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"3 weeks in Mexico and i cant even find a half decent whore house around here" Daniel thought to himself. He had spent the last three weeks in and out of bars and whore houses in search of a man named Sloan. Sloan was supposed to be one of the major drug lords of La Familia one of Mexico's largest and most feared gang. Daniel waited till night in one of the whore houses for some lower level members of the cartel to show up. After about 2 hours and 6 girls later he overheard a man going on in the next room about a huge change in the cartel. He busted through the wall and knocked out one of the guys, the girls were screaming and running off Daniel knew it would be a matter of time till more of them show up. Usually he loves a fight but this time he meant business, Daniel grabs the guy buy the collar and throws him against the wall "Wheres Sloan?!" Daniel says to the guy. "Please do you honestly think i will ever tell you. Nothing you can do to me will compare to what would happen if Sloan found out just like that stupid detective in new york". Suddenly Daniels facial expression changed into pure anger his face contorted in ways that would freak out any circus performer, hes eyes blood red and twitching Daniel didnt even care about how he knew about the detective in new york he just needed to know who to go after , thats when the man knew what he had just said meant death and fear grasped his whole body "Well...." Daniel says with a sinister smirk on his face, "...theres only one way to find out". Daniel grabs the guy buy the shoulders and starts to squeeze, his bones break one by one, you can hear the screams for blocks but Daniel didnt care at that point, he just wanted to hurt somebody. After about only 2 minutes of agonizing pain the man finally gave in "Sss.......Ssl....Sloan is having a meeting ww.....with the other bosses at pequeño zorro" "for what?!!" Daniel asked squeezing harder "they are going to talk about some big change wi" suddenly the man passes out from the pain."Dammit" he says to himself "have to go topequeño zorro before they find ou" BOOM all of a sudden Daniel is falling through the floors all the way to the lobby. He looks up confused and disoriented and see's someone smilling at him "get up cabron( common spanish curse word) do you really think you can come on to the cartels turf without them knowing!?, my namesSangre Bu-". Daniel kicksSangre Bueywith both feet right in the chest causing him to crash through the wall and onto the street,Daniel then decides to jump through the walls and land on the street whereSangre Buey lays semi conscious."Ever occur to you that i wanted them to know I was coming hmm you big ugly mexican luchador". Daniel grabsSangre Buey by his face leans in and says "I want you to deliver a message for me, tell them that no matter where they run or who they hire that death is coming for them"(Daniel pauses for a second) "Tell them that SPIRIT is coming and hes bringing hell with him".

Incorruptible #8
Incorruptible #8


prelude to spirits current adventure and more information on him can be found in my mini bio.

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Nice my boy.

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Not bad at all. Mad points for using Max Damage

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phenomenal kid, seriously.