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#51 Posted by Zaraki Ichigo (6439 posts) - - Show Bio

Zaraki walked into the basement where he had stored the "missing lugage."

"No use for any of this crap." Zaraki sighed as he looked at the folders full of pic and info from somekind of bussiness venture. "Might as well put it to good use."

Zaraki walks to the old furace and opens the door, shoving the baggage inside.

"I remeber the douchebag who had this now." Zaraki smiled to himself when he pictured the face of the smug business man in the lobby. Zaraki had hel his hand out for the customary tip after he had unloaded the car and the man scoffed at him.

"Who's laughing now Mr. I- Don't- Have - To- Do the- Right- Thing." Zaraki looked around and wondered if he could get into the guy's room for some more of his lugage. "I have found my b for the weekened. Wonder what he ordered off of Cryo tonight."

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#52 Posted by Akwa (4780 posts) - - Show Bio

Akwa looked around his room, he could've sworn that another one of his bags were gone.

He stuck an industrial grade padlock on his bag and stowed it away secretly where he hoped the thief couldn't find it. It was probably that damn bell-hop. He looked shifty.