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Villa Sol
Villa Sol

An ivory villa found near the mountains of Jackson, Wyoming, Villa Sol is the residence of Thee Champion, his daughter Tassiana Pettis, and her albino German Shepherd, Star. An astonishing haven where wide swaths of marble unroll at one's like a tide of white, Villa Sol was designed to capture the striking aesthetic of the Liafador Palace - the place his daughter's heart called home - while basking in the quiet simplicity of Jackson's private mountainside.

☼ The Villa - Layout & Security

A large five bedroom home, Villa Sol stands overlooking the breathtaking mountain views of Jackson as a solitary glint of white - like the Sun. Draped by the sun on icy peaks known as towers of proving to those familiar with them, Villa Sol is spread out with a vast choice of spaces including a formal living room, casual family room, formal cinema room for Tassiana, and more. White and grey marble unroll at one's feet, saffron walls stand tall, tiles glimmer with jade onyx, and the gilded staircases stretch elegantly. By design, Villa Sol's predominantly white shade contrasts the green of the landscape, the grey of the mountains, and the blue of the open sky.

The villa is tended to - cleaned, maintained and so on - by three helper androids indistinguishable from humans to the naked eye.

◊ Indoors

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Inside, Villa Sol is a beautiful escape with vast slabs of marble flooring, panoramic windows, Greek influences, open lighting, warm furnishings, family portraits, Tassiana's finger-painted portraits, and statues of Mazoi warriors so as to remind his daughter of her peaceful days on the West Cape. Every room in the villa seems a gallery with many a piece to charm the eye, such as the chandelier glistening in the stairway, the stone columns and graceful archways, crown-moulding and coffered ceilings, and tiled walls and marble floors as elegant as they are timeless. Villa Sol's formal living room is found just off the main entrance hall and offers abundant seating on velvet and warm furnishings surrounding an open fire.

Here, French doors open onto a shady terrace with additional seating and views over a sparkling swimming pool for Tassiana to use for recreation. A family lounge offers cozy seating on oversized beige sofas for his daughter and her friends or visiting siblings to enjoy movie nights and so on. Additionally, Villa Sol features a formal dining room which offers seating for ten people. Found just past the kitchen for seamless service from the villa's android cook, it is also surrounded by captivating mountain views for those dining to enjoy. Furthermore, the villa features home cinema and theater equipped with seating, surround sound, and a cinema screen. And where other homes would feature a gym, Villa Sol instead has a room that is best described as a geometric anomaly. Known as "Haven", it has the surface area of a normal room, but the volume of a small town.

It is similar to, for example, a two-dimensional sheet wherein a circle is cut out and replaced by a three-dimensional hemisphere. Both the circle and three-dimensional hemisphere are "circles" and have the same circumference, but the hemisphere has a different surface area. Haven is a three-dimensional analogue of this, featuring a larger interior volume. Acting as a training room for Thee Champion, Haven simulates possible environments and subjecting him to different physical conditions e.g. gravity, temperature and so on. Haven can only be accessed by Thee Champion by scanning his unique quantum state. The villa also includes a library filled with Tassiana's favorite books. The bedrooms are as follows:

  • Thee Champion's Quarters/Master Bedroom:A Greek-influenced master suite featuring a king-sized bed, chaise-lounge and elegant furnishings, the master bedroom is simple yet personable. The suite opens onto a large terrace with sweeping mountain views. The bathroom has floor-to-ceiling jade onyx walls, a dressing table, and unique showering chamber that bathes Thee Champion not in water, but a scorching ionized storm that eradicates all bacteria, foreign substances etc. from his skin and clothes. The bathroom itself is bathed in light from domed sky light. The master suite is on the top floor.
  • Tassiana's Quarters/Bedroom:Found on the top floor near the master suite, Tassiana's bedroom is a smaller suite with a wraparound side and a front-panoramic terrace. Featuring gold and blue (her favorite color) decor, it includes a large bed, French doors on two sides open to a large terrace and stunning mountain views, a holographic television, and a different version of Thee Champion's "Haven" room. Called "Cape Tassi" after what Ziccarra had named the West Cape in their daughter's honor, Cape Tassi acts as a recreation room for Tassiana where it's technology replicates her favorite activities e.g. flash-forging large tangible simulations of her favorite stars or recreating her favorite locations from the West Cape.
  • Guest Bedroom #1:A top floor guest bedroom white and red decor, king-sized bed and private side terrace. It features it's own bathroom with modern beige tiling and marble, a single basin, large bathtub, and separate shower cubicle.
  • Guest Bedroom #2:A ground floor bedroom on the left wing of the villa, it is draped in a black and white color palette with a queen-sized bed, leather headboard, and lacquered mirror furniture. Like all other bedrooms, it has it's own bathroom, laid in chocolate brown marble, with a single basin, separate shower, and large corner bathtub near a window mountain view.
  • Guest Bedroom #3:The third guest bedroom, it is a ground floor room in the left wing of the villa. It is decorated in a white and saffron color scheme with a wooden-framed bed. It's bathroom features a peach marble bathtub, separate shower, single basin, and a window view to the mountains.

◊ Outdoors

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Lush, vibrant and verdant, Villa Sol's outdoors are the first glimpse of the residence. It combines the white flare of Greek-influenced architecture set against the lush backdrop of the wilderness and mountains. It features rolling hills, expansive terraces, cozy seating, lively gardens, vibrant landscaping, a color-dappled poolside terrace, and sun loungers ringing the glimmering pool.

The gardens in particular were paid close attention to given Tassiana's love of exploring the gardens of the Liafador Palace with her dog, Star. Here, the gardens are sprinkled-manicured fields that complement the rolling green of nearby hills, the silvery grey of looming mountains, and the kaleidoscopic burst of color from planted flowers. Tides of purple and yellow blooms bordered by bright red poppies bring life to a field of color for Thee Champion's daughter to lose herself in.

To further Tassiana's recreational options, the villa's outdoors include a large playhouse, swing-set, slides, a seesaw, and well furnished tree house for she and Star to spend time in. A dog pool, training tunnel and several other miscellaneous play systems exist for to stimulate Star's need for activity. Helper androids routinely tend to his needs as temporary play partners and permanent caretakers.

Finally, the villa's outdoors are routinely patrolled by android guards designed to resemble the Mazoi warriors from Tassiana's time in the West Cape with Ziccarra and her siblings. Their duties are strictly as guardsmen as specialized nanites tend to the gardens and overall well-being of the villa's outdoors, be it watering and maintaining the greenery, fertilizing the soil, cleaning the pool, or maintaining clean air by filtering any potential airborne toxins, pathogens and so on.

◊ Defenses & Technology

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Protected by an assortment of advanced technology and machine smithed by Thee Champion himself, Villa Sol benefits first and foremost from shield generators that can encase the entire villa or specific sections in fields of virtual particles that can annul most forces attempting to break through. Furthermore, the villa enjoys a surveillance system owed to air dispersed nano-clouds of virtual particle-shielded nanites that maintain 24/7 surveillance of the property and correspond with the home's resident A.I., Isa (named after Ziccarra's middle name "Isabella").

To mitigate the effects of an EMP, many of the villa's systems, including the surveillance nanites, are forged from electrically neutral quantum particles. In addition to this, Villa Sol also enjoys the service of waste-consuming and recycling nanites, and high-functioning androids designed to resemble Mazoi warriors for Tassiana's comfort and familiarity. They (10 in number) patrol the villa as it's armed guards with the base physical attributes of a metahuman capable of lifting between 20-50 tons, the additional power to generate and manipulate virtual particle fields themselves, vibranium spears, and personalities designed to maximize Tassiana's comfort. The Mazoi androids report to a clone of the Magistrate synthetic life-form guarding Augusta. The clone, known as "Magistrate #2" is dutiful and dedicated to the protection of Villa Sol and Tassiana.

A facility built into one of the nearby mountains acts as Thee Champion's technology-vault and laboratory, and doubles as the home of the small exomatter generator powering the villa. Additionally, when locked, the front and back doors in the villa can only be opened by scanners uniquely sensitive to Thee Champion and Tassiana's respective quantum states. Finally, the villa's windows are typically reinforced by virtual particle fields so as not to break, and the villa itself includes a teleporter to both the Augusta and Valhöll space stations.


  1. Standard RPG rules apply e.g. no godmodding, no-selling etc.
  2. This is a character home thread so don't just show up randomly if you're a stranger with no connection to the characters and no reason to swing by, that would be incredibly strange.
  3. If you want to attack this location for whatever reason, shoot me a PM on this account or on Grimmwald, King Leo or Andres Knightfall.
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With all due respect, I have a trebuchet to tune
With all due respect, I have a trebuchet to tune

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Related image

I will be throwing a post up soon... after I catch up with my other stuff

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I love this location

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Wow! This is amazing work :D

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Ever since Tassiana moved to Jacksonville Wyoming with her dad, the Darling Pettis had been non-stop playing outside in the snow. She had never played in the snow before! It was suuuuuuuuuuuper duuuuuuuuuuuuper cold! Like the freezer! BUT EVERYWHERE! Tassi was far from being appropriately dressed for the snow… if she was a normal human little girl, but the young Hybrid Goddess, temperature didn’t affect her as it did normal humans. But there she was, giggling and laughing as she and Star made dozens of “Snow Mazoi” (as well as a five year old and a dog could do) which featured each of them holding onto sticks (the length always depended what she could find around the icey world) were planted all around the home.

Speaking of the Mazoi, she named all of them! There was one that reminded her a lot of Maya’s best friend, Reylene, so she named her Rey. Then there was Amity, Bina, Faith, Jayni, Namya, Omna, Saja, Priti and Masako. They were nice, but they weren’t real, Tassi knew that the moment she laid eyes upon them. There was no life in them, they weren’t real people. But they were the only ones in the household (aside from dad and Star) that she could talk to.

“Saja!” Tassi called out to one of the Mazoi guards who were outside with Tassiana. “Help me please!” She patted on a larger snowball that was bigger than Tassi’s own head that was on the ground as Star was busy licking at one of the other Snow Mazoi.

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The guard gave a soft smile and a nod as she walked up to the Tiny Goddess, setting the spear in the ground before grasping the snowball and carefully setting it on top of the body that Tassi and Star made together. “Yay!” The Darling Pettis began clapping her hands. “We did it!” She looked over at Star who was now beginning to try and eat the snow around him. “You’re right Star, we should go eat. Common, I’ll race you!” She began running with Star at her heels. Her breath visible to eye in the form of tiny white puffs of smoke.

The two burst through the large doors as the warm air hit the two. Star began shaking the excess snow off of him while Tassi pulled off the beanie and jacket that her dad made her wear.

The large home was very quiet, the only noise was that made by Tassi and Star as they walked to the kitchen. While Tassi loved all the outdoors fun and snow and running and playing with Star outside without having to go to a small park, she really missed everyone, especially Cat. She still got sad sometimes. She missed being able to talk to Mari and So-so and Maya and Cat whenever she wanted to.

Tassi made both of them a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. As she finished up Star went and picked up his food bowl hopped on one of the chairs at the table setting the bowl on the table before him. Tippy toeing up she set Star’s sandwich in his bowl as she then set hers down before climbing up on her own seat as she sat with her legs tucked under her. Star sat, wagging his tail as he began eating once Tassi did, the two enjoying lunch together.

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An hour prior

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A strong gust of winter swept the streets of Jackson, and Thee Champion landed on the stone pavement of a school entrance. His scarlet cape flowed from his shoulders like a proud flag, and his eyes shot up to catch the school's name. The flow of air shifted, it's temperature rose by degrees too short for man to notice, but he - a god with senses fine-tuned for things man was never meant to know - had felt her presence long before she'd approached him. "Not everyday a Miracle Man swings by", she smiled, eyes like sapphires, and hair dark as her breath misted in the cold air. "Hopefully to enroll a child and not himself", the woman bantered, taken first by Thee Champion's gravity and then his smile. Where her smile was warm, his was polite, and felt thin - far away - like his humanity.

"A child", he answered, their eyes meeting. Taken by awe, she could've sworn his skin glowed like the Sun. "Specifically", Thee Champion strode, stopping a foot from her, "My daughter". She felt small before him, a small human in a small town from a small world. He was a god born from a random act of providence in the Sun. A savior. So it was only natural that there was a glint of satisfaction in her eye. She, a mortal, had the power - even if fleeting - to help a god by enrolling his daughter in her school.

She smiled, "Walk with me".

The present

The windows of Villa Sol rattled and shook, and the Mazoi androids patrolling it's snowy borders bowed before the gale force that'd returned; Thee Champion. Walking into his ivory home, Alexis caught the thermal whisper of Tassiana and Star in the kitchen and smiled, truly. His daughter was his world and the Sun it revolved around. "When did you learn to make sandwiches?", he asked, powerful arms crossing over his chest, and smile warming at the sight of his daughter and Star. "I have news for you, baby. I've found a school for you to go to. You start next week so we'll start preparing tomorrow. The other news", he continued, "Is that your training will begin soon. But it won't just be daddy training you how to use your powers".

"Shira will be here to help train you how to fight. And be a warrior, like your mother, like Leo and like Cat. But I'll be there to oversee it". Striding to her side, Alexis ran his fingers through her hair and kissed her head as only fathers do. "Your brother told me what you said when you ran off to that library. That you want to protect us the way we do you. This training'll be about giving you the tools to do that and making sure you can protect yourself too. But", Alexis paused, "We'll still protect you, even if you were the world's greatest warrior, I'd still protect you, because I'll always be your father".

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Undisputed champ of location threads.

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Nice work. ^_^

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She felt instantly when her father came home, but she continued to sit, eating her sandwich with Star who was licking his bowl to get the last bit of peanut butter. “Star are you finished already!?” Tassi laughed as her daddy came into the room. “Daddy!” Tassi beamed a smile.

"When did you learn to make sandwiches?"

“Mari showed me one day. Its super duper easy!” She put her sandwich down as Star let out an agreeing bark and wag of his tail.

"I have news for you, baby. I've found a school for you to go to. You start next week so we'll start preparing tomorrow.”

Tassi’s eyes widen as her head snapped over to StarWe’re going to school!” She shouted in excitement! She couldn’t wait! Her and Star were going to make so many friends! They could play tag with other kids, and hide and seek and run around and have so much fun! "Mari taught me how to write my name and read some books, we're ready!"

“The other news. Is that your training will begin soon. But it won't just be daddy training you how to use your powers. Shira will be here to help train you how to fight. And be a warrior, like your mother, like Leo and like Cat. But I'll be there to oversee it. Your brother told me what you said when you ran off to that library. That you want to protect us the way we do you. This training it'll be about giving you the tools to do that and making sure you can protect yourself too. But, we'll still protect you, even if you were the world's greatest warrior, I'd still protect you, because I'll always be your father".

But then Dad mentioned Shira and Tassi’s face became slightly less excited. Not that she didn't want to train, because she did, really really super bad. But she wasn’t sure if she was ready to see Shira. She was a part of mommy. Mommy’s Goddess, like how Tassi has a Goddess, Naryu who was a part of her. She was going to see a part of mommy again. It was... going to be hard. But she had to do it, because she wanted to protect the family!

“Y-yes, I do want to help protect the family! I wanna be a warrior like all of you and help the family. Mommy was already training, and So-so trained me a bit, but I need more. I want to be the bestest. I don’t want to lose anyone anymore. It hurts too much… and I don’t like it.” Star had already jumped down from his seat and sat next to Tassi, leaning his head against her chair as she gently pet his head. “And Star wants to protect the family too!” He wagged his tail in agreement. “Cause he loves all of you like I love you.”

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"Life's not been easy for you, baby"

The excitement in his daughter's voice was like a lance soaring heavenward, and Thee Champion, stoic as he'd become, couldn't help but smile. First in warmth, then in sympathy. "Tassi", his face softened, body turning to face hers, "You're going to school. They won't let you take Star to school, much less let him sit in class with you. To you, he's a brother. But to your school and it's teachers? He's a pet, and pets aren't allowed on school premises". Running his hand over her head, Thee Champion's eyes were consoling, "The best daddy can do for you is bring Star to every school morning so he can see you off, and bring him along when I come to pick you up. It'll be hard, but part of growing up is learning that we don't always get what we want, and to follow certain rules. But".

There came a pause, and a father's sympathy gave way to a father's mischief, he smiled. "We don't have to follow all the rules. We'll tell them Star is your service dog and is helping you with anxiety and depression". Though as the seconds swept in then left, his smile faded, and the Miracle Man held his daughter's gaze as a father who'd make no more concessions. Tassiana had felt the brutal heave of tragedy and loss, and many a night had been bleak and cold for her. She was without her mother and her siblings. He could not deprive her of Star, a companion whose loyalty shamed the fealty of man. "Life's not been easy for you, baby. This entire family's been torn apart so many times that even I've lost count, so it would be wrong of me, as your father, to prevent you from taking to school the one constant in your life. But, this is the only rule we're going to bend. Every other one you follow as your teachers tell you".

"I don't want you thinking that any time you don't like a rule it's okay to bend it. But I promise to always talk to you about them", he smiled. Scratching Star behind the ears, Alexis watched the canine's tail wag a storm, "I know you can't understand me, Star but if only you knew how thankful I am that you're a part of Tassi's life". Alexis, the Miracle Man, could speed past any craft built by man, leap out Earth's atmosphere to land on the Moon, and dive into the heart of the Sun as though it were a pool, but only Star could lift Tassiana's spirit with a bark and wagging tail. "You'll learn more, baby. The training with daddy and Shira will be different. We'll track your progress, make sure your skills stay sharp, and after training, we'll get you some ice cream", his smile returned, patient and gentle with the one soul his fading humanity still clung to.

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The excitement she had for school faded instantly her dad told her Star wasn’t allowed to go with her. Dad tried to explain it to her, but Star had never, ever, left her side since Leo adopted him for her. Her first five years of life, he was the only one who was always there, all the time. He wasn’t a pet. He was everything to her. She understood rules, but… she didn’t understand this one. Her arms instantly went around Stars neck as she bent down from her seat, not wanting to let him go. A whimper could be heard from him as he felt the stress his sister was having.

"We don't have to follow all the rules. We'll tell them Star is your service dog and is helping you with anxiety and depression"

She didn’t understand the last big words he used, or understood what a ‘service dog’ was, but if it meant Star could go to school with her, she would accept it. “Thank you daddy.” The Darling Pettis let out a sigh as the grip on Star loosened. “I promise! I’ll listen to the teachers and so will Star!” Who agreed with a huff and a wag of his tail. We’ll be the bestest students ever!” But there was something else that was weighing on her. “Um… daddy… do you think that um.. Is it ok if uh… if I invite Cat to come with us on our first day?” She hand’t seen or spoken to Cat since she left Daytonville and she had been missing her super a lot and Cat did promise her that she would be there on her first day of school when she told Tassi she was going to start soon.

"You'll learn more, baby. The training with daddy and Shira will be different. We'll track your progress, make sure your skills stay sharp, and after training, we'll get you some ice cream"

“Different?” She questioned. She knew Mommy’s training and So-so’s training was really different, maybe that’s what he meant. But Shira was with Mommy… so would it really be that different? But she understood ice cream! “I dad I’m going to try my hardest. I’m going to make you and Cat and Maya and Leo and Mari, and So-so proud.” She beamed a smile. “And I promise, I wont cry, no matter how hard it is.” Training was something she wanted since she was big enough to hold a sword. Ever since she was a baby she wanted to be as strong as the members of her family. She had this idea in her hand that she would take the parts she wished she had from each of them, and one day become (in her mind) the perfect Pettis-Liafador!

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so don't just show up randomly if you're a stranger with no connection to the characters and no reason to swing by, that would be incredibly strange

You underestimate the power of the CVNU.

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"I promise! I'll listen to the teachers and so will Star!"

"Good girl", Thee Champion returned, patient and gentle as only his youngest daughter could make him. "I'll see to it that they let Star accompany you to school". Tassiana was a ray of sunlight as she was a steel shield that reflected it. Within her lied the potential for her to be equal parts him and equal parts Ziccarra. She need only time and his guidance to blossom into what the family had always known her to be - the best among them. She was a goddess, and sitting in a classroom surrounded by mortal children - humans - would show her a mortal perspective he could not. She'll learn of the greatest men and women humanity has to offer. They'll stand as examples of values universally embraced. Hard work. Ambition. Certainty. Kindness.

"There's not a doubt in my mind"

And once home from learning the perspective of those who aged and could not fly, she'd learn the perspective only he - her father could teach her - a god's. And as a father should, the Miracle Man caught the glimpse of deep thought in his daughter's eyes. It was Catalina. The memory of their time together weighed heavily on Tassiana's mind, and their separation? A bitter pill. Were he to deny his daughter her request, he'd be evil incarnate. So the steel muscles in his face softened and his smile returned. "Well why wouldn't it be? She's your sister, after all. What kind of father would I be to deny you that? I'll invite her for you". The promise flowed out his throat with prominence, as though to try and stop his promise was to stand between a force of nature and it's path. For his daughter, he would do anything.

"The training'll be more focused, baby. And I know you'll try your hardest. There's not a doubt in my mind", and truly, there wasn't. The Liafador family was a storm of tragedy, loss and betrayal. How often did Liafadors succumb to the evils probing their hearts and minds? Ziccarra'd once drawn her sword against their youngest daughter. Both Catalina and Maya'd threatened all civilization with collapse at one point or another. And Zeon'd become a ghost whose violence haunted a family she once loved and swore to protect. Tassiana had braved it all, including her mother's death, Leonel's departure, and his coma. And here she sat before him, determined as ever to rise from the ashes of a life she once knew to make them all proud. Her resolve was incredible. And her spirit, even stronger than his.

"You're the bravest, strongest person daddy knows. And I mean that. The training'll be hard but daddy'll be there to make sure it's not too much either". Though as her words echoed in memory, Thee Champion caught wind of a name he'd yet to hear. "Who is So-So, baby? Daddy isn't familiar with that name yet. Is she a friend you made?".

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The words of her father comforted her and calmed any stress in her body. There was something different being with daddy than being with Cat. While she loved Cat with all her little heart could muster, there was nothing like a fathers love. The way he made her feel, safe and warm and loved is exactly what she wanted to be able to be when she grew up. But she also wanted to be like Mommy, when someone bad did something, she wanted to be the warrior her mommy was to fight them back and not be afraid to jump into a battle.

She wanted to be selfless and powerful like daddy, kind and generous like Maya, a warrior and graceful like mommy, brave and loving like Cat, strong and disciplined like Loe. To her, that would make her the ideal Pettis-Liafador.

Her eyes lit up with joy as daddy said he would invite Cat. “Thank you daddy!” She jumped up from her seat and gave him the biggest hug she could, even though her arms were too small to fully wrap around him. She wasn’t sure if Cat would come, but just knowing he would ask her was more than enough for Tassi. “But… if she doesn’t want to come, it’s ok. I understand if she doesn’t.” The Darling Pettis didn’t know if Cat was going to want to see Tassi since the last time they saw each other… wasn’t really on good terms. But what daddy said next, gave a boost of pride in the tiny Pettis.

"You're the bravest, strongest person daddy knows. And I mean that. The training'll be hard but daddy'll be there to make sure it's not too much either".

Bravest and strongest? Her little chest swelled with pride. “Really?” Even through all the madness and chaos that the child had been through, she still had the need to make her family proud. "Thank you Daddy!" Some would say it was because she was still a child and that it would fade once she’s older, but could it be more than just that? Many members of the family have already expressed that the youngest of the family would one day become the leader of it. But with things constantly changing in her life, who knew what the future held for her.

"Who is So-So, baby? Daddy isn't familiar with that name yet. Is she a friend you made?"

She blinked as she paused for a moment. Daddy did know who So-so was? “She’s the girl that Cat brought home one night and she’d been staying with us for a loooooong time.” Tassi began her story about the assassin who had been living with them for the last several months. “She brought mommy’s sword and shield to Cat. She’s really nice but really quiet, she doesn’t like to talk a lot and she knows how to fight and she likes to check out buildings before we walk in them, that’s kinda weird… but I like her. She always watched me and Star when we wanted to go to the park, huh Star?”

Star barked and wagged his tail in approval.

“She said that… that she didn’t have a mommy or daddy, just a master who never gave her a name! It made me sad for her. So Cat named her Sofia and we just ended up calling her So-so. You should meet her daddy! I think you’ll like her.” But then she paused for a moment. “But… she does have this weird energy.” Tassi began explaining. “It kinda feels like one I felt before… not a lot… a little bit but… I don’t know how to tell you… it’s weird.” Tassi’s face scrunched up a bit, unsure how to further explain her findings. “But she’s really nice!”

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Thee Champion had walked the Sun's surface, was born from it's heart, and the light in Tassiana's eyes was still the warmest he'd ever felt. "No thanks needed, baby. It wouldn't do for your sister to not be there", face softening and mouth smiling as she wrapped her arms round him. His fingers ran through her hair like a gentle breeze, and the Miracle Man eased his daughter's concerns, "She'll be there. Daddy'll make sure of that". And if not Catalina, then he'd extend the invitation to his eldest son, Leonel. And though not Catalina, he stood as the sibling responsible for Tassiana's love of stars, flight, and the color blue. It was Leonel that'd brought Star into Tassiana's life, and Leonel that first awoke the spark of her powers.

If need be, his son'd be the next best thing.

"She has no parents?"

Though soon, his daughter answered his curiosity surrounding this "So-So". He paid mind to her every word, the steel returning to his eyes as Tassiana recounted traits of paranoia and an assassin's sharp eye in the girl. Reminding himself that Catalina would never endanger her sister's life, Thee Champion eased his fears and clung to what Tassiana'd told him. "She has no parents? Hmm", strange but not uncommon. A brain that processed thought in time known only to gods and those beyond echoed Tassiana's words again and again and again. The nanoseconds ticked by, and Thee Champion glimpsed at every possible logical consequence. Catalina was no bleeding heart, no gentle soul who'd welcome an orphan into her home by virtue of kindness.

There was a connection he'd missed, and so had Tassiana. A sister of Mari's perhaps? Another Liafador? The connection, he assumed, had to be familial - blood - for Catalina to care. And for the girl to have unearthed Ziccarra's sword and shield, relics in Liafador legend. Sofia. Thee Champion's interest, was piqued. "She's an orphan. And for your sister to take her in, and for her to have found your mother's sword and shield, she's either a Liafador or in some way connected to them. Tassi", he paused, taking note of the "weird energy" his daughter'd described, "How old is Sofia? Is she still with Cat? And I know it's hard but can you explain her weird energy a little more?".

"Explain the day Cat brought her home to meet all of you".

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Tassi jumped down from her seat with her plate in her hand as she walked over to the kitchen sink and tippy toed up to put the plate inside. She listened to her dad talk and the moment he suggest she could be a Liafador, her head wiped back over to him. “SO-SO MIGHT BE ONE OF US!?” she screeched.

She got so excited, she had no idea So-so could be family! Why didn’t anyone tell her!? “How old? Um…” She never asked how old So-so was, and it never came up in conversations she was around. “I donno… she’s older than me but younger than Mari. I only know she’s younger than Mari cause she always say’s So-so had to listen to her cause she was older. I… I think she’s still with Cat and Mari. I donno if Cat sent her with someone else.”

He then began asking about the energy and Tassi’s face scrunched up. She wasn’t sure how else to explain it other than it being ‘weird’. “Its like… when Cat had me look for Mari before I met her I was able to find her because her energy is like Cat’s energy, it’s almost the same, but a little different. But with So-so… its like… I feel like… I felt the energy before… but I don’t know who it belongs to because I can’t compare it. Does that make sense? I tried to close my eyes like before and try to look for an energy that's like hers but... I can't find it."

"Explain the day Cat brought her home to meet all of you".

She nod her head as she went back to the table to sit down. “I woke up one day and I saw So-so sitting on the couch and I said ‘Hi my name is Tassiana and this is Star’ she motioned to Star who was already sitting in the chair next to her. “And she said ‘hi’ and I asked what her name was and she said ‘I don’t have one’ and I was like ‘Your mommy and daddy didn’t give you a name?’ and then Cat walked in and said that she was friend and was going to be staying with us for a while and I said ok and asked if she wanted to go to the park with Star and I and she said so we went to the park like all day! She showed me some cool moves and then we went home and just played and stuff. But she didn’t talk much.” It was like Cat bringing home a stranger to stay with them didn't even phase the Pettis. She never questioned what Cat did, because she knew Cat would never do something that would hurt them, so she trusted her sister with every fiber of her being.

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It didn't matter how many times the automaton Mazoi warriors changed her clothes the young Power Princess always switch back to her pajamas. This place was...different. Instead of the crystal clear Daytonville beaches, she'd grown accustomed to, Wyoming was home to an endless sea of trees!

She loved trees because they gave her so many leaves to play within the fall, not only that but they also made great hiding spots during hide- and -seek. She never got a chance to play hide and seek, she was only ever shown images of other children playing.

When Maya was born her consciousness was taken while in the womb and infused with a pre-made body courtesy of the 3rd Society. Since then she lived inside big Maya studying the world through her eyes.

A couple of weeks ago, Big Maya decided it was time for her to experience the world like normal people. It was time to play!

Daddy and Tassi were inside talking about something important, so they left her in the garden alone. It was ok because she liked being alone, she got to spend time with her imaginary friend!

She created her imaginary friend the moment she was allowed to go out, she used her powers to make her friend real. But she had to make it so that only she could see her, otherwise, everyone else would want an imaginary friend too. Her friend was built like the Mazoi, just as tall as Catalina; but spoke in a freaky accent.

"What are you going to do today?"

Maya looked up at her friend before shrugging her shoulders. The little princess eyed the tree's before a huge toothy smile stretch across her face.

"I know, I'm going to build a FORT!" Extending her hands Maya's rudimentary knowledge of her mystic force sent a crimson blast into the treetops. Even at such a young age, her power was enough to cause the earth beneath her to moan.

"OH!!!! It's so EPIC! but too high up!" Maya said looking up with her hands over her eyes to prevent the sun from doing damage to her eyes. "Hey, you never told me your name by the way," Maya asked creating a massive step-ladder to her tree fort.

"It's Z...uh Isabella" She replied a bit hesitant.

"Nice to meet you Zisabella, I'm Maya. Let's go to the fort!" She said bravely climbing the ladder with "Z"Isabella floating right beside her all the way to the top.

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Thee Champion was not human. He was born in the heart of the Sun, by the decree of chaotic entropic fluctuations. He was a Miracle Man, a god. Yet he'd lived the better part of his life as anything but. He'd walked among man, followed their laws, respected their values, and even married. Now, he hovered above ground as a symbol of divine regality as much as power. The scarlet strobe of his cape was like a ray of sunlight, and he lived the life he should have - as a distant protector from beyond. But as he drifted past the clouds, arms crossed over his chest as he passed his gaze over both his daughters, Tassiana inside the house, and Maya outside, his steel features softened. He smiled.

His daughters were the precious elements from his life before. He embraced them. He was a father first and god second. Descending from the heavens like an angel to a prayer, the Miracle Man landed on the lush grass of his home and caught his firstborn - Maya - in conversation with what he could only assume was an imaginary friend. Only his children could draw the warmth from the little humanity he had left. "I'm going to eat you up!", he smiled, plucking Maya from the playhouse's ladder and into his arms. Peppering his daughter's face with kisses, Alexis returned her to the playhouse's ladder, "Who're you talking to, baby? Daddy doesn't see anyone here", he asked, sweeping his gaze through the villa to catch only the Mazoi androids patrolling the gardens.

"Don't you want to play with your sister? Or do you like having time alone?".

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One by one the Liafador-Pettis scaled each rung on her way towards her tree fort. In her mind, she was a famous site Adventurer exploring the lost kingdom of Nazareth; this was just the first of many challenges on her way to the forbidden treasure. That is until her father descended from the heavens taking her in his arms showering her with a volley of kisses. The six-year-old immediately begin to flail around in his sturdy arms giggling with each kiss.

She loved her daddy, they spent time in that weird space together; but when he left she was sad, but he promised they'd see each other again. The next thing she knew, she was free! and the world he told her about was now hers to explore!

"Papa, I will defeat you with my power punch!" She teased, her hands glowing with her Mystic Force. At such a young age Maya's knowledge of her abilities was pretty adept, this was because of the link forged with the older Maya. To prevent the little goddess from sinking the world into a crisis, the older Maya placed heavy restrictions on Maya's reality warping abilities so she wouldn't pose a danger to anyone.

"I was talking to Zisabella, she's floating right beside you" She answered her eyes darting to her imaginary friend. She didn't know it but this friend was her mother's specter she'd seen pictures of the woman in her daddies mind and brought her to life; though she was the only person that could see her. At the present moment, Z was making funny faces next to her daddy which cause her to laugh.

"Taz, can-can come to play!" she said a bit hesitant. Tassi was her baby sister and she loved her a lot, but the two had never played together before. The Power Princess spent most of her life confined to an imaginary world, to be able to feel the real breeze was like an adventure; she didn't want to spend it cooped up. "Papa you wanna play?"

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@tassiana_pettis: @maya_liafador:

"I was talking to Zisabella, she's floating right beside you"

The moment was fleeting, a second in lifespan, but it was there for those quick enough to witness. The name drew a reaction, a subtle warm that softened his gaze for no more than a heartbeat. Zisabella, he echoed in thought, Z-Isabella. Isabella, Z's middle name. This, Thee Champion believed, was no coincidence but a daughter longing for her mother. The name, he imagined, she drew from his consciousness during her time there. Shoving the thought aside, he smiled, his cape flowing in the wind as he turned to face Zisabella. Indulging in his daughter's fantasies was the least any father could do. "Well, now I guess she's right in front of me. She seems nice".

Pulling his attention back his daughter's way, a laugh flowed out his throat, gentle and warm as only his daughters could make him. "Tassi and I will both play with you. I'll be the monster, and you and Tassi will be the heroes who have to keep me from getting to the city, your playhouse". Plucking Maya back into his arms, his feet lifted from ground and the air became his domain. "But first, daddy will tell you a story. To inspire you to be a good hero when you save the playhouse. The story is about the only hero daddy has ever idolized. Her life wasn't easy. When she was a little girl, she was left alone, scared in another city. Life would not become an easier for her. But she found her way back home, her courage guided her. From here", he paused, tapping his daughter's heart.

"She traveled the world, learned many things, did many things and walked every mile until she was back in her city with a dream. And she gave her heart and soul for her country. Made it a safe haven, protected it from it's enemies. And her own people hated her for it. They couldn't forgive the mistakes of her past. They cursed her name, compared her to monsters. But she never left them. She never stopped fighting for them. They never thanked her. And even at her lowest point when she lost her strength, she never lost her will. Her daughter hated her. Her cousin hated her. The world hated her. But she still fought for them. Even daddy would have given up in her position. But she didn't".

"Right to the very end. Her will is stronger than mine. Because while her family's love made her strong, the world's hate made her unstoppable". Maya need not know the hero's name, it would only sour her mood. She need only Thee Champion's tale of his late wife - her mother. "Now", he smiled, setting her on the grass, "Go get your sister. Hurry, before the big monster destroys the city".

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Maya eyes shot in the direction of her friend with and soon a smile crept across her lips. "She says nice to meet you too" As happy as she was that her dad finally met her best friend; she was even more happy that he'd play with her. "You hear that my daddy is going to tell us a story!" She wailed in Z's direction. Freely falling into his hands, she sat comfortably on his massive wrist listening to the story he told.

Alexis' story was pretty vague, so Maya's imagination had to fill in the tiny details herself. In her own mind, she was able to process what he was saying, and turn the entire thing into an adventure. "You hear that Zisabella we get to be another scenario to act out!" She squirmed around trying to free herself from her father's arms so that she could run and get Tassi.

"Let's go!" She said pointing her finger toward the house. But before she took off she perked up in confusion. "Where is Zisabella go? Oh, she must've gone home. She's a knight you know! in another realm!"

"TAZ!!! TAZZZZZZ! COME!!!!" She screamed running toward the house wailing for her little sister to come outside @tassiana_pettis

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@thee_champion: @maya_liafador:

The Darling Pettis was in her room, digging through her toys. She could hear her big sister calling out for her and her heart quickened with excitement. It was so much fun having Yaya around! She loved her sister a super duper lot. "WE'RE COMING!" Tassi shouted back as Star was standing in the room with her, his tail wagging furiously with excitement of the thought of going outside and playing. "Star, you get a head start! Tell them I'm coming!"

With a huff he took off, sprinting through the house (and skidding around the tight corners) as he launched himself out of the doggy door and playfully jumped up on Maya, careful not to knock her down as he gave her kisses all over her face. He then saw 'dad' (it's what he knew him by) not too far away. He ran to him as well and ran in a circle around him before coming to a halt, sitting before him and gave a bark, letting him know that Tassi would be out soon.

Moment's later Tassi burst through the doors of the home, a wooden sword tied on her back as she took a leap forward and hugged her big sister. "Yaya!" She shouted with the energy of the five year old she was. Letting to she looked forward to see their dad in the yard. "MONSTER!" she shouted as her high pitched voice echoed through the sky as she pointed at her dad. It was a game they played together every so often. "Yaya, we have to stop him!" Tassiana instantly got in the role.

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In her mind, a big green monster with one eye, horns and wings like bats was standing before her. Star stood beside him, who in her mind, was a giant wolf monster who was the green monsters friend. They had to fight the both of them to protect their home!

In her imagination the two sisters were grown heroes, wearing red outfits together as they stood side by side. Yaya was a hero who used her red energy power, to blast at the monster! She wore a long red coat that made her look super cool when she flew or when the wind was blowing.

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Tassi's outfit was more heavy with armor, to protect her body as she would fight the monster more up close. Her training with her mommy and So-so made her confident with a sword. "Ready?"

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@maya_liafador: @tassiana_pettis:

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Like a sweeping wind, Maya dashed away to fetch her sister. And for the moment his firstborn roamed the house in search of Tassiana, Thee Champion's gaze rose up to the Sun. He'd promised Tassiana he'd take her to see it. And as the sunlight dawned on him, he resolved to take Maya as well. It was only right that both his daughters see - truly - the cosmic glow from which he came. There, for the precious seconds that he thought of showing his daughters the stars, Thee Champion smiled. Quickly, his ears caught the sound of dog paws rustling through the grass, and in the distance he saw Tassiana's faithful companion, Star. The wag of his tail, the spring in his steps, the Miracle Man saw it all.

And the thought that Star would one day surrender to the tyranny of time and be buried in his yard while Tassiana wept - haunted him. "My wife never liked you", he recalled, glancing down at Star before kneeling down to scratch him behind the ear. "But look at you. You've become a real member of this family, and the only constant in my daughter's life. You're the best good boy I've ever known". Face soft, and his smile softer still, the Miracle Man gave Star his word, "I'll never let you grow old to suffer and die". It was a promise. By decree of Thee Champion's otherworldly science, Star would live in the prime of his years for as long as Tassiana did. Rising back to his feet, the Miracle Man caught Tassiana's scream, and glanced at his daughters in the distance. Maya was a loner, more at peace in her own thoughts and the world her mind created.

She found solace in Zisabella, a not-so imaginary friend she didn't recognize as her own mother, and Thee Champion couldn't see. But when Maya strode by Tassiana's side, her spirit was always aglow. He took the moment in for the split-second he needed, then fell into his role. He was the "monster", and Star his partner in crime. "Oh no, it's the heroes. Star, Keep them busy so I can", he paused, looking over to the playhouse, "Eat the city!". Slowly stomping his way to the playhouse like a giant come to demolish a town, Thee Champion glanced at a single rose by the playhouse's ladder and an idea came to him, "The mayor! Where are the brave heroes to save her?". Often, the Miracle Man was on the other side of the world saving lives or in the cosmos turning back alien invaders.

To have a day, just one, wherein his greatest responsibility was a play-date with his young daughters, meant everything to him.

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@thee_champion: @tassiana_pettis:

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"HEEEEEEEY WHERE DIDYA GET THAT?" Maya asked noticing Tassi's wooden sword. It was pretty cool, it almost looked like the one Zisabella used--but she had a real sword. Her little sister asked if she was ready, was she? no, she wasn't. "WAIT!!!!" She screamed trying to halt her father and Star to pause the game. "I'm not ready!" She screamed.

Channeling her mystic energy within her hands the Six-year-old cast her abilities over herself to create a super-hero costume. On her face rest a Kato mask, she'd cut an old pair of her stockings to get her hero mask. The Cape was actually an old shower curtain plagued with shower grime. Her gloves? they were cleaning gloves. On her belt loop was a rope like a conquistador bullwhip her mother was famous for. She created this outfit all by herself! (Well Zisabella helped a bit), and in this form, she wasn't Maya she was "The Proton" Girl of the 31st Century.

"NOW I'm ready!" She screamed pointing towards the great beast. "Taz! we have to save the city and the mayor! Take care of the monster, I'll deal with the beast" In just a few seconds that this scenario was crafted, the young Goddess was able to already able to come up with an entire backstory.

Maya was Proton, Girl of the 31st Century; she had to go back in time to stop the destruction of the Mazoi so that in her time; she had people old enough to use a knife to cut her cake on her B-day. Tassi was the hero in the present time--together they were the Timeless Classics! the world's greatest heroes.

Proton ran with her hands in front of her simulating her flying into battle she placed herself in front of both star and "The Monster" "I'm not letting you go any step further! Baddies! Proton and.... she paused, (she had no idea what Tassi's super name was) here to save the day!"

As she stood ready to fight Star, she noticed "The Great Beast" was preoccupied with the presence of Zisabella on the porch. "HEY, she's not in the game!" Z and the Dog made the weirdest eye contact, before Star's tail begins wagging and he rejoined the game. Charging Maya, the dog weaved back and forth dodging Maya's imaginary firepower before lunging into her knocking her on her butt.

"He's tough..." she grunted, doing her best to evade Star's deadly licks of doom!

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@thee_champion: @maya_liafador:

Tassi looked at her sword. “Oh! So-so made it for me! I can tell her to make you one so we can match!” But she watched as Maya created an outfit for herself and Tassi gasped her eyes wide with want. “That’s so cool!”

"Taz! we have to save the city and the mayor! Take care of the monster, I'll deal with the beast"

“O-oh yeah!” Tassi got into a fighting stance that her mother showed her during the times they trained together. The two heroes stood side by side as Maya began doing the hero talk and as she introduced herself, there was a moment of pause as Tassi realized… she didn’t have a superhero name! “-And Sapphire Goddess!” she announced herself raising her sword in the air.

But she watched as Star seemed to walk away from the group and to the porch. The Darling Pettis tilted her head in confusion. “Staaaaar! Whadya doing? We're playing over here, common!” Not catching what Maya said about ‘she’ not being in the game.

She watched as Star came into the fight and it was now Tassi’s turn to go after the monster! She rushed forward with her sword in hand. “You leave the Mayor alone!” Tassi threw her hand out as a blue bubble surrounded the rose to protect her from the evil monster. The Sapphire Goddess then gave a wide swing her sword at the creature as she gave a grunt, trying to get him to back away from the Mayor. “I’ll give you one last chance to go home to your mom and dad before putting you in time out!”

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@maya_liafador: @tassiana_pettis:

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It seemed that fate had made Tassiana and Maya heralds of a universal constant in Thee Champion's life. That above his head, no dark cloud would loom so long as his daughters strode by his side. He - an immortal - would drift through time, watching cities turn to dust, oceans evaporate, and cultures dwindle. And all that would remain at the end of ends when the suns froze over, would be his memory. Not of heroics nor feats. But his children. His first and second born. Pulling his mind and eyes back to the gardens of his villa, Thee Champion turned round to meet eyes with his firstborn, Maya. He smiled. She wore a mask, cape and gloves. And the belt in her grip curled like the bullwhip his late wife had made famous in battle.

"Proton Girl", the Miracle Man paused, eyes glancing at the rose by the playhouse's foot. "My arch-nemesis. But I didn't come here alone. Star, deadly licks of doom on her!", he pointed, watching Star race through the garden to pounce on Maya. And as the family dog licked a storm on Maya's face, the Miracle Man caught the sapphire glow of Tassiana's energy bubble as it glided him by to shield the rose. "Sapphire Goddess", he said, parroting a supervillain's over-the-top sneer, "My other arch-nemesis". The sneer however, turned to faux panic and widened eyes at the sharp swing of Tassiana's wooden sword. "The legendary Sapphire Sword, my only weakness... how did you know?", he asked, eyes shifting from the rose to Tassiana - then the playhouse.

"You may have saved the mayor, Sapphire Goddess. But Star's deadly licks of doom are about to leave Proton Girl down for the count. So choose. Save the mayor or your friend. Or", Thee Champion turned round, grabbing the playhouse by the sides and shaking it ever so slightly, "The city".

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@thee_champion: @tassiana_pettis:

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Maya usually enjoyed playing alone, her powers allowed her to conjured anything she wanted; but there was nothing like playing with Daddy and Tassi. Daddy made a good villain too!

Star licked away at her face, The Power Princess did her best not to laugh but Star's tongue tickled as the dog nearly licked her into a laughing fit.

Maya screamed turned on her stomach and screamed over to Tassi. "DON'T WORRY ABOUT ME TAZ, I CAN TAKE IT!" In an impressive show of power mastery, the Power Princess activated her mystic force and cause Star to levitate off her.

"Proton Power Particles!" She wailed, luckily they didn't have neighbors because if they did, Maya's wailing would've been enough to warrant a noise complaint.

From her gloves, bubbles floated through the air in a vast amount popping on Star's body as they made contact. Tassi's furry companion was so intuned with what was going on he sold the bubbles accordingly. "Listen beast. You don't have to do this. We can help you. Choose to do good!" Maya screamed, but the white beast wasn't having it. Like a bull or ram Star began priming its foot to charge cornering Maya up against a nearby tree.

"SUPER POWER PUNCH!!!!!" She yelled again as Maya's mystic energies overtook her fist she and Star charged at one another, Maya purposely kicking up dust as she ran to add a bit of mystery. When the dust settled Maya's costume had been torn in several places (She did it herself) and Star had been subdued with a doggie treat.

"I need to help the Sapphire Goddess!"

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"So you have two of them?", she asked, her voice floating to his ears like a familiar song.

"I do", Thee Champion answered, his calm eyes catching the Sun's golden glow as he watched Mara's face twist in confusion.

"Mind and Reality", Mara continued, ignoring the bangs of brown hair that'd strayed onto her forehead.

"Yes", Thee Champion nodded, his scarlet cape flowing, like the flag on a ship set to sail away with whatever remained of his humanity.

Running a hand through her hair, the confusion mounting on her face, Mara could contain her curiosity no longer. "And you haven't used them yet? For anything? The other one, I can understand", she shrugged, "But the Reality Lavaliere? You could live the perfect life. You could undo all of the things that've caused you and your family pain over the years". There was a pause, and as a soft breeze glided through the gardens of Villa Sol, Mara held the gaze of a man - a god - she'd come to regard as a dear friend. "You could bring back your wife", she smiled, though soon found the warm curl of her mouth receding in the face of Thee Champion's cool disinterest. "You love her, Alexis".

"That was a long time ago"

"I did. More than anything", the Miracle Man said, his ears catching the worried thrum of Mara's heart. "But that was a long time ago". Such was the bane of a mind whose thoughts raced at speeds man would never know in over a thousand lifetimes. Moments came and went in a blink.

"What about your daughters? Don't they deserve to see their mother?", Mara's question stung him. And the first real stroke of emotion softened his face. His daughters were the constants around which his entire universe revolved. So as he held Mara's gaze, the cold steel vanished from Thee Champion's voice, and a father's devotion rose like the morning Sun. "I would make a desert of the Solar System for my daughters. But the standard I'd set by using the Reality Lavaliere to bring their mother back, is that there are no consequences in life. That everything will always be fine because they'll always have a cosmic artifact to undo all the things they don't like, and grant whatever wish they want".

"What kind of father would I be if I allowed a soulless object to magnify my daughters' pathologies? And give them god complexes?". Thee Champion'd already seen the dangers of flirting too closely with the power of a Lavaliere. He could not - and would not - allow his daughters a similar fate.

Taken aback yet holding her composure, Mara sighed. "So what'll you do with the Lavalieres?".

"That's why I called you here. I need you to find me a base. There're some people I'm going to round up".

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In the sky above, the Sun glowed with a merciful light. There were no rays of unbearable heat to make minds go dizzy and throats run dry. And below it, honor walked in the form of a demigod driven by duty. There, near the mountains, Achilles sighted his father's home. He stopped his stride, shooed the Blue Eagle to the heavens above, and waited. Time flowed in the ticks between seconds, and Thee Champion descended upon his chosen heir. The autumn wind blew cool, and the Miracle Man's cape spread from his shoulders like the scarlet wings of an angel. And as the Sun shone bright, the star-spangled shield glimmered on the American God's back.

Father and son met eyes, and Achilles spoke first.


"Sir", he nodded, his body held by a Spartan's steely reserve.

"Son", Thee Champion returned, glowing with a grace beyond mortal reach. "Come to visit your father?", Thee Champion wondered, a glint of hope in his eye.

"If only", Achilles answered, a grim shadow dancing over his brow, "I've come to warn you. I was in the Astral Plane not too long ago. And I crossed paths with Nordok".

"What did you learn?", the Miracle Man asked, his gaze narrowed and his curiosity piqued.

"That the universe is in greater danger than it realizes. Initially, we thought he was nothing more than a power mad despot. Someone whose sense of entitlement is so great he thinks he owns this universe, and will conquer it to prove it".

There was a pause, then a sigh as the American God continued. "Nordok thinks himself an embodiment of entropy. His goal isn't to conquer the universe. It's to purge something he considers an aberration to the universe. A specific type of information processing".

"Life", Thee Champion scowled.

"Exactly", Achilles confirmed. "The war with the Imperium is close. Now knowing what Nordok's goal is, you can anticipate what kind of weapons his forces will use. And you know he'll come to Earth. This planet's no longer safe, sir. I'd recommend taking your girls to Augusta".

"Your sisters, you mean", Thee Champion corrected, garnering little to no response from Achilles.

Breaking his gaze from Thee Champion's, Achilles' eyes shot towards the sky, "For now, everything's peaceful. But I'm heading for Augusta. Leo, Orion and I need to make some changes to the war plan. We'll let you know when Imperium forces are approaching so you have time to evacuate".

"I won't fail you, sir", Achilles swore, the weight of his father's legacy sitting on his shoulders.

Little else was said as father and son bid their goodbyes, and the American God vaulted back to the Blue Eagle skirting the upper atmosphere.