued him till this day. "The Conqueror of Castles, son of Zeus, bested by a bunch of mortals." His inner voice mocked. Ares particularly hated Superion, the man reminded him too much of Heracles, who he despised with a passion. Kyknos, his beloved son, was slain with malice, by the hands of Heracles. To make matters worse, Heracles defeated Ares due to the intervention of Athena, after he attempted to gain vengeance and justice for his fallen son. It is true that Kyknos used his talents to ambush and murder pilgrims on their way to the Oracle of Delphi, angering Apollo who then sent Heracles to deal with the matter, but Ares was a protective father and killing a child of his was one way to attract his attention. Ares hated being reminded of the death of his son and Superion brought that memory back to haunt him as the circumstances of his defeat by Superion were very similar to his defeat by Heracles.

"You dare call ME a coward? Do you know who you speak to, you hare-brained, mortal?!" Ares gripped the railing of the Imperial Box so tightly, the wood snapped in his hands. "Warriors have envied me for a millennia and continue to do so as we speak. The famous Greek poet, Homer, even recognizes my ferocity as a warrior by comparing the most famous heroes to ME. Hector, an ideal warrior, was described to fight with MY fury. I curse his name, but Achilles, was even described striding into battle like the God of War. And last time I checked, my sister intervened on your behalf." Ares protested, attempting to save his reputation in front of everyone. The God of War was now full of rage, his face turning redder than the flames that burned in his eyes. "You dare turn your back on ME?! A God?!" Ares bellowed, causing the monsters and emotion-controlled spectators to step back in fear.

"I wouldn't waste my breath on Ares, there are far more important people to talk to.",

"The only person who he ever listen's to is himself."

"I know first hand how naive and short sighted Ares is. Like a bratty child, always wants his way, he is never wrong and no matter how ridiculous he looks, he is too self centered to see it.",

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"Sorcerer!!! I gave you a generous offer and you chose to continue your defiance, you will suffer a fate far worse than any of these heroes." Ares promised, attempting to stay clear headed and in control of the situation, but the insults continued to irk him as if an inconsistent pattern of water drops were dripping onto his forehead. Helena smugly smiled, her plan worked perfectly, and Ares was on the verge of donating like a nuclear bomb. The only way to defeat Ares was through physical force, and while there was a huge possibility of failure, her plan was ten times better than just entertaining him endlessly until they started to experience fatigue in which Ares would then finish them off. "Ah, you tell us half-truths, and speak as if you were the most loved God in all of Ancient Greece, but that is far from the truth. In fact, it was said you were the most unloved God in all of Ancient Greece. Correct me if I am wrong, but even your own father, Zeus, despises you along with the other Olympians. Must I also remind you, Lord Ares, that you were imprisoned by the mighty giants, Otis and Ephialtes? Encased in a bronze jar for over a year before Hermes freed you from the snare; Must of been very embarrassing for you. But tell me, what kind of God of War allows himself to be imprisoned in a jar for a YEAR only to be saved by a Messenger God?" The demigod chimed in with laughter.

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Ares hollow eye sockets burst into flames, the final insult was the icing on the cake."You all wish to have a taste of war?! So be it!" The God of War cried, his body glowing an intense color of red as if he was an actual ticking bomb. Suddenly the God of War disappeared from the podium, leaving behind a trail of fire. Appearing on the opposite side of the arena; Ares stood with a vicious sneer, his form flickering from his red chiton to an armored chestplate. He roared with laughter as his form continued to flicker back and forth until finally coming to a full stop. Helena rarely ever felt fear and she was not one to cower from a challenge, but looking at Ares' true form almost made her reconsider her plan in challenging him. The pieces of armor that protected his body looked as if it was bathed in blood and gore; she now understood why so many feared him and why his enemies ran the opposite way when he entered the battlefield. Standing seven feet tall, Ares wore a blood red, Corinthian helmet, outlined with gold, and with a black plume, blood red spaulders outlined with gold and engraved with a golden head of Laelaps, a golden outlined blood red muscle cuirass engraved with the head of a wild boar on both sides of the chest, blood red bracers, a dark brown leather multi-paneled mini-skirt, blood red greaves with the engraved skull head of a vulture, and leather Grecian sandals. "You all could of fought valiantly till the end like the Spartans during the Battle of Thermopylae, but you all chose to be defiant and insult ME, The God of War!" The flames burning from the eye slits of the helmet intensified as Ares shouted at the heroes. The monsters and spectators under the influence of the God of War, nervously parted away from one another, giving the War God a path to approach the heroes and begin the battle.

"And for that you will all suffer greatly." Ares said before forcing himself to gag as if he was about to vomit. Helena could of sworn she heard someone make a joke out of it, but she decided to keep her eyes on the revolting display Ares was performing. She knew he was not afraid; Ares was overly confident in his abilities, which led him to underestimate his opponents. "What in Zeus' name is he doing?" Helena asked herself in disgust and curiosity. After gagging for a few seconds, Ares stuck his hand into his mouth and slowly pulled out a two-handed sword from the hilt before resting the long double-edged blade on his broad shoulders. "I love keeping my spoils of war close to me," A devilish smirk graced his lips. The demigod did not know whether to be intrigued at what she just witnessed or even more afraid that Ares could summon any weapon he desired from his mouth and who else knows where. "Now shall we begin?" The God of War slowly began to stride toward the heroes, drops of blood dripping from his armor, staining the sandy floor as he moved calmly. Despite being immensely afraid to face a God, particularly one whom she worshiped during battle, Helena was still willing to face this challenge, especially after supplexing him during their first meeting. Fear was natural, all the greatest warriors suffered from it's wrath, but whether you allowed it to conquer you or not, defined you as a warrior. "Our best course of action is to overwhelm him with enough force while keeping our distance if that is possible," She told the team through the telepathic link. "If we provoke him to anger and deceive him into thinking we are afraid to physically strike him, he will grow over-confident and reckless, giving us the advantage to incapacitate him." She continued as the God of War drew near the center of the arena.

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"ENOUGH!"A voice yelled with authority over the entire arena, catching the attention of everyone inside the Colosseum. Looking upwards with her electric blue eyes, Helena watched as an owl circled above them, flapping it's wings gracefully. "NO!" Ares bellowed out of frustration. The owl flew one last circle over the arena before descending and landing right in the center, blocking off Ares and the heroes from meeting one another in combat. The owl had a heart-shaped face, bright like artificial snow. It's head and tail were buff colored while it's body was completely white. The wings on the owl were a pure, rich brown color like dark beans. The entire body of the owl radiated so much power that Helena could just tell this was no ordinary owl, it felt divine to her and almost too familiar. The owl's medium sized body suddenly began to morph, taking the shape of a humanoid female. Now standing before them clad in divine armor was a six feet tall woman with wavy black hair, passing a few inches off her shoulders. Her eyes were startlingly grey, like storm-clouds, and they surveyed the arena as if her mind was calculating different outcomes and possibilities on what would of happened if she did not intervene. Her face was stern like Helena's-the way a female warrior should look, but more beautiful than an Amazonian Queen. The woman wore a golden Corinthian helmet, high perched on her forehead, and with a blue plume, a golden short, sleeveless coat of mail, a golden cuirass with the head of Medusa embedded into the center of the breastplate, which seemed too real, decorated with white olive tree designs on the abdomen, golden bracers with white curved deigns, golden armored bicep cuffs, a buff colored skirt, a golden belt with a small shield for a buckle, golden greaves with white curved designs, and brown leather Grecian sandals. On both of her hands, the woman held a long spear with a golden tip and the famous golden Aegis shield, which had the imprint of Medusa's face in the center, radiating so much fear that the monsters of Ares, all departed for the nearest exit.

"M-Mother?!" Helena stumbled in her words, looking astonished. Queen Athenais did not even bother to regard her daughter, her eyes were heavily focused on Ares who was foaming with anger and throwing a tantrum like a child. "The blood of these heroes will not be spilt and your quest for bloodshed is over, Ares." Athenais continued to speak with authority, her chin raised high as if she was waiting for the God of War to challenge her. "Athena! You dare defy our father?!" The God of War bellowed, pacing back and forth in an anger. The former princess dropped her sword, catching the attention of the heroes that stood beside her. "Athe-Athena.....My mother is Athena....." She murmured to herself in complete shock, continuing to stumble in her words. "Do not speak of defiance, when you conspire to overthrow our own father."Athena countered, pointing the tip of her spear at the War God. Ares forcefully removed his helmet and tossed it onto the ground. "You will not rob me of this, Athena, stand aside!" Ares shouted, removing his sword from his shoulder. Athena raised her Aegis shield. The shield was a defensive maneuverable, round shield, with half-circle cutouts on the side. "There is no need for senseless bloodshed, Ares. Slaying these heroes will not bring about your plans; Father is quite aware of your treachery." Athena warned, hoping to speak reason into her younger brother's mind. "You only say this to protect that spawn of yours! Now stand aside or your head will be brought before Zeus."Ares returned the warning. "No. I do this to preserve the fate of Olympus and humanity." Athena replied as she calmly placed her spear on one side of the cutout circle from the shield. "Bah! These heroes will not be the savior of the Olympus. That girl will bring the destruction of--" Ares stopped in mid sentence, the flames that burned in his eyes extinguished, and a vicious sneer formed across his lips as if he hatched a grand scheme. "Olympus awaits me, but know this Athena, our father will hear of this interference and treachery," Ares said before turning his attention to the heroes. "My wrath is upon you all and know we will most certainly meet again." The God of War warned, uttering something in Ancient Greek before erupting into a miniature mushroom cloud and disappearing, leaving only Athena, the spectators who now were no longer in his control, and the heroes.


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Ignoring Ares' temper tantrum, Superion is glad Mr. Surreal and everyone else plays along. But once Ares shows up on the battlefield, that is when Superion and his friends turn to face him. With the sun setting behind the Man of Steel's back, his eyes burn with red hot anger. But unlike Ares, Superion keeps his anger under the finest control. One slip and they all could be in danger. One hand on his hip while the other hanged loosed down his side but clenched in a fist. A slight gust of wind makes Superion's cape flow majestically to the side. But the image on Superion's face is one of determination. There is no fear there. In fact, Superion has faced gods before and he's beaten them both on his own and with his friends to help him. But unlike most, he makes no boasts of his achievements. He chooses instead to let history make the boasts for him.

"Our best course of action is to overwhelm him with enough force while keeping our distance if that is possible," She told the team through the telepathic link. "If we provoke him to anger and deceive him into thinking we are afraid to physically strike him, he will grow over-confident and reckless, giving us the advantage to incapacitate him."

Superion replies through the telepathic link, ~Let's do it!~

No jokes from Zephyr, no strategic advice from Apex, no other comments from the others as they all, in their own way, prepare for a fight.

The Blue Ghost feels a tinge of fear but she's faced Ares before so she swallows it down. Apex unsheathes those deadly claws, teeth baring like some wild animal and showing no fear at all. Green Sentinel's jaw clenches in determination as he readies his willpower. Out of them all, Hal is the most human and the one who is more afraid than anyone there with the exception of Warrior Angel. However, Hal is very good at hiding it. Part of the reason why he wears that ring is the ability to overcome great fear and he's doing that now by facing Ares and not backing down. Thunderstorm can feel her hammer hum with electricity, almost as if a storm is about to come down upon them all but held back by unseen hands. Warrior Angel prepares her sword and shield, getting ready for battle. The child inside of her screams in fear, begging her to run. She doesn't want to face Ares again. But Warrior Angel swallows down the fear because she has the power of an Amazon and strength enough to help her friends to win. Zephyr's eyes sparkle with speed force lightning as she readies herself to fight the one being that has made her more afraid than even her own father.

Like the titans of myth who are about to shake the very Earth beneath their feet with the sheer might of their battle, Superion and his friends are about ready to attack Ares when something unexpected happens.


An rather beautiful looking owl lands in the middle of them, preventing the heroes and Ares from meeting in combat. The owl morphed into an armored glad woman. Superion and his friends take one look at her and immediately they see the resemblance between her and Helena. Apex keeps her thoughts to herself, So, I was right. Helena is a demigod.

"No. I do this to preserve the fate of Olympus and humanity." Athena replied as she calmly placed her spear on one side of the cutout circle from the shield. "Bah! These heroes will not be the savior of the Olympus. That girl will bring the destruction of--"

At this, Apex has to narrow her eyes. She doesn't believe in prophesies or oracles, but Athena and Ares definitely know something they don't. Athena would not intervene if it wasn't vitally important and she knows enough about Greek Mythology to know that the so called gods of ancient Greece rarely took a hand in human affairs. At least in modern times anyway. But Ares seemingly hatching another scheme doesn't bode well for Apex's friends, but a problem for later.

Superion watches Ares disappear in a puff of smoke reminiscent of a mushroom cloud. "We'll be waiting Ares." He says, knowing that the god of war will be good on his promise. Ares may be childish, easy to anger, but he always keeps his word. Well, most of the time.

Now that the danger, for the moment is passed, Superion dares to approach Athena, the goddess of wisdom but also the goddess of war. Approaching as far as he dares to, he inclines his head in a very respectful way but he doesn't bow, he doesn't worship. Respect, however, he does give her because Athena is the goddess of wisdom. No doubt that she already knows Superion is not a believer, he doesn't worship her, has never said a prayer in her name. But he still shows her respect for a woman of her position and rank. Superion hopes that is enough to please her. "Am I to understand you are Athena? Thank you, Athena, for your intervention. No doubt you are aware of who we are already. It's a pleasure to meet you."

Apex says nothing, choosing instead to let Superion handle this. The Blue Ghost does the same as Apex, as does Green Sentinel, Thunderstorm and Zephyr. Oddly, Warrior Angel feels the Amazon inside of her almost bow before Athena. But instead, like Superion, she bows her head in respect and puts away her sword and shield. She keeps her head bowed, too timid to even look upon Athena unless commanded to do so.

Superion glances at the shocked Helena and smiles inwardly at his next thought before he looks back at Athena, "Your daughter, Helena, was a great help to us. She was the perfect Shield-Maiden."

In Scandinavian folklore and mythology, a Shield-Maiden was a female warrior. In Superion's mind, the name fit Helena perfectly. But what does Athena think of the name? Or perhaps Helena herself?

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Ares' temper had finally gotten the best of him, like a volcano that had been waiting for centuries, it now had festered to the point where it would erupt and destroy everything in its path. His eyes grew red with rage and hatred, they were practical smoldering with the amount of anger that the God of War had built up over the period of time that he had dealt with the heroes. As he made himself ready to die battle with the warriors of the arena, everyone else seemed to be getting ready for the fight of their lives. Mister Surreal in particular was preparing himself for a battle that would require him to pull all of the stops in order to give their attacker a real challenge. He clenched his fists as he stared up at the god in a solemn and focused state of mind. He knew that whatever came next would certainly not be pleasant. He listened to Helena's strategy with great attention as he explained her plan of attack on Ares, after what she had shown she was capable of doing, no one else seemed to be a better candidate to lead the group in this upcoming battle. "I'm right behind you. You just say the word.", he said to Helena as he waited for orders.

It was when Ares cried out for them to finally begin the battle that Mister Surreal activated the first of many spells that he intended to cast upon him, but all of the heroes were stopped by a booming voice before any of them could launch their attack. A beautiful owl was seen gliding down gracefully to the arena as all of them looked up to see what is was. After a few moments, it began changing shape and took the form of a humanoid woman, someone that Mister Surreal felt as if he had seen before, somewhere. She had beautiful crystal blue eyes, dark brown hair and a face that looked like it was carved by angles. Her armor was well crafted and seemed to be made from some of the most talented blacksmiths that he heard of, but that could mean only one thing. He then heard Helens refer to her as being her mother, it all became clear to the sorcerer who she was, Athena the Goddess of Wisdom. He looked back at Helena and immediately saw the resemblance that Athena's daughter held towards her mother, it was as if he was looking at a slightly younger version of Athena herself.

Athena's attention was on Ares, who returned said attention by making flaming remarks that demonstrated how spiteful he was to all those around him, including his siblings. The magic user watched with great intrigue and fascination as the two gods engaged in a verbal battle, never skipping a beat on the types of arguments that they would hurl at the other. It became heated to the point where Athena had even gotten Ares to leave near the end of their dispute, an act that Mister Surreal did not foresee taking place at any point. But the piece of information that Mister Surreal focused on the most were the supposed "plans" that Athena stated Ares had in store for their father Zeus. While that was definitely a question that he should try to find the answer to, he figured that it would be for the best that he didn't go digging for it, at least not for now. He turned back to the discussion among heroes and Athena, only to find that it was Superion who was leading conversation. When Superion was finished, Mister Surreal found it only fitting that he took part in the in the conversation as well. "Her being you daughter makes a lot of sense, it tells me where she gets her exceptional abilities from. I thank both you and your daughter for what you have done.", he said in all earnesty.

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Complete silence overtook the once roaring amphitheatre as if Eirene, Goddess of Peace, struck her hand into the arena and brought complete tranquility. The monsters that once surrounded the heroes, retreated cowardly into the entrance that led into the depths of the dungeon hall. The spectators who were once enslaved to the powers of Ares, mysteriously disappeared as if they were only an illusion. Helena was not surprised; Ares was not loved by the Ancient Greeks and surely the resentment toward him carried itself into modern times. The God of War was feared by many and loved only by a few. The sun that once beamed it's ultraviolet lights down at the heroes was now descending toward the west as if Apollo was using his golden chariot to pull the bright star away with the help of his four horses- Aethon, Pyrois, Phlegon, and Eous. Soon, Artemis, the twin sister of Apollo, would make her grand entrance by using her godly abilities to bestow the sky with the moon. Grotesque, decaying, blackened arms with claws sprouted from the sandy floors of the arena, each one popping up near a lifeless body, which were scattered around the arena. Swaying back and forth, the frail arms suddenly reacted by snatching up all the slain creatures used by Ares to entertain his audience. The arms then pulled the lifeless bodies into the same hole in which they sprouted from, dragging the monsters deep into the earth. Thanatos carrying out his duties as the personification of death, the demigod-warrior presumed.

Helena did not know how to react to the revelation of being the daughter to one of the most worshiped Olympians on Mount Olympus. Discovering this truth brought so many mixed emotions; one minute, she was filled with joy, pride, and happiness, the next with resentment, confusion, and ambivalence. She wanted to march up to her mother and embrace her with a daughter's hug, but the feeling of being lied to prevented her from doing so. The more she thought about everything from her childhood, the more she pieced everything together like a jigsaw puzzle - the name her mother went by: Queen Athenais, the mythological mentors, the segregated training, the abnormal strength, the equipment, the special quests, and much more. Even the name of her home, Atholis, gave the answer away and yet she failed to realize that her mother was indeed, Athena, the Greek Goddess of wisdom, handicraft, strategic warfare, and much more. Helena took an educated guess that everyone around her would tell her to not be so hard on herself, but how could she not? Her whole life was a lie. It's true, her mother did disguise her true nature really well, and naming your child after a god or goddess was not unheard of in Ancient Greece, but she still should of been able to put the other clues together. She felt so naive, a feeling she despised, more than anything, which probably came naturally for a daughter of Athena.

"Am I to understand you are Athena? Thank you, Athena, for your intervention. No doubt you are aware of who we are already. It's a pleasure to meet you."

"Your daughter, Helena, was a great help to us. She was the perfect Shield-Maiden."

"Her being you daughter makes a lot of sense, it tells me where she gets her exceptional abilities from. I thank both you and your daughter for what you have done.",

Athena quirked an eyebrow as a man with the muscle build of Heracles approached her, lowering his head slightly. Truthfully, she was hoping for her daughter to approach her, but she kept her face unreadable. The goddess nodded, approving of the respectful gesture. She studied Superion well enough to know he was no worshiper of the Gods, something that displeased her, but for the sake of Olympus, Western Civilization, and her daughter, she tolerated the lack of worship. The hero showed no signs of being an Arachne: Arrogant, Offensive, and Ungrateful, which was another reason to tolerate him. "Lucas Hawke of the Justice League Alliance. That is indeed an appropriate title for one such as my daughter," She smiled dryly at the hero. "Our paths have crossed before. It was I who prevented your death from the hands of my brother, Ares." The goddess revealed. Helena balled her fist at this revelation, ignoring the title Superion placed upon her. Here she thought her mother was just a regular mortal, fulfilling her duties as a Queen, only to discover she was too busy intervening in other people's lives to answer her daughter's prayers. Observing each hero carefully with her grey-eyes, Athena noticed a warrior with a striking resemblance to her daughter. Her head was bowed and her eyes glanced upwards at the goddess before darting downwards to avoid eye contact. "No need to fear, Amazonian, I am not my brother." Athena reassured before turning her attention to Mister Surreal, Sorcerer Supreme. "Indeed. She is her mother's daughter. I have watched your progress very closely, Sorcerer Supreme." The grey-eyed goddess revealed with no explanation to what she meant.

"What brings you here, mother?" Helena chimed in with a distasteful tone. Her tone must of caught the attention of the heroes because the arena once again was plagued with silence. They probably thought she was ungrateful for not giving thanks or insane for making it seem like she wanted to face Ares, but that was far from the truth. She did not want to face the God of War and risk the lives of her teammates, but discovering the truth about her mother and her life was overwhelming. Athena rose her head high, the expression on her face remained firm, almost too firm, as if she was expecting this type of response from her daughter. "Helena Troy, my beautiful child." Athena called, a smile sweeping across her lips as she finally laid eyes on her daughter. It was like the divine-being changed from a stern looking warrior goddess to a motherly compassionate goddess whose role was solely arts and crafts. "I have missed you dearly." She gestured her daughter to stand before her. Helena wanted to remain where she was, next to Warrior Angel who she felt drawn to along with Superion and Mister Surreal. Despite how she felt at the moment, the former princess still loved her mother deeply, no matter if she was a goddess and kept secrets. The former princess walked forward and knelt at the goddess feet. "Rise, my daughter. You have honored me enough." Athena spoke with a motherly tone.

Helena rose to face her mother. The two have not spoken or seen each other since the unexpected invasion on Atholis. As she got up, she was surprised to see that her mother's appearance slightly changed from a woman with black wavy hair to straight golden light brown hair. Her eyes remained the same-startlingly and unpredictable like the actual weather. Her body radiated so much power, it felt as if she was feeding Helena more knowledge and wisdom just by standing in her presence. "You have exceeded all expectations and made me very proud." Athena said with pride. Helena longed to hear her mother say those words. The demigod sniffled lightly as tears of elation began to form in her eyes. The demigod spent years away from Atholis, years away from her mother, years trying to discover who she truly was, and years facing off various mythological creatures who hunted her down relentlessly. Helena was overcome with pride and joy to finally be in the presence of her mother, especially now that she discovered she was the Greek Goddess, Athena, Patron of Atholis and Athens. While she definitely was happy to see her mother, she couldn't help but still feel betrayed, which prevented her from showing how much she truly missed her. "Why did you deceive me, mother?" The former princess asked while attempting to keep her clashing emotions in check.

Athena's smile faded, her face became stern again, which sent chills down the demigod's spine. Helena thought Ares looked menacing in his true form, but her opinion changed once her mother reverted back to her normal self. The multi-roled goddess knew this day would come, it had to in order for the prophecy to be revealed to these heroes. Athena had this all planned from the beginning; she calculated the risk of losing the love of her daughter, something that deeply saddened her. But she couldn't allow her love for her to cloud her judgement, not when Olympus and the Western World were at stake. With any military operation plan, there were risk and sacrifices-battle causalities, the escape of a high valued target, the loss of civilian life, the list went on. Losing the relationship she had with her daughter was indeed the risk and sacrifice in her plan. After today, Athena was certain that these heroes would assume she was a terrible mother, one that was cold and calculating, which was further from the truth. "You judge me too harshly, child. It is true, I deceived you, but only to shield you from the dangers of your true nature." Athena pointed out with confidence. Helena attempted to detect any lies in her mother's tone, which was completely futile as her mother was just too good at masking herself. If she could, she would use the Lasso of Apollo to compel her mother to speak the truth, but once she realized the goddess was gazing at her magical lasso, she ruled that out as a course of action. "Shield me from the dangers of my true nature? Mother, that's absurd. Heracles was a demigod, Bellerophon was a demigod, Perseus was a demigod. What makes me any different?" Helena pressed, frustration stirring inside of her. "And yet, Perseus was the only demigod to experience a prosperous life." Athena countered, but not because her daughter asked the right question. "So you withheld the truth from me to protect me from a tragic death?" The demigod asked. She silently prayed to Apate, the personified spirit of Deceit, Deception, Guile, and Fraud, hoping the statement was just pure trickery. Heracles, one of the greatest Greek heroes of all time, discovered his true nature at an early age, despite being targeted by Hera, Queen of Olympus. So her mother had no reason to not reveal the truth.

"No, my child. I protected you because you are no ordinary demigod." The multi-roled goddess revealed. Helena did not know how to respond to that shocking revelation. Her face looked more perplexed than ever and she didn't see how this gave her any clarity. "What...what do you mean?" She asked, more confused than ever. "In time, all your questions will be met, but for the sake of Olympus and the mortal world, I must continue to leave you in wonder." Athena declared. The demigod felt a wave of anger crashing and thrashing inside of her, waiting to explode. This time her emotions were natural and not the result of hatred and anger manipulation by Ares, the God of War. Nobody had any right to tell her she shouldn't be frustrated, not after everything she's been through since the siege on Atholis. "I do not understand. Why reveal yourself to me now? Why did you exile me when the invaders laid siege to our city? Why does Zeus and the Gods seek to wipe me from the face of the earth? And why do you continue to withhold things that I must know about myself?" Helena continued to persist. She was not taking no for an answer, not after everything.

Athena extended one hand outward and made a stop gesture. "Daughter, that is enough." The goddess calmly said, which made the demigod felt uneasy. There was a huge distinction between Ares and Athena, one the warrior princess was able to confirm now that she witnessed it herself. Because of his arrogant and wrathful nature, Ares made many costly mistakes in the battlefield, which allowed his opponents to get the drop on him, such as Heracles. Athena, on the other hand, was patient, slow to anger, and calculating. This meant, the goddess didn't do things irrationally and actually strove for her plans to be perfect. In conclusion, upsetting or making Athena an enemy was the worst thing you could ever do. "The answers you seek are intertwined with a prophecy that looms over Olympus and Western Civilization. Under divine-law, I am forbidden from citing the prophecy and endangering you all. That includes you, my child," Athena said as she gazed into her daughter's eyes. "Some of you who stand before me today are the heroes in which the prophecy speaks of. My presence here is only to reveal the God who can cite the prophecy before all is lost." The goddess revealed as her intimidating grey-eyes rested on every hero. "So you only aided us for the sake of Olympus? Shows how little you wish to protect the daughter you claim to love." The demigod blurted, ignoring the impeding threat to Western Civilization, herself, and the Gods. At this point, Helena was not thinking and just allowing her conflicted emotions to get the best of her. "Do not speak what you do not know, child. If the source and embodiment of Olympus is destroyed, you will cease to exist as well. So indeed, my priorities lie with Olympus." Athena countered.

The conflicting emotions rocking back and forth inside of the former princess subsided once she realized she was thinking and speaking irrational, which was unlike her. Helena was usually in control of her emotions, but the shocking revelation of her mother being Athena, overwhelmed her to the point she couldn't manage them. To add on to all that, the demigod was overwhelmed with the revelation that the Gods, whom she worshiped were her family and now actively trying to hunt her down for no reason along with an army of mythological monsters. Being sent away by her mother to discover who she truly was when Atholis was invaded also contributed to her irrational thinking. Helena didn't believe her emotions were unjust; she just believed she should of kept her emotions in check and thought rationally. "Forgive me, mother. I....I just desire to know the truth. My heart is so full of joy to be in your presence again, and yet.....I feel you have forsaken me." The former princess electric blue eyes began to water. Helena was willing to give her mother the benefit of the doubt after hearing the shocking revelation that her essence was tied to Western Civilization itself, which also meant she was tied to Olympus. Not only did she discover her life depended on a metaphysical force; her also mother informed her that the answers she sought were tied to the same prophecy that threatened the Gods and Western Civilization. Now thinking logically and realizing how foolish she made herself look, at least that's how she felt; Helena decided to judge her mother after everything was revealed and to trust her until she discovered the prophecy. Athena strapped her shield over her shoulders and rested the back of her hand on her daughter's perfect cheeks.

"I have never forsaken you, my daughter. Soon, all will be revealed to you, I swear this on the River Styx." Athena gently caressed her daughter's cheek. Helena gave her mother a warm smile and nodded, placing her full trust in her despite her doubts and conflicted emotions. "Where do we seek this God? And whom do you speak of, mother?" Helena asked, now fully intending to hear her out with no interruptions. "Seek out my half-brother, Apollo, on the island of Delphi. There, he and his oracle will cite the prophecy and aid you in any way he can." The goddess answered. Apollo: God of the Sun, Light, Art, Music, Poetry, Healing, Plagues, Truth, and Prophecy. As much as she was honored to visit the Sun God on the sacred island of Delphi; she couldn't help but wonder why he wouldn't obliterate her on sight if the Gods were hunting her down. "What was happening on Olympus?" Helena thought to herself. She didn't want to ask anymore complicated questions only to be told by her mother that she would have to find out once she arrived on Delphi. "How do we know which one of us is fated to journey on this adventure? And do we set off now?" The former princess carefully asked, attempting to only ask the right questions. Athena approached her daughter with a wryly smile as if she knew her daughter was carefully choosing what to ask. "You will know when the time is right. As for you my daughter, you will accompany these heroes to modern day, Greece." She announced before approaching her daughter one last time. "Modern day, Greece? She must mean America. The United States is the only nation to be influenced greatly by Greece and Rome." Helena said to herself. But because of Athena's disdain for Rome; she probably avoided mentioning how much of an influence Rome was to America. "Mother, America? I am not even a citizen." Helena pointed out. Deep down, she was excited to go to the United States. The demigod knew she could never return to Atholis, not until all her questions were answered, which is why she refused to mention the beautiful island. "You will be once leave this forsaken place," The goddess caressed her daughter's cheek again. "I also blessed you with one last gift. You will find it once you reach the United States," Athena revealed as she gave her only child one last sincere smile before creating some distance between her and the heroes.

"I am afraid my time with you all is up; Olympus awaits me and so does my judgement. Superion, Thunderstorm, Sorcerer Supreme, accompany me before my departure."Athena called the three heroes as she walked toward the middle of the arena. "Wait, mother. Will Zeus harm you? What of Ares? And do you not say farewell?" Helena asked. She didn't understand why her mother was acting so strange toward her, but she decided not to dwell on the thought until she discovered what was going on, Athena looked over her shoulder. "Zeus always favored me, I will use that to my advantage. This will not be our last meeting, child. We will see each other again, I swear it." Athena said before turning her attention to the heroes that closely followed behind her.

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Well then, seems Superion owes Athena his life. He thanks her of course, makes it known in a respectful way that he appreciates her intervention. Ever so polite, he thanks her for that. Warrior Angel is relieved when Athena assures her that she is not like her brother, Ares.

As Athena and Helena talk things over, Superion and his friends give the two a bit of space out of respect in order to give them as much privacy as possible. But being cursed, or blessed depending on one's perception, with super hearing, Superion cannot help but overhear the entire conversation between Athena and Helena. However, once the conversation between mother and daughter seems to die down, Superion and his friends approach in order to hear what Athena says to them.

Superion knows it's the wise thing to do to heed Athena's advice. She seems to be an ally to them against Ares and she knows things that she is not revealing to them, which Apex finds suspicious. Either way, Superion will have to talk with Helena later, tell her he knows how she feels. His own mother kept many-a-secret from him and his sister so he knows how she feels right now.

Then Athena summons Superion, Thunderstorm and Mr. Surreal to have a private word with them in the middle of the arena. Once Athena explains to them a prophecy that concerns her daughter and who her father is, she makes it known that her daughter cannot know this. The prophecy is brief, but Superion has a feeling there's more to it than that. "May I ask why tell us?"

In her wisdom, with what Athena knows, she gives Superion, Thunderstorm and Mr. Surreal a cryptic answer, "There are threads of fate that must not be broken. All of your fates are closely linked to my daughter and you need each other to survive what is coming. The prophecy of which I just spoke of, you three are the most instrumental in it with the exception of my daughter. In due time, all will be revealed and you will know why I told you this. I cannot tell you much more than this and yes, I know it's rather cryptic. But if I reveal too much, too soon, all will be lost. The rest of the answers you must seek out on your own. But worry not, you will find them."

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@shield-maiden: @superion_prime:

Mister Surreal was quite thankful that Athena had arrived to aid the heroes as soon as she had. If she had not gotten there in time, there could quite possibly have been much fewer heroes in the arena at this moment who were still in the land of the living. Fortunately, Ares' wrath and malice was countered by Athena's divine wisdom and calculation, something that Matthew as profoundly fond of after the events that had transpired that day.

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He waited patiently as Athena and Helena talked over the terms of their relationship, going back and forth in a heated conversation that reminded him of the one that Athena had with Ares only minutes ago. While the conversation had peaked the interest of the mage, Mister Surreal wanted to respect the privacy of the two and was sure not to let himself get tempted to ease drop on what they were saying. He simply kept his head down as the mother and daughter exchanged words.

Once they had finished speaking, Athena turned back to the group and called over Superion, Thunderstorm and Mister Surreal himself so that she could have a private conversation with them. As he walked over to her, Matthew wondered what Athena wanted to talk about about, as well as what the reason why it was those three heroes in that she decided to speak to. Even though he was almost sure to get the answers that he seeked shortly, his mind was still a buzz trying figure it out.

Athena took the three aside so that they could speak in private about the affairs that she needed to disclose to them. "If I may ask, why is it that you have called us?", the sorcerer asked in his normally polite and respectful tone of voice. "The reason why I have called you here alone is so that I could speak of matters that greatly concern youthree.", Athena said with a sense of urgency in her voice.

She spoke to each of them about the roles that they would play in the prophecy and how they were all vital to the safety of Helena. After informing Superion and Thunderstorm of their specific positions, she turned to Mister Surreal to give inform him of his. "My daughter is at this very moment in grave danger, for spiteful eyes look upon her as we speak. The Norse Gods have aimed their anger towards her and crave nothing but her complete annihilation. I need you, Sorcerer Supreme, to protect her from that anger.

Mister Surreal was shocked when he heard this, it was almost too much for him believe, if that were still possible that was. Nothing seemed to phase him anymore, but this was something that actually had the ability to take him by surprise. "But...Why me?", Matthew asked earnestly. "You are the appointed protector of the nine realms, are you not? It is your duty to help maintain the balance and peace within these worldsand the beings that inhabit them. Helena is being targeted by Gods of the Norse Pantheon, so it is your responsibility to be there to protect and guide her when I cannot."

Matthew looked down for a moment, thinking deeply about all that he had just heard flow from Athena's voice and into his ears. He was used to have great responsibility on his shoulders as the Sorcerer Supreme, but this somehow felt even greater than what he was used to. Protecting a demigod from the gods that are partly responsible existence was one of the most important duties that he had ever received, as well as one of the greatest burdens.

"I am more than honored, my goddesses. What is my first step to protecting Helena.", he said with a noble tone of voice. "Helena is currently plagued by a powerful disease that could prove to be fatal. I would remove it myself, but these parasite, these worms, they are imbued with powerful magic and you are the only sorcerer that I have access to who can remove them." said Athena with a serious tone of voice.

Mister Surreal glanced at Helena at the corner of his eye, she seemed to be perfectly healthy, but many people with sicknesses often did. He closed his eyes and began focusing all of his attention onto the worms that were currently eating away at Helena's insides. Athena was not joking, the worms were full of a powerful magic that could only be removed by a master magic user. He struggled to use the medical spell that he was accustomed to as he tried to kill off the creatures.

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As he went on, he felt that he was slowly making progress as he fiddled and contorted his fingers in every way that he knew how. Until, with one final blow the worms began dying out into nothing but dead skin. It was now matter that Helena's body would break down and consume like any sort of food product. Mister Surreal's brow had once again been filled with sweat as his head began pounding once again with a familiar beat that he felt before.

"I am finished.", Mister Surreal said as he wiped his forehead in angst. "I thank you. Ares has tried to take my daughter from me by using sickness and disease, but you have saved her. And for that, I am in your debt, sorcerer.", Athena said as she bowed her head momentarily. The magic that Mister Surreal was facing off of against was not by just any normal magic user, in fact, he didn't even believe that they were mortal. "Loki...", he thought to himself as he frowned.

"However, while I could not cure Helena of her disease, one form of magic that I can affect is the one that keeps you here." In that moment, Athena's eyes began to subtly glow, almost as if she were casting a spell of her own. After a few moments, Mister Surreal could feel every bit of power that flowed through his veins once again, his space-time magic in particular. "Now, you are free to return home.", Athena said with almost motherly compassion in her voice.

The "heroes three" joined the rest of the group and prepared to make their leave. "Stay strong and do not give up hope, my warriors, days of greater struggle are rapidly approaching. Find strength in yourselves and in each other. And never forget...", Athena looked at Helena. "...I will be watching over you." And with that, Athena turned into the beautiful owl that she had first arrived as and took to the skies.

Mister Surreal created a portal and offered to take all of his fellow heroes to their desired locations. As they filed through the portal to wherever it was that they wanted to go, Mister Surreal couldn't help but reflect on all that Athena has said. All he could do was wonder what was about to come next.